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Shotts & Dykehead Caledonia Pipe Band
The Legendary CDMON 862
The Legendary
This is a truly unique collection of recordings tracing the musical history of the Shotts and Dykehead Pipe Band. It includes private archive recordings from band members official RSPBA Championship recordings and live concert recordings. The Band started in 1910 and still features highly in the championship circuit. Generations of playing and voices can be heard on this recording taking the listener on a musical journey through time with this great band. Each decade performs taking us up to the fully developed modern day pipe band on the concert and competition platforms. This unique Pipe Band Album was collated and arranged by Pipe Major Robert Mathieson and was produced by P/M Malcolm M Mackenzie. Close liaison with Robin Rankin at CaVa Recording Studios has produced this historic CD which will be most sought after world wide. "P/M Malcolm M Mackenzie". Main commentary: Kirsty MacIntyre.Alex Duthart Jim Kilpatrick MBE. Tom MacAllister Jnr.Robert Mathieson.

1. Pipe Major: Tom MacAllister Snr. The Rowan Tree
2. Solo Piper: Tom MacAllister Snr. Slow Air
3. Pipe Major: John K. MacAllister. Farewell My Nut Brown Maiden
4. Pipe Major:Tom MacAllister Jnr. The Hills of Alva
5. Pipe Major: Tom MacAllister Jnr. Glasgow Week in Hamburg 6. Pipe Major:Tom MacAllister Jnr. Cullen Bay
7. Pipe Major:Tom MacAllister Jnr. Carradale Bay
8. Pipe Major: Tom MacAllister Jnr. Morrison Avenue
9/10. Drummers: Alex Duthart/Jim Kilpatrick. The Shotts Fanfare
11. Pipe Major:Tom MacAllister Jnr. Flora Duncan
12. Pipe Major: Robert Mathieson. Calypso Reel
13. Solo Piper. Robert Mathieson. I am Sleeping
14. Pipe Major: Robert Mathieson. Salute to James Henderson 15. Pipe Major:Robert Mathieson. The First Fifty
16. Pipe Major: Robert Mathieson. The First One Hundred/The Curlew/Caber Feidh/The Bells of Dunblane
17. Pipe Major:Robert Mathieson. The House of Edgar/ Susan MacLeod/The Devil Staircase
18. House of Edgar Shotts & Dykehead Pipe Band recorded live at Celtic Connections, The Royal Concert Hall, Glasgow
19. Pipe Major:Robert Mathieson. The Cleveland Tie-break/The Saltire Tartan/Peurt a Beul/The Whirlie Beat/Birlin Sporrans
20. Solo Piper. Pipe Major:Robert Mathieson.Farewell and Remember Me/Irish Hornpipe/Humours of Cork/Partners in Time
21. Pipe Major: Robert Mathieson. The King and the Swan/Laura's Lucky Day/Inspector Campbell of Ness
22. Pipe Solo: Douglas Murray. The Mad Hornpipe/Mojo's Jig 23 Pipe Major:Robert Mathieson. The Silver Thistle/The Wise Maiden/The Whirlie Beat/The Magpie
24. Pipe Major:Robert Mathieson. Gaelic Air/Alasdairs Reel/Alasdairs Big Reel

Price: € 16.50

Ross Munro
Twisted Tradition CDTRAX384
Twisted Tradition
An inspiring collection of original and traditional pipe tunes from multi-instrumentalist Ross Munro.

The sound of his haunting pipes, which Ross has blended with whistle on some tracks is truly exceptionall, adding to his unique uplifting sound. Pipe music with a 'twist'.

Ross plays most of the instruments on this album which showcases his skills as an arranger, a musical journey not to be missed!

1. Gravel Path
2. Roo Joey
3. Gone But Not Forgotten
4. The Dark Island
5. The Mist Covered Mountains
6. Lexie
7. The Misses MacMillan
8. Celtic Cottage
9. The Piper
10. Funky Paddy
11. The Sleeping Tune
12. High Road to Itchines
13. Cuimhneachan.

Price: € 18.50

Various Artists
Reclaimed - Pipe Music and song from the Scottish Borders CDTRAX 390
Reclaimed - Pipe Music and song from the Scottish Borders
A variety of smallpipes, Border pipes and Pastoral pipes are on occasion acompanied by fiddle, cello& viols, guitar & mandolin and voice too.
A fairly dynamic introduction to these pipes.

1. Jack Latin - Lignum Vitae (Annie Grace, Fin Moore & Gary West)
2. The Garb of Old Gaul/Hacky Honey - Chris Norman & David Greenberg
3. Over the Dyke and Till her Laddie/With her Tocher What a Lassie - Fin Moore & Matheu Watson
4. Helen of Kirckonnell - Fiona Hunter,Mairi Campbell and Iain MacInnes
5. The Twa Corbies/Saw Ye Not My Meggie Crudds and Whey - Pete Stewart
6. Now Westlin Winds - Hamish Moore and Mairi Campbell
7. Jingling Geordie - Callum Armstrong and George Pasca
8. The Night Visitor's Song/Willie stays lang at the Fair/Well Bobbit Blanch of Middlebie - Iain MacInnes
9. Alison Gross - Judy Barker and Annie Grace
10. The Highland Watch's Farewell to Ireland/Landlady Count the Lawin/Duncan Gray - Stewart Gaudin
11. Alasdruim's March - Paul Roberts
12. The Jedburgh Ba' Game - Gary West and Ciaran Ryan
13. Kilt thy Coat Maggie/Linkumdoddie - Mike Katz and Iain MacLeod
14. The Cairdin' O't/Stumpie/Duns Dings A'/Tail Toddle/Spark's Rant - Angus MacKenzie
15. Jimmy Allan/Geld Him Lassies/Coffee and Tea/Skint o'willer - Gordon Mooney and Shona Mooney
16. The Football March and two reels - Carlos Nunez
17. Saw Ye Never a Bonnie Lass - Martyn Bennett

Price: € 17.00

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