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Alyth McCormack
People Like Me NAVIGATOR 33
People Like Me
Alyth McCormack (vocals) with Brian McAlpine (piano, accordion), Jonny Hardie (guitar, fiddle), Aidan O'Rourke (fiddle), Fraser Fifield (saxophone, whistle), Gerald Peregrine (cello), Ewan Vernal (bass), Noel Eccles (percussion), Donald Hay (drums), Justin Currie and Jonny Hardie (vocals).

Including songs by Boo Hewerdine, Suzanne Vega and Justin Currie of Del Amitri.

1. Nuair Bha Mi Og
2. The Queen And The Soldier
3. The Vices Set (Puirt)
4. The Beautiful Lie
5. Dh'Fhag E Gun Chadal Am Dhusgadh Mi
6. Neptune
7. A Mhairead Og
8. Till Morning Will Come
9. Chaidil Mi Raoir Air An Airigh
10. I Wonder What's Keeping My Love Tonight
11. A Smuggler's Prayer
12. Mo Ghaol Oigfhear A Chuil Duinn
13. People Like Me

Price: € 16.50
Price: € 8.00

Archie McAllister
A Fiddler's Tapestry CDLDS 7012
A Fiddler's Tapestry
A compilation of the best tracks from this champion fiddle player's four previous albums. Superb slow airs and driving jigs and reels, with a variety of top backing musicians.

Archie started playing the fiddle when he was thirteen years old, in his home town of Campbeltown under the tutorage of Maurice Duncan. He is a well known face in the traditional music scene and his distinctive, driving and versatile style earned him a nomination for best instrumentalist in the Trad Music Awards 2004.

1. The White Swan (Jigs Medley): The Heather Ale Jig/ Tipsy Sailor/ The White Swan / The Road to Kintyre
2. The Gathering Storms/ The Lowlands of Scotland/ Feadan Glan A'Phiobair
3. The Hills of Lorne
4. Forbes Morrison/ .The Nine Pint Coggie/ The Brig O'Dee
5. Boo Baby's Lullaby
6. The Lakewind Reels Medley: Joey Beaton's/ The Periwig/ Peter Davidson's Reel/ The Doune of Invernochty/ Sean Maguire's Reel
7. The Blaw Jigs (Medley): Glencoe Hall/ Roll Out The Snake/ Harvey's Fancy/ The Barber Shop/ Blaw Jig
8. Ossian
9. The Milltimber Jig/ Pricillas/ Donald MacLean
10. Jerry Holland's Reels Medley: Dave MacDonald's Wedding Reel/ Iggy and Squiggie Reel/ Mutt's Favourite/ Harry Bradshaw's Reel
11. Cluny Castle
12. Brumley Brae/ Wing Commander Donald / MacKenzie's Reel/ The Haddock Inspector's/ Birlin in Brittany
13. The Black Hoe/ The Man From North Connel/ The Dawning of Effie's Letter
14. Lachlan Dubh
15. The Java Reels Medley: The Java Reel/ Wolfe's Reel/ The Arran Ceilidh/ Birlin in Brittany

Price: € 11.00

Battlefield Band
Happy Daze COMD 2085
Happy Daze
Nothing stands still for Battlefield Band. Over 30 years on the road and still producing the goods. Perhaps the word DAZE in the album title comes from the pace this group of Scottish musicians live at. The new element in this album is the addition of Karine Polwart to the line-up. The music on the album is their usual unique, high quality, mix of self penned and traditional music and song reflecting the band's Scottish/Celtic background. 11 TRACKS plus 4 extra value added TRACKS taken from other recent solo and Battlefield Band albums.

1. The Devil's Courtship/An Dro
2. Medium Man/Floating Candles/Nighean Cailleach Nan Cearc (The Hen Wife's Daughter)
3. The Banks Of Red Roses
4. Tiny Wee Vin/The Road To The Aisle
5. The Riccarton Tollman's Daughter
6. Shepherd Lad
7. The Merry Macs/Dr. Iain MacAonghais (Dr John MacInnes)/Fonn Air Cailleach An T Siosalaich (Mrs Chisholm's Delight)
7. Happy Days
8. Whaur Will We Gang?/March Of The Ceili Man
9. A Mile Down The Road/Johnny's Jig/Boys Of The Puddle
10. Start It All Over Again

Price: € 20.50
Leaving Friday Harborh COMD 2080
Leaving Friday Harborh
This is the second album from the line up of Alan Reid (keyboards/vocals) * John McCusker (fiddle/whistle/accordion/cittern) * Davy Steele (guitar/bouzouki/bodhran/vocals) and Mike Katz (small and Highland pipes/whistle/bass).

The album has a high proportion of newly composed tunes and songs. Mike Katz has come up with fine and fiery pipe tunes with titles like 'Fifteen Stubbies to Warragul' and 'Jesse 'The Body' Ventura's reel'. John McCusker, prolific as ever, again offers beautiful music including the title track 'Leaving Friday Harbor'.

1. Clan Coco
2. The Last Trip Home
3. It's Nice To Be Nice
4. The Straw Man
5. Leaving Friday Harbor
6. The 24 Th Guards Brigade At Anzio
7. One More Chorus
8. The Pleasure Will Be Mine
9. Something For Jamie
10. The Sisters Reel
11. Logie O'Buchan

Price: € 20.50
Out for the Night COMD 2094
Out for the Night
This is the second album from the new line-up, and features Alan Reid (Vocals/Keyboard/Accordion); Mike Katz (Highland Bagpipe/Small Pipes/Whistles/Bass); Alasdair White (Fiddle/Whistles/Bouzouki) and Pat Kilbride (Vocals/Guitar/Cittern)

1. Ms Dynamite of Benbecula, The Alewife T, Little Cascade, Culders Rant
2. The Earl of Errol
3. Christ Church, Nuala Kennedys Reel, Ambassador Craig Murrays Reel
4. Seudan a Chuain, The Grinder, Barbhas agus Butthead
5. Belfast to Boston
6. The Anniversary Reel, Out For The Night
7. Rest and Be Thankful
8. The Kings Shilling
9. An Cota ruadh, Eastwood Cottage, Clisham, Captain Forbes Reel, Keep the Country Bonnie Lassie
10. Bagad Kemper, Trouble at Baghdad Roundabout, McKennas Jig
11. The Banks O Carron Water
12. Bowmore Fair, Mary O Neills Reel, Tournemine et Gasdebois
13. Clan Coco, The Road to Benderloch, Fifteen Stubbies to Warragul
14. Lord Randall
15. Time and Tide, The Nine Pint Coggie, Drive Home The Mainlanders, The Mill House

Price: € 20.50
The Road Of Tears COMD 2098h
The Road Of Tears
The legendary Battlefield Band has just released this album concerned with the troubles of emigrants. A theme that continues to be relevant to our times and our history. The songs are interspersed among a series of tunes played with outstanding skill by the band - fiddles, pipes, keyboard and guitar. Two songs by Robert Burns highlight the album.

1. The Road Of Tears
2. Ely Parker / Miss Martin's Wedding / The Primrose Lassies / Mr Galloway Goes To Washington
3. The Emigrant
4. The Highlander's Farewell To Ireland / Farewell To Ireland / Put Me In The Big Chest
5. The Slaves Lament
6. The Moleskin Kilt / The Empty Glen
7. Out In Australia At Last
8. The Patagonia Islanders / The Low Country Dance / Don Juan McKenna's Jig
9. Haro Strait
10. To A Mouse
11. Take Me To The Sea
12. Plane Wreck At Los Gatos
13. Sweet Molly / The Symmetry / The Boat Leaks
14. I Cried
15. Mary's Dream / The Mountain Dairy Maid / The Nameless Migrant
16. Five Bridges To Cross
17. The Green And The Blue

Price: € 20.50
Time & Tide COMD 2090
Time & Tide
One of the longest running Scottish folk bands, Battlefield Band celebrates three decades of music touring and recording. Time and Tide, their latest album, again sees a change in the lineup with the departures of Karine Polward and John McCusker. Pat Kilbride has returned after a 25 year absence. Young Shetland fiddler Alistair White from the Isle of Lewis takes up the fiddle baton on McCusker's departure. Founding member Alan Reid and piper Mike Katz stay put.

1. Chur i Gluin Air a Bhodach / DJ MacLeod's / The Ness Of Pipers / The Earl Of Space
2. Nancy's Whiskey
3. If Cadillac Made Tractors / Happy Birthday Fiona / MacFarlane's Rant
4. Camden Town
5. James Cameron / Fosgail An Doras / The Skylark's Ascension
6. Time And Tide
7. The Bonny Jeannie Deans
8. The Walking Nightmare / Drive Home The Mainlanders / The Mill House
9. Rothesay Bay
10. Banais Choinnich / Eileen MacDonald / Welcome The Piper 11. Sunset
12. Whiskey From The Field / Volcanic Organic

Price: € 20.50

Blair Douglas
A Summer In Skye SKYE 09
A Summer In Skye
Blair Douglas, a founder member of Runrig, is recognised as being one of the few island musicians who still retains his creative roots whilst travelling extensively throughout the world performing and absorbing music from many cultures. He has made numerous public performances, broadcast frequently on radio and television and toured as a member of Macmeanmna with their award-winning show "Skye - The Island".

1) A Summer in Skye
2) The Skye Glen Waltz
3) The Second Sight
4) The Landlord's Walk
5) A' Bhean Ionmhainn
6) Iain Angus Douglas's Welcome to the Big Wide World - The Woodcutter - An Corran Glas
7) The Gugahunter
8) NicMhathain's Thank You
9) An Cocaire Beag - Donald Stewart of Kitson Crescent - MacLean of Aird
10) Skye At Last
11) Fear Beag a' Chridle Mhoir
12) Nelson Mandela's Welcome to the City of Glasgow
13) Ora Nam Buadh
14) Miss Ina MacLellan's Air

Price: € 20.50

Brian McNeill
The Baltic Tae Byzantium CDTRAX 341
The Baltic Tae Byzantium
Brian McNeill released his groundbreaking album The Back O' The North Wind in 1991, on the theme of emigration from Scotland to North America. This time the theme is emigration from Scotland to Europe.

Brian McNeill (fiddle, octave fiddle, guitar, mandocello, bouzouki, viola, mandolin, cittern, concertina, bass, hurdy gurdy) with Sylvia Barnes (vocals), Dominique Dodge (harp), Dick Gaughan (guitar, vocals), Lorne MacDougall (pipes), Patsy Seddon (vocals), Fraser Speirs (harmonica) and Mike Travis (drums).

1. The Baltic Tae Byzantium
2. Scotus
3. A Far North Land
4. Bothwell
5. The Holland Trade
6. Auld Man By The Fire
7. The Gothenburg Reel / John's Awa Tae France / Danzig Willie's Reel
8. How The Foreign Winds Do Blaw / Madam Dae Ye Ken The Dance?
9. Back Tae Berwick Johnnie
10. Bring The Lassie Hame
11. True To The Forest

Price: € 15.00

Café Celtica
Chilled Contemporary Celtic Music TMK 034H
Chilled Contemporary Celtic Music
The words "Celtic Chill" may bring to mind driech days of cold Scottish rain, but this album might just change your thinking. Julienne Taylor, Twin Peaks, Celtic Spirit and The Munros are the artistes at the forefront of the contcmporary laidback sound. Eighteen tracks of Caledonia's ultimate Cafe mix. Cappuccino with haggis sprinkles, anyone?

1. Song To The Siren
2. In The Beginning
3. Only When I Sleep
4. Breakaway (Celtic Sunset Mix)
5. Break Of Day
6. Your Song (Cool Celt Mix)
7. Beyond
8. Calm After The Storm
9. Love
10. Midsummer
11. Because
12. Breathe Of Air
13. Homeward Bound (Celtic Version)
14. Oceans Flow (Total Chillout Mix)
15. Why
16. I Don't Wanna Talk About It (Celtic Instumental Mix)
17. Distant Land
18. As Dusk Falls

Price: € 14.50

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