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St Laurence O'Toole Pipe Band
Evolution CDMON 882
The World and European Pipe Band Champions 2010, recorded live on the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall stage.

Showcases the Irish pipe band's versatility and skill.

Founded in Dublin in 1910, the band has risen up the world rankings to the very top.

1. Jigs: Molly Quinlan's / The Battering Ram / Montague's
2. MSR: Lord Alexander Kennedy / Islay Ball / Mrs MacPherson Of Inveran
3. Midnight On The Water
4. Quartet Piping (Suite): William Dodds Of Loughries
5. The March Of The King Of Laois
6. Medley: The Beaker / Dr Flora MacAulay, Carradale / The Hen's March / Sad The Parting / Mrs Margaret MacKenzie / Glenclune / Donald MacLean / The Yellow Tinker / The Grey Bob
7. Jigs: Strath Brora / The Jig Of Slurs / The Judge's Dilemma
8. Air and Jigs: The Irish Sea / The Scenic Route / Going To The Well For Water
9. Hornpipes: DS Frank Saunders / Duncan and Jan Smith
10. Medley: The Big Yin / Kenny Gillies of Portnalong, Skye / Jimmy Ward's / Buntata 's Sgadan / Sabhal Mor Ostaig / The Ferryman / The Blonde-Haired Maid / The Ferryman
11. Breton Set: La Quenouille / Kas A Barh
12. Pipedown - Jigs: The Old Hag At The Kiln / The Birnam Triangle / The 1st Hype Cowboy Division
13. Drum Salute: Booyackey
14. March and Waltz: Lochanside / Condon's Frolics / Drops Of Brandy
15. International Set: The Carnival Of Venice / Is The Big Man Within / Galician Dance
16. Finale: The Dust Gatherer

Price: € 16.00

Stonehaven Pipe Band
Scotland the Brave EUCD 2044
Scotland the Brave
The Grade 1 Stonehaven Pipe Band began on its road to success by joining the Royal Scottish Pipe Band Association and entering into the world of competition. Since that time it has progressed steadily up through the ranks and has established itself as one of Scotlandís premier pipe bands. As the band has grown and developed, it has cultivated its own distinctive musical style. You will hear, as you listen to this recording, music which covers the complete Celtic folk tradition.

1. 6/8 Marches - The Glendaruel Highlanders (A Fettes) The 10th Battalion H.L.I. Crossing the Rhine (D.S. Ramsay) Cock of the North (Trad.)
2. March, Strathspey & Reel - The Clan Macrae Society (W. Ferguson, arr. Bayne) The Ewe Wií the Crooked Horn (Trad.) Loch Carron (D.C. Mather, arr. Bayne)
3. Slow Air & Jigs - Breton Air (Unknown, arr. Elrick/Rendall) Pour Ignacio (Unknown, arr. Bayne)
4. Strathspey & Reels - Susan MacLeod (D. MacLeod, arr. Bayne) The Islay Ball (A. MacNeill, arr. Bayne/Elrick) The Smiths of Chilliehassie (Trad., arr. Bayne/Elrick) John Morrison of Assynt House (P.R. MacLeod, arr. Bayne)
5. Medley - The Three Wheeled Rabbit (G. West) The Price of a Pig (Trad.) Kenny MacDonaldís Jig (Trad.) The Panda (G. Duncan, arr. Bayne) She Walked Through the Fair (Trad., arr. Elrick/Bayne) A.A. Cameronís Strathspey (Trad.) Helen Young (J. Wark, arr. Bayne) Madame Bonaparte (Trad.)
6. 4/4 Marches - The Battle of Waterloo (Trad.) Killiecrankie (Trad.) Scotland the Brave (Trad.) The Rowan Tree (Trad.)
7. Slow Air & Jigs - The Water is Wide (Trad., arr. Bayne) Galician Jig (Unknown) Asturian Jig (Unknown)
8. 2/4 Marches - The Stirlingshire Militia (H. Mackay) Hugh Kennedy M.A. B.Sc. (P.R. MacLeod, arr. Bayne) P/M Willie Maclean (P.R. MacLeod)
9. Pipe Solo - B. Elrick - Jig of Slurs (G.S. MacLennan) Donald Maclean (D. MacLeod) Donella Beaton (G. Johnstone)
10. Hornpipes - The Queen of the Rushes (T. Tully, arr. Bayne) The Muckle Dram (Unknown, arr. Bayne)
11. Medley - Spogan (D. Morrison) Jane Campbell (M. Grey) Braes of Mar (Trad.) Hamiltonís Nutsack (T. Tully, arr. Bayne) Suo Gan (Trad., arr. Worral) The Humours of Cork (Trad.) Kellyís Jig (J. Dickson, arr. Bayne) The Pie-Eyed Piper (E. Brinklow)
12. Trio - B. Elrick, D. Robertson, G. Fullerton - Dark Rum & Crabbies ( J. Rendall ) The Hungarian Fiddler and the Country Girl (Waltz, Trad.) The Hungarian Fiddler and the Country Girl (Reel, Trad.) Na Goisidich (A. MacDonald)
13. Air - The Mingulay Boat Song (Trad.)

Price: € 13.00

The Beeston Pipe Band
Amazing Grace EUCD 2189
Amazing Grace
The "Beeston & District Pipe Band Society" was formed in August 1965 by past members of the 17th Nottingham (Beeston) Company Boys Brigade Pipe Band. Membership of the Scottish Pipe Band Association was granted in 1966. The band wears the ancient MacDonald tartan. Today, after many competitions and engagements they have achieved Grade II. The Beeston Pipe Band continues to compete throughout England and Scotland, and also fulfils engagements at home and overseas.

1. Amazing Grace
2. Dream Valley of Glendaruel/Loch Maree/Far over Struy
3. Piper Edward John Morris/Gordon Highlanders/Angus MacKinnon/British Le
4. Lord Lovat's Lament/The Battle of Waterloo/Dr. Cam Stewart
5. Highland Harry/The Caledonian Society of London/Marion and Donald/The M
6. Blackbird/Willie's Brogues/Murdoch MacAllister/Thunderhead/Duncan the G
7. Lord Alexander Kennedy/Maggie Cameron/The York Reel
8. Heroes of Wickenby/Going to Pitlochry/Prince's Street Gardens/Entry int
9. Drum Salute/Lord Byron/Banks of Allan Water/Heroes of Vittoria
10. Raigmore/Calum Iain/Whistling Postman/Shoreline of Lewis/Sporting Jamie
11. My Home/P/M Willie Ross' Farewell/72nds Farewell to Aberdeen/Piper's Ca
12. Haughs of Cromdale/Aspen Bank/Stumpie/Piper of Drummond/Jack Wilson's B
13. Westering Home/Train Journey North/Coppermill
14. Two Pints of Heavy/Bonnie House of Airlie/The Last Fish Supper/The Sold
15. Scotland the Brave/Carnwath Mill

Price: € 13.00

The Black Watch
The Dark Island CDITV 716
The Dark Island
The latest release by this famous Regiment who continue to serve in the British Army.

1. The Dark Island
2. Company Marches - Atholl Highlanders, Scotland The Brave etc
3. Highland Troop - My Home, Skye Boat Song etc
4. Rose Of Kelvingrove
5. Amazing Grace
6. Company Set
7. Glamis Castle
8. Glencoe
9. 51st Highlanders Division, Battle Of Waterloo etc
10. Loch Maree
11. Regimental Marches - Black Bear, Heilan' Laddie
12. Slow Air/Jigs.

Price: € 13.00

The Cape Town Highlanders
Scotland The Brave CDIT V740
Scotland The Brave
And the spread of the pipes & drums continues along their merry way - this time coming back on CD from South Africa.
This will be great for people who like to hear the whole tune rather than a 'bit' in a medley, and almost all of the tunes here are pipeband 'standards' so there is a lot of foot-tapping to do from start to finish.
And, hey, they first formed in 1885.
The Drums & Pipes, The Cape Town Highlanders
Pipe Major: Charles Canning
Drum Sergeant: Yaghya Sampson

1. Scotland the Brave
2. The Skye Boat Song
3. The Black Bear
4. African Medley
5. Bonnie Dundee
6. Highland Cathedral
7. Heilan Laddie
8. Flower of Scotland
9. Reels
10. Cock O' The North
11. Amazing Grace
12. Glendaruel Highlanders
13. Highland Cradle Song
14. Scots Wha Hae
15. Flowers of the Forest
16. The Road To The Isles
17. The Green Hills of Tyrol
18. Jig Set
19. The Rowan Tree
20. The Mist Covered Mountains of Home
21. Barren Rocks of Aden
22. Mairie's Wedding
23. Can You Feel The Love Tonight
24. The Atholl Highlanders
25. The Old Rustic Bridge By The Mill
26. A Hundred Pipers
27. The Bonnie Lass O' Fyvie
28. Cullen Bay
29. No Awa Tae Bide Awa
30. Auld Lang Syne

Price: € 12.00

The Finlay MacDonald Band
Re-Echo CDTRAX 299
The Finlay MacDonald Band brings together the tightest of jazz and funk grooves with blistering traditional and contemporary bagpipe tunes. They are forging a reputation as one of the hottest contemporary live acts.

Finlay MacDonald (pipes, flute, whistles) with Chris Stout (fiddle), Kevin MacKenzie (guitar), Fergus MacKenzie (drums) and John Speirs (bass).

Finlay MacDonald began learning the Highland Bagpipe at the age of ten. He was taught first by his father, Pipe Major Iain MacDonald (of Neilston and District Pipe Band), and latterly Duncan Johnstone and Pipe Major Angus MacDonald. He was one of the first ten students on the BA Scottish Music Course at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama. In his final year at the RSAMD Finlay specialised in composition and performance, graduating in 1999.

1. The Old Man Dancing / Back To Bergamo / Armstrongs
2. Time To Dance / Paydusko Horo
3. Funky Monkey / Golden Drones / Coradavon Lodge / Flood In The Home
4. Abdouls
5. Breton Set
6. Hungarian Set
7. Christchurch Cathedral
8. Duncan The Gauger / Elav The Terrible

Price: € 18.50

The Grampian Police Pipe Band
The Pipes and Drums of Scotland EUCD 1956
The Pipes and Drums of Scotland
The Band is a firm favourite of the people of the north east of Scotland and plays at many Highland Games, community events, police open days and like events throughout the year. Its fame spread beyond the region as a result of performances such as those given at the Commonwealth Games in Edinburgh and visits abroad in Germany, France, Sweden, Switzerland and Canada. There are presently 29 playing members in the Band, comprising both Police Officers and civilians.

1. Raigmore (Hornpipe) / Mac An Irish (Strathspey) / The Braes of Mar (Strathspey) / The Hen and the Turkey (Hornpipe) - 3:17
2. Rab's Wedding (6/8 March) - Angus Mac Kinnon (6/8 March) - 2:52
3. The Mist Covered Mountains (Slow Air) - 1:33
4. The Old Rustic Bridge / The Rowan Tree / Bonnie Galloway (4/4 Marches) - 2:14
5. Brigadier General Ronald Cheape of Tiroran (March) / Dornie Ferry (Strathspey) / Captain Lachlan MacPhail of Tiree (Reel) - 3:29
6. Archie McInley (9/8 Retreat March) / Heather Grant of Strathyre (9/8 Retreat March) - 2:11
7. Highland Laddie (2/4 March) / The Brown Haired Maiden (2/4 March) / The Barren Rocks of Aden (2/4 March) - 2:13
8. The Piper's Waltz (Slow Air) - The Gold Ring (Jig) / Minnie Hynd (Jig) - 2:16
9. The Dark Island (Slow Air) / Dr. Ross's 50th Welcome to the Argyllshire Gathering (6/8 March) / Farewell to the Creeks (6/8 March) - 4:10
10. The Green Hills of Tyrol (3/4 Retreat March) / When the Battle is Over (3/4 Retreat March) / Lochanside (3/4 Retreat March) - 3:48
11. Helen Black of Inveran (March) / The Campbeltown Kiltie Ball (Strathspey) / Molly Connell (Strathspey) / John Keith Laing (Hornpipe) - 3:25
12. Amazing Grace (Slow Air) - 2:33
13. Wooden Heart (4/4 March) / The Rose of Allendale (4/4 Marches) - 1:38
14. In Memory of the Youngest Shipley (Slow Air)/ The Friar's Britches (Jig) / The Jiggernaut (Jig) - 2:20
15. The Battle of the Somme (9/8 Retreat March) / The Festival March (9/8 retreat March) - 2:13
16. Highland Cathedral (Slow Air) - 2:01
17. The MacNeils of Ugadale (6/8 March) / Leaving Port Askaig (6/8 March) - 2:53
18. The Flower of Scotland (Slow Air) - 1:24
19. Drum Salute - 2:10
20. It's Lonely at Nicht in the Bothy (Slow Air) / Scotland the Brave (4/4 March) / I Love a Lassie (4/4 March) / The Bluebells of Scotland (4/4 March) / Nae Awa' Tae Bide Awa (4/4 March) - 4:04

Price: € 13.00

The Police Pipe Bands Of Scotland
The Police Pipe Bands Of Scotland EUCD 2448
The Police Pipe Bands Of Scotland
This CD presents the Dumfries and Galloway Constabulary Pipe Band, Grampian Police Pipe Band, Lothian and Borders Police Pipe Band, Strathclyde Police Pipe Band (World Champions!) and the Tayside Police Pipe Band in a first ever recording of all Scottish Police Pipe Bands together Ė a unique and lively album of true quality. The booklet gives the histories of the bands in four languages including colour photos and the tartans of the bands.

1. Strathclyde Police Pipe Band: Bessie Weatherston (J. Weatherston) / Crusaders March (trad.) / 79th Highlanders (trad.) / The Garb of Old Gaul (trad.)
2. Dumfries & Galloway Constabulary Pipe Band: Pipe Major Willie Grey's Farewell to the Glasgow Police Pipe Band (Peter MacLeod) / Arniston Castle (trad.) / Dr. McPhails Reel (Andrew Bain)
3. Grampian Police Pipe Band: Pipe Major Sam Scott (P/M P. R. McLeod) / Pipe Sergeant John Barclay (I. Duncan)
4. Lothian and Borders Police Pipe Band: The Gaelic College St. Ann's (R. S. MacDonald) / The Busy Buddy (J. R. William) /Dr. MacInnes's Fancy (Donald MacLeod)
5. Tayside Police Pipe Band: Mrs. John MacColl (John MacColl) / Bogan Lochan (trad.) / The Sheepwife (trad.)
6. Dumfries & Galloway Constabulary Pipe Band: Duncan Johnstone (Donald MacLeod) / Ian's Wedding (R. Mathieson) / Jack's Jig (T. Tully) / Ellan Vannin (trad.) / The Smith's a Gallant Fireman (trad.) / J. F. Mackenzie of Garrynahine (W. J. Ross) / Bessie McIntyre (trad.) / Kelsey's Wee Reel (Iain Symington)
7. Grampian Police Pipe Band: The Three Piece Suite (Andy Cartney) / Subtitles 888 (Andy Cartney) / Mochies Beard (Andy Cartney)
8. Lothian and Borders Police Pipe Band: The Festival March (Ronnie Ackroyd) / Dugald Gillespie (Angus Lawrie) / Lucy's Song (unknown)
9. Strathclyde Police Pipe Band: Lynn's Trip to Belfast (J. Dickson) / The Wee Howff (J. Winter) / Glen Mallon (P/M D. MacLeod)
10. Tayside Police Pipe Band: Skimpy Knickers (Gordon Morris) / Duckin' and Divin' (J. Morrice) / Maxwells Bonnet (I. MacCrimmon)
11. Grampian Police Pipe Band: The Grampian Police Silver Jubilee March (Andy Cartney) / The Rainmaker (Andy Cartney)
12. Strathclyde Police Pipe Band: Highland Cathedral (Roever- Korb)
13. Tayside Police Pipe Band: Baluniefield (John Dickson) / Jessie Ellis (John Dickson)
14. Dumfries & Galloway Constabulary Pipe Band: Lord Alexander Kennedy (J. Honeyman) / Susan MacLeod (Donald MacLeod) / Thomson's Dirk (trad.)
15. Grampian Police Pipe Band: Buzz 'N' Rolls (I. MacCrimmon) / Calum and the Princess (S. McAuley) / Dalmore (Elaine Brinklow) / J. F. Mackenzie of Garrynahine (W. J. Ross) / Sabhal Mor Ostaig (A. MacDonald) / The Low Lifers (M. Robertson) / Sloppy Joe (Elaine Brinklow)
16. Lothian and Borders Police Pipe Band: Canna Na Gael (trad.) / Coppermill Studio (Bruce Gandy) / Mr. 4.30 (unknown) / Clancey Meets the Devil (unknown) / Jethro's Enigma (Alan Savale) / The Bottler (Michael Grey)
17. Strathclyde Police Pipe Band: Harry McAleer' s Lament (G. Magee) / Charles Anderson (P/M D. MacLeod) / Dougie's Glenfiddich Weekend (D. Barnes)
18. Tayside Police Pipe Band: Spiral Perm (L. Ellis) / Marektgait (John Dickson) / Pipe Major Sandy Gordon (Bruce Gandy) / W. J. McAuley of Grose Bay (I. MacCrimmon) / Donald Camerons Powderhorn (Donald MacLeod) / Mozart on the Rampage (David Barnes, arr. Lindsay Ellis)
19. Strathclyde Police Pipe Band: The Geach's Mobile Party Unit (G. Magee) / boyne Highland Games (I. Plunkett) / Boston Bay (I. Plunkett) / Deil Tak' the Breeks (trad.) / Don Manson's Reel (I. C. Cameron)
20. Grampian Police Pipe Band: Scotland the Brave (trad.) / I Love a Lassie (trad.) / The Bluebells of Scotland (trad.) / I'm No Awa Tae Bide Awa (trad.)
21. Lothian and Borders Police Pipe Band: New York's Finest (John Fraser)

Price: € 13.00

The Queen's Royal Pipers
Journey of the Scottish Pipes EUCD 2254
Journey of the Scottish Pipes
This journey takes you on a musical meander beyond Scotland and the shores of Britain. The melancholy and haunting sounds of The Wee Spree contrast with the powerful and beautiful music of Ireland; thence to France for a tribute to the fallen of two World Wars, to Italy for a Highland version of Verdi & Combined with traditional Scottish bagpipe tunes these will take you through a glorious hour.

1. Far o'er the Sea / Within a Mile o'Edinburgh Toon / The Meeting of the Waters
2. A Salute to the Royal Fendersmith
3. Mrs. Ian MacLean / Inverary Castle / Alex C. MacGregor
4. Molly Malone/ The Jollly Beggar Man / Paddy M'Ginty's Goat / Cork Hill / Oft in the Stilly Night / St. Patrick's Day / The Wearing of the Green
5. The Flowers of the Forest / The Battle of the Somme
6. Miss Elspeth Campbell / Arniston Castle / Kalabakan
7. Slaves of Nabucco
8. 24th Guards Brigade at Anzio / The Argylls Crossing the River Po
9. The Wee Spree
10. Largo
11. The Dark Island / Miss Kirkwood / Leaving Lismore
12. Lady Lever Park / Struan Robertson / Kirsty MacCallmans Favourite / Bessie McIntyre / Loch Maree / Wee Pat
13. Our Ain Fireside
14. Alien Pipes
15. Highland Laddie / Teribus

Price: € 13.00

The Red Hot Chili Pipers
Breathe RECD 593
An exciting, energetic release from probably the most famous bagpipe group in the world, which will leave you breathless!

World renowned band Red Hot Chilli Pipers are back with 14 powerful tracks that rock...bagpipes with attitude, big blasting brass, rock guitars and drums with a Scottish accent!

Their unique take on rock music and traditional Scottish and Irish classics will not disappoint.

1. Silver Spear
2. Donít Stop Believing
3. Sleeping Tune
4. Gimme all your lovin
5. Down to the Loch
6. Car/Smooth Criminal
7. Hold the Line
8. Use Somebody
9. Insomnia
10. Croftinloan Times
11. Sweet Dreams
12. Fix You
13. Young Blood
14. Love will keep us alive

Price: € 16.00

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