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Kathleen MacInnes
Og Mhadainn Shamhraidh (Summer Dawn) CDTRAX 294
Og Mhadainn Shamhraidh (Summer Dawn)
Kathleen MacInnes was born and brought up on South Uist, Western Isles, in a Gaelic-speaking home. This is her debut album and also features some wonderful session musicians, including Ross Martin (guitar), Iain MacDonald (whistles & pipes), Marc Duff (bouzouki), Donald Shaw (keyboards & accordion), James MacKintosh (percussion), Neil Johnstone (cello) and John McCusker (fiddle). Additional vocals are provided by Cathy-Ann MacPhee, Julie Fowlis and Karen Matheson.

1. Air an Airigh
2. Oganaich An or-Fhuilt Bhuidhe
3. Tuireadh Bard Thurnaig
4. Reul Alainn a'Chuain
5. O Luaidh
6. Dh'eirich mi Moch Madainn Cheitein
7. Oran Talaidh na Mna-Sidhe
8. Duthaich MhicAoidh
9. Jimmy Mo Mhile Stor
10. Puirt-a-Beul
11. Twa Corbies
12. Ceud Failt' Air Gach Gleann
13. Oran Na Cloiche
14. A Mhic Iain 'ic Sheumais
15. Oran Dhomhnaill Phadraig

Price: € 19.50

Kennedy Calum
Legends of Scotland CDELM 4133
Legends of Scotland
The definitive sound of Scottish Rock.

1. Here's to the Hills
2. Mouth Music
3. My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean/Comin' Thro' the Rye/ Loch Lomond/Annie Laurie/Bluebells of Scotland
4. Gipsy Rover
5. Laird of Drumblair/The Mason's Apron
6. Calum's Ceilidh/Campbeltown Loch/Brochan Lom/Bratach Bana
7. Donald, Where's Your Troosers?
8. Top of Ben Nevis
9. The Dark Island
10. Amazing Grace
11. Five Lovely Lassies from Bannion
12. Muirsheen Durkin
13. Bonny Lass O' Fyvie
14. The Bridal Path
15. Scarborough Fair
16. Eilean Fraoich
17. Caristiona
18. Dark Lochnagar
19. Bonnie Kyleswater
20. Ae Fond Kiss
21. Leanabh Og
22. O Gin I Were a Baron's Heir

Price: € 18.50

Maggie Jean
The Girl From Stornoway MJM 2007
The Girl From Stornoway
Songs from the Highlands and Islands.

Maggie Jean recorded these songs, many in Gaelic, back in the 1980s, and they are now released on CD for the first time.

The title song was specially written for Maggie Jean by T Gwyn Jones.

With piano and guitar accompaniment.

1. The Girl From Stornoway
2. Ribhinn Bhoidheach
3. Braigh Uige
4. Latha Samhraidh A Steornabhagh
5. Tuireadh Iain Ruaidh
6. Lochinver
7. Fear A' Bhata
8. Iain Ghlinn Cuaich
9. Soraidh Leis An Ait
10. Ghleann Bhaile Chaoil
11. Feasgar Agus Ceo Ann
12. Eilean A' Cheo
13. Eilean Mo Ghaoil
14. Farewell My Love

Price: € 18.00

Maggie MacInnes
A Fagail Mhiughalaigh (Leaving Mingulay) MARCD 05
A Fagail Mhiughalaigh (Leaving Mingulay)
Gaelic singer and clarsach player Maggie McInnes tells the story of the island of Mingulay and its people, through music and song.
With special guests Michael McGoldrick (uilleann pipes, flute, whistles), Brian McAlpine (keyboards), Anna Massie (guitar), Kevin MacKenzie (guitar), Marie Fielding (fiddle), Finlay MacDonald (chanter, whistle) and Flora MacNeil (vocals).
Incorporating some of the music Maggie put together for a BBC Scotland television documentary of the same name.

1. Beinn A'cheathaich
2. Miughalaigh
3. Laoioh Mhoire Mhaigdeann
4. Cha Teid Mise
5. Thig Dhachaigh Leam Dha 'N T-Sidhean
6. Leis An Lurgainn
7. Gaol A Chruidh
8. 'N Robh Thu 'Sa Bheinn
9. Oran Na Raiders Bhatersaigh
10. Seathan
11. A Fagail Mhuighalaigh
12. Oran Do Dh'eilean Mhiughalaigh

Price: € 14.50
ÒRAN NA MNÀ - A Women's Song MARCD 04
ÒRAN NA MNÀ - A Women's Song
In 2004 the prestigious Celtic Connections Festival of Glasgow commissioned Maggie to write a 45 minute piece of music which was performed to great acclaim at the festival in 2004 and 2005. Now Maggie has further developed the piece which combines music and song in Gaelic and English and has recorded it using some of Scotland's finest musicians and singers.

1. Beannachd Mathar
2. Baisteachd Breith
3. In My Arms
4. Do Mhairi A Nighean and Mairi's Dance
5. A Mother's Parting Blessing
6. Tri Nithean
7. Cearcall Mun Ghealaich
8. Flora And The Primroses
9. Mo Run Geal Og
10. No Way Back
11. A Chlann

Price: € 19.50

Mairi Campbell
Mairi Campbell MC 01CD
Mairi Campbell
Debut solo album of songs penned by Mairi Campbell and David Francis - who together make up The Cast.
Scots Singer of the Year – trad music awards, 2008; Female musician of the year- liveireland 2009; Composition of the year – liveireland 2009; Burnsong winner – with ‘Smile or Cry’ ( Greengold album) 2008; Overall winner of ’Neil Gow International compostion award’ – 2009.
Mairi Campbell (vocals, violin, viola), Tia Files (guitar, bass), Mhairi Hall (piano, keyboard), Donald Hay (drums), Ada Grace Francis (clarsach, backing vocals).

1. Home
2. Portobello Sands
3. Don't Ever Give Up
4. Scent In The Air
5. Goodbye Grey
6. I Pod Wii Play
7. Paperweight
8. She Stitched Upon My Heart
9. Remember My Love
10. Haul Away
11. Recession Song

Price: € 14.50

Margaret Stewart
Togaidh Mi Mo Sheolta (Along The Road Less Travelled) CDTRAX 311
Togaidh Mi Mo Sheolta (Along The Road Less Travelled)
Margaret Stewart is one of Scotland's finest Gaelic singers and for this, her third album for Greentrax, she researched many of the songs through the School of Scottish Studies - this recording contains some gems of the older Gaelic songs. Margaret also looks at the Irish Gaelic connection.
The album features material from some of the great Gaelic bards - Ian Lom, Duncan Ban Macintyre, The Blind Harper, Iain Mac Mhurchaidh and some songs which are rarely heard, some indeed which have never been commercially recorded, and as such are of considerable cultural importance.

1. A Phiuthrag 'S A Phiuthar
2. An Domhnalolach Urramach
3. Chaidh An Dileag Ud Nam Cheann
4. Tha Mi Sgith 'N Fhogar Seo
5. Feill Nan Crann
6. Blar Na H-Eaglaise Brice
7. A Bhainis A Bha 'N Ciostal Odhar
8. Saoil An Till Mi Chaoidh
9. Aban An T-Seasganaich
10. Co Leis An Crodh Druim-Fhionn Ud Thall,'S Fheudar Dhomh Bhith Beo
11. Cumha Aonghais Mhic Taghnaill Oig Na Ceapaich
12. Aran 'Twinkle'
13. Laoidh A Chon Duibh
14. O Thug 'Ad Bhuam Thu
15. Clann Domhnaill An Cogadh Righ Tearlach I, 1644-45
16. Togfaidh Me Mo Shealta.

Price: € 18.50

Margaret Stewart & Allan MacDonald
Fhuair mi Pog CDTRAX 132
Fhuair mi Pog
The Gaelic voice of Margaret Stewart combined with Allan MacDonald's innovative and lyrical piobaireachd style. Allan sings and plays Highland bagpipes, Scottish smallpipes, tromb, mouthorgan and whistle.

1. Fhuair Mi Pog A Laimh An Righ
2. Bha Caileag As T-Earrach
3. Cille Pheadair
4. Dol Dhan Taigh Bhuan Leat
5. O Mhairi 's Tu Mo Mhairi
6. I Ho Ro 's Na Hug Oro Eile
7. He Na Milibhig
8. Slainte Bhon t-Seann Duthaich
9. Ochoin a Righ, Gur Tinn An Galair An Gradh
10. Cro Chinn t-Saile / A Bhanais A Bha'n Ciostal Odhar
11. Siuthadaibh Bhalachaibh
12. Cumha Mhic an-Toisich
13. Ruidhlichean Pioba
14. Uamh an Oir / Cumha an t-Seana Chlaidheimh
15. 'S Olc an Obair Do Theachdairean Cadal
16. Port na bPucai

Price: € 18.50

Margie Butler
Celtic Lullabies - Songs & Harp Tunes from Ireland, Scotland & Wales EUCD 2150
Celtic Lullabies - Songs & Harp Tunes from Ireland, Scotland & Wales
Fifteen beautiful lullabies from Ireland, Scotland, Wales and the Isle of Man. Margie Butler and her harp are joined by guest musicians Paul Espinoza (guitar), Flavio Cucchi (guitar), Enrique Ugarte (accordion), Florie Brown (violin), Kálmán Balogh (cimbalom), H. Ramzy (triangle) and Pablo Cárcamo (midi guitar). Complete lyric and guitar chords in the booklet.

1. Baloo Baleerie
2. Lea Rig / Kind Robin
3. Gaelic Cradle Song
4. Suo-Gan
5. Morag’s Cradle Song / Water Kilpie
6. Suantrai
7. Dereen Day
8. October Winds -
9. The Gartan Mother’s Lullaby / An Caitin Ban
10. To and Fro
11. Lullaby
12. Deep in my Heart
13. Gaelic Lullaby
14. Manx Lullaby
15. The Eagles Whistle

Price: € 13.00

McLoughlin Noel
20 Best of Scotland EUCD 1979
20 Best of Scotland
A great collection of Scottish songs and ballads to sing along with - complete lyrics and guitar chords in the booklet. The Barnyards of Delgaty, Jock Stewart, Mount and Go, Dainty Davy, Ye Jacobites by Name, The Skye Boat Song, The Bonnie Ship the Diamond, Lizzie Lindsay, Wild Mountain Thyme, Rattlin' Roarin' Willie, The Bonnie Lass o Fyvie

1. The Barnyards of Delgaty
2. Jock Stewart
3. Mount and Go
4. Dainty Davy
5. Ye Jacobites by Name
6. The Skye Boat Song
7. The Bonnie Ship "The Diamond"
8. Lizzie Lindsay
9. Wild Mountain Thyme
10. Rattlin', Roarin' Willie
11. The Bonnie Lass o'Fyvie
12. Ye Banks and Braes
13. McPherson's Lament
14. Farewell to Tarwathie
15. I'm a Rover
16. Come by the Hills
17. Nancy Whisky
18. The Blantyre Explosion
19. Tramps and Hawkers
20. Mairi's Wedding

Price: € 15.50

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