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Robert U. Brown & Robert B. Nicol
Masters Of Piobaireachd - Volume 4 CDTRAX 231
Masters Of Piobaireachd -  Volume 4
Volume 4 of this highly acclaimed series of original recordings of the 'Bobs of Balmoral' - Robert U Brown and Robert Nicol - giving instruction on the art of piobaireachd, mainly through vocalisations of the tunes with some playing.

1. Lament for The Union
2. The King's Taxes (oral)
3. The King's Taxes
4. Donald Gruamach's March (oral)
5. Donald Gruamach's March
6. Hiharin dro o dro (oral)
7. The Prince's Salute (oral)
8. The Prince's Salute
9. The Bicker (oral)
10. Too Long in This Condition (oral)
11. Too Long in This Condition (Donald MacDonald Setting)
12. Too Long in This Condition (full length)

Price: € 19.50

Ross Munro
Twisted Tradition CDTRAX384
Twisted Tradition
An inspiring collection of original and traditional pipe tunes from multi-instrumentalist Ross Munro.

The sound of his haunting pipes, which Ross has blended with whistle on some tracks is truly exceptionall, adding to his unique uplifting sound. Pipe music with a 'twist'.

Ross plays most of the instruments on this album which showcases his skills as an arranger, a musical journey not to be missed!

1. Gravel Path
2. Roo Joey
3. Gone But Not Forgotten
4. The Dark Island
5. The Mist Covered Mountains
6. Lexie
7. The Misses MacMillan
8. Celtic Cottage
9. The Piper
10. Funky Paddy
11. The Sleeping Tune
12. High Road to Itchines
13. Cuimhneachan.

Price: € 18.50

Shotts & Dykehead Caledonia Pipe Band
The Legendary CDMON 862
The Legendary
This is a truly unique collection of recordings tracing the musical history of the Shotts and Dykehead Pipe Band. It includes private archive recordings from band members official RSPBA Championship recordings and live concert recordings. The Band started in 1910 and still features highly in the championship circuit. Generations of playing and voices can be heard on this recording taking the listener on a musical journey through time with this great band. Each decade performs taking us up to the fully developed modern day pipe band on the concert and competition platforms. This unique Pipe Band Album was collated and arranged by Pipe Major Robert Mathieson and was produced by P/M Malcolm M Mackenzie. Close liaison with Robin Rankin at CaVa Recording Studios has produced this historic CD which will be most sought after world wide. "P/M Malcolm M Mackenzie". Main commentary: Kirsty MacIntyre.Alex Duthart Jim Kilpatrick MBE. Tom MacAllister Jnr.Robert Mathieson.

1. Pipe Major: Tom MacAllister Snr. The Rowan Tree
2. Solo Piper: Tom MacAllister Snr. Slow Air
3. Pipe Major: John K. MacAllister. Farewell My Nut Brown Maiden
4. Pipe Major:Tom MacAllister Jnr. The Hills of Alva
5. Pipe Major: Tom MacAllister Jnr. Glasgow Week in Hamburg 6. Pipe Major:Tom MacAllister Jnr. Cullen Bay
7. Pipe Major:Tom MacAllister Jnr. Carradale Bay
8. Pipe Major: Tom MacAllister Jnr. Morrison Avenue
9/10. Drummers: Alex Duthart/Jim Kilpatrick. The Shotts Fanfare
11. Pipe Major:Tom MacAllister Jnr. Flora Duncan
12. Pipe Major: Robert Mathieson. Calypso Reel
13. Solo Piper. Robert Mathieson. I am Sleeping
14. Pipe Major: Robert Mathieson. Salute to James Henderson 15. Pipe Major:Robert Mathieson. The First Fifty
16. Pipe Major: Robert Mathieson. The First One Hundred/The Curlew/Caber Feidh/The Bells of Dunblane
17. Pipe Major:Robert Mathieson. The House of Edgar/ Susan MacLeod/The Devil Staircase
18. House of Edgar Shotts & Dykehead Pipe Band recorded live at Celtic Connections, The Royal Concert Hall, Glasgow
19. Pipe Major:Robert Mathieson. The Cleveland Tie-break/The Saltire Tartan/Peurt a Beul/The Whirlie Beat/Birlin Sporrans
20. Solo Piper. Pipe Major:Robert Mathieson.Farewell and Remember Me/Irish Hornpipe/Humours of Cork/Partners in Time
21. Pipe Major: Robert Mathieson. The King and the Swan/Laura's Lucky Day/Inspector Campbell of Ness
22. Pipe Solo: Douglas Murray. The Mad Hornpipe/Mojo's Jig 23 Pipe Major:Robert Mathieson. The Silver Thistle/The Wise Maiden/The Whirlie Beat/The Magpie
24. Pipe Major:Robert Mathieson. Gaelic Air/Alasdairs Reel/Alasdairs Big Reel

Price: € 16.50

The Harvey Bros
Tartan Paint CDPAN 029
Tartan Paint
Debut CD from the young piping brothers Andrew and Craig Harvey, from Thrumster village in Caithness. The style ranges from traditional pipe band to acoustic instrumental backing a more modern style of piping.

The brothers have been playing bagpipes since primary school, and have been members of the Caithness Junior Pipe Band and Thurso Pipe Band. Andrew became pipe major at the age of thirteen years old, and with the junior pipe band played for Prince Charles at the Mey Games.

1. Mr and Mrs Duncan / Golden Wedding 2000 / Three Piece Suit / The Curlew / Kesh Jig / The Jiggernaut
2. Highland Cathedral
3. Hell Bound Train
4. Caledonia / The High Drive / Jack Daniels Reel / The Double F Dilemma
5. Masons Apron / Itchy Fingers / Clumsy Lover
6. Muckin O Geordies Byre / Bonnie Dundee / Dundee City Police
7. Hector The Hero / The Sands of Kuwait
8. Athol Highlanders / The Pumpkins Fancy / The Ramnee Ceilidh / The Fourth Floor
9. Rory Gallacher / Kenny Gillies of Portnalong / Paddys Leather Breeches / Jig Of Slurs / Banjo Breakdown
10. The Dark Island / The Fiddlers Rally
11. Amazing Grace
12. Scotland The Brave / The Black Bear

Price: € 15.00

Tommy Couper
The Piper's Muse LDL 1275
The Piper's Muse
Tommy Couper (Highland and Border pipes) with Ross Kennedy (guitar, bouzouki), Steve Lawrence (percussion), Angus Lyons (keyboards), Andy Nicol (flute, whistle) and Gavin Pennycook (fiddle).

1. Jigs: Rachel and Rosslyns Jig / Hector's Jig / James MacLellans Favourite
2. Jigs: Dug Eating Beetroot / Alesios / Hooch Drinkers Jig
3. Jigs, Pipe and Flute Duet: Cosla Bay / The Merry Harries
4. Air and Jigs: Urnaigh A'Bhan Thigreach / Easterhouse Pipers / The Elbow Knock
5. Reels: The Sheepwife / Caber Feidh / Traditional Reel
6. Polka: The Pipers Muse / Chase the Riever / Flee the Glen / Men in Hodden Grey
7. Reels: Cockerel in the Creel / Think of a Name for Friday - Air: The Jewel of Scotland
8. 6/8 and 2/8 Jigs: Huish the Cat / The Little House Under the Hill
9. Airs: Cael e'sin Don ti' Sin / Uist Bridal March
10. Reels: Thailer a Bha mi Sherridh is Freader a Thuair mi / Irish Reel / In and Out the Harbour / Pitnacree Ferryman / The Holland Wedding
11. Air, March and Jig: The Falls of Dochart / The Dusty Miller
12. Jigs: Tommy's Jig / The Panda / The Hag at the Churn

Price: € 18.50

Lone Pipers (Monument to Perfection) HCLA 111
Lone Pipers (Monument to Perfection)
Four top class solo pipers deliver the goods across the whole gamut of 'solo piping' including a couple of competition sets (that win then all the medals that they win!). Special guest is P/M John Spoore RVM who was the piper to the Queen Mother.

1. P/M John Spoore - Royal Pipers: Queen Elizabeth March - Queen Elizabeth's Birthday March
2. P/M Gordon Walker - Air,Hornpipe & Jig: Leaving Barra - The Stornoway Hornpipe - Major Nickerson's Fancy
3. Angus MacColl - 3/4 Marches: Colin's Cattle - Lochanside - My Land
4. Stuart Shedden - Strathspeys & Reels: Molly Connell - Mac an Irish - Devil In the Kitchen - Barney's Balmoral - Dancing Feet
5. P/M Gordon Walker -3/4 Marches: The Piper of Dunnyveig - Loch Maree
6. Angus MacColl - Competition MS&R: Mrs.John MacColl - Shepherd's Crook - Sound of Sleat
7. Stuart Shedden - 2/4 March: The Conundrum - The Taking of Beaumont Hamel
8. P/M Gordon Walker -Competition 2/4 Marches: The 74th Highlanders - the 71st Highlanders
9. P/M Gordon Walker -4/4 Marches: Battle of Waterloo - Crusader's March - Soldier's Return
10. P/M John Spoore - Air: The Black Horse
11. P/M John Spoore - 4/4 March: Burning Mill at Messines
12. P/M John Spoore - 2/4 Marches: Nut Brown Maiden - Rowan Tree - Sarie Marais

Price: € 18.50
Scotland The Brave IVRCD 728
Scotland The Brave
Combination of military pipe bands and solo pipes features Jim Motherwell, the Queen's Fifth Piper.

1. Medley: Scotland The Brave/51st Highland Division/The Rowan Tree/Wings - Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders
2. Medley: The Roses Of Prince Charlie/ Killiecrankie/The Rowan Tree/The Rose Of Allandale - The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards
3. Highland Cradle Song - Caledonian Heritage Pipes & Drums
4. Medley: Highland Wedding/Susan MacLeod/Kate Robertson - Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders
5. Medley: Plymouth Argyll/Desert Storm/Trisha's Jig/Colonel In Chief's Jig/Banjo Breakdown - Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders
6. Medley: The Cliffs Of Doneen/Queen Of The Rushes/Paddy's Leather Breeches/A DRam Before You Go/Rocking The Baby - The Royal Irish Regiment
7. Medley: My Love She's But A Lassie Yet/Greenwoodside/Highland Laddie - Caledonian Heritage Pipes & Drums
8. Amazing Grace - Black Watch
9. Medley: The Green Hills Of Tyrol (A Scottish Soldier)/The Battles O'er/Lochanside - Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders
10. Medley: Mrs. Susie Graham's Skinny Pipe Major/9 O'Clock Walk/The Clumsy Lover - Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders
11. Medley: The Gold Ring/Sandy's New Chanter/Scarce Of Tatties/The Curlew - The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards
12. Medley: Morag Of Dunvegan/Mingulay Boat Song - Caledonian Heritage Pipes & Drums
13. Glencoe - Black Watch
14. Medley: The Mist Covered Mountains/Molly Connell/The Shetland Reel/Glasgow City Police Pipers/Itchy Fingers - royal Highland Fusiliers
15. Medley: The Denny & Dunipace Pipe Band/Major Bobby/The Muckin' O' Geordie's Byre/The Glendaruel Highlanders/Bonnie Dundee - Denny & Dunipace Pipes & Drums
16. The Meeting Of The Waters - Caledonian Heritage Pipes & Drums
17. The Black Bear - The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards
18. Flowers Of The Forest - Caledonian Heritage Pipes & Drums.

Price: € 13.00
The Great Highland Bagpipe Series - In Modern Time LCOM 5278b
The Great Highland Bagpipe Series -  In Modern Time
Some of the directions being forged by pipers and bands. From within the folk and world music markets to simply making a much maligned instrument sound normal and putting the pipes into regular musical pieces. Lots of variations here - church organ, electronica, small pipes, shuttle pipes, probably the first ever linking of a folk group with a full pipe band and even Donal Lunny and Dan Ar Bras are within the ranks.

1. Theme for the Greenlands / Rip the Calico / The Woman of the House / The Flowers of Redhill
2. Tommy Tully's Air
3. The Barlinnie Highlander
4. Clan Campbell's Gathering
5. Breton Dance
6. Clach Mhin Mheallain / Buggerlugs / Dr Angus MacDonald's Off to Skye / The Left Handed Piper / The Sunday Post Highlander
7. A "C" Change / Brenda Stubbert
8. Tricia's Song
9. The Feet Washing / The Irishman's Heart to the Ladies / The Price of a Pig
10. Martyrs
11. The MacKenzie Hall Loft / Dave Kirk's Gibsons
12. Ode to Joy
13. Landing at Roscoff / The West Wind / Isle de Groix / La Grande Nuit du Port de Peche

Price: € 16.50
Third Grand Concert of Piping CDTRAX 260
Third Grand Concert of Piping
The third album in this series of top class piping, recorded live at Lowland and Borders Pipers' Society concerts. An interesting mix of types of bagpipe, traditions and piping styles, through the expertise of Anne Marie Summers, Stephen Tyler, Finlay MacDonald, Fraser Fifield, Rory Campbell, Malcolm Stitt, Xuan Muniz and Simon Bradley.

1. Finlay Macdonald & Fraser Fifield: Leaving Delhi / The Killoch Glen / Roddy McAuley's Reel
2. Finlay MacDonald & Fraser Fifield: Psalm
3. Finlay MacDonald & Fraser Fifield: Glen Kabul / Miss Gillian Frame / Caber Feidh
4. Anne Marie Summers & Stephen Tyler: Trotto
5. Anne Marie Summers & Stephen Tyler: Imperayritz / Los Set Goytx
6. Anne Marie Summers & Stephen Tyler: Salterello
7. Xuan Muņiz & Simon Bradley: Belmonte de Miranda / Xota Raiceu
8. Xuan Muņiz & Simon Bradley: Xiga de Mudreiros / Muneira Casu / Villaneieu Pixuetu
9. Xuan Muņiz & Simon Bradley: Antón el Nenu
10. Rory Campbell & Malcolm Stitt: Chalet Fever
11. Rory Campbell: Seamus MacNeill / The Country Girl / The Hungarian Fiddler
12. Rory Campbell: The Pit / Paper Year / Cheese, Bread and Ham
13. Rory Campbell: The Grappa Groove / Caitha's Jig / The Straits of Corfu / The Night We Had The Goats / Nighan Caillach nan Cearc

Price: € 20.60
Price: € 13.00
World Masters of Piping Competition CDTRAX 200
World Masters of Piping Competition
An album of world class pipers competing at the highest level. Donald MacLeod from Stornoway, Isle of Lewis, was an outstanding piper and an expert teacher but it was as a composer that he created his own memorial. His compositions cover the whole range of pipe music, showing a remarkable inventiveness and originality, and his published works are testament to his awareness that he should share his gifts with others. With the passing of Donald in 1984, The Lewis and Harris Piping Society desired to promote a lasting memorial to its most famous piping son and in due course the first 'P/M Donald MacLeod MBE Memorial Competition' was staged in Stornoway and is now regarded worldwide as one of piping's most prestigious annual events.

The eight invited pipers are required to play mainly Donald MacLeod compositions during the competition, although other material can also be included in the March, Strathspey & Reel section. The Competition was held in the Seaforth Hotel, Stornoway, on Friday 7th April 2000, and was enjoyed by an enthusiastic and knowledgeable audience. The overall winner on the day was Willie McCallum, who was first in both the Piobaireachd and the MSR sections. Willie had stiff competition, particularly from Angus MacColl, Roderick MacLeod, Gordon Walker and Niall Matheson. Gordon Walker won the Hornpipe and Jig section.

1. William McCallum - March, Strathspey & Reel
2. William McCallum - Piobaireachd
3. Gordon Walker - March, Strathspey & Reel
4. Angus MacColl - Piobaireachd
5. Gordon Walker - Hornpipe & Jig
6. Angus MacColl - March, Strathspey & Reel
7. Niall Matheson - Piobaireachd
8. Roderick MacLeod - March, Strathspey & Reel
9. Roderick MacLeod - Piobaireachd
10. William McCallum - Hornpipe & Jig

Price: € 18.50

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