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Alastair MacFadyen
Scotland: Dancing Again! [DVD] IVP 012
Scotland: Dancing Again! [DVD]
An informative presentation of the story of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society narrated by Dr. Alastair MacFadyen. Featuring 27 dances performed by senior and junior members of the R.S.C.D.S.

1. Mrs. Stewart of Fasnacloich
2. Miss Milligan's Strathspey
3. Petronella
4. The Triumph
5. The Glasgow Highlanders
6. The Guidman of Balangigh
7. There's nae luck aboot the Hoose
8. Red House
9. The Jimp Waist
10. Hebridean Weaving Lilt
11. The Axum Reel
12. La Russe
13. The Summer Assembly
14. Blue Bonnets
15. Highland Fling
16. Macleod's Fancy
17. Miss Florence Adams
18. Major Ian Stewart
19. Round Reel of Eight
20. The Music Makars
21. Mr. Robert H. Mackay
22. The Ladies of Dunse
23. Pelorus Jack
24. 12 Coates Crescent
25. Le Moulin Rouge
26. Let's Meet Again
27. It's Just for Fun

Price: € 27.00

Brandon McPhee Scottish Dance Band
The Flying Scots DVDPAN 113
The Flying Scots
Fantastic music from the All Scotland Junior Traditional Accordion Solo Champion 2011.

The scenery is mostly of Caithness in the North of Scotland, some from Ireland and some from the north of Spain.

Guests on this album: Karen Steven - a well known exponent of fiddle music and composer born in John O'Groats. She plays 2 sets on this DVD, all her own compositions. Manson Grant - Manson sings 2 songs, one 'The Hills of Connemara,' a well known Irish song, the other 'Calling Me Home,' a brand new composition never before recorded. This was written and composed by the late great Eann Nicolson of the Wick Scottish Dance Band fame. The Harvey Brothers play 2 tracks from their well received album 'Tartan Paint'. The Harvey Brothers were recorded in the Old Smiddy Inn, Thrumster in their home village.

1. Bob Bridgeford's March, The Forty-Six Seconder, The Borthwick Men
2. Monadh Gowan, The Wee Man From Skye
3. The Jaqueline Waltz
4. Looking For A Partner
5. Hills of Connemara
6. Garden of Skye, Yellow Corn, Gaelic Air
7. The Blackadder Waltz
8. Davy Scott of Kilbirnie, Marquis Of Huntly's Farewell, Cape Breton Visit To Shetland
9. Brochan Lom / Sabhal Iain Ic Uisdean, Bheil An Cadal Ort / Mor A Cheannaich
10. Calling Me Home
11. Miss Delicia Chisholm, Atholl And Breadalbane Gathering
12. Recuerdos De La Coruna
13. Dan McIldowie's Reel, Niell Thow's Reel, Manola's Reel
14. Flying Scotsman

Price: € 18.50

Derek Haynes, Janet Johnston and John Wilkinson
Highland Fling [DVD] IVP009
Highland Fling [DVD]
Format: All zones, PAL

Sixteen Highland Dances and ladies' step dances demonstrated by Derek Haynes, Janet Johnston and John Wilkinson.

1. Scottish Lilt
2. Highland Fling
3. The Shepherd's Crook
4. Seann Triubhas
5. Blue Bonnets
6. The Glasgow Highlanders
7. Wilt Thou Go To The Barracks Johnny?
8. Deeside Lilt
9. Hielan' Laddie
10. Argyll Broadswords
11. Flowers Of Edinburgh
12. Earl Of Errol, Miss Forbes
13. Come Ashore Jolly Tar
14. Blue Bonnets Over The Border
15. Strathspey Reel & Half Tulloch (Foursome Reel)

Price: € 24.90

The Occasionals
The Full Set (Of Basic Scottish Ceilidh Dances) (worldwide DVD & CD) DVTRAX2021
The Full Set (Of Basic Scottish Ceilidh Dances) (worldwide DVD & CD)
This is The Occasionals' sixth album and, as the title suggests, this one really is The Full Set. It features

* new music on audio CD for the twelve most popular Scottish ceilidh dances (recorded in the studio)
* written dance instructions in a booklet
* a DVD video of live dance demonstrations for each of twelve dances
* an additional four bonus tracks on the audio CD
* a one-hour documentary about the band on the DVD and background footage

The Occasionals are Freeland Barbour (accordions, midi bass, piano), Ian Hardie (fiddle), Kevin MacLeod (banjo, mandolin, tenor guitar) and Gus Millar (drums). Freeland, Ian and Kevin all have solo albums to their credit.

DVD tracks:
1. The Gay Gordons
2. The Highland Schottische
3. The Eva Three Step
4. The Virginia Reel
5. St. Bernard's Waltz
6. Dashing White Sergeant
7. The Military Two Step
8. The Pride of Erin Waltz
9. The Britannia Two Step
10. Strip The Willow
11. The Canadian Barn Dance
12. The Eightsome Reel.

Audio CD tracks:
1. Alex & Hazel Barbour
2. Tinker's Horse
3. Nineteenth Century Set
4. American Set
5. Old Victoria
6. Dashing White Sergeant
7. Soor Milk Cairt
8. Wild Colonial Boy
9. Lake Louise
10. Soldier's Dance
11. John MacDonald
12. Old Favourites
13. Plus Bonus Tracks of The Friendly Waltz
14. The Russian Ballet
15. The Full Set Polka
16. The Orkney Eva Three Step

Price: € 21.00

Reel Scottish Dancing [DVD] IVP 011
Reel Scottish Dancing [DVD]
Teaches basic dance steps and formations and 34 dances.

1. Duke Of Atholl's Reel
2. Hamilton House
3. Hooper's Jig
4. Machine Without Horses
5. Monymusk
6. Shiftin' Bobbins
7. Wild Geese
8. De'il Amang The Tailors
9. Montgomeries Rant
10. Sugar Canie
11. Round Reel of Eight
12. Flowers Of Edinburgh
13. Petronella
14. Circassian Circle
15. Lea Rig
16. The Sailor
17. Maxwell's Rant
18. Reel Of The 51st Division
19. J.B. Milne
20. Neidpath Castle
21. Postie's Jig
22. Mrs MacLeod
23. Triumph
24. Duke Of Perth
25. Silver Tassie
26. Fergus McIver
27. Mairi's Wedding
28. College Hornpipe
29. White Heather Jig
30. Miss Milligan's Strathspey
31. General Stuart's Reel
32. Trip To Bavaria
33. Bees Of Maggieknockater
34. Duchess Tree

Price: € 24.90
Scotland's Social Dances - 56 Dances Demonstrated - 2 DVD IVPDVD
Scotland's Social Dances - 56 Dances Demonstrated - 2 DVD
This 2 DVD set includes four different forms of Scottish social dancing - Old Time, Ceilidh, Sequence and Scottish Country Dancing.

56 dances are demonstrated , including Quicksteps, Waltzes, Foxtrots, Saunters, Swings, Latin, Ceilidh, Scottish Country Dances and Quadrilles.

In the past these forms of dancing were separate, but now they are mixed together on social dance programmes.

Scotland's Social Dances is introduced by Jessie Stuart of Dufftown.

1. Dinky One Step
2. New Killarney Waltz
3. Sally Ann Cha Cha
4. Honeymoon Parade
5. Waltz Catherine
6. Rumba Rosalie
7. Gypsy Tap
8. Victory Waltz
9. Strip The Willow (Square)
10. Flirtation Two Step
11. Balmoral Blues
12. Reel of the 51st Division
13. Lancelot Two Step
4. Harry Lime Foxtrot
15. Postie's Jig
16. Jazz Twinkle
17. The Irish Rover
18. Mayfair Quickstep
19. Red Rose Saunter
20. Black Mountain Reel
21. Ragtime Swing
22. Saunter Together
23. Nottingham Lace
24. La Rinka
25. Square Tango
26. Half Waltz Cotillion
27. Sweetheart Waltz
28. Tango Serida
29. The Quadrilles

Price: € 31.00
Step We Ceilidh [DVD] IVP 008
Step We Ceilidh [DVD]
How to do 13 popular ceilidh dances.

1. Gay Gordons
2. Circle Waltz
3. Canadian Barn Dance
4. St. Bernard's Waltz
5. Strip The Willow
6. Military Two-step
7. Pride Of Erin
8. Highland - Scottische
9. The Lancers (with written instructions/diagrams)
10. The Steps
11. Dashing White Sergeant
12. Eightsome Reel
13. Highland Fair
14. Come Under My Plaidie

Price: € 24.90

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