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Lonach Pipe Band
Lonach Gu Brath CDGR 170
Lonach Gu Brath
This album from the Lonach Pipe Band contains no fewer than 53 great pipe tunes.

1. 4/4 March Pipe-Major R.H Martin, 1976 Police Tattoo
2. 3/4 March Shoals of Herring, Balmoral Slow Air Flower of Scotland 6/8 March Farewell to the creeks, Glendaruel Highlanders
3. 4/4 March Wings, Rowan Tree, Cockney Jocks
4. 2/4 March Corriechoille's 43rd Welcome to the Northern Meeting, Teribus
5. Slow Air Highland Cradle Song, My Home
6. 4/4 March Music of Spey, Bonnie Gallowa', Rose of Kelvingrove
7. 3/4 March Colin's cattle, Green Hills of Tyrol
8. 2/4 March Liberton Pipe Band, Marie's Wedding, Brown - haired Maiden Slow Air Highland Cathedral 6/8 March Candacraig, Dr. Innes's Dram
9. 4/4 MarchScotland the Brave, Flett From Flotta, Galloway Hills
10. 6/8 March The Muckin' O' Geordie's Byre, Bonnie Dundee Slow Air Colonel Robertson 6/8 March Colonel Robertson
11. 4/4 March Minstrel Boy, Bonnie Lass O' Fyvie, Killiecrankie, Rose of Allendale
12. 4/4 March Thomas Saunders, Lord Lovat's Lament
13. 3/4 March My Land, Land of My Birth Slow Air The Path with the Heart 2/4 March The Barren Rocks of Aden, Bellabeg House
14. 9/8 March Battle of the Somme, Heights of Dargai
15. Slow Air The Lonach Song, The Lonach March
16. 6/8 March Pibroch O'Donald Dhu, 10th Battalion H.L.I Crossing the Rhine, Cock O' the North

Price: € 15.00

The World Pipe Band Championships 2007 - Vol. 1 CDMON 873
The World Pipe Band Championships 2007 - Vol. 1
Volume 1 - will feature performances from the final of the Grade 1 event at the World Pipe Band Championships 2007.

1. Field Marshal Montgomery MSR: Pipe Major Thomas MacAllister/ Susan MacLeod / Charlie’s Welcome.
2. Medley: Trevor Buckley / Seonaidh’s Tune/ John MacDougall Gillies/ Tar The House / The Top Tier / The Bollywood Lounge/ The Unknown Air/ The Fiddler’s Rally
3. Simon Fraser University MSR : The Balmoral Highlanders/The Islay Ball / The Smith of Chilliechassie.
4. Medley: Duncan Johnstone/ John Murchison / Balmoral Castle /The Four Courts / The Humours of Tulla/ For Ireland I Will Not Tell Her Name/ Emancipation / Finbar Saunders/ For Ireland I Will Not Tell Her Name (Reprise)
5. The House of Edgar Shotts & Dykehead MSR: Donald Cameron/ Susan MacLeod/ The Sheepwife
6. Medley : The Circle of Fear / The Dancing Stag / The Iron Man/ Reel Prelude / The Wise Maiden / McKenna’s Ceilidh/ Caber Feidh / Tears of Gold / Velocity
7. The Scottish Lion - 78th Fraser Highlanders MSR: Balmoral Highlanders/ Bogan Lochan/ John Morrison of Assynt House
8. Medley: Dizzle/ Miss Lily/ The Man from Glengarry/ Leaving Ayrshire / Calrossie Cattlewife/ John Cairns Double 9. Strathclyde Police MSR: Donald Cameron / Caledonian Society of London/ Mrs MacPherson of Inveran
10. Medley: John Lang Brown of Campbeltown/ In with the Bricks/ Fraser Allison’s Jig/ The Emigrant’s Farewell / J F MacKenzie of Garrynahine / Kirstie MacCallum’s Favourite / American Legion Bridge/ Paddy Le Blanc/ Sandy Cameron - 6. 11. St Laurence O'Toole MSR : Balmoral Highlanders/ Maggie Cameron/ MacAllister’s Dirk
12. Medley : June Rollo’s Ronnie/ Mrs Margaret MacKenzie /Glenclune / Stranded in Scotland / Ballintore Fancy / Lismurane Lamps / Banks of the Lee / O’Farrell’s/ Dirty Lough
13. Boghall & Bathgate Caledonia MSR: Lord Alexander Kennedy/ Susan MacLeod / John Morrison of Assynt House
14. Medley : The Italian Weegie/ Kirsty McCallman’s Favourite / P/M Sandy Gordon / Centennial/Lochaber to Argyll/ An Air for Elliot / Johnny’s Jig/ The Gold Ring

Price: € 19.00

The Finlay MacDonald Band
Re-Echo CDTRAX 299
The Finlay MacDonald Band brings together the tightest of jazz and funk grooves with blistering traditional and contemporary bagpipe tunes. They are forging a reputation as one of the hottest contemporary live acts.

Finlay MacDonald (pipes, flute, whistles) with Chris Stout (fiddle), Kevin MacKenzie (guitar), Fergus MacKenzie (drums) and John Speirs (bass).

Finlay MacDonald began learning the Highland Bagpipe at the age of ten. He was taught first by his father, Pipe Major Iain MacDonald (of Neilston and District Pipe Band), and latterly Duncan Johnstone and Pipe Major Angus MacDonald. He was one of the first ten students on the BA Scottish Music Course at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama. In his final year at the RSAMD Finlay specialised in composition and performance, graduating in 1999.

1. The Old Man Dancing / Back To Bergamo / Armstrongs
2. Time To Dance / Paydusko Horo
3. Funky Monkey / Golden Drones / Coradavon Lodge / Flood In The Home
4. Abdouls
5. Breton Set
6. Hungarian Set
7. Christchurch Cathedral
8. Duncan The Gauger / Elav The Terrible

Price: € 18.50

The Red Hot Chilli Pipers
Red Hot Chilli Pipers RHCPCD 01
Red Hot Chilli Pipers
Red-hot piping indeed from the piping 'boy band', winners of BBC TV's When Will I Be Famous? With three top-rate bagpipers and two percussionists the sparks really fly.

Bagpipes with attitude. Drums with a Scottish accent. And a show so hot it carries its own health warning. The Red Hot Chilli Pipers have been rocking the world from Athens to Beijing with musicianship of the highest order and a passion for pipes that will leave you breathless.

For this album they are joined by various backing musicians, adding to the variety on the most popular piping album of the year.

The Red Hot Chilli Pipers are Stuart Cassells (pipes), Willie Armstrong (pipes), Kevin MacDonald (pipes), Malcolm McEwan (marching drums, Handsonic), Steven Graham (side drums), Steven Black (kit drums), Gregor James (guitars, bass) and Chris Russell (piano, keyboards).

1. The Crooked Bridge
2. Jack and Barney’s Chopsticks: (La Boum; Jack Daniels Reel; Barney’s Balmoral; Electric Chopsticks)
3. Tag Team Jigs: (Out of the Air; Gingerhops; Atlantic Bridge; Glasgow City)
4. Highland Cathedral
5. The Chilli Drummers Fanfare
6. Rees on the Reelpipes: (The Banshee; The Rannee Ceilidh; Lexy MacAskill; McFaddens; Break your Bass Drone)
7. Stuart Cassells (solo): The Terror Time; Fleshmarket Close; The Antrim Rose; The Wisemaid)
8. Snare Drum and Tam Bain’s Lum: (Train Journey North; Tam Bain’s Lum)
9. Lochanside
10. The Famous Baravan: (Rory MacLeod; Molly’s Jig; The Famous Baravan)

Price: € 19.50

1st Battalion Queen's Own Highlanders
The Piper's Day LCOM 5238
The Piper's Day
Piping in the historical perspective of a Scottish Army Regiment. Very stirring stuff.

1. Long Reveille
2. Daily Routine
3. Company Marches
4. Officers Mess And Sergeants Mess Calls
5. The Cabar Feidh Set
6. The Cameron Set
7. The Regimental March Past
8. Beating Of The Retreat
9. The End of The Day

Price: € 16.50

1st. Battalion The Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders
Glengarried Men LCOM 5274
Glengarried Men
Continues our series on the Great Scottish Regiments. 30 Pieces from Reveille to Lights Out. The AS&H use more Bugles than other regiments which adds to this 'historic' collection. Pipe Major: Gordon MacDonald Rowan Drum Major: William Jordan.

1. The Panda
2. 9 O'clock Walk
3. Green Hills
4. Battles Over Lochanside
5. Plymouth Argyll
6. Row Me Home To Islay
7. The Corps
8. H M The Queen's Jig
9. Itchy Fingers
10. Drummers Call
11. First Fifty
12. Maggie Cameron
13. Dimitris Suspicion
14. My Brown Haired Maiden
15. Tripping Up The Stairs
16. Atlantic Bridge
17. Donald MacLean of Lewis
18. Farewell To The Creeks
19. Dr Ross' Welcome To 50th Argyllshire Gathering
20. Uphold The Right
21. Electric Chopsticks
22. Farewell To Camraw
23. Alisdair Moffat
24. Calypso Piper
25. Arthur Bignold of Loch Rosque
26. Maggie Cameron, Sound of Sleet
27. Barren Rocks of Aden
28. My Brown Haired Maiden
29. Mhairi's Wedding
30. P/M James Motherwell BEM
31. Scotland The Brave
32. 51st Highland Division
33. Rowan Tree
34. Wings
35. Monymusk
36. Highland Laddie
37. The Campbells Are Coming

Price: € 16.50

1st. Battalion The Black Watch
Proud Heritage LCOM 5221
Proud Heritage
The Royal Highland Regiment.

1. Reveille
2. Company Marches
3. Headquarter Company Marches
4. Working Day Calls
5. Daily Parade Calls
6. Battalion Parade Tunes
7. Crimean Long Reveille
8. Retreat Marches
9. Officers Mess Blues Night
10. Officers Mess Guest Night
11. March off Parade
12. Lights Out

Price: € 15.00

1st. Battallion The Highlanders
Spirit Of The Highlands LCOM 5266
Spirit Of The Highlands
Besides the regimental tunes the album features 'Sands of Kuwait' and 'Highland Cathedral' - two of the most requested and most sought after pipes tunes of the moment.

Regimental Marches:
1. Pibroch o' Donuil Dhu
2. The Wee Highland Laddie
3. Cock o' the North
2/4 Marches:
4. The Macallans' March
5. Pipe Major J. McWilliams / Drum Salute / Sands of Kuwait
Company Marches:
6. The Braemar Gathering ('A' Coy)
7. Over the Chindwin ('B' Coy)
8. The Heights of Cassino ('C' Coy)
9. Hazel Thompson
10. A.A. Cameron's Strathspey
11. Jane Campbell
12. Cape Breton Fiddlers
13. Miss Monaghan's Reel
14. Airlie's Big Day
15. Bu Chaomh Leam Bhi Mire
16. The Bank's of the Allan
17. The Price of the Pig Rory Gallacher
2/4 Marches:
18. We Will Take the Good Old Way
19. The 79th's Farewell to Gibralter
20. King George V Army
Company Marches:
21. Farewell to the Creeks ('SP' Coy) The Highland Brigade at Tel-El-Kebir ('H.Q.' Coy) / Highland Cathedral / March
Strathspey and Reel:
22. The Clan MacColl
23. Cabar Feidh
24. The Brown Haired Maid
9/8 Marches:
25. Willie MacRae of Ullapool
26. Captain H.B.H.E. Monro
6/8 Marches:
27. H.M.S. Sutherland
28. Murdo MacKenzie of Bulghasary
Reels, Slow Air and Jigs:
29. Sandy Kilgour Strury Lodge
30. he Owl
31. Leaving Ireland
32. The Whistling Postman
33. The Panda
34. Michael MacDonald's
4/4 March:
35.Cabar Feidh

Price: € 17.00

3rd Bn. The Black Watch and Band of 51 Highland Br
Salute to our Colonel-in-Chief CDMON 835
Salute to our Colonel-in-Chief
With The Band of 51 Highland Brigade - a salute to Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother.

1. The 42nd March (Wha Saw the 42nd)
2. Farewell to 3rd Black Watch (1999)
3. Amazing Grace
4. Forfar Bridie
5. Atholl Highlanders
6. Bonnie Dundee Bonnie Black Isle
7. Salute to our Colonel in Chief
8. Piper Alpha - 9. Try to Remember
10. The 79th Farewell to Gibraltar
11. Donald MacLean's
12. Farewell to Oban
13. The Jewel ot One Hundred Years
14. The Morning Light. (Solus na Madrinn)
15. The Rose of Kelvingrove
16. Highland Cathedral
17. Torry Loon
18. Scotland the Brave
19. Black Bear
20. Highland Laddie

Price: € 18.00

Caledonian Heritage
Amazing Grace CDITV 515
Amazing Grace

1) Amazing Grace
2) Scotland The Brave - Rowan Tree
3) Flower of Scotland
4) Green Hills of Tyrol - The Battles O'er
5) Highland Cradle Song
6) Morag of Denvegan - Mingulay Boat Song
7) Auld Lang Syne - No Awa Tae Bide Awa
8) Skye Boat Song
9) Barren Rocks of Aden - Scotch On The Rocks - The Black Bear
10) The Meeting of the Waters
11) My Love She's But A Lassie Yet - Greenwoodside - Highland Laddie
12) Colonel Robertson
13) Dovecote Park - Glendaruel Highlanders
14) Flowers of The Forest

Price: € 13.00

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