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The Poozies
Changed Days, Same Roots CDTRAX 249
Changed Days, Same Roots
The current incarnation of The Poozies consists of founder members Karen Tweed (accordion, vocals), Patsy Seddon (electro-harp, clarsach, fiddle, vocals) and Mary MacMaster (electro-harp, clarsach, vocals), with new girl Eilidh Shaw (fiddle, vocals).
The Poozies have been evolving for over a decade and the current members have brought the music back closer to their roots in traditional and Celtic music. Impressively imaginative treatment of traditional and contemporary tunes, glorious harmonies and uplifting performances have ensured the Poozies' place at the forefront of the folk and roots music scene.

1. Tam
2. Sunny
3. The Great Debate
4. All I Want
5. Augustus Gloop
6. Rosa
7. Lila
8. Daniel's Potatoes
9. Throw The Ball
10. Gertrude
11. Paddy

Price: € 18.50
Yellow Like Sunshine CDTRAX 342
Yellow Like Sunshine
The Poozies began their career in 1990, after Patsy Seddon and Mary MacMaster - also known at the time as Scottish harp duo Sileas - had worked with singer Sally Barker on her second solo album. The Poozies have undergone lineup changes from time to time, but in 2009 their world turned full circle when original member Sally Barker rejoined the band.

Seventeen years down the line, The Poozies seem to have found the secret of eternal youth. Still with the three original members, they have been energised by the perfectly compatible addition of Eilidh Shaw and Mairearad Green, and remain as fresh and delightful as ever.

1. Ho Mhorag
2. Black Eyed Susan
3. The Great Alpaca
4. Canada
5. Planxty Colonel
6. Two Hearts
7. Is Tusa Mo Run
8. Lovely in The End
9. Will I See Thee More?

Price: € 15.00

The Shee
A Different Season SHEE 01
A Different Season
The Shee are an all-female band showcasing powerful vocals and instrumental prowess: Lillias Kinsman-Blake (flute), Shona Mooney (fiddle), Rachel Newton (electric harp, vocals), Olivia Ross (vocals, fiddle, viola), Laura Salter (mandolin, vocals) and Amy Thatcher (accordion, clogs).

Their music features original compositions alongside a wealth of traditional material. The Shee's adventurous brew of Scottish folk, Gaelic song and bluegrass has earned them fast growing recognition.

1. Tom Paine's Bones
2. Ohma
3. Lady Margeret
4. Chilly Winds
5. Happy Halloween
6. MacCrimmon's
7. Here I Am
8. Drunken Duck
9. Ged Is Grianach On Latha
10. Summer's Promise
11. Dancing On The Wireless

Price: € 17.00
Decadence SHEE 2
The Shee are an exceptional all-female band showcasing three powerful vocalists and an astonishing level of instrumental prowess.

Their diverse range of individual musical influences combine to produce an adventurous brew of Folk, Scots, Gaelic and Bluegrass.

They have earnt considerable recognition along the way, with high profile performances at festivals including Cambridge and Celtic Connections, as well as concerts across Europe and Canada.

Decadence is the second album from the group. Their debut album A Different Season was followed by nominations in both the Scots Trad Music Awards and the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards.

1. Troubles
2. Shotgun
3. Vandy Vandy
4. Hand Ba' Breakdown
5. Eppie Morrie
6. Pipers And Polys
7. Morning Star
8. Puirt
9. Meltdown
10. Room To Breathe
11. Sugar And Pie

Price: € 16.00

The Whistlebinkies
Albannach CDTRAX288
Formed during the great surge of interest in traditional and Celtic music and song in the late 1960s, the group quickly evolved into a leading force in the field. The Whistlebinkies led the revival in the use of the bellows-blown bagpipes in Scotland and were the first to combine the three national instruments: the fiddle, bagpipes and clarsach (small Scottish harp) in regular performance. Only authentic traditional instruments are used and where possible, the group prefers to play in an acoustic setting. The repertory is drawn from all periods of Scottish music and from all regions of the country.

1. The Loch Ness Monster
2. Wendel's Wedding
3. Farewell to St Kilda
4. Donald MacLennan's Tuning phrase
5. The Albannach
6. Ceilidh Lines
7. Muntanyes de Canigo
8. Toys and Brooches
9. Coronach - On the High Road to Linton
10. THe Shpherdess
11. My Bonnny moor hen
12. Captain Celtic

Price: € 19.00

Touchwood CPN 001
Iain Fraser (fiddle) with Christine Hanson (cello)- Capontree Music, June 2002. Scottish fiddle music from the 18th and 19th Century. Recorded in the Glen Douglas Community Hall, Jedburgh, Roxburghshire.

1. Three North Highland Dances Rob Roy McGregor / Rory MacNab / Ladar Mór A' Ghogain
2. Fife and the Lands All Around / The Northern Lass / Wally Wally
3. The Marquis of Huntly's Snuff Mill / Mr A G Wilkens Favourite
4. Mrs Muir MacKenzie's Delight / Mrs Muir MacKenzie's Fancie / Mrs Owald of Auchincruive's Favorite Reel
5. Miss Maxwell
6. Sir Charles Forbes of Newe and Edinglassie
7. Craigellachie Brig / Miss Stewart of Grandtully Strathspey and Reel / The Perth Hunt
8. Lady Charlotte Campbell / Meg Mhór Na Lurachan / Cropies / Original
9. Lochaber No More
10. The Bonnie Lass of Headlake / Littlejohn's Hame / The Forth Bridge (Strathspey and Reel) / Trad. Reel / Captain D Stewart / Jenny Dang the Weaver / Sir David Davison of Cantray
11. An Cluinn Thu Mi Mo Nighean Donn

Price: € 16.00

Valerie Dunbar
Always Argyll CDKLP 30
Always Argyll

1. Always Argyll
2. Back in Bonnie Scotland
3. Wild Mountain Thyme
4. Come By the hills
5. Back in Bonnie Scotland
6. How Great Thou' Art
7. Thistle of Scotland
8. Bluebells of Scotland
9. Come Along
10. Scotland Forever
11. The Sky is Bluer in Scotland
12. Road to Dundee
13. Flower of Scotland
14. My Ain Folk
15. Mull of Kintyre
16. A Hundred Thousand Welcomes
17. Take Me Back
18. The Tartan, Dark Lochnagar
19. Old Rugged Cross
20. The Rowan Tree
21. Bonnie Gallawa'
22. Loch Lomond, Roses of Prince Charlie
23. Old Rustic Bridge

Price: € 10.00

A Highland Journey in Music GMP 8008
A Highland Journey in Music
This is volume eight in Greentrax Celtic Collections series The individual tunes in each set are fairly short. Well known and loved tunes take you on a musical journey around Scotland.

1. My Heart's In The Highlands / Mist Covered Mountains
2. The Bonny Banks of Loch Lomond / Ben Lomond & Oban
3. Fingal's Cave / Sound of Mull / Leaving Lismore
4. Highland Cathedral
5. Glen Coe / The Hills of Glenorchy / Loch Liobhan
6. Ben Nevis / The Banks of Loch Eil / Lochaber No More
7. Stirling Castle / The Braes o' Balquhidder
8. Cam' Ye By Atholl? / Killiecrankie
9. Cairn Gorm / Drumochter / Aviemore
10. Inverness Gathering
11. The Banks of Loch Ness / Urquhart Castle
12. Return to Kintail / Loch Carron
13. Skye Boat Song / Skye Air
14. The Dark Island / Eriskay Love Lilt / Rowing from Isla to Uist / Harris Dance

Price: € 11.00
Celtic Moods EUCD 2024
Celtic Moods
Romantic and atmospheric instrumental melodies with violin, harp, flute and bagpipes in traditional and modern arrangements evoke the grandeur of the Scottish Highlands or the haunting beauty of the Irish west coast. A beautiful atmospheric collection of Celtic music.

Some of the wonderful artists you can hear on this CD include: Florie Brown, Aryeh Frankfurter, Noel McLoughlin, Daniel Thonon, Margie Butler.

1. Florie Brown: Mist on the Highlands (Florie Brown / Pablo Cárcamo)
2. Aryeh Frankfurter: Luke Dillon (Turlough O'Carolan)
3. Barbara Gray / Wilbert Garvin: Gleann na phíobaire (The Piper's Glen) (Barbara Gray)
4. Noel McLoughlin: Down by the Glenside (Denis Carey)
5. Aryeh Frankfurter: Captain O'Kane (Turlough O'Carolan, arr. Aryeh Frankfurter)
6. Ann Gray: The Mermaid's Song (trad., arr. A. Gray)
7. Daniel Thonon: Marche Bretonne (trad., arr. D. Thonon, © SOCAN)
8. Aryeh Frankfurter: Coilsfield House (Scottish air) (trad., arr. Aryeh Frankfurter)
9. Fred Morrison: Drumbuie (Fred Morrison, MCPS)
10. Kieran Fahy: Lament for Eoin Rua (trad.)
11. Margie Butler: Gaelic Lullaby (trad, arr. Margie Butler)
12. Sean Talamh: Inisheer - Inis oirthir (Thomas Walsh)
13. Margie Butler: The Maid from the Parish of Penderyn (Welsh) (trad., arr. Margie Butler)
14. Strathclyde Police Pipe Band: Highland Cathedral (Roever / Korb)

Price: € 13.00
Discover Music from Scotland EUCD 2595
Discover Music from Scotland
A proud album of Scottish music, spanning the whole spectrum from traditional folk and ballads, sung in Gaelic, to jigs and reels, with fiddles, guitars, accordions, etc. to rousing pipe band pieces. Information about each of the pieces in the booklet.

1. Tannas: Sabhal Ia’n Ic Uisdean (trad., arr. Garden/Mackay/Legge/Dove/Mackay/Bulk Music Ltd.) - 2:45
2. Noel McLoughlin: The Blantyre Explosion (trad, arr. Noel McLouglin) - 4:00
3. Ross Kennedy & Archie McAllister: The Auld Wheel (J. S. Skinner, arr. Kennedy/McAllister/Bulk Music Ltd)/Lads of Laois (trad., arr. Kennedy/McAllister /Bulk Music Ltd)/Hey Ho My Bonnie Lass (trad., arr. Kennedy/McAllister/Bulk Music Ltd)/Twisted Fingers (D. Johnstone /Kinmor Music) - 3:42
4. Strathclyde Police Pipe Band: Bessie Weatherston (Mac Kenzie)/Crusaders March (trad.)/79th Highlanders (trad.)/The Garb of Old Gaul (trad.) - 2:54
5. Iain MacKay: Mòr nighean a’ Ghibearlain (trad., arr. Iain MacKay) - 3:08
6. Anna Murray: Slieve Russel(Mhoireach/McMillian)/Donald Cameron’s Powder Horn (P.M. Donald MacLeod) - 3:42
7. Ross Kennedy & Archie McAllister: Bay of Storms (E. Maguire/D. Robertson/Bulk Music Ltd) - 4:00
8. Jonny Hardie & Gavin Marwick: The Quiet Man (Jim Sutherland/Atholl Music)/The Solstice (Jason Colburn Little/Cop. Con.)/The Silver Spire (trad., arr. Gavin Marwick/Jonny Hardie/Bulk Music Ltd) - 4:21
9. Ishbel MacAskill: Thig an smeòrach as t-Earrach (The Thrush Comes in Spring) (trad., arr. MacAskill/Douglas) - 3:42
10. Coila/Alistair McCulloch, Andrew McGarva & William Weir: Jigs: Lady in a Bottle (A. Kenneth/Public Domain)/The Drops of Brandy (trad., arr. A. McCulloch/W. Weir/A. McGarva/Bulk Music Ltd)/Ewan Mackenzie’s Free Bass Accordion (A. McCulloch/Fellsongs Music)/The Curlew (D.McPherson/Paterson’s Publication Ltd) - 4:05
11. Stonehaven Pipe Band: Hornpipes: The Queen of the Rushes (trad.)/The Muckle Dram (Sargent) - 2:53
12. The Iron Horse: Helen of Kirkconnel (trad., arr. Iron Horse/Bulk Music Ltd) - 3:28
13. Dòchas: Waulking Song (arr. Dòchas)/Gura Mise Tha Fo Mhulad/Braes of Melinish (trad.,arr. Boyle/Fowlis/MacKay/Reid) - 3:45
14. Noel McLoughlin: Rattlin’, Roarin’ Willie (trad, arr. Noel McLouglin) - 3:06
15. Anna Murray: The Hazy Day (Mhoireach/(Bulk Music Ltd)/Zeto the Bubbleman (Duncan/Grian Music)/The Last Tango in Harris (MacDonald) - 6:35
16. Old Blind Dogs: Mormond Braes (trad., arr. Old Blind Dogs/Benzie/Hardie/Mcmill/Bulk Musik Ltd)/Charles Sutherland (J.M. Henderson/John Murdoch Henderson Dec’d.) - 3:06
17. Cliar: The Para Handy Set: Mrs. John MacColl (P/M John MacColl)/Pipe Major Jimmy MacGregor - Jig (John Scott)/Inspector Donald Campbell of Ness - Jig (Peter MacLeod Jnr.)/Manus Lunny’s Plower Pot - Jig (Phil Cunningham) (all arr. Cliar) (instr.) - 5:00
18. Isla St. Clair: Flowers of the Forest (trad./Elliot, arr. Ian Lynn) - 3:47

Price: € 12.95

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