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Jimi McRae
Last King Of Pictland JM 003
Last King Of Pictland
A sixth studio album by Scottish piper Jimi McRae, with his unique creative flair blending traditional bagpipes with many different genres.

This album comprises six original compositions and three traditional arrangements, Jimi remains respectful of traditions but continues to pushes the boundaries of the instrument.

The CD featues a variety of styles including heavy metal, progressive rock, traditional Greek, Scottish and Irish and more all combined with a modern edge.

Jimi McRae (aka Jimi The Piper) is based in Edinburgh and he started playing bapipes at the tender age of 10. Three decades on Jim continues to bring his music to audiences and has toured Europe, North America and Asia with his dynamic live show.

1. Na Criochan
2. Last King of Pictland
3. Donald of Laggan (MonsterMix)
4. Songs from the Western Seaboard
5. Vasilikouda (Tune from Thrace)
6. Up the Bheinn Backwards
7. Piobaireachd (Wee Spree)
8. Luna Z – Rod
9. Black Knight on A87

Price: € 14.00

John Cairns
Double Gold SHSCD 173
Double Gold
In the fall of 1999 John became the 11th person ever and the first from outside of Scotland to have won the Highland Society of London's Gold Medal in Piobaireachd at both the Argyllshire Gathering in Oban and the Northern Meeting in Inverness. On this CD you will hear John at his best with a wide variety of musical selections for your listening pleasure.

1) 6/8 Marches: Alastair Campse! - Mhorag - P/M Donald MacLean of Lewis
2) Hornpipe & Jig: Saint Vallery - John Patterson's Mare
3) Retreat Marches: The Ness Walk - Far Over Struy - The Highland Brigade at Magersfontien
4) Hornpipe, Strathspey & Reel: Malcolm Christopher Cairns - Neil Sutherland of Lairg - King's Reel - Traditional - Old Copperplate - Brittany Victoria Cross
5) Jigs: Donella Beaton - The Rakes of Kildare - Lindsay Kirkwood
6) Strathspeys & Reels: MacBeth's Strathspey - Susan MacLeod - Little Cascade - Brown Haired Maid
7) Lament & 4/4 Marches: Lament For The Unknown Soldier - King Karl 16th Gustav of Sweden - Alex MacLean of Lurebost
8) 2/4 Marches: Leaving Glenurquhart - Captain Carswell - The Clan MacColl
9) Piobaireachd: Nameless (Hiharin Dro O Dro)
10) Hornpipes: Donald MacLeod - The Burnt Mattress - Katrina Baker
11) Air & Jigs: Mrs.Joy Cairns - Syncopation - Johnny's Jig

Price: € 21.00

John D. Burgess
John D: A One Off BRHCD 26
John D: A One Off
John D. was a superb piper; his recordings on this disc span 45 years, and every one is neat, complete and exact.

1. Balmoral Castle
2. Bobby Cuthbertson
3. John MacColl's March To Kilbowie Cottage
4. Donald MacLean
5. Murdo MacLeod
6. Loch Monar
7. Lord Alexander Kennedy
8. Seumas MacNeil
9. The Lewis Soldier
10. Salute On The Birth Of Rory Mor MacLeod

Price: € 18.90

Judy Barker
Chanters Weave JAB 01
Chanters Weave
An unusual combination of singing and small pipes, Judy is a singer who accompanies herself on the Scottish Small Pipes with an emphasis on creating harmonies between the voice and pipes.

Arrangements of traditional and contemporary music, including some of Judy's own songs and tunes.

Featuring Fiona Cuthill (fiddle), Wendy Weatherby (cello), Stevie Lawrence (guitar, bouzouki, percussion, hurdy gurdy), Sally Thomas (flute) and Mike Barer (accordion).

1. The Recruited Collier
2. Maggie Lauder
3. The Horse's Bransle Set
4. She Moved Through The Fair
5. Mingulay Boat Song
6. Motherless Child
7. The Sally Gardens
8. The Invalid Regiment
9. The Lark In The Clear Air
10. The Terror Time
11. Welcome The Stranger
12. The Bordy Terror Set
13. The Passing Of A Queen

Price: € 19.50

Kyle Warren
Wanted CDLDL 1319
2010 BBC Radio Scotland Young Traditional Musician of the Year finalist with his 1st solo album including many of Kyle's own compositions.

Whilst Pipe Major of the National Youth Pipe Band of Scotland he performed with some of the biggest names in traditional music such as Carlos Nunez and Brian McNeill. Kyle won a Danny Kyle Award with TNT - "The New Tradition" at the International Celtic Connections festival in Glasgow; the Breton Championships with Bagad Cap Caval at the Lorient Festival in France, and competed with the world famous Grade 1 Strathclyde Police Pipe Band. He has now joined the Grade 1 Field Marshal Montgomery Pipe Band from Northern Ireland.

1. The A-Lister
2. Golden Brown: Albi's Reel - The Periwig - Golden Brown - 3. Lament For Jef Ar Penven
4. Illegalised - Black Magic - The Notorious Hector - Miss Ireland
5. Margaret's Air
6. Making the Change - The Rising Light
7. Boturich - Keith James Bowes
8. Spice Island - Rock Bottom
9. We're A Case the Bunch of Us
10. MacPherson's
11. X-treme

Price: € 15.00

Lorne MacDougall
Hello World CDTRAX 345
Hello World
Traditional and contemporary tunes and styles. Two-time BBC Radio Scotland Young Traditional Musician Of The Year finalist, piper Lorne MacDougall was brought up in Carradale, Kintyre.

On leaving school he studied for a BA in Scottish Traditional Music at the Royal Scottish Academy Of Music And Drama in Glasgow, graduating with honours in 2005.

Lorne has played with Grade 1 pipe bands The David Urquhart Travel Pipe Band, Glasgow Pipes And Drums and The Scottish Power Pipe Band, and has also toured with Brian McNeill and the folk band Canterach. He has appeared at festivals including Celtic Connections and The Cambridge Folk Festival.

Lorne MacDougall (Highland pipes, reelpipes, smallpipes, whistles, practice chanter, vocals) with Ross Kennedy (guitar, bouzouki, vocals), James Mackintosh (percussion, drumkit), Duncan Lyall (bass), Brian McNeill (concertina, octave fiddle, fiddle, mandolin), Adam Brown (bodhran), Troy McGillivray (piano), Andy Thorburn (piano), Martin Simpson (guitar) and Siobhan Miller (vocals).

1. The Gravel Walk
2. Waltz of Slurs
3. Lament for Small Isles Bay
4. MoK Music Festival Reels
5. Trip to Aviles
6. Hello World
7. John Paterson’s Mare
8. Fisherman’s Dream
9. Learning to Fly
10. MacDougall's Gathering
11. The Magic Flute

Price: € 15.00

Mark Saul
Mixolydian CDTRAX 267
Mark Saul is a highly regarded solo and band piper from Australia whose compositions have already been picked up by other pipers.

This album sees Mark playing his own compositions on the bagpipe with contemporary arrangements, reminiscent of Roddy MacDonald's album Good Drying.

1. Prelude and Theme in E Minor
2. The Gateless Gate
3. Forget The Golden Rules
4. Journey To The Centre of The Celts
5. Beyond
6. A Dimension
7. Digital Breakdown
8. It’s An Instrument
9. Wicked Train of Thought
10. E Minor End Theme

Price: € 18.00

Patrick Molard
The Waking Of The Bridegroom SKYECD 47
The Waking Of The Bridegroom
Patrick Molard has played a large part during recent years in the revival of Breton culture and has performed on concert platforms throughout the world. In these recordings he demonstrates the scope of his pìobaireachd repertoire.

The Waking Of The Bridegroom (Dusgadh Fir Na Bainnse) is a collection of ceol mor. Having learnt under the renowned Bobs of Balmoral, this highly respected piper plays seven superb pieces.

1. The Munro's Salute
2. The Waking Of The Bridegroom
3. Fhailt Na Misk
4. Clan Ranald's Salute
5. Sir Ewen Cameron Of Lochiel's Salute
6. A Prelude
7. Lament For The Only Son

Price: € 18.00

Kick Out The Ghosts OSO 10
Kick Out The Ghosts
Featuring Jimi McRae and Kirsty Anderson/Violin, Iain McKinna/Bass & Keyboards, Dave Haswell/Drums & Percussion.

1. Urban Warriors
2. Kick Out The Ghosts
3. Stone Thistle
4. Evergreen State
5. Heaven & Hell
6. Dream Pilot
7. Waiting For The Up
8. Battlegroove Shuffle
9. EH1
10. Power Tripper

Price: € 20.00

Rob Say
O'er Lang At The Fair VTI 157
O'er Lang At The Fair
Featuring Northumbrian smallpipes and English concertina.

Rob is one of the foremost performers of traditional music from the North East of England, has won many competitions and continues to enhance the local musical traditions.

1. The Gilsland Hornpipe
2. Coilsfield House
3. Powburn Lads
4. The Farmyard Schottische
5. The English Bring To Gratney Green The Lasses That Ha'e Siller
6. The Idle Bairn
7. Christine Taylor's Jig
8. Jean Kirkpatrick's Fancy
9. Bonny Tyneside
10. The Squirrel In The Tree
11. Because He Was A Bonny Lad
12. The Newlyweds' Waltz
13. The Omnibus
14. Farewell To Whisky
15. The Belfast Polka
16. Cut And Dry Dolly

Price: € 15.50

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