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Alyth McCormack
People Like Me NAVIGATOR 33
People Like Me
Alyth McCormack (vocals) with Brian McAlpine (piano, accordion), Jonny Hardie (guitar, fiddle), Aidan O'Rourke (fiddle), Fraser Fifield (saxophone, whistle), Gerald Peregrine (cello), Ewan Vernal (bass), Noel Eccles (percussion), Donald Hay (drums), Justin Currie and Jonny Hardie (vocals).

Including songs by Boo Hewerdine, Suzanne Vega and Justin Currie of Del Amitri.

1. Nuair Bha Mi Og
2. The Queen And The Soldier
3. The Vices Set (Puirt)
4. The Beautiful Lie
5. Dh'Fhag E Gun Chadal Am Dhusgadh Mi
6. Neptune
7. A Mhairead Og
8. Till Morning Will Come
9. Chaidil Mi Raoir Air An Airigh
10. I Wonder What's Keeping My Love Tonight
11. A Smuggler's Prayer
12. Mo Ghaol Oigfhear A Chuil Duinn
13. People Like Me

Price: € 16.50
Price: € 8.00

The Bevvy Sisters
St James Sessions SHOOGLE 09012
St James Sessions
The Bevvy Sisters are Heather Macleod, Kaela Rowan and Lindsey Black on vocals, backed by David Donnelly (guitar), James Mackintosh (drums, percussion), Emma Smith (double bass) and Donald Hay (percussion). They specialise in melodic alt-country tunes, spiritual songs and a sprinkling of doowop numbers, all laden with deliciously mellow vocal harmonies.

1. Bevvy Belltone
2. Oh Mary Don't You Weep
3. Cow Cow Yicky Ay Ae
4. Draw The Line
5. The Way You Know You Do
6. 1000 Miles
7. The Littlest Birds
8. Go Lively, Get Lucky
9. Man Of Many Valentines
10. Rock My Soul
11. Sugarfoot Rag
12. Old Mother Earth
13. Fine Lines
14. Apocalypse

Price: € 17.00

Old Blind Dogs
New Tricks CDLOC 1068
New Tricks
North-East acoustic group with singer Ian Benzie, Jonny Hardie (fiddle), Buzby MacMillan (bouzouki, bass) and Davy Cattanach (percussion).

1. Bennachie
2. The Garnethill / Miss Mairi Mac Phail Of Laxdale
3. The Bonnie Banks O' Fordie
4. J and B Reel / The Bonawe Highlanders
5. The Wee Wee German Lairdie
6. Monaghan's Jig
7. The Bonnie Lass O' Fyvie
8. Song For Autumn
9. Gala Water
10. The Ferret Set
11. Bedlam Boys / The Rights Of Man

Price: € 17.00

Skerryvore TYREE 02CD
Blazing bagpipes, fiddle and accordions, electrically fused with funky rhythms and soul-gripping songs.

Skerryvore are an award-winning six-piece Scottish band creating a trad-rock fusion for the 21st Century - this is their third album, and the best to date. They formed in 2004 on the Isle of Tiree in Scotland's Inner Hebrides. From traditional roots the band developed in size and sound to create a fusion of their traditional music and songs with the urban sounds of rock and funk.

1. Path To Home
2. Simple Life
3. Gairm A' Chuain
4. Wits' End
5. Smile In The Stars
6. Angry Fiddler
7. Where Birds Don't Fly
8. Clueless Wife
9. Hold Me Tonight
10. Jailhouse Jigs
11. Good To Go
12. Home To Donegal

Price: € 14.50

Manran MAN 02
Manran have quite literally rocketed to the top of the Scottish music scene with their powerful combination of Gaelic and English songs.

Driving accordion, fiddle, flute and a backline of drums and bass to make any mouth water.

1. Fingal's Cave
2. Reels
3. Glaodh An Iar
4. Oran Na Cloiche
5. Speybay Switch
6. Maraiche Nan Aigh
7. The Open Door
8. Latha Math
9. Scottische
10. An Eala Bhan
11. Chasing Daylight
12. Puirt

Price: € 16.00

Mairi Campbell
Mairi Campbell MC 01CD
Mairi Campbell
Debut solo album of songs penned by Mairi Campbell and David Francis - who together make up The Cast.
Scots Singer of the Year – trad music awards, 2008; Female musician of the year- liveireland 2009; Composition of the year – liveireland 2009; Burnsong winner – with ‘Smile or Cry’ ( Greengold album) 2008; Overall winner of ’Neil Gow International compostion award’ – 2009.
Mairi Campbell (vocals, violin, viola), Tia Files (guitar, bass), Mhairi Hall (piano, keyboard), Donald Hay (drums), Ada Grace Francis (clarsach, backing vocals).

1. Home
2. Portobello Sands
3. Don't Ever Give Up
4. Scent In The Air
5. Goodbye Grey
6. I Pod Wii Play
7. Paperweight
8. She Stitched Upon My Heart
9. Remember My Love
10. Haul Away
11. Recession Song

Price: € 14.50

Rachel Hair Trio
No More Wings MHRCD 003
No More Wings
Debut album from this leading band on Scotland's vibrant folk scene, presenting a sparkling blend of instruments with dynamic arrangements.
The band were nominated Scottish Folk Band Of The Year in the Scottish Traditional Music Awards of 2011.
Featuring traditional and contemporary dance tunes, airs and songs from Scotland, Galicia, Sweden, Brittany, Wales, Devon and the U.S.
Rachel Hair (harp), Jenn Butterworth (guitar, vocals), Euan Burton (double bass), Fraser Fifield (soprano saxophone), Angus Lyon (rhodes, accordion), Signy Jakobsdottir (percussion).

1. No More Wings
2. Swedish
3. Grey Funnel Line
4. Cancro Cro
5. Harsh Feb Reels
6. Island
7. Fest Noz No. 17
8. The Eccentric's Emporium
9. My Songbird
10. Home And Happy
11. The Birthday Jigs

Price: € 17.00

Session A9
Bottlenecks And Armbreakers RAJCD 003
Bottlenecks And Armbreakers
Long-awaited second album from Session A9, featuring top fiddlers and accompanists.

Session A9 have not been the only fiddle supergroup on the Scottish folk scene, but like both Blazin' Fiddles and Fiddlers' Bid, they have evolved their own distinctive approach to the format. That sense of individuality is down to the differing ways in which the bands have approached arranging their material, whether with traditional tunes or contemporary variations on classic themes, as well as to the distinctive personal and regional styles of the players involved.

Gordon Gunn, Charlie MacKerron, Kevin Henderson and Adam Sutherland (fiddles), Tim Edey (guitar, melodeon), Brian Macalpine (piano), Kris Drever (guitar), Ross Martin (guitar), Iain Copeland (percussion), Chimp Robertson (percussion) and Ewan Vernal (double bass).
Driving accordion, fiddle, flute and a backline of drums and bass to make any mouth water.

It was clear in June 2010 that the time had come for the six friends to unite and uphold the fresh, unstoppable sound of modern Gaelic Scotland. Since then, Manran have performed at festivals in Europe and Scotland - highlights being Celtica, Italy and the Hebridean Celtic Festival in Lewis.

1. The Real Mackay Wedding / Struy Lodge / Trip To The Market - 2. The Rabbit / Duncan The Gauger / Jig O' Beer - 3. Kirstie's / Garry Porch - 4. Running To Mull / Kent To Kintail - 5. Fionn's - 6. Trip To Austin / The Arm Breaker - 7. Far Frae Hame / Cathal's Magic Fingers - 8. Sporting Paddy / Hamish The Carpenter / Hull's / Road To Errogie - 9. The Sleeping Tune - 10. Paella Grande / No More Cages / The Dirty Bee.

Price: € 17.00
Price: € 10.00

The Flooers O’ The Forest‘ ‘Songs And Music Of Flodden’ CDTRAX 1513
The Flooers O’ The Forest‘ ‘Songs And Music Of Flodden’
To mark the 500th Anniversary of the Battle of Flodden, this album is dedicated to the memory of all those who fell in battle, Sept 1513.

This album features the Songs and Music of Flodden, and includes a 'FREE' CD of Poetry and Prose of Flodden.

The poems and prose are read by BBC Radio Scotland presenter Iain Anderson, the actor John Shedden, and Alastair McDonald.

CD 1
1. Flooers o’ The Forest (Dick Gaughan)
2. Ettrick (Archie Fisher and Garnet Rogers)
3. Flodden’s Green Loaning (Celticburn)
4. Lord Yester – (Lau vs Karine Polwart)
5. Flodden Field (Steve McDonald)
6. The Flodden Ride (Rob Bell)
7. Flodden Field – Child Ballad 168 (The Owel Service and Alison O’Donnell)
8. The Bonnie Banner Blue (Children of Drumlanrig and St Cuthberts Primary School Hawick)
9. The Recruiting Service Drum/Sons of Heroes (McCalman, Quigg & Bayne)
10. Sorrowlessfield (Karine Polwart)
11. Auld Selkirk (Gary Cleghorn)
12. The Wail of Flodden (Scocha)
13. Soutars o’ Selkirk/The Deid Cat (Drinkers’ Drouth with Davy Steele)
14. The Ears of The Wolf (Robin Laing)
15. The Flooers o’ The Forest – Inst. (Gary West).
CD 2
1. Flodden Hill (Iain Anderson)
2. The Tale of Richard Lawson (John Shedden)
3. The Warning to The King at Linlithgow (Iain Anderson)
4. The Flodden Dead Mass (John Shedden)
5. Edinburgh After Flodden (John Shedden)
6. Flodden (Iain Anderson)
7. Flodden (Marmion)/Flooers o’ The Forest (Alastair McDonald)

Price: € 15.00

Fullsceilidh Spelemannslag
500 Sessions SPREE 002
500 Sessions
A group of talented Shetland musicians, who are building a reputation for releasing their high octane maelstrom of feverish melodies on audiences, to great appeal. A Shetland fiddle driven line-up backed by a multi-punch packing rhythm section, their repotoire is drawn from their own Shetland tradition as well as Nordic and Celtic influences.

1. Craa Dang Pussy
2. Spreefix
3. Liz Carroll's
4. Trip To Austin
5. Cavers
6. Pure Sandy
7. Da Blinnd Deuk
8. Danish Tunes
9. Redbird
10. Dreamers

Price: € 14.00

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