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Simon Fraser University Pipe Band
On Home Ground - Vol. 2 CDTRAX 293
On Home Ground -  Vol. 2
The second part of a live recording from the previous four-time World Champions, under the direction of Pipe Major Terry Lee. Recorded at The Simon Fraser University Theatre, BC, Canada, and celebrating the Band's 40th Anniversary in 2005.
The solo pipers on the album are Alan Bevin, who continues to win solo piping prizes and turn heads in all venues, and Stuart Liddell, a piper who makes it seem easy, with a fluid style which is admired wherever he plays.

1. THE STREAKER: The Streaker - The Gorge - Off Duty - The Streaker
2. KITCHENMAID: The Kitchenmaid - Jim Bell's Fiasco - Drew James McIntosh - The Snuff Wife - The Kitchenmaid
3. MACNEIL'S FAREWELL: MacNeil's Farewell to Barr
4. ALAN BEVAN: Highland Whiskey - Helen Young - Pigtown - The Merry Sisters of Fate - Les Vielles Botines
5. WORLWIDE HORNPIPES: Pompous Trousers - Farewell to Erin - The Scotsaitre Hornpipe
6. STUART LIDDELL: The Soft Horse Reel - Kitty Magee - The Congress Jig - The Clumsy Lover
7. DUSTY MILLER: The Dusty Miller - Traditional Irish Reel - Diego's Blackout - Finbarr Saunders - Drops of Brandy - Dusty Miller Reprise
8. MURDO MACKENZIE: Murdo MacKenzie of Torridon - Wllenorr - Alexander MacKenzie Clark
9. HOURGLASS SUITE: The Hourglass Suite
10. BONEY MUSIC: Excerpt gtom Jedaya - Tribute to the Tartan Terrors - Erasing the Doubt
11. 420 BYNG STREET: 420 Byng Street
12. CLASSIC HORNPIPES: DuncanJohnstone - John MacKenzie's Fancy
13. EMANCIPATION: Emancipation
14. MASON'S APRON: The Mason's Apron
15. CAPE BRETON FIDDLERS: I Will Go Home To Kintail - Craig-a-Bodich - Stirling Castle - The Brolum - The High Road To Linton - The Cape Breton Fiddlers Welcome to Shetland.

Price: € 17.00

The World Pipe Band Championships 2006 - Volume 1 CDMON 869
The World Pipe Band Championships 2006 - Volume 1
Live recordings on CD from the pinnacle of international pipe band competition. The world's biggest bagpipe event, bringing together pipers, drummers and dancers from around the world.
Featuring both MSR and Medley performances from the bands in the top seven placings at the Grade 1 event at the World Pipe Band Championships 2006.

1. Field Marshal Montgomery (P/M R Parkes) - MSR: Highland Wedding / Blair Drummond / Pretty Marion
2. Medley: Trevor Buckley / Seonaidh’s Tune / John MacDougall Gillies / Tar The House / The Top Tier / The Bollywood Lounge / The Unknown Air / The Fiddler’s Rally.
3. Simon Fraser University ( P/M T Lee) - MSR: Lord Alexander Kennedy / The Caledonian Society of London / MacAlister’s Dirk
4. Medley : Duncan Johnstone John Murchison / Balmoral Castle / The Four Courts / The Humours of Tulla / For Ireland I Will Not Tell Her Name / Emancipation / Finbar Saunders / For Ireland I Will Not Tell Her Name (Reprise).
5. The House of Edgar Shotts and Dykehead (P/M R Mathieson) - MSR: Highland Wedding / Atholl Cummers / Mrs MacPherson of Inveran
6. Medley: The Reunion / Upside Down in Eden Court / McKenna’s Ceilidh / Til Kingdom Come / The Dancing Stag / The Iron Man / Clueless / O’Connor’s Wake up Call / Lost in Time (Suite Reel) / Lost in Time (Waltz) / Lost in Time (Jig).
7. Strathclyde Police (P/M D MacKay) - MSR: Links of Forth / Atholl Cummers / MacAllister's Dirk
8. Medley : P/M Raymond Bradford / Michael MacDonald’s Jig / The Humours of Whiskey / Song for Shona / The Strathspey King / Miss Victoria Ross Strathspey / Miss Victoria Ross Reel / Lady Margaret Stewart / Peurt A’ Beul / The Noose and the Ghillies.
9. Boghall and Bathgate Caledonia (P/M R Walker) - MSR: The Argyllshire Gathering / Bogan Lochan / The Smith of Chilliechassie 10. Medley : The Italian Weedgie / Kirsty McCallman’s Favourite / P/M Sandy Gordon / Centennial / Lochaber to Argyll / An Air for Elliot / Johnny’s Jig / The Gold Ring * The Scottish Lion.
11. 78th Fraser Highlanders (P/M W Livingstone) - MSR: Brigadier General Ronald Cheape of Tiroran / Blair Drummond / Charlie’s Welcome
12. Medley : Mad Dog’s Cabaret / Craig A Bodich / Miss Drummond of Perth, Bridge / Willie Murray’s Reel / Remember Culloden / Boys in the Lough / Upsidedown at Eden Court (Jig) - / Upside down in Eden Court (Hornpipe).
13. St Laurence O'Toole (P/M T Tully) - MSR: The Stirlingshire Militia / The Atholl Cummers / The Smith of Chilliechassie
14. Medley : The Big Yin / Blackley of Hillsdale / John Morrison of Assynt House / The Shepherd’s Daughter / Paddy Taylor’s / The Primrose Lass / Bool A Vogue / Molly Quinlan’s / The Battering Ram / Montagues

Price: € 19.00

The World Pipe Band Championships 2006 - Volume 2 CDMON 870
The World Pipe Band Championships 2006 - Volume 2
Live recordings on CD from the pinnacle of international pipe band competition. The world's biggest bagpipe event, bringing together pipers, drummers and dancers from around the world.
Featuring both MSR and Medley performances from the bands in the top seven placings at the Grade 1 event at the World Pipe Band Championships 2006.

1. Robert Wiseman Dairies Vale of Atholl (P/M A Renwick) - MSR: John McDonald of Glencoe / Dora MacLeod / Mrs MacPherson of Inveran
2. Medley: The New Age / Elizabeth Kelly’s Delight / Jig O’Slurs / Callum Townsley’s Trip to Belfast / The Highland Clearances / Craig A’Bodich / Fiddlers Joy / Fleshmarket Close / The Happy Onion Chopper.
3. Scottish Power (P/M C Armstrong) - MSR: Donald Cameron / Dora MacLeod / John McKechnie
4. Medley: The Three Peaks of South Uist / The Old Wife of the Mill Dust / Drambuie / Susan MacLeod / Annie Grant / The Fair Dairymaid / The Kail and Pudding / Dancing Feet.
5. Ballycoan (P/M A Rea) - MSR: Clan MacRae Society / The Ewe with The Crooked Horn / Mrs McPherson
6. Medley: Pat Coyle’s Hornpipe / Pat Coyle’s Jig / Jig O’Slurs / Rory Gallagher / The New Horizon / Fiddler’s Joy / O’er the Bows to Ballindalloch / Mrs MacLeod of Raasay / The High Drive.
7. Australia Highlanders (P/M D Boyle) - MSR: Clan MacRae Society / Dora McLeod / The Smith of Chilliechassie
8. Medley: / Cobweb Corner / 2nd Wind / The Whiskey Boeys / Rare Air / The Iron Man / Fiona McDonald / Instant Bagpipes / Dancing Feet / Ruff Landing / Dancing Feet.
9. The Clan Gregor Society (P/M D Clunie) - MSR: Lord Alexander Kennedy / Dora MacLeod / John Morrison of Assynt House
10. Medley: At Long Last / The Big Move / Nancy’s Jig / Slow Air / Steve and Diane of Cheltenham / 9 Bar Strathspey Bridge / After Curfew / Pachelbel Canon in D.
11. Alberta Caledonia (P/M J Gattinger) - MSR: Balmoral Highlanders / Dora MacLeod / The Brown Haired Maid
12. Medley: Axeman / Donald Cameron’s Powderhorn / The Cat and the Dog / Stew Piddidy’s Jig / Polyrythmically Challenged / Duncan Lamont / Blackley of Hillsdale / Sleepy Maggie / The Rejected Suitor.
13. Dysart and Dundonald (P/M B Lamond) - MSR: Leaving Lunga / The Shepherds’s Crook / The Sheepwife
14. Medley: The Clarty Veil / The Water is Wide / Rodney Hull Q.C. / Heilan Whisky / The Trip to Pakistan / Jock Elliott’s Favourite / Cutting Bracken / Hairy Molly

Price: € 19.00
Scotland the Brave EUCD 2044
Scotland the Brave
The Grade 1 Stonehaven Pipe Band began on its road to success by joining the Royal Scottish Pipe Band Association and entering into the world of competition. Since that time it has progressed steadily up through the ranks and has established itself as one of Scotland’s premier pipe bands. As the band has grown and developed, it has cultivated its own distinctive musical style. You will hear, as you listen to this recording, music which covers the complete Celtic folk tradition.

1. 6/8 Marches - The Glendaruel Highlanders (A Fettes) The 10th Battalion H.L.I. Crossing the Rhine (D.S. Ramsay) Cock of the North (Trad.)
2. March, Strathspey & Reel - The Clan Macrae Society (W. Ferguson, arr. Bayne) The Ewe Wi’ the Crooked Horn (Trad.) Loch Carron (D.C. Mather, arr. Bayne)
3. Slow Air & Jigs - Breton Air (Unknown, arr. Elrick/Rendall) Pour Ignacio (Unknown, arr. Bayne)
4. Strathspey & Reels - Susan MacLeod (D. MacLeod, arr. Bayne) The Islay Ball (A. MacNeill, arr. Bayne/Elrick) The Smiths of Chilliehassie (Trad., arr. Bayne/Elrick) John Morrison of Assynt House (P.R. MacLeod, arr. Bayne)
5. Medley - The Three Wheeled Rabbit (G. West) The Price of a Pig (Trad.) Kenny MacDonald’s Jig (Trad.) The Panda (G. Duncan, arr. Bayne) She Walked Through the Fair (Trad., arr. Elrick/Bayne) A.A. Cameron’s Strathspey (Trad.) Helen Young (J. Wark, arr. Bayne) Madame Bonaparte (Trad.)
6. 4/4 Marches - The Battle of Waterloo (Trad.) Killiecrankie (Trad.) Scotland the Brave (Trad.) The Rowan Tree (Trad.)
7. Slow Air & Jigs - The Water is Wide (Trad., arr. Bayne) Galician Jig (Unknown) Asturian Jig (Unknown)
8. 2/4 Marches - The Stirlingshire Militia (H. Mackay) Hugh Kennedy M.A. B.Sc. (P.R. MacLeod, arr. Bayne) P/M Willie Maclean (P.R. MacLeod)
9. Pipe Solo - B. Elrick - Jig of Slurs (G.S. MacLennan) Donald Maclean (D. MacLeod) Donella Beaton (G. Johnstone)
10. Hornpipes - The Queen of the Rushes (T. Tully, arr. Bayne) The Muckle Dram (Unknown, arr. Bayne)
11. Medley - Spogan (D. Morrison) Jane Campbell (M. Grey) Braes of Mar (Trad.) Hamilton’s Nutsack (T. Tully, arr. Bayne) Suo Gan (Trad., arr. Worral) The Humours of Cork (Trad.) Kelly’s Jig (J. Dickson, arr. Bayne) The Pie-Eyed Piper (E. Brinklow)
12. Trio - B. Elrick, D. Robertson, G. Fullerton - Dark Rum & Crabbies ( J. Rendall ) The Hungarian Fiddler and the Country Girl (Waltz, Trad.) The Hungarian Fiddler and the Country Girl (Reel, Trad.) Na Goisidich (A. MacDonald)
13. Air - The Mingulay Boat Song (Trad.)

Price: € 13.00

Best Of Scottish Pipe Bands - 4CD EUCD 0410
Best Of Scottish Pipe Bands -  4CD
The Queen's Royal Pipers, Stonehaven Pipe Band, Clan Sutherland Pipe Band and Kinross and District Pipe Band. One CD per band - a collection of popular favourites.

Disk 1
1. Clan Sutherland Pipe Band: Scotland The Brave / The Rowan Tree / Wings / Flett From Flotta
2. Clan Sutherland Pipe Band: Doctor Ross's 50th Welcome To Argylshire Gathering / John Gordon Of Drummuie / Fairview Cottage
3. Clan Sutherland Pipe Band: Pipe Solo By Craig Macintosh / Hugh Kennedy / The Ewe wi' The crooked horn / The Sheepwife
4. Clan Sutherland Pipe Band: June Rollo's Ronnie / The Campbeltown Kiltie Ball / Mac An Irish / A Cup Of Tea
5. Clan Sutherland Pipe Band: Raigmore / Doctor MacInne's Fancy
6. Clan Sutherland Pipe Band: The Gathering / Naill From Glenroe / The Cape Breton Fiddler's Welcome To Shetland
7. Clan Sutherland Pipe Band: Kopenitsa / Scottish Small Pipes In 'c'
8. Clan Sutherland Pipe Band: Pipe Solo By Pete Tait / John Macmillan Of Barra
9. Clan Sutherland Pipe Band: Pipe Solo By Ryan Lessels / Miss Elspeth Campbell
10. Clan Sutherland Pipe Band: The Green Hills Of Tyrol / When The Battles O'Er / The Kilworth Hills
11. Clan Sutherland Pipe Band: William Sloanes Air / Jacks Jig / Tripping Up The Stairs / The Swallows Tail / The Korgi / Jimmy Blue
13. Clan Sutherland Pipe Band: The Highland Wedding / Tulloch Castle / John Mackechnie
14. Clan Sutherland Pipe Band: The Glendaruel Highlanders / Leaving Port Askaig
15. Clan Sutherland Pipe Band: The Cirassin Circle / The Waterhole / The Shoreline Of Lewis
Disk 2
1. The Queen's Royal Pipers: Scotland The Brave / Badge Of Scotland / The Atholl Highlanders / Bonny Galloway
2. The Queen's Royal Pipers: The Corn Riggs / A Man's A Man / My Love She's But A Lassie Yet / There Was A Lad / The Corn Riggs
3. The Queen's Royal Pipers: Loch Lomond / Loch Duich / Loch Rannoch / Road To The Isles / Train Journey North
4. The Queen's Royal Pipers: Macfarlanes Gathering
5. The Queen's Royal Pipers: Pibroch Of Donald Dubh / Cock O' The North / Glendaruel Highlanders / Farewell To The Creeks
6. The Queen's Royal Pipers: The Skye Boat Song
7. The Queen's Royal Pipers: The Bloody Fields Of Flanders / Torosay Castle / Lochan Side
8. The Queen's Royal Pipers: His Fathers Lament For John Ban MacKenzie
9. The Queen's Royal Pipers: The Balmoral Highlanders / The Duke Of Gordons Birthday / Thick Lies The Mist on yonder Hill / Inverinate House / +
10. The Queen's Royal Pipers: The Mist Covered Mountains / Morag Of Dunvegan / My Home / The Highland Cradle Song
11. The Queen's Royal Pipers: Drums Intro / The Bonnie Lass O' Fyvie / The Battle Of Killiekrankie / The Rose Of Allandale / The Rowan Tree
12. The Queen's Royal Pipers: The Flower Of Scotland
Disk 3
1. Kinross & District Pipe Band: Lochanside
2. Kinross & District Pipe Band: Dr. Ross Welcome To The Northern Meeting / Bengillion / Pipe Major Sam Scott
3. Kinross & District Pipe Band: Wee Pat / Dalnahassaig / O'er The Bows To Ballidalloch / Nora O'Neill / Heather Island / Tripping Up The Stair / +
4. Kinross & District Pipe Band: The Mason's Apron / Steal Away / Queen Of The Rushes / Rocking The Baby / Crossing The Minch
5. Kinross & District Pipe Band: Big Oz / Molly Connol / Mrs. Irish / Christie MacLeod / Achmere Loch / War / Jig in the Middle
6. Kinross & District Pipe Band: Dr. Ross Welcome To The Northern Meeting / Bengillion / Pipe Major Sam Scott
7. Kinross & District Pipe Band: Loch Lomond / Stop You'r Tickling Jock / Bonnie Lass o'Fyvie / Roses o'Prince Charlie
8. Kinross & District Pipe Band: Lochiel's Welcome / Steamboat / Rspba's Welcome To Pittodrie / Major Bobby
9. Kinross & District Pipe Band: Glencoe / The Piper's Waltz
10. Kinross & District Pipe Band: We're No Awa Tae Bide Awa
11. Kinross & District Pipe Band: The Kesh Jig / Tam Fraser Jig / Merrily Dance The Quaker's Wife / The Eavesdropper / Going To The Well for Water
12. Kinross & District Pipe Band: Highland Wedding / Dorrator Bridge / Brown Haired Maid
13. Kinross & District Pipe Band: The Barren Rock Of Aden / Brown Haired Maiden / Highland Laddie
14. Kinross & District Pipe Band: Silver Threads Among The Gold / Maggie / MacPherson's Rant / The Lea Rigg / Wha Saw the 42nd
15. Kinross & District Pipe Band: The Green Berets
Disk 4
1. Stonehaven Pipe Band: 6/8 Marches: The Glendaruel Highlanders / The 10th Battalion H.L.I. Crossing The Rhine / Cock Of The North
2. The Clan Macrae Society / The Ewe Wi' The Crooked Horn (trad.) / Loch Carron
3. Breton Air / Pour Ignocio
4. Susan Mc Leod / The Islay Ball / The Smiths Of Chilliehassie / John Morrison of Assynt House
5. Stonehaven Pipe Band: Medley: Rabbit / Price / Kenny / Panda / walked through / Strathspey / H.Young / Mme Bonaparte
6. Stonehaven Pipe Band: 4/4 Marches: Battle Of Waterloo / Killiecrankie / Scotland the brave / Rowan treee
7. Water Is Wide / Galician gig / Asturian gig
8. Stonehaven Pipe Band: 2/4 Marches, Stirlingshire Militia / Hugh Kennedy / P.M. Willie Maclean
9. Jig Of Slurs / D.McLean / Donella Beaton
10. The Queen Of The Rushes / Muckle Dram
11. Stonehaven Pipe Band: Medley: Spogan / Jane / Braes / Hamiltons / Suo Gan / Humours / Kellys / Pie-Eyed
13. Dark Rum & Crabbies / The Hungarian Fiddler and The Country Girl
14. The Mingulay Boat Song

Price: € 26.00

Scotland The Brave IVRCD 728
Scotland The Brave
Combination of military pipe bands and solo pipes features Jim Motherwell, the Queen's Fifth Piper.

1. Medley: Scotland The Brave/51st Highland Division/The Rowan Tree/Wings - Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders
2. Medley: The Roses Of Prince Charlie/ Killiecrankie/The Rowan Tree/The Rose Of Allandale - The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards
3. Highland Cradle Song - Caledonian Heritage Pipes & Drums
4. Medley: Highland Wedding/Susan MacLeod/Kate Robertson - Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders
5. Medley: Plymouth Argyll/Desert Storm/Trisha's Jig/Colonel In Chief's Jig/Banjo Breakdown - Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders
6. Medley: The Cliffs Of Doneen/Queen Of The Rushes/Paddy's Leather Breeches/A DRam Before You Go/Rocking The Baby - The Royal Irish Regiment
7. Medley: My Love She's But A Lassie Yet/Greenwoodside/Highland Laddie - Caledonian Heritage Pipes & Drums
8. Amazing Grace - Black Watch
9. Medley: The Green Hills Of Tyrol (A Scottish Soldier)/The Battles O'er/Lochanside - Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders
10. Medley: Mrs. Susie Graham's Skinny Pipe Major/9 O'Clock Walk/The Clumsy Lover - Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders
11. Medley: The Gold Ring/Sandy's New Chanter/Scarce Of Tatties/The Curlew - The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards
12. Medley: Morag Of Dunvegan/Mingulay Boat Song - Caledonian Heritage Pipes & Drums
13. Glencoe - Black Watch
14. Medley: The Mist Covered Mountains/Molly Connell/The Shetland Reel/Glasgow City Police Pipers/Itchy Fingers - royal Highland Fusiliers
15. Medley: The Denny & Dunipace Pipe Band/Major Bobby/The Muckin' O' Geordie's Byre/The Glendaruel Highlanders/Bonnie Dundee - Denny & Dunipace Pipes & Drums
16. The Meeting Of The Waters - Caledonian Heritage Pipes & Drums
17. The Black Bear - The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards
18. Flowers Of The Forest - Caledonian Heritage Pipes & Drums.

Price: € 13.00

The Scottish Gas Caledonian Pipe Band
Out Of The Blue CDTRAX 064
Out Of The Blue
Scottish pipe band and ceilidh music - traditional and recently composed Scottish and Irish tunes.

1. Ceol Mor / 2/4 Marches
2. March, Strathspey and Reel
3. Irish Hornpipe Rhythms
4. Pipe Band Medley
5. The Irish Set
6. March, Strathspey and Reel
7. Reels - The Ceilidh Band
8. Air - Pipes and Backing
9. Pipe Band Medley
10. Hornpipes and Reels
11. Jigs - The Ceilidh Band
12. Reels - Pipes and Backing

Price: € 18.50

Boghall and Bathgate Caledonia Pipe Band
In Concert Live from The Glasgow Royal Concert Hall CDMON 857
In Concert Live from The Glasgow Royal Concert Hall
This CD captures Boghall & Bathgate's first appearance at the annual concert held the week prior to the World Pipe Band Championship in the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall on 11th August 2004. The band were joined that evening by special guests The Porridge Men and one of the UK?s premier competition brass bands - The Whitburn Band.
The wide and varied repertoire performed that evening is reflected on this recording offering something to appeal to most musical tastes, from modern pipe band competition style compositions to music from the more traditional end of the spectrum. In addition, a number of sets were performed with the magical combination of pipes and brass.

1. 9/8 March & Jigs: Bathgate Highland Games / The Hills of Kazakhstan /The Fiddler's Rally
2. 2/4 Marches & Brass: The Armistice of 1918 / Abbeyfields/ Loch Leven Castle
3. Hornpipes: Willie Bishop/ Wee Stuart McIntyre
4. M.S.R.: Kantara to El Arish/ Blair Drummond/ John Morrison of Assynt House
5. Encore: The Rubic Cube/ The Brest St Marc
6. Medley: Joanna's Hornpipe / Ally Waugh's Hotline / The Boys of the Lough/ Sarah's Song / Captain Home/ Blackley of Hillsdale/ The Black Mill/ Banjo Breakdown
7. Drum Solo
8. Jigs: Duncan the Gauger/ The Kitchen Maid /Braes of Melnish/ James Young
9. Pipe Band & Brass (Solist: Eleanor Ferguson): Eriskay Love Lilt
10. Suite: The Call to the Gathering
11. 2/4 Marches with The Porridge Men: 93rd at Modder River / The Centenary Jewel
12. Drum Fanfare: Encore
13. The Masons Apron/ The Pumpkin's Fancy
14. Brass: The Gael
15. Suite: Centennial, The People's Anthem
16. Medley: The Calling/ The Bob o Fettercairn/ Thought's 'o Burns/ Willie Murrays/ Sad the Parting/ The Unfaithful Lover / Wee Gordon's Brig 'O Don Phrase / Paddy in the Sauna/ Busindre Reel
17. Small Pipes & Border Pipes: A Border Ballad / Lexie McAskill / The Ramnee Ceilidh/ The 4th Floor
18. Encore: Blackie MacLeod/ Duckin' & Divin' / New Year in Noosa/ Airlie?s Big Day/ The Foxhunters
19. 3/4 Marches with Boghall & Bathgate Juveniles: The Road to Glendaruel/ The Bloody Fields of Flanders

Price: € 18.00

St Laurence O'Toole Pipe Band
Dawning of the Day (Live Recording) CDMON 863
Dawning of the Day (Live Recording)
This predominantly Irish album from the recent concert by the band, held in the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall. It encompasses Traditional Irish music, well integrated by the pipes and with tasteful drum settings, well suited to the melodies. All in all, this is a musical treat, away from the usual Pipe Band Recordings, and will be a sure winner with Pipe Band followers worldwide.

1. Irish Air/March: Dawning of the Day
2. The Strutting Hornpipe/Quirkey's Broken Glasses
3. Alen Tully & the Trad Lads:The High Drive/Crossing the Minch/The High Drive
4. Woman of the House/The Big Ship/The Driver
5. Joe Cooley's Hornpipe/Joe Cooley's Jig/The Donegal Lass/Eddie's Lamentation/The Strathspey King/Sergeant Murph's/Stranded in Scotland/The Ballintore Fancy/The Lismurrane Lamps
6. The New Crossroads/The Sidewinder
7. Give us Another Song/Kitty Magee Hornpipe/ Kitty Magee Jig/The Dirty Lough
8. Boolavogue/The Ballintore Hornpipe/The Pumpkins Fancy
9. Michael Faughnan's/Sonny Brogans/Hughie Travers
10. Rabs Wedding/Donald MacLean of Lewis/Redford Cottage - 11. Teddy O'Neill/Queen of the Rushes/Tureengarbh Glen/As I went out upon the Ice/Sweeny's/The Little Bag/The Hills of Kesh/The Boys of Malin/The Ass in the Graveyard
12. Stirlingshire Militia/Atholl Cummers/Mrs MacPherson of Inveran
13. Alen Tully & the Trad Lads: Eurelsa Vale/Jimmy Ward's/Humours of Ballyloughlin
14. Down by the Seaside/Patsy Geary's Hornpipe/Patsy Geary's Jig/Give us a Minute
15. The Girl from Dungannon/The Tar Road to Sligo/Alen's Lucky Stone/Hard Times/Mrs Margaret MacKenzie/Glenclune/Happy Days at Easter/Peata Beag a Mhathair/The Primrose Lass
16. Galician Set: Danza de San Rogue de Hio/Shaun Davey's Jig
17. The Auld Triangle
18. Ballintore Hornpipe/The Pumpkins Fancy

Price: € 18.00

Robert Wiseman Dairies Vale of Atholl Pipe Band
Live From Frankfurt, Germany CDMON 867
Live From Frankfurt, Germany
The Robert Wiseman Dairies Vale of Atholl Pipe Band, recorded live in Frankfurt, Germany.

1. Slow Air & Jigs: Karl Be Grosse/Adrian Cramb, Joiner Extraordinaire/ The Curlew/Caber Feidh
2. Hornpipes. Satellite Glen/Il Paco Grande
3. March, Strathspey & Reel John McDonald of Glencoe/Dora MacLeod/ Mrs MacPherson of Inveran
4. Strathspeys & Reels: J.F. McKenzie of Garrynahine, Stornoway/Sabhal Mor Astaig/Yorkshire Brite/Trip to Ballymena
5. Suite: Last of the Mohicans/Callum?s Mohican
6. Hornpipe/Jig Set: Ross Ainslie's Big Fags/P/M Jim Wark's Jaunt wi' the Vale/Kilbardon Jig/Tom Billy's Jig/Bottle Eyes/Tinky Jig
7. Gallician Air & Jig: Balandran Air/Balandran Jig
8. Drum Fanfare
9. Strathspey & Reel: Piper's Bonnet/Pretty Marion
10. Hornpipe Jig Set: Beth Tobin/Elizabeth Kelly's Delight/Jig O? Slurs/Callum Townsley's Trip to Belfast
11. Air, Strathspey & Reels: The Highland Clearances/Craig a' Bhodich/Fiddler's Joy/Fleshmarket Close/The Happy Onion Chopper
12. Lament: McPherson's Lament
13. Hornpipe/Reel Set: Zeto the Bubbleman/Breton Peurt A' Beul/The Auld Fiddler/Zeto the Bubbleman

Price: € 18.00

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