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Bruce MacGregor And Christine Hanson
Kissin' Is The Best Of A' CDBAR 016
Kissin' Is The Best Of A'
Two exceptional musical talents combine to produce some great traditional and contemporary Scottish fiddle tunes.

The fiddle and cello are occassionally joined by piano or guitar adding extra rhythm.

This album was recorded in 3 days around 4 mics, in the beautifully atmospheric surroundings of the Habinson's Steading in Morayshire.

Bruce MacGregor (fiddle), Christine Hanson (cello), Tim Edey (guitar, accordion), Brian McAlpine (piano).

1. The Perthshire Hunt / Kissin' Is The Best Of A' / Donald Morison
2. The Irish Lass / Miss Buchanan Of Cambusmore / Mrs. A MacGlashan
3. Sunday River Waltz
4. Her Mantle So Green
5. The Rant / Bruce MacGregor's Strathspey / The Pipe Slang Etc.
6. Gin Ye Kiss My Wife I'll Tell The Minister
7. Mr. A. G. Wilken's Favourite / Mrs Grant Of Grant
8. Mary MacDonald / Auld Stewarts Of Fothergill / Clydesdale Lasses
9. Dargai / The Sword Dance / Miss Shepherd
10. Nancy's Waltz / The Caithness Cowboy
11. Lament For Captain Simon Fraser

Price: € 15.00

Hector MacAndrew
Legend Of The Scots Fiddle CDTRAX 335
Legend Of The Scots Fiddle
The late, great Hector MacAndrew was born in 1903 and died in 1980.

His first recording was a 78rpm for Parlophone, and he later went on to record a number of other albums.

Hector MacAndrew was broadcast frequently on radio and television - in 1974 he hosted Sir Yehudi Menuhin at Blair Castle in a classic television feature on Scottish fiddle music.

1. The Atholl Highlanders' March to Loch Katrine Set
2. Eugene Stratton
3. Niel Gow's Lament On The Death Of His Second Wife
4. Loch Tummel Side Set
5. Lady Ann Hope's Favourite
6. Braes o' Mar Set
7. Stirlingshire Militia Set
8. Greig's Strathspey
9. Master Francis Sitwell Set
10. John McFadyen of Melfort Set
11. Mar Castle Set
12. Lament for J. Murray of Abercairney Set
13. 74th's Farewell to Edinburgh Set
14. Auld Robin Gray
15. Harvest Home Set
16. Reel o' Tulloch Set

Price: € 15.00

Iain MacFarlane
Gallop To Callop OLP 005
Gallop To Callop
First Class in Fiddling here with some grand new tunes well mixed with other contemporary pieces and some rousing traditional classics, all making for a grand album.
Also a first class gathering of the cream of the folk music scene in loyal support.

1. Camus Eidhinn/Willie MacRae's/Seamus Alec's
2. St Fillan's Monastry/Mrs MacPherson Of Inveran/John Morrison Of Assynt House/Iain MacDonald,Seanlag
3. Gathan Na Greine/Fad A'Gheamhraidh/Na Miosan Dorcha
4. Isobel's Tune
5. The Lochside Hornpipe/The Excelsior
6. Tatties On The Manifold
7. DJ's Reel/MacFarlanes' Wedding/Stoddie's Reel
8. The Mill in the Glen/Reaping The Ryegrass/The Breast of St Marc
9. The Head,The Heart and the Tail/Freefalling
10.Am Bruadair
11. Pipe Mjr Willie MacLean/Alice,Torr Ban/Ashley's Strathspey/The Gallop to Callop
12. Meall A'Bhuiridh/BeinnFhada/Fearchar Mac Iain Og/An T-Sealgair

Price: € 17.00

Best of Scottish Fiddle EUCD 2098
Best of Scottish Fiddle
n exhilarating collection of the greatest names in Scottish fiddle playing, e.g. The Old Blind Dogs with Jonny Hardie, Archie McAllister, The Iron Horse with Gavin Marwick, Jerry Holland, The Hudson Swan Band, Coila with Alistair McCulloch and Andrew McGarvaÉ An entertaining variety of styles - everything from foot-tapping jigs and reels to beautiful and haunting slow airs. Info in four languages included.

1. Old Blind Dogs / Jonny Hardie: The Buzzard
2. Ross Kennedy & Archie McAllister: The Auld Wheel Set, a) The Auld Wheel b) Lads of Laois c) Hey Ho My Bonnie Lass d) Twisted Fingers
3. Jonny Hardie & Gavin Marwick with Davy Cattanach: The Hills of Glenorchy
4. JCB with Jerry Holland / Archie McAllister: Jigs - The Heather Ale Set, a) The Heather Ale Jig, b) Colin Camerons, c) The Eavesdropper, d) Donald MacKillop
5. The Iron Horse / Gavin Marwick: The Sleeping Warrior - 6. Ross Kennedy & Archie McAllister:
a) The Gathering Storms b) The Lowland of Scotland c) Feadan Glan A'Phiobair
7. Jonny Hardie & Gavin Marwick: a) The Quiet Man b) The Solstice c) The Silver Spire
8. The Iron Horse / Gavin Marwick: a) The Emigrant b) The West End Reeln c) The Clover Field
9. Jonny Hardie & Gavin Marwick with Davy Cattanach: a) The MacNeills of Ugadale b) Jig Brest St. Marc c) Lads of Tain d) Mrs. MacInroy of Lude
10. The Hudson Swan Band / Hudson Swan: The Fledgling
11. Coila / Alistair McCulloch, Andrew McGarva & William Weir: Jigs a) Lady in a Bottle b) The Drops of Brandy c) Ewan Mackenzie's Free Bass Accordion d) The Curlew
12. Old Blind Dogs / Jonny Hardie: Margaret Cromar
13. Ross Kennedy & Archie McAllister: a) The Doctors Reel b) The Spinning Wheel c) Sullivan's d) Johnny Lad e) The Jura Music Festival Reel
14. Coila / Alistair McCulloch, Andrew McGarva & William Weir: Herr Roloff's Farewell
15. Jonny Hardie & Gavin Marwick with Davy Cattanach: a) Rob Roy MacGregor b) Prince Charles c) Charles Sutherland

Price: € 18.50

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