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Kinlochard Ceilidh Band
The Dashing White Sergeant CDITV 727
The Dashing White Sergeant
Whether you are a dancer or just a foot-tapper, this album brings you the best of ceilidh dance music! It's 10 years since we released our first album - to celebrate we've brought together most of the musicians who have played or are still playing their part in the Kinlochard Ceilidh Band.

1. The Dashing White Sergeant
2. Waltz ( Miss Rowan Davies )
3. The Gay Gordons ( The Headlands, Paul Martin's March, Bonnie Woods Of Craigielea )
4. The Flying Scotsman ( Swinging On The Gate, Brenda Stubbert's Reel, The Drunken Landlady, The Plough And The Stars )
5. The Highland Schottische
6. Ho Ro
7. The Piper o' Dundee
8. The Circassian Circle ( Hurlock's Reel, Barrowburn Reel, Spoot o' Skerry, The Mason's Apron )
9. The Military Two-Step ( The Claybraes Two-Step )
10. The Riverside ( Donald MacLean, Jig Of Slurs, Marjory Lowe, Glasgow Gaelic Club )
11. Waltz ( Christine McRitchie, Miss Eleanor Plunkett )
12. The Walls Of Limerick ( Jackie Colman's ).

Price: € 16.00

The Occasionals
Footnotes IRCD 021
The Complete Scottish Ceilidh Dance.

1. The Gay Gordons
2. Eva Three Step
3. St. Bernard's Waltz
4. Dashing White Sergeant
5. Military Two Step
6. Canadian Barn Dance
7. Pride of Erin Waltz
8. Strip the Willow
9. Britannia Two Step
10. Waltz Country Dance
11. Cumberland Square eight
12. Highland Schottishe

Price: € 16.50

Bofield Ceili Band
100 Years A Growing HBCD 22c
100 Years A Growing
Jigs, reels, hornpipes, marches, and slides from a highly respected band of flutes, fiddles, button box, drums and keyboard. From Bofield in Co. Mayo, Ireland.

1. Reels: The Mountain Top/The Boys of Malin
2. Jigs: The Humours of Ennistymon/Burke's/Redican's
3. Hornpipes: Cooley's/Flowers of Spring
4. Reels: Donagal/Father Kelly's/The High
5. Triumphal March
6. Reels: Golden Keyboard/Dick Gossip/ Sheehan's
7. Jigs: Tell Her I Am/The Annaghmore
8. Reels: Killavil/Rattigan's/Colonel Rodney
9. Slides: Merrily Kiss the Quaker's Wife/Going To the Well For Water/Mick Duggan's
10. Reels: McDermott's/Sally Gardens/Sligo Maid
11. Hornpipes: The Sunshine/Black Swan
12. Jigs: The Priest In his Boots/Tobin's Favourite/Sweet Biddy Daly
13. Reels: The Wise Maid/The Galway Rambler/ The Reconciliation
14. O'Kane's March
15. Jigs: Queen of the Fair/Fr.Pat Peyton, The Rosary Priest
16. Reels: George White's Favourite/Ashplant/Ships Are Sailing

Price: € 17.00

Hooley Ganzband
Noo! - That's Whit Ah ca' Ceilidh - Volume 1 LCOM 5240
Noo! -  That's Whit Ah ca' Ceilidh -  Volume 1
Morag's Marauders' go for the jugular on the 'thrash-ceilidh' album "NOO 2! THAT'S WHIT AH CA' CEILIDH" which is a sure-fire-cert to get you dancing, in discos, dance-halls or up & down the hall in the house. Not for the Unfit, but well worth the effort.

1. Broon's Reel Broon's Reel Encore
2. Barn Dance
3. Britannia Two Step
4. Britannia Two Step
5. Encore
6. The Lomond Waltz
7. Eva Three Step
8. Eva Three Step Encore
9. Hullaghan's Jig
10. Dashing White Sergeant
11. Dashing White Sergeant Encore
12. Gay Gordons
13. Gay Gordons Encore
14. The Flying Scotsman
15. Drops of Brandy
16. Drops of Brandy Encore
17. Auld Lang Syne

Price: € 15.50

Alasdair MacCuish & Black Rose Ceilidh Band
Stepping Out KEYCD 18c
Stepping Out
Outstanding musicianship from all concerned on this fantastic ceilidh dance album.

1. Ceilidh Cascade
2. Hebridean Schottische
3. Gaelic Waltz
4. The Panda
5. Gay Gordons
6. Postie's Jig
7. The Swan
8. Highland Barn Dance
9. Pipe Jigs
10. A Flying Trip
11. St. Bernard's Waltz
12. The Britannia Two-Step
13. The Seagull
14. Captain Stretch's Mandolin
15. Strip The Willow
16. Dunoon Barn Dance
17. The Banshee
18. Take it Easy

Price: € 18.00

Celtic Collections vol 3 GMP 8003
Celtic Collections vol 3
A varied selection of dances and tunes from a number of Scotland's finest ceilidh bands.

1. Flying Scotsman: Duncan's Return / Sixteen Miles To The Bottle / Lesley Wood's Reel (The Occasionals)
2. Highland Scottische: Marchioness Of Tullibardine / Donald MacLellan Of Rothesay (The Craig McCallum Dance Band)
3. Dancing In Harris: George MacIntosh Of Grantown / The Fair Haired Lad / Pay The Reckoning (Fergie MacDonald Ceilidh Band)
4. Dancing On The Road: Borve Lorry / The Thin Tailor's Wife / Morag's Wedding Night / Those Brown Eyes / My Grandfather Cart / Hugh From St Kilda / Kenina Marion (Donald Black & Murdo J MacLeod)
5. Jig Of Slurs: The Seagull / The Curlew / The Jig Of Slurs (The Ceilidh Band)
6. Dashing White Sergeant: The Duke Of Perth / Polly Stewart / Kettledrum / J B Milne (The Occasionals)
7. Gaelic Waltzes: Fear A Bhata / Iona Boat Song / Mermaid / Fair Haired One (The Craig McCallum Dance Band)
8. The Star Of Munster: Lord Donald's / Star Of Munster / Boys O' Malin (The Ceilidh Band)
9. Scottie Dance Band Heaven: Duke Of Roxburgh's Farewell To The Blackmount Forest / Glen Of Lismore / Perth Hunt / Tail Toddle / Reel / Countess Of Elgin / Sleep Soond Ida Morning / Glen Ogle (Eilidh Shaw Band)
10. Grand March (or The Gay Gordons): Californian Cotillion (The Occasionals)
11. Shetland Ceilidh: King's Reel / Perfect Host / Boys Of Portaferry / Traditional Reel (Thulbion)
12. West Highland Waltz: An t-Alltan Dubh / Cearcall A Chuain / Far And Robh Mi Raoir (Fergie MacDonald Ceilidh Band)

Price: € 15.00

The Big Scottish Party Album LCOM 5281
The Big Scottish Party Album
The complete Scottish party album, including Auld Lang Syne, Flower of Scotland and classic ceilidh dances.

1. Come In Come In - Andy Stewart
2. Dashing White Sergeant - Hooleyganz Band
3. Scottish Waltz
4. Jimmy Shand's On The Wireless - Big Elastic Band
5. Stip The Willow - The Riverside Ceildh Band
6. Way Old Friends Do - Alexander Brothers
7. Military Two Step - Jim Johnstone & His Band
8. Wee Cock Sparra - Andy Stewart
9. Jeely Piece Song - Alastair Macdonald
10. Canadian Barn Dance
11. Midges - Kenneth Mckellar
12. Glasgow Reel - Alexander Brothers
13. Bricklayer's Song
14. Gay Gordons
15. Smoker's Song - Hamish Imlach
16. Slosh - Box And Banjo Band
17. They Don't Write Then Like That Any More Eightsome Reel - Arthur Johnstone
18. Eightsome Reel - Hooleyganz Band
19. Flower Of Scotland - Kenneth Mckellar
20. Auld Lang Syne-Guid New Year - Box And Banjo Band

Price: € 16.50

Ian Cruickshanks
About Tyme Two CDN 004
About Tyme Two

1. The Kirrie March
2. The Ruby Waltz
3. Southern Two-step
4. White Heather Fox-trot
5. Postie's Jig
6. Owen & Catherina Harrison's Waltz
7. St. Cyrus Swing
8. Eva Three Step
9. Black Mountain Reel
10. Waltz Catherine
11. Balmoral Two-step
12. Lilac Waltz
13. Mississippi Dip
14. Pride Of Erin
15. Lancelot Two-step
16. Palais Glide
17. The Birthday Waltz
18. Joe McDiarmid's Jig
19. The Gay Dragoon
20. Circle Waltz
21. Favourite Marches

Price: € 20.50

Iron Broo
Live at Moray Ceilidh Club CAL 001
Live at Moray Ceilidh Club
Iron Broo have a reputation as one of the liveliest and fun Ceilidh Bands on the Scottish folk scene.

Iron Broo have played far and wide both at home and abroad and have often been seen at well known festivals such as "T in the Park" , "The Glassel Gig" and many a folk festival, the "Broo" have played many sell out ceilidhs at the Aberdeen Music Hall. Not surprising, as the band have played in their native North-East of Scotland for quite some time now and have established themselves as a favourite band for many a "Doric - Spicker". They are in huge demand to play at weddings and ceilidhs throughout Scotland.

The long awaited first Iron Broo CD has finally been released.

1. The Dasher
2. Canadian Barndance (Hornpipe Set)
3. The Waves of Torry
4. The Wild Mountain Thyme
5. Cumberland Square Eight (The Helicopter Dance)
6. Virginia Reel Set
7. The Waltz Set
8. The Mince and Tatties Set
9. The International Strip the willow

Price: € 16.00

Sandy Nixon & His Scottish Dance Band
Silver Spire HRMCD 016
Silver Spire
For Ceilidh Dance, Country Dance or just listening pleasure it is hard to beat the enthusiastic playing of Sandy Nixon and His Scottish Dance Band. Here the 5-piece band gives amazing value with 23 great tracks including 8 Country dances.

1. Silver Spire
2. Boston Two-step
3. Gay Gordons Two-step
4. Pride Of Erin Waltz
5. Last Of The Lairds
6. Canadian Barn Dance
7. Tribute To Ron Gonnella
8. Newcastle Reel
9. Eva Three-step
10. Shetland Waltz
11. Strip The Willow
12. Gay Gordons
13. Polkas
14. Black Mountain Reel
15. March Strathspey & Reel
16. Britannia Two-step
17. Scandinavian Waltz
18. Auchtermuchty Gala March
19. Farewell To The Tay
20. Pipe Reels
21. Waltz For Kirsty
22. Tribute To Angus Fitchet
23. Clancy's Salsa

Price: € 14.00

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