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Saor Patrol

Saor Patrol
Two Headed Dog - Duncarron Electric EUCD 2395
Two Headed Dog - Duncarron Electric
Scottish pipes & drums untamed - with the addition of powerful electric guitar and bass arrangements. This is the hard rock version of Saor Patrol’s album “Duncarron” (not all songs are the same)! Information about the group and the music and about the Clanranald Trust and Duncarron in English and German.

1. Three Wee Jigs
2. Men o’ Galloway
3. O’Rourke
4. Toomtabard
5. Duncarron
6. Chamalihitchin
7. Laird o’ Glencairn
8. Badholly
9. The Irish
10. Crammin’ at the Brig

Price: € 18.00

Saor Patrol
XV 15 Year Anniversary Edition EUCVD 2597
XV 15 Year Anniversary Edition
An album to commemorate 15 years of the Scottish folk and rock band Saor Patrol.

From Central Scotland and Fife, the ancient Celtic Kingdom of Scotland, Saor Patrol and their unique sound of Scotland in the 21st century, brings together the sounds of the past into the present and launches the listener into an ‘Exciting Tribal Experience’.

Saor Patrol travel extensively in Europe and have a hugh fan base who admire heir life long commitment to the numerous charities they support, (Duncarron, The Clanranald Trust, Combat International).

1. Dalriada
2. Duncarron
3. T.F.T
4. Mood Moons
5. Pottytime
6. Slowstarter
7. Solveig
8. Lost Song
9. T.O.F.T
10. Toomtabard
11. Weramur

Price: € 14.00

Scott Wood Band
Upsurge SW 001
Upsurge was recorded in February 2015 during a residential 5 days at Castlesound Studios, Scotland. Containing primarily their own Scottish styled compositions, influences of Jazz, Pop, Rock and World can be identified throughout, and a new sound for the bagpipes has been identified. The record was produced alongside Calum MacCrimmon (Breabach and Man’s Ruin), who insisted to record the performances in a live setting, to capture the energy and vibe of the band. Virtuoso Electric Guitarist Davie Dunsmuir lay down a face-melting solo on the track ‘McCready’s’, and a string quartet of Classical/Folk musicians enriched 3 tracks on the album. Scott travelled to Ann Arbor, Michigan to witness the record be mixed by one of his biggest idols and sonic mastermind Tyler Duncan (the olllam, Ella Riot).

1. Spice of Life
2. Park Ridge
3. Craro
4. Sheep Running About
5. Looking Through Portnahaven
6. Interlude (Breath)
7. All the 8's
8. Mr. Sloan
9. McCready's (feat. Davie Dunsmuir)
10. Barber Ave.
11. Brookhall Bride

Price: € 21.00

Seudan CDTRAX 362
The Pipes…the Pipes…and these pipes are special, and the players are a bit of OK too.
These Highland pipes have been 're-made' to exact style of the'Black Set of Kintail'. Just these four sets that you hear here, played by four of today's best young players aided & abetted by some fine production & accompaniment. So good are these guys that Allan MacDonald had to settle for Scottish small pipes and vocals. All pipers BUY NOW.
Angus MacKenzie
Angus Nicolson
Calum MacCrimmon
Fin Moore - all Highland Pipes & B/vocals
Allan MacDonald - Scottish Small Pipes, Vocals & Jaw's Harp

1. Tullochgorm - John Morrison of Assynt House - Alick C.McGregor
2. The Rock & the Wee Pickle Tow - Walking the Floor - All the Blue Bonnets - Hot Punch
3. Thogail nam Bo
4. Horsburgh Castle - Dalnahasaig - Braes of Mar - Glenlyon - Miss Girdle - The Blackberry Bush
5. Quicksteps: Willie Cameron's - Mary Weep No More For Me - Fingal's Weeping
6. Fhir a' Chinn Duibh
7. Tha Mulad
8. Cameronian Rant (Strathspey & Reel) - Caber Feidh
9. Piobaireachd Dhomhnaill Duibh
10. Latha Bha 'n Ridire ag ol
11. Alex Currie's: The Rothiemurchus Rant - Alex Currie's - Lord MacDonald - Cota Mor Ealasaid - Hamish the Carpenter - The Margaret Reel

Price: € 16.00

Shotts & Dykehead Caledonia Pipe Band
The Legendary CDMON 862
The Legendary
This is a truly unique collection of recordings tracing the musical history of the Shotts and Dykehead Pipe Band. It includes private archive recordings from band members official RSPBA Championship recordings and live concert recordings. The Band started in 1910 and still features highly in the championship circuit. Generations of playing and voices can be heard on this recording taking the listener on a musical journey through time with this great band. Each decade performs taking us up to the fully developed modern day pipe band on the concert and competition platforms. This unique Pipe Band Album was collated and arranged by Pipe Major Robert Mathieson and was produced by P/M Malcolm M Mackenzie. Close liaison with Robin Rankin at CaVa Recording Studios has produced this historic CD which will be most sought after world wide. "P/M Malcolm M Mackenzie". Main commentary: Kirsty MacIntyre.Alex Duthart Jim Kilpatrick MBE. Tom MacAllister Jnr.Robert Mathieson.

1. Pipe Major: Tom MacAllister Snr. The Rowan Tree
2. Solo Piper: Tom MacAllister Snr. Slow Air
3. Pipe Major: John K. MacAllister. Farewell My Nut Brown Maiden
4. Pipe Major:Tom MacAllister Jnr. The Hills of Alva
5. Pipe Major: Tom MacAllister Jnr. Glasgow Week in Hamburg 6. Pipe Major:Tom MacAllister Jnr. Cullen Bay
7. Pipe Major:Tom MacAllister Jnr. Carradale Bay
8. Pipe Major: Tom MacAllister Jnr. Morrison Avenue
9/10. Drummers: Alex Duthart/Jim Kilpatrick. The Shotts Fanfare
11. Pipe Major:Tom MacAllister Jnr. Flora Duncan
12. Pipe Major: Robert Mathieson. Calypso Reel
13. Solo Piper. Robert Mathieson. I am Sleeping
14. Pipe Major: Robert Mathieson. Salute to James Henderson 15. Pipe Major:Robert Mathieson. The First Fifty
16. Pipe Major: Robert Mathieson. The First One Hundred/The Curlew/Caber Feidh/The Bells of Dunblane
17. Pipe Major:Robert Mathieson. The House of Edgar/ Susan MacLeod/The Devil Staircase
18. House of Edgar Shotts & Dykehead Pipe Band recorded live at Celtic Connections, The Royal Concert Hall, Glasgow
19. Pipe Major:Robert Mathieson. The Cleveland Tie-break/The Saltire Tartan/Peurt a Beul/The Whirlie Beat/Birlin Sporrans
20. Solo Piper. Pipe Major:Robert Mathieson.Farewell and Remember Me/Irish Hornpipe/Humours of Cork/Partners in Time
21. Pipe Major: Robert Mathieson. The King and the Swan/Laura's Lucky Day/Inspector Campbell of Ness
22. Pipe Solo: Douglas Murray. The Mad Hornpipe/Mojo's Jig 23 Pipe Major:Robert Mathieson. The Silver Thistle/The Wise Maiden/The Whirlie Beat/The Magpie
24. Pipe Major:Robert Mathieson. Gaelic Air/Alasdairs Reel/Alasdairs Big Reel

Price: € 16.50

Simon Fraser University Pipe Band
Affirmation SFU 1
This is the recording made the Wednesday before the band captured its 6th World Pipe Band Championship, and 4th World Drum Corps Championship! Recorded live in Glasgow’s Royal Concert Hall, it features the SFU Pipe Band in stunning form.

1. Beaches of Harris
2. Cosmos Cascade Medley: Cosmos Cascade / The Snuff Wife / The Atholl Highlanders / The Braes of Loch Eil / Munlochy Bridge / The Top of Craigvenow / Mrs. MacLeod of Raasay / The Braes of Loch Eil / Mrs. MacLeod of Raasay
3. Big Reels: Little Cascade / The Sheepwife / Mrs. MacPherson of Inveran / Little Cascade
4. Tir nan Og
5. Cha Till MacCruimen: Cha Till MacCruimen / Paul K’s Strathspey / She Put a Knee on the Old Man / Sandy Cameron / The High Drive
6. Pipe Solo: Balmoral Castle / King George IV’s / Skye Dance / Harris Dance / Harris Dance / The High Road to Linton
7. The Drunken Landlady: New Eden / The Dragon’s Lair / The Drunken Landlady
8. Pasucais de Coaña: Pasucais de Coaña / North American Pipe Band Jig / Inspector Campbell of Ness / Alex MacDonald / Pasucais de Coaña
9. Dusty Miller: Dusty Miller / Traditional Irish Waltz / Diego’s Blackout / Finbarr Saunders / For Ireland I Will Not Tell Her Name
10. Highland Wedding: Highland Wedding / Blair Drummond / John Morrison, Assynt House
11. The Haunting:The Haunting / Drops of Brandy / Lewis Jig / Patrick’s Annabel / Give Us a Drink of Water / Paddy Be Easy / The Foxhunter
12. The Field of Gold
13. Salute to Willie McErlean ‘79
14. Do Mo Chara Maith: Do Mo Chara Maith Emancipation / Calleach An Dudain (The Old Wife of the Mill Dust)
15. Blue Cloud

Price: € 17.00

Simon Fraser University Pipe Band
Live from New York City SFU 012 CD
Live from New York City
Performing live in New York City, on May 4th, 2012, the SFU Pipe Band delivered a 30th anniversary concert that touched on many highlights of the band’s musical history. Live from New York City is their most ambitious concert and reflects the band’s talented membership and diverse musical influences. The band is excited to celebrate thirty years at the forefront of the pipe band world with a new concert and recording. With six World Pipe Band Championship titles and twelve recordings, the band proudly represents Simon Fraser University at home and abroad to help fulfill the University’s mission: Engaging the World.

1. Me and My Practice Chanter (3:29)
2. Donald Cemron's Medley (6:44)
3. Cape Breton Set (5:36)
4. The Sleeping Tune (5:03)
5. New York Wrap (5:06)
6. Last Train (3:54)
7. His Father's Lament (6:57)
8. Tag Team Duet (5:07)
9. Thunderstruck (3:38)
10. Robert's Swing (3:06)
11. Nelson Mandela (6:26)
12. Take Me to Rio (2:50)
13. Reelin' Through the Years (5:34)
14. 400% (4:37)
15. The Haunting (6:25)

Price: € 20.00

Simon Fraser University Pipe Band
On Home Ground - Vol. 2 CDTRAX 293
On Home Ground -  Vol. 2
The second part of a live recording from the previous four-time World Champions, under the direction of Pipe Major Terry Lee. Recorded at The Simon Fraser University Theatre, BC, Canada, and celebrating the Band's 40th Anniversary in 2005.
The solo pipers on the album are Alan Bevin, who continues to win solo piping prizes and turn heads in all venues, and Stuart Liddell, a piper who makes it seem easy, with a fluid style which is admired wherever he plays.

1. THE STREAKER: The Streaker - The Gorge - Off Duty - The Streaker
2. KITCHENMAID: The Kitchenmaid - Jim Bell's Fiasco - Drew James McIntosh - The Snuff Wife - The Kitchenmaid
3. MACNEIL'S FAREWELL: MacNeil's Farewell to Barr
4. ALAN BEVAN: Highland Whiskey - Helen Young - Pigtown - The Merry Sisters of Fate - Les Vielles Botines
5. WORLWIDE HORNPIPES: Pompous Trousers - Farewell to Erin - The Scotsaitre Hornpipe
6. STUART LIDDELL: The Soft Horse Reel - Kitty Magee - The Congress Jig - The Clumsy Lover
7. DUSTY MILLER: The Dusty Miller - Traditional Irish Reel - Diego's Blackout - Finbarr Saunders - Drops of Brandy - Dusty Miller Reprise
8. MURDO MACKENZIE: Murdo MacKenzie of Torridon - Wllenorr - Alexander MacKenzie Clark
9. HOURGLASS SUITE: The Hourglass Suite
10. BONEY MUSIC: Excerpt gtom Jedaya - Tribute to the Tartan Terrors - Erasing the Doubt
11. 420 BYNG STREET: 420 Byng Street
12. CLASSIC HORNPIPES: DuncanJohnstone - John MacKenzie's Fancy
13. EMANCIPATION: Emancipation
14. MASON'S APRON: The Mason's Apron
15. CAPE BRETON FIDDLERS: I Will Go Home To Kintail - Craig-a-Bodich - Stirling Castle - The Brolum - The High Road To Linton - The Cape Breton Fiddlers Welcome to Shetland.

Price: € 17.00

Simon Fraser University Pipe Band
On Home Ground vol 1 CDTRAX 283
On Home Ground vol 1
A live album from the previous four-time World Champions, under the direction of Pipe Major Terry Lee. Recorded at The Simon Fraser University Theatre, BC, Canada, and celebrating the Band's 40th Anniversary.
The album was produced by Murray Blair and is a mix of classic pipe band medleys, strathspey, reel, jig and march sets, plus special concert pieces, including solos and a duet. Guest musicians add fiddle, keyboards, bass guitar, whistles, border pipes, small pipes and bodhran to selected tracks, giving the album another dimension.

1. Set of Hornpipes
2. Pay The Piper
3. Medley
4. Canon
5. The International Connection
6. March Evolution
7. Strathspeys and Reels
8. Solos
9. Duets
10. Keel Row Set
11. Jigs
12. The Music Man and Fiddler's Rally

Price: € 17.00

St Laurence O'Toole Pipe Band
Dawning of the Day (Live Recording) CDMON 863
Dawning of the Day (Live Recording)
This predominantly Irish album from the recent concert by the band, held in the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall. It encompasses Traditional Irish music, well integrated by the pipes and with tasteful drum settings, well suited to the melodies. All in all, this is a musical treat, away from the usual Pipe Band Recordings, and will be a sure winner with Pipe Band followers worldwide.

1. Irish Air/March: Dawning of the Day
2. The Strutting Hornpipe/Quirkey's Broken Glasses
3. Alen Tully & the Trad Lads:The High Drive/Crossing the Minch/The High Drive
4. Woman of the House/The Big Ship/The Driver
5. Joe Cooley's Hornpipe/Joe Cooley's Jig/The Donegal Lass/Eddie's Lamentation/The Strathspey King/Sergeant Murph's/Stranded in Scotland/The Ballintore Fancy/The Lismurrane Lamps
6. The New Crossroads/The Sidewinder
7. Give us Another Song/Kitty Magee Hornpipe/ Kitty Magee Jig/The Dirty Lough
8. Boolavogue/The Ballintore Hornpipe/The Pumpkins Fancy
9. Michael Faughnan's/Sonny Brogans/Hughie Travers
10. Rabs Wedding/Donald MacLean of Lewis/Redford Cottage - 11. Teddy O'Neill/Queen of the Rushes/Tureengarbh Glen/As I went out upon the Ice/Sweeny's/The Little Bag/The Hills of Kesh/The Boys of Malin/The Ass in the Graveyard
12. Stirlingshire Militia/Atholl Cummers/Mrs MacPherson of Inveran
13. Alen Tully & the Trad Lads: Eurelsa Vale/Jimmy Ward's/Humours of Ballyloughlin
14. Down by the Seaside/Patsy Geary's Hornpipe/Patsy Geary's Jig/Give us a Minute
15. The Girl from Dungannon/The Tar Road to Sligo/Alen's Lucky Stone/Hard Times/Mrs Margaret MacKenzie/Glenclune/Happy Days at Easter/Peata Beag a Mhathair/The Primrose Lass
16. Galician Set: Danza de San Rogue de Hio/Shaun Davey's Jig
17. The Auld Triangle
18. Ballintore Hornpipe/The Pumpkins Fancy

Price: € 18.00

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