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Moira Kerr
Bravest Heart MAYK 9
Bravest Heart
Moira Kerr (vocals, acoustic guitar), Donald Shaw (accordion, keyboards), Finlay Wells (electric/acoustic guitars), Chas Mackenzie (bass, acoustic guitar), Bob Cosgrove (drums), Aidan O'Rourke (fiddle), Ian Lynn (keyboards) and Bob Katz (electronic double bass). Includes original soundtracks from Scottish Fantasia.

1. Bravest Heart
2. Corryvreckan
3. She Moved Through The Fair
4. Only A Woman's Heart
5. Islands In The Mist
6. The Queen's Four Marys
7. Fear A Bhata
8. For Justice and Honour
9. Long Black Veil
10. House Carpenter
11. Safely Ashore
12. Highlanders

Price: € 18.50
Time And Tide MAYK 14
Time And Tide
Moira Kerr is one of Scotland's best known and prolific singer/songwriters and has written most of the songs for "Where Eagles Fly," a popular TV series. As well as singing from the age of three, Moira's early achievements were in the field of athletics. From fourteen, she held Scottish and British titles for several years.

1. Sailing
2. Highland Harry
3. Dumbarton Drums
4. Alba Mo Graidh (Scotland My Love)
5. Ae Fond Kiss
6. Together
7. This is My World
8. Eshaness
9. Banquo's Walk
10. Kishmul's Galley
11. The Thief of Life
12. When Piper's Play

Price: € 20.50

Neil MacLean
Bonnie Oban Bay BRHCD 27
Bonnie Oban Bay
Gaelic songs taken from old 78rpm recordings.
Neil MacLean was one of the foremost Gaelic and Scots singers of the 20th century. A Mod Gold Medallist, he made several recordings, all on 78 rpm records, and his voice was well known in many homes in the age of the gramaphone. His first record, Bonnie Strathyre, was released in 1928 and he continued to make records, often accompanied by his wife Jenny Currie on piano, until the early 1950s. This CD is a collection of some of his most popular songs. In 1929 he had a Royal Command Performance at Balmoral before King George V and Queen Mary - the only Gaelic singer of the 20th century to have this honour.They have been taken directly from the old records a nd digitally processed to reduce the background noises associated with 78s. A trip down memory lane!

1. Bonnie Oban Bay
2. Cailin Mo Run-Sa
3. Nighean Donn A chuailein Riomhaich
4. Fionnphort Ferry/The Island Herdsmaid
5. Thogainn Fonn Air Lorg An Fheidh
6. Nach Neonach Mi Gad Chaoineadh
7. Am Bata Rannach
8. Kirsteen
9. Cam air A Mhonadh
10. An t-Eilean Muileach
11. Theid Mi Gah Amharc
12. Bonnie Strathyre

Price: € 19.90

The Lassies' Reply DUG 002
The Lassies' Reply
The Lassies' Reply is a unique release by the newly formed duo Pur, who are two of Scotland's brightest young traditional musicians - Scots singer and fiddler Shona Donaldson and Gaelic singer Katie Mackenzie.

This album of the songs of Robert Burns is released to coincide with the celebrations in the Year Of Homecoming, and demonstrates that both Gaelic and Scots cultures can co-exist and complement each other very well. Both girls sing 'their' own language but also sing the 'other' to demonstrate the interchangeability and common ground of the cultures.

The songs include many composed by Burns on his Highland tour in 1787. The Highlands and Gaelic had a profound effect on Burns, a fact which is often overlooked - Pur have included several of Burns' songs inspired by this area.

1. My Heart's In The Highlands (Tha Mo Chridhe)
2. John Anderson, my Jo
3. Aon Phòg Ghràidh (Ae Fond Kiss)
4. The Slave's Lament
5. Fhathast na Mo Dhùisg (Aye Waukin' O)
6. I'm O'er Young To Marry Yet (Ro-òg gu Pòsadh)
7. Cagaran Gaolach (Highland Balou)
8. Chan Eil Ach Cùram Air Gach Làimh (Green Grow the Rashes O)
9. Truis na h-Òisgean (Ca' The Yowes)
10. The Highland Widow's Lament
11. O My Luv Is Like A Red Red Rose
12. Auld Lang Syne (Air Sgath nan Iomadh Linn)

Price: € 14.00

Rachel Walker
Air Chall (Lost) SKIPCD 20
Air Chall (Lost)
The third album featuring the warm and beautiful Gaelic voice of Rachel Walker, a mixture of new and traditional Gaelic songs, and a song in English.

1. Marcreach An Each Dubh A Sasainn
2. Oran Do Bharnabaidh
3. Puirt a Beul
4. Fada Bhuam
5. A Mhor, A Ghaoil
6. Home On My Mind
7. An t-Oighre Og
8. Air Chall
9. Bodach Innse Chro
10. Air Failirinn Iu
11. Coigreach Siubhlach

Price: € 15.00

Robertson Davie
Star O The Bar CDTRAX 254
Star O The Bar
Fifteen original songs. Davie Robertson was born in 1945 and has lived all his life in the village of Longniddry, East Lothian. He has been interested and involved in the folk revival since the mid 1960s and during that decade started composing songs, which he sang in local folk clubs and at other events. He later went on to enter (and win) a number of Scottish songwriting competitions.

1. The Hanky
2. Cauld Comfort
3. A Drinkin Man
4. The Cruel And Hungry Sea
5. Crime & Punishment
6. Noran Water The Inside Story
7. Quiet October Hills
8. Strict Hygiene
9. Late In The Day
10. Noo The Spring's Sped
11. Anthem For Scotland
12. Just A Blink
13. The Chimp & The Poodle
14. Sair Sair Sorrow
15. The Star O

Price: € 18.50

Robin Laing
One For The Road CDTRAX 313
One For The Road
Robin Laing is a well established singer/songwriter from Scotland whose songs have been covered by many other artists.
Robin has made a particular study of songs and poems on the subject of Scottish whisky and has performed his show on this national drink both at home and abroad.
This is Robin’s third Greentrax album on the subject of Scottish whisky, the previous two being The Angel's Share and The Water Of Life.

1. World of Whisky
2. Heaven Hill
3. The Sun’s Coming Over The Hill
4. Elijah Craig
5. Speyside Whisky Song
6. A’ Bunadh
7. We Can’t Let Al Qaeda Get Their Hands on This
8. Uisquebaugh Baul
9. Bottle of Gin
10. The Whisky Makes You Sweeter
11. Reaching Home
12. Rory’s Still
13. Everything I Love
14. Full Moon Whisky

Price: € 18.50

The Corries
The Essential Corries Collection GBPBCD 017
The Essential Corries Collection
A compilation of favourite tracks from the classic Scottish folk song duo.

The first in a series of three budget-priced CDs.

1. Killiecrankie
2. Lock The Door Lariston
3. Mingulay Boat Song
4. A Scottish Holiday
5. MacPherson's Rant
6. Leezie Lindsay
7. Scotland Will Flourish
8. The Bricklayer's Song
9. Loch Lomond / Farewell to the Creeks
10. The Lammas Tide
11. The Sherramuir Fight
12. The Friday Game
13. Chevalier's Muster Roll
14. The Roses of Prince Charlie
15. Flower of Scotland

Price: € 10.00

A Tribute in Song to Robert Burns CDLBP 2032
A Tribute in Song to Robert Burns
A collections of Burns songs by Valerie Dunbar, The Clydesiders and others.

1. There Was A Man
2. Bonnie Lass O' Ballochmyle
3. John Anderson My Jo
4. There Was A Lad
5. Ae Fond Kiss
6. My Love Is Like A Red, Red Rose
7. A Man's A Man
8. Ye Banks And Braes
9. Ca' The Yowes
10. Corn Rigs
11. Aye Waukin' O
12. Sweet Afton
13. The Lea Rig
14. Star O' Rabbie Burns

Price: € 11.00
Celtic Collections vol 12 - Celtic Women From Scotland CDGMP 8012
Celtic Collections vol 12 - Celtic Women From Scotland
(Songs of Love and Reflection)
Songs by female vocalists from the Greentrax back catalogue. Each song has the theme of love and reflection, resulting in an album of very powerful songs, old and new, superbly interpreted by some of Scotland’s finest Gaelic and Scots women singers.

1. Catherine-Ann MacPhee - Canan Nan Gaidheal
2. Lynn Morrison - Hush, Hush
3. Karine Polwart (with Malinky) - Whaur Dae Ye Lie?
4. Karen Matheson (with The ScottishPower Pipe Band) - Amazing Grace (Gaelic Psalm version)
5. Isla St Clair - Lament For The Commandos / Dunkirk
6. Ishbel MacAskill - Soraidh Leis An Ait (Farewell To The Place)
7. Heather Heywood - MacCrimmon’s Lament (MacCrimmon’s Sweetheart)
8. Alyth McCormack (from The Captain’s Collection) - Braighe Loch Iall (The Braes of Lochiel)
9. Sheena Wellington - Ae Fond Kiss
10. Mairi Campbell (with Jack Evans) - Both Sides The Tweed
11. Mairi Machines - Fear A Bata
12. Alison McMorland - Time Wears Awa
13. Margaret Stewart (with Allan MacDonald) - I Ho Ro’s Na Hug Ore Exile (A Love Song)
14. Gill Bowman - Auld Lang Sine

Price: € 16.50

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