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The Corries
The Essential Corries Collection GBPBCD 017
The Essential Corries Collection
A compilation of favourite tracks from the classic Scottish folk song duo.

The first in a series of three budget-priced CDs.

1. Killiecrankie
2. Lock The Door Lariston
3. Mingulay Boat Song
4. A Scottish Holiday
5. MacPherson's Rant
6. Leezie Lindsay
7. Scotland Will Flourish
8. The Bricklayer's Song
9. Loch Lomond / Farewell to the Creeks
10. The Lammas Tide
11. The Sherramuir Fight
12. The Friday Game
13. Chevalier's Muster Roll
14. The Roses of Prince Charlie
15. Flower of Scotland

Price: € 10.00

Mairi Campbell
Mairi Campbell MC 01CD
Mairi Campbell
Debut solo album of songs penned by Mairi Campbell and David Francis - who together make up The Cast.
Scots Singer of the Year – trad music awards, 2008; Female musician of the year- liveireland 2009; Composition of the year – liveireland 2009; Burnsong winner – with ‘Smile or Cry’ ( Greengold album) 2008; Overall winner of ’Neil Gow International compostion award’ – 2009.
Mairi Campbell (vocals, violin, viola), Tia Files (guitar, bass), Mhairi Hall (piano, keyboard), Donald Hay (drums), Ada Grace Francis (clarsach, backing vocals).

1. Home
2. Portobello Sands
3. Don't Ever Give Up
4. Scent In The Air
5. Goodbye Grey
6. I Pod Wii Play
7. Paperweight
8. She Stitched Upon My Heart
9. Remember My Love
10. Haul Away
11. Recession Song

Price: € 14.50

Isla St Clair
The Voice of Scotland EUCD 2397
The Voice of Scotland
A fine selection of popular and treasured songs performed by Isla St Clair, one of Scotland’s most popular traditional singers who is internationally renowned for her pure and distinctive voice. Booklet with artist biography and info about each of the songs in English and German.

1. When the Pipers Play (Patrick King / Terry Trower)
2. Amazing Grace (Trad. arr. Isla St Clair / Patrick King / Ian Lynn)
3. Jacobite Medley (Trad. arr. Isla St Clair / Patrick King / Ian Lynn)
4. Ae Fond Kiss (Trad. arr. Isla St Clair)
5. Flowers of the Forest
6.The Boatman (Trad. arr. Isla St Clair)
7. Mouth Music (Trad. arr. Isla St Clair)
8. Border Widows Lament (Trad. arr. Isla St Clair)
9. Ticonderoga (Patrick King / Terry Trower)
10. Land o’ the Leal (Trad. arr. Isla St Clair / Patrick King / Ian Lynn)
11. Land o’ the Leal (Great Pipes) (Trad. arr. Gordon Walker)
12. Muir of Culloden (Trad. arr. Isla St Clair)
13. 51st Highland Division’s Farewell to Sicily (Hamish Henderson, arr. Isla St Clair / Patrick King / Ian Lynn)
14. Farewell to the Creeks (Robertson arr. Gordon Walker)
15. MacCrimmon’s Lament (Trad. arr. Isla St Clair)
16. MacCrimmon’s Lament (Great Pipes) (Trad. arr. Gordon Walker)
17. Will You Go to Flanders (Trad. arr. Isla St Clair / Patrick King / Ian Lynn)
18. On the Road to Passchendaele (Alan Brydon / Gavin Stoddart, arr. Isla St Clair / Patrick King / Ian Lynn)
19. Scots Wa’ Hae (Trad. arr. Isla St Clair / Patrick King / Ian Lynn)
20. A Hundred Pipers (Trad. arr. Patrick King / Ian Lynn)

Price: € 15.00

The Complete Songs of Robert Tannahill Vol.3 CDBAR 017
The Complete Songs of Robert Tannahill Vol.3
As with his definitive 12-volume series of Burns recordings, Dr Fred Freeman aims as musical director of The Complete Songs of Robert Tannahill to present the Paisley weaver/poet/songwriter's work firmly in the context of Scotland's folk scene today, highlighting its enduring qualities - ranked by many on a par with Burns - via fresh arrangements and a top-quality musical cast.

Tonight launches Volume 3 in the series - of a prospective five - with singers including Rod Paterson, Nick Keir, Fiona Hunter, Brian Ó hEadhra and Lucy Pringle, plus house-band accompaniment from Aaron Jones, Angus Lyon, Marc Duff, Stewart Hardy, Frank McLaughlin and Chris Agnew.

1. Rod Paterson: Will Ye Gang Tae Sherramuir
2. Fiona Hunter: The Braes o' Gleniffer
3. Nick Keir: Ye Friendly Stars
4. Brian O' hEadhra: Adieu! Ye Cheerful Native Plains
5. Fiona Hunter Thou Cauld Gloomy Feberwar
6. Lucy Pringle: The Simmer Gloamin
7. Nick Keir: Lallan Lassie Wilt Thou Go
8. Lucy Pringle: Despairing Mary
9. Rod Paterson: Fill, Fill the Merry Bowl
10. Fiona Hunter: The Lasses A A Leuch
11. Brian O' hEadhra: The Heilander's Invitation
12. Lucy Pringle The Lament o' Wallace
13. Brian O' hEadhra: Irish Teaching
14. Anderson: Responsive Ye Woods
15. Nick Keir: I'll Soon Be Far Away
16. Brian O' hEadhra: The Dirge o' Carolan
17. Fiona Hunter: Davie Tulloch's Bonnie Kate
18. Rod Paterson Noo Winter Is Gane
19. Fred Freeman: The Trifler's Sabbath Day
20. Ian Anderson and Lucy Pringle: Lament for Poor Drimindo / Kitty o' Carrol
21. Rod Paterson The Lass o' Arranteenie

Price: € 15.00

Alastair McDonald
River for Peace CBNCD 047
River for Peace
Alastair puts forward his argument that there is a place for 'Songs of Peace' rather than just the black & white of 'war' and 'love'.
Alastair McDonald - Vocals, Guitar & Banjo
with Sirocco Nova
Leader: Clark Sorley

1. Soldiers Who Want to be Heroes
2. Roll Jordan / Peace Like a River
3. Andorra
4. Johnny I Hardly Knew You
5. No Trident
6. Strangest Dream
7. Bring Him Home
8. Bells of Rhymney
9. Join the Army / Sergeant Where’s Mine?
10. The Recruitin’ Sergeant
11. Gone for a Soldier
12. Sunday Night

Price: € 14.00

Far, Far From Ypres (Songs, Poems And Music Of World War I) - 2CD CDTRAX 1418
Far, Far From Ypres (Songs, Poems And Music Of World War I) - 2CD
The album is a tribute to all the soldiers from Scotland, England, Ireland and Wales, and also their Commonwealth brothers in arms from all corners of the globe, who fought and suffered together in the Great War and, in particular, all those who died.

The album has a more Scottish perspective than any of its predecessors but when one considers that Scotland suffered the most soldiers killed, per head of population, of any nation that fought in the conflict, such an album was greatly overdue. It is also doubtful if the songs, poems and music of WW1 have ever before been covered in such depth.

This project was first suggested to Ian Green of Greentrax Recordings in 2004 by Des Brogan, Managing Director of Mercat Tours International, who specialise in tours of both WW1 and WW2 cemeteries and battlefields. Jim Paris, who also contributed, is a Mercat Tours Battlefield Guide. Ian, who had read many books on both WW1 and WW2, was interested but regrettably the lack of financial resources at that time caused it to be placed on the ‘back-burner’. In 2007, however, Des Brogan invited Ian and his wife June on one of Mercat’s WW1 coach tours of France and Belgium. June was also finally able to fulfil a life-long desire to visit the graveyard of her Grandfather McLennan, in one of the many beautifully maintained War Cemeteries.

1. Your King and Country Need You (Spoken Word - Iain Anderson)
2. Your King and Country Need You (Song - The Scottish Pals Singers)
3. Regimental Tunes (The Army School of Piping and Highland Drumming)
4. The Last Mile Home
5. It's a Long Way To Tipperary
6. Mademoiselle From Amenities
7. Fred Akron's Army
8. We're Here
9. Living in a Trench
10. Raining
11. Minor Worries
12. If The Sergeant Steals Your Rum
13. Oh! It's a Lovely War
14. Hush! Here Comes The Whizz-bang
15. Bombed Last Night
16. Gassed Last Night
17. Fritz Boy
18. Forward Joe Soap's Army
19. Pack Up Your Troubles
20. Whiter Than Whitewash
21. Far, Far From Wipers I Long To Be
22. Take Me Back to Dear Old Blight
23. I'll Make a Man of You
24. I Wore a Tunic
25. Goodbye
26. When this Bloody War is Over
27. I Don't Want to be a Soldier
28. I Want to go Home
29. The Old Battalion
30. The Bells of Hell
31. It's a Long Way to Tipperary
32. Keep The Home Fires Burning
33. Sister Suzie Sewing Shirts For Soldiers
34. The Only Girl in The World
35. Roses of Peccary (All The Scottish Pals Singers)
36. Keep Right on to The End of The Road (Harry Lauder)
37. The Flowers of The Forest (Corporal Neil McNaughton)
38. The Last Post (John Samson).

1. The Bloody Fields of Flanders Set (The Army School of Piping and Highland Drumming)
2. In Flanders Fields (Poem - Iain Anderson)
3. The Green Fields of France / No Man's Land (The Corries)
4. Jimmy's Gone Tae Flanders (Jim Malcolm)
5. Black is The Sun (Steve Palmer)
6. Mothers, Daughters, Wives (The McCalmans)
7. Geordie McCrae (Robin Laing)
8. And The Band Played Waltzing Matilda (Eric Bogle)
9. In Memorium (Poem - Iain Anderson)
10. An Eala Bhan (Roddy MacLeod)
11. Halloween (Sheena Wellington and Karine Polwart)
12. Why Old Men Cry (Dick Gaughan)
13. As If He Knows (Eric Bogle)
14. Jimmy Waddell / Battle of The Somme (Malinky)
15. Letters From Wilfred (Alan Bell)
16. Only Remembered (The McCalmans)
17. Cha Till MacCruemen (Poem - Iain Anderson) / MacCrimmon's Lament (Heather Heywood) / MacCrimmon's Sweeheart (Dougie Pincock)

Price: € 19.50

Alastair McDonald
MORE THINGS… in Heaven & Earth CBNCD 051
MORE THINGS… in Heaven & Earth
A collection of songs and ballads touching on faith, life, mystery and humour and life from folk singer Alastair McDonald.

A musical journey of upbeat gospels, thought provoking ballads, traditional and contemporary music.

1. Bosom of Abraham 4:22
2. She Moved Through the Fair 3:18
3. Where Do Odd Socks Go? 4:33
4. Bonnie George Campbell 3:59
5. Bring Back Your Litter (yes, YOU!) 3:32
6. Man Takin’ Names 3:07
7. Jerusalem John 3:20
8. Enchanted Salmon Evening 3:12
9. Ghostly Whispers 4:16
10. We’re Heading Home 2:58
11. The Ox Driver’s Song 3:51
12. The Logger (a COLD Christmas) 4:08
13. Men From the East 4:26
14. The Wee Christmas Bus 3:39
15. The Wife o’ Ushers Well 3:11
16. The Moon o’er Holyrood 3:35
17. Those Kinds of People 4:10
18. The Unquiet Grave 3:27

Price: € 14.90

Discover Music from Scotland EUCD 2595
Discover Music from Scotland
A proud album of Scottish music, spanning the whole spectrum from traditional folk and ballads, sung in Gaelic, to jigs and reels, with fiddles, guitars, accordions, etc. to rousing pipe band pieces. Information about each of the pieces in the booklet.

1. Tannas: Sabhal Ia’n Ic Uisdean (trad., arr. Garden/Mackay/Legge/Dove/Mackay/Bulk Music Ltd.) - 2:45
2. Noel McLoughlin: The Blantyre Explosion (trad, arr. Noel McLouglin) - 4:00
3. Ross Kennedy & Archie McAllister: The Auld Wheel (J. S. Skinner, arr. Kennedy/McAllister/Bulk Music Ltd)/Lads of Laois (trad., arr. Kennedy/McAllister /Bulk Music Ltd)/Hey Ho My Bonnie Lass (trad., arr. Kennedy/McAllister/Bulk Music Ltd)/Twisted Fingers (D. Johnstone /Kinmor Music) - 3:42
4. Strathclyde Police Pipe Band: Bessie Weatherston (Mac Kenzie)/Crusaders March (trad.)/79th Highlanders (trad.)/The Garb of Old Gaul (trad.) - 2:54
5. Iain MacKay: Mòr nighean a’ Ghibearlain (trad., arr. Iain MacKay) - 3:08
6. Anna Murray: Slieve Russel(Mhoireach/McMillian)/Donald Cameron’s Powder Horn (P.M. Donald MacLeod) - 3:42
7. Ross Kennedy & Archie McAllister: Bay of Storms (E. Maguire/D. Robertson/Bulk Music Ltd) - 4:00
8. Jonny Hardie & Gavin Marwick: The Quiet Man (Jim Sutherland/Atholl Music)/The Solstice (Jason Colburn Little/Cop. Con.)/The Silver Spire (trad., arr. Gavin Marwick/Jonny Hardie/Bulk Music Ltd) - 4:21
9. Ishbel MacAskill: Thig an smeòrach as t-Earrach (The Thrush Comes in Spring) (trad., arr. MacAskill/Douglas) - 3:42
10. Coila/Alistair McCulloch, Andrew McGarva & William Weir: Jigs: Lady in a Bottle (A. Kenneth/Public Domain)/The Drops of Brandy (trad., arr. A. McCulloch/W. Weir/A. McGarva/Bulk Music Ltd)/Ewan Mackenzie’s Free Bass Accordion (A. McCulloch/Fellsongs Music)/The Curlew (D.McPherson/Paterson’s Publication Ltd) - 4:05
11. Stonehaven Pipe Band: Hornpipes: The Queen of the Rushes (trad.)/The Muckle Dram (Sargent) - 2:53
12. The Iron Horse: Helen of Kirkconnel (trad., arr. Iron Horse/Bulk Music Ltd) - 3:28
13. Dòchas: Waulking Song (arr. Dòchas)/Gura Mise Tha Fo Mhulad/Braes of Melinish (trad.,arr. Boyle/Fowlis/MacKay/Reid) - 3:45
14. Noel McLoughlin: Rattlin’, Roarin’ Willie (trad, arr. Noel McLouglin) - 3:06
15. Anna Murray: The Hazy Day (Mhoireach/(Bulk Music Ltd)/Zeto the Bubbleman (Duncan/Grian Music)/The Last Tango in Harris (MacDonald) - 6:35
16. Old Blind Dogs: Mormond Braes (trad., arr. Old Blind Dogs/Benzie/Hardie/Mcmill/Bulk Musik Ltd)/Charles Sutherland (J.M. Henderson/John Murdoch Henderson Dec’d.) - 3:06
17. Cliar: The Para Handy Set: Mrs. John MacColl (P/M John MacColl)/Pipe Major Jimmy MacGregor - Jig (John Scott)/Inspector Donald Campbell of Ness - Jig (Peter MacLeod Jnr.)/Manus Lunny’s Plower Pot - Jig (Phil Cunningham) (all arr. Cliar) (instr.) - 5:00
18. Isla St. Clair: Flowers of the Forest (trad./Elliot, arr. Ian Lynn) - 3:47

Price: € 12.95

Iain Morrison
A sixth solo album from musician, singer and writer Iain Morrison, who hails from the Outer Hebrides.

From a young age Iain loved the classical music of the highland pipes (piobaireachd), his father Iain Snr taught him using a technique called canntaireachd (which is a form of singing).

1. Siubhal
2. Eas
3. A Flame of Wrath For Patrick Caogach
4. The Little Spree
5. Crackle
6. To the Sea
7. Too Long in this Condition
8. R. Morar
9. You're My Letting Go

Price: € 17.50

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