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Far, Far From Ypres (Songs, Poems And Music Of World War I) - 2CD CDTRAX 1418
Far, Far From Ypres (Songs, Poems And Music Of World War I) - 2CD
The album is a tribute to all the soldiers from Scotland, England, Ireland and Wales, and also their Commonwealth brothers in arms from all corners of the globe, who fought and suffered together in the Great War and, in particular, all those who died.

The album has a more Scottish perspective than any of its predecessors but when one considers that Scotland suffered the most soldiers killed, per head of population, of any nation that fought in the conflict, such an album was greatly overdue. It is also doubtful if the songs, poems and music of WW1 have ever before been covered in such depth.

This project was first suggested to Ian Green of Greentrax Recordings in 2004 by Des Brogan, Managing Director of Mercat Tours International, who specialise in tours of both WW1 and WW2 cemeteries and battlefields. Jim Paris, who also contributed, is a Mercat Tours Battlefield Guide. Ian, who had read many books on both WW1 and WW2, was interested but regrettably the lack of financial resources at that time caused it to be placed on the ‘back-burner’. In 2007, however, Des Brogan invited Ian and his wife June on one of Mercat’s WW1 coach tours of France and Belgium. June was also finally able to fulfil a life-long desire to visit the graveyard of her Grandfather McLennan, in one of the many beautifully maintained War Cemeteries.

1. Your King and Country Need You (Spoken Word - Iain Anderson)
2. Your King and Country Need You (Song - The Scottish Pals Singers)
3. Regimental Tunes (The Army School of Piping and Highland Drumming)
4. The Last Mile Home
5. It's a Long Way To Tipperary
6. Mademoiselle From Amenities
7. Fred Akron's Army
8. We're Here
9. Living in a Trench
10. Raining
11. Minor Worries
12. If The Sergeant Steals Your Rum
13. Oh! It's a Lovely War
14. Hush! Here Comes The Whizz-bang
15. Bombed Last Night
16. Gassed Last Night
17. Fritz Boy
18. Forward Joe Soap's Army
19. Pack Up Your Troubles
20. Whiter Than Whitewash
21. Far, Far From Wipers I Long To Be
22. Take Me Back to Dear Old Blight
23. I'll Make a Man of You
24. I Wore a Tunic
25. Goodbye
26. When this Bloody War is Over
27. I Don't Want to be a Soldier
28. I Want to go Home
29. The Old Battalion
30. The Bells of Hell
31. It's a Long Way to Tipperary
32. Keep The Home Fires Burning
33. Sister Suzie Sewing Shirts For Soldiers
34. The Only Girl in The World
35. Roses of Peccary (All The Scottish Pals Singers)
36. Keep Right on to The End of The Road (Harry Lauder)
37. The Flowers of The Forest (Corporal Neil McNaughton)
38. The Last Post (John Samson).

1. The Bloody Fields of Flanders Set (The Army School of Piping and Highland Drumming)
2. In Flanders Fields (Poem - Iain Anderson)
3. The Green Fields of France / No Man's Land (The Corries)
4. Jimmy's Gone Tae Flanders (Jim Malcolm)
5. Black is The Sun (Steve Palmer)
6. Mothers, Daughters, Wives (The McCalmans)
7. Geordie McCrae (Robin Laing)
8. And The Band Played Waltzing Matilda (Eric Bogle)
9. In Memorium (Poem - Iain Anderson)
10. An Eala Bhan (Roddy MacLeod)
11. Halloween (Sheena Wellington and Karine Polwart)
12. Why Old Men Cry (Dick Gaughan)
13. As If He Knows (Eric Bogle)
14. Jimmy Waddell / Battle of The Somme (Malinky)
15. Letters From Wilfred (Alan Bell)
16. Only Remembered (The McCalmans)
17. Cha Till MacCruemen (Poem - Iain Anderson) / MacCrimmon's Lament (Heather Heywood) / MacCrimmon's Sweeheart (Dougie Pincock)

Price: € 19.50
Flowers Of Scotland SKY 5012
Flowers Of Scotland
A brilliant compilation CD celebrating Scotland's much loved flowers, in music and song. The Bluebell Polka from Jimmy Shand, Roses Of Prince Charlie sung by Peter Morrison, The Clydesiders praising The Rowan Tree, The Flowers Of The Forest in the calm tones of Isla St Clair, and even The Orange Blossom Special by the SFO Folk Symphony.

1. The Thistle of Scotland
2. Butterfly & Promrose Polkas
3. Flowers of the Forest
4. The Bluebells of Scotland
5. Flower o' the Quern
6. Orange Blossom Special
7. The Rowan Tree
8. The Flower of Portencross
9. My Love is Like a Red Red Rose
10. The Rose of Tralee
11. Bright Blue Rose
12. The Rosebud of Allanvale
13. The Bluebell Polka
14. The Flowers of Edinburgh
15. The Heather Mixture Polka
16. The Flower of Scotland
17. Roses of Prince Charlie

Price: € 13.50
For Freedom Alone - The Wars Of Independence CDTRAX 1314
For Freedom Alone - The Wars Of Independence
2014 is the 700th Anniversary of Bannockburn this compilation of songs, music and a poem marks this important event.

Fifteen tracks feature the Wars of Independence and the exploits of William Wallace and Robert The Bruce.

Wallace's famous victory at Stirling Brig and his overwhelming defeat at Falkirk are the subjects of two songs and The Battle of Bannockburn features in several.

Of the eighteen tracks on the album, sixteen relate to the relevant historical period plus two 'bonus' tracks.

A portion of the Declaration Of Arbroath provides a fitting title for the album 'For Freedom Alone'.

The album features many of Scotland's finest artists and includes readings by BBC Radio Scotland's Iain Anderson.

1. Scots Wha Hae - Arthur Johnstone
2. The Declaration Of Arbroath - Iain Anderson
3. The Lion Wallace Saw - The McCalmans
4. The Battle Of Stirling Brig - Alastair McDonald
5. The Lament Of Wallace - Sylvia Barnes And Sandy Stanage
6. William Wallace - Alastair McDonald
7. Bannockburn - Alasdair Fraser With Skyedance
8. The Spiders Legend Of Robert The Bruce - Iain Anderson
9. De Bruce De Bruce - Ian Bruce
10. Bruce's Address To His Captains Before Bannockburn - George Archibald
11. Bruce At Bannockburn - Robin Laing
12. Field Of Bannockburn - Sylvia Barnes And Sandy Stanage
13. Sword Of Bannockburn - Alex Hodgson
14. The Black Douglas - The Corries
15. Bannockburn's Over - Alex Hodgson
16. Flower Of Scotland - The Corries
17. Bonus Track The Referendum - Alasdair Fraser And Natalie Haas
18. Bonus Track Both Sides The Tweed - Dick Gaughan

Price: € 15.00
Let Scotland Rock [CDx2] TMKCD 081
Let Scotland Rock [CDx2]
This double album is for lovers of Scotland who love to rock! 45 tracks either traditional songs given a rock treatment or rock classics given a Scottish twist. Performances from The MacDonald Brothers, Julienne Taylor, The Munros, Amanda Lyon and more.

1. Flower Of Scotland
2. Scottish Soldier
3. Rockin' All Over The World
4. Highland Cathedral
5. Don't You Rock Me Daddy-O
6. Ae Fond Kiss
7. Brothers In Arms
8. Danny Boy
9. Local Hero
10. Dark Island
11. Wishing Well
12. Loch Lomond
13. Sailing
14. Ye Banks And Braes
15. Wild Mountain Thyme
16. My Love Is Like A Red Red Rose
17. You Can Always Come Home Son
18. Charlie Is My Darling
19. Celtic Mantra
20. A Man's A Man For A' That
21. Shang A Lang
22. Scottish.. And Proud Of It
23. 500 Miles
24. Second Hand News
25. Braveheart
26. Rock 'n' Reel Medley
27. Scots Wha Hae
28. Dignity
29. Hoots Mon
30. I Burn For You
31. Donald Where's Yer Troosers
32. I Don't Wanna Talk About It
33. Ye Jacobites By Name
34. Your Song
35. Puttin' On The Style
36. With A Woman Like You
37. Need Your Love So Bad
38. Saturday Night
39. Just A Glasgow Boy
40. Wonderful Tonight
41. Loch Lomond
42. Young At Heart
43. Song To The Siren
44. Amazing Grace
45. 0uld Lang Syne

Price: € 15.00
No.1 Scottish - Traditional Music From The RSAMD CDTRAX 310
No.1 Scottish - Traditional Music From The RSAMD
This album was first released by the RSAMD as a limited edition in 2002, and includes many of the top students at the Academy at that time, plus their tutors.
The students are Liam Brown, Neil Cameron, Stuart Cassells, Kirsty Cotter, Dominique Dodge, Gillian Frame, James Graham, Kathleen Graham, Steven Graham, Claire Gullan, Fiona Hunter, Lisa Morrison, Calum MacCrimmon, Lorna MacDougall, Malcolm McEwan, Darren MacLean, Angus MacPhail, Andrew MacPherson, Rosie Morton, Ian Muir, Ishbel Munro, Findlay Napier, Sarah Parker, Alan Paterson, Jennifer Port, Jenna Reid, Emily Smith, Fraya Thomsen and Lori Watson.
Many of these talented young people have gone on to establish themselves as professionals on the Scottish music scene, and have since recorded solo or with bands - Fiona Hunter as a member of Malinky, and Stuart Cassells, Gillian Frame and Emily Smith as winners of the Young Scottish Traditional Musician of the Year Award.

1. The Dowie Dens o’ Yarrow (Emily Smith)
2. A Mhairead Og (James Graham)
3. Fhir a Chinn Duibh (Ishbel Munro)
4. Sailin’s a Wearie Life (Fiona Hunter)
5. Hielan’ Laddie (Findlay Napier and Gillian Frame)
6. The Brides and The Tartars Set
7. For Meg of Abernethy Set
8. Liam’s Bonnet Set
9. Da Burn o’ Cousta
10. Whistle O’er The Lave O’t
11. The Tag Team Set
12. Jamie Come Try Me
13. A Mhic Iain 'ic Sheumais
14. The Brides And Tartars Set

Price: € 19.50
Salute To Scotland - 3 CD SKYC 5016
Salute To Scotland -  3 CD
Great three CD set bringing together Scottish music, song dance and verse. A total of 52 tracks and some of the most famous and popular Scottish tunes including Flower of Scotland, Amazing Grace, Caledonia, The Dark Island, Will Ye No Come Back Again? a nd many, many more. Pipe Bands, Dance Bands, Fiddle Orchestra,swinging reels, lovely singers and much more.

Disc 1:
1. Amazing Grace
2. Lovat Scouts (Medley)
3. Bonnie Lass O' Dundee
4. Swingign Reels 1 (Medley)
5. Scottish Selection (Medley)
6. Land For All Seasons
7. The Gallowa Hills
8. Flower Of Scotland
9. Scotland The Brave (Medley)
10. The Gael
11. Will You No Come Back Again
12. A Man's A Man
13. Son Of The Scottish Soldier
14. Pipes and Drum Medley
15. O'er The Sea (Medley)
16. Farewell Tae Tarwathie
17. Heroes Of Longhope
Disc 2:
1. Caledonia
2. Tam O' Shanter
3. Ae Fond Kiss
4. The Dark Island
5. Music Of New and Old Caledonia
6. Annie Laurie
7. Scotland y Homeland
8. Flowers Of The Forest
9. Dashing White Sergeant (Medley)
10. Dark Lochnagar
11. Loch Lomond
12. Highlander's Return
13. To A Mouse
14. Holy Willie's Prayer
15. Bonnie Naver Bay
16. I've Never Kissed A Bonnie Lass Before
17. Victoria Hornpipe (Medley)
Disc 3:
1. Swinging Reels 2 (Medley)
2. Over The Sea To Skye
3. Highland Cathedral
4. Wild Mountain Thyme
5. McFarlane O'The Sprots
6. The Bluebells Of Scotland
7. The Bluebells Of Scotland
8. Farewell 51st Farewell
9. Ceud Mile Failte (Medley)
10. Jewel In The Crown (Medley)
11. Mairi's Wedding
12. Highland Gentleman
13. The Muckin O' Geordie's Byre
14. The Flower Of Porton Cross
15. Midlothian Pipe Band (Medley)
16. The Laird O' Drumblair
17. Scots Wha Hae
18. Blackthorn Stick (Medley)

Price: € 18.00
Scotland - 60 Magic Minutes Of Musical Heritage LCOM 5295
Scotland -  60 Magic Minutes Of Musical Heritage
An acoustic & melodic journey from the 16th century to the present.

1) OSSIAN : Iomramh eader ll' a's Uist (Rowing from Islay to Uist) - The Source of the Spey
2) ECLIPSE FIRST : Glencairn - Sabhal Mor
3) MEG DAVIS: The Loch Tay Boat Song
4) WATKIN LEES: An Bonnan Bui (The Yellow Bittern)
6) RHONA MACKAY: Gradh Geal Mo Cridh (An Eriskay Love Lilt)
7) COLOUR OF MEMORY: The Old Man and the Sea
9) NEW CELESTE: 70 Years - The Caber
10) OSSIAN: Mull of the Mountains
11) COILA: Bennachie Sunrise
12) COLOUR OF MEMORY: Rain Parade
13) RHONA MACKAY: Gealach nan Eilean (Island Moon)
14) TWILIGHT: Prince Charlie's Reel - The Mountain Lark
15) MEG DAVIS: The Last Leviathan
16) OSSIAN: Lude's Supper
17) COLOUR OF MEMORY: Changed Days

Price: € 18.00
Scottish Folk at its Best EUCD 2151
Scottish Folk at its Best
A joyous, inspiring, romantic, rousing… collection of Scottish songs and instrumentals, ballads, jigs, reels, airs… recounting well-known legends, myths, heroic songs and more in beautiful arrangements and instrumentations from traditional/acoustic to modern and all combinations in between.

Lyrics included (Gaelic lyrics with added English translations). 30-page booklet with extensive info in English, German, French, Spanish.

1. TANNAS: Cànain Nan Gaidheal
2. CANTERACH: MacGregor's Jigs
3. THE IRON HORSE: Helen of Kirkconnel
4. TANNAS: Sabhal Ia'n Ic Uisdean
6. ANNA MURRAY: Tir Nan Og (Land of the Ever-Young)
7. THE MICK WEST BAND: The Highland Muster Roll
9. ANNA MURRAY: Bràigh Loch-Iall
10. OLD BLIND DOGS: Mormond Braes
11. WENDY WEATHERBY: The Great Silkie of Sule Skerry
12. ROSS KENNEDY & ARCHIE McALLISTER: Jerry Holland's Reels
13. OLD BLIND DOGS: Johnny O'Braidislee
14. COILA: The New Dawning

Price: € 18.50
The Amazing Grace And Other Scottish Anthems LCOM 5211
The Amazing Grace And Other Scottish Anthems
6 versions. in various styles, of the international classic- song + another 8 great Scottish anthems.

1. The Pipes & Drums-Amazing Grace
2. Peter Morrison-Scotland The Brave
3. The Gaelforce Orchestra-Trilogy
4. Kenneth McKellar-Glencoe
5. Scottish Philharmonic Singers-Loch lomond
6. Tartan Brass-Amazing Grace
7. Alex Beaton-Skye Boat Song
8. Moira Anderson-Amazing Grace
9. Kenneth McKellar-Ye Banks and Braes
10. Peter Morrison-Dark Lochnagar
11. E+B+C-Amazing Grace
12. Alex Beaton-A Scottish Soldier
13. Moira Anderson-The Dark Island
14. James Nicol-The Lord's My Shepherd

Price: € 14.50
The Best of Scottish Music Vol 2 - Greentrax Recordings 15th Anniversary Compila CDTRAX 215
The Best of Scottish Music Vol 2 - Greentrax Recordings 15th Anniversary Compila
Featured Artists
MacUmba - Malinky - Natalie MacMaster - Dick Gaughan - Kevin MacLeod - Jack Evans - Aileen Carr - Ossian - Margaret Stewart - Allan MacDonald - Gordon Gunn Band - Billy Ross - Jennifer Wrigley - Hazel Wrigley - macAlias - Rod Paul - Jock Tamson’s Bairns - Rob MacKillop - Fiddler’s Bid - The John Wright Band - Iain MacInnes - Salsa Celtica.

1. MacUmba - Gale Warning
2. Malinky - Strathmartine Mains
3. Natalie MacMaster - Boys of The Lake Set
4. Dick Gaughan - Muir and The Master Builder
5. Kevin MacLeod - Pipe and Fiddle Reels
6. Jack Evans - Tarbolton
7. Aileen Carr - Mormond Braes
8. Ossian - Logan Water
9. Margaret Stewart & Allan MacDonald - O Mhairi ‘S To Mo Mhairi
10. Gordon Gunn Band - Orkney
11. Billy Ross - Gloomy Winter
12. Jennifer & Hazel Wrigley - Meg’s Hornpipe Set
13. macAlias - All The Way Back Home
14. Rod Paul - Birlinn Reel
15. Jock Tamson’s Bairns - Gude Claret
16. Rob MacKillop - Chancellours Farewell
17. Fiddler’s Bid - Da Sabbit Prawn Set
18. The John Wright Band - Time For Leaving
19. Iain MacInnes - Eliza Ross Set
20. Salsa Celtica - Yo Me Voy / Maggie’s Pancakes

Price: € 18.00
Price: € 10.00

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