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At The Heart Of It All VERTCD 100
At The Heart Of It All
An album in celebration of their 30th Anniversary, maintaining Capercaillie's reputation as one of Scotland's supergroups.

Lying 'At the heart of it all', three decades after Capercaillie first performed, is the ancient Gaelic culture that originally inspired them.

1. S' Och A' Dhomhnaill ig Ghaolaich
2. The Strathspey Set
3. Ailein Duinn Nach Till Thu An Taobh-Seo
4. The Jura Wedding Reels
5. At The Heart Of It All
6. Abu Chuibhl' (Spinning Song)
7. The Marches
8. Nighean Dubh Nighean Donn
9. Fainne An Dochais (Ring Of Hope)
10. Cal's Jigs; 11 Lament For John 'Garve' Macleod Of Raasay

Price: € 18.00
Beautiful Wasteland SURCD 021
Beautiful Wasteland
In early 1997 the band shipped their studio from Glasgow to a villa high in the Andalucian mountains to begin work on a new album.

The band recruited Wilf Taylor and David Robertson on drums and percussion and in brought former BBC young musician of the year - the multi-talented Michael McGoldrick on pipes and whistles.

The band once again raised their musical horizons even further incorporating contemporary grooves featuring the evocative African chants of Hijas del Sol and the vocal duo from Guinea. Key tracks include 'Inexile' and 'Hebridean Hale-Bopp'. This was the album of the year in both Folk Roots and Mojo.

1. M'Ionam
2. Inexile
3. Tree
4. Am Mur Gorm (the Blue Rampart)
5. Beautiful Wasteland
6. Co Ni Mire Rium? (Who Will Have Fun With Me) [Live]
7. Shelter
8. Hebridean Hale-Bopp
9. Kepplehall/25 KTS
10. Thiocfadh Leat Fanacht
11. Finlay's
12. Sardinia

Price: € 19.75
Capercaillie SURCD 018
1994 found the band working with Soul II Soul member Will Mowat after they heard his work with African diva Angelique Kidjo. This album produced a unique blend of African rhythms and Celtic music, making it the original Afro-Celt recording. This album includes the extraordinary 10 minute 'widescreen' version of 'When You Return' and 'Alistair Mhic', a pulsating version of a Gaelic waulking song the band originally recorded in 1988.

1. The Miracle Of Being
2. When You Return
3. Grace And Pride
4. Tobermory
5. Take The Floor
6. Stinging Rain
7. Alasdair Mhic Cholla Ghasda
8. Crime Of Passion
9. Bonaparte
10. When You Return (Widescreen Mix)

Price: € 19.00
Dusk Till Dawn - The Best Of Capercaillie SURCD 023
Dusk Till Dawn -  The Best Of Capercaillie
The Best of Capercaillie draws on material from their six albums prior to 1998 and includes some of the best known of the band's songs - among them the Gaelic single Coisich a Ruin (the first Gaelic Top 40 single), the Youth remix of Miracle of Being, the theme song from Rob Roy - Ailein Duinn - a 1998 version of Inexile featuring the African vocalist Sibeba, and a live version of Breisleach, a track used often on television.

The album captures the full breadth of the band whose musical quest has always been to stretch the boundaries of Celtic and World music. The musical prowess of Donald Shaw (accordion, keyboards), Manus Lunny (bouzouki) and Charlie MacKerron (fiddle) is matched only by the peerless voice of Karen Matheson.

1. Coisich A Ruin
2. Miracle of Being (Youth Remix)
3. The Tree
4. Ailein Duinn
5. Grace And Pride
6. The Whinney Hills Jigs
7. Claire In Heaven
8. Outlaws
9. Inexile (1998 Remix)
10. Seice Ruairidh
11. Kepplehall/25kts
12. Tobermory
13. Waiting For The Wheel To Turn
14. Nils Si In Gra
15. Four Stone Walls
16. Dr. Macphail's Reel
17. Breisleach (Live)

Price: € 19.70
Glenfinnan (Songs Of The '45) CAP 6
Glenfinnan (Songs Of The '45)
The beautiful voice of Karen Matheson, and the contemporary Celtic music of Capercaillie. Tracks taken from the BBC Scotland film Raising The Standard, about the Jacobite Rising of 1745, and drawing strongly from songs written at the time.

Capercaillie were filmed overnight for the specially commissioned television programme From Dusk Till Dawn With Glenfinnan, which marked the 250th anniversary of Bonnie Prince Charlie's uprising. It was filmed at Glenfinnan, where the standard was raised on the 11th August, 1745.

These songs retrace the steps of those who came down from the mountains 250 years ago to follow Prince Charles Edward Stewart. Despite the attempted annihilation of a culture and a people, Gaelic endures.

1. Oran Do Loch Iall
2. Oran Air Brith A Phrionnsa Tearlaich
3. Oran Eile Don Phrionnsa
4. An Fhideag Airgid
5. Alasdair's Tune
6. Clo Mhic Ille Mhicheil
7. Mo Run Gael Og
8. Smuladh Mi's Mi Air Maineol
9. Gaelic Psalm Theme

Price: € 16.00
Grace And Pride (The Anthology 2004- 1984) - 2CD SURCD 030
Grace And Pride (The Anthology 2004- 1984) -  2CD
Double CD featuring music from Capercaillie's twenty year span. Classic tracks combine with previously unreleased material, long deleted tracks and rare recordings.

Capercaillie have been credited with being the major force in bringing Celtic music to the world stage, and their unique fusion of Gaelic culture and contemporary sound has always stretched boundaries in their quest to keep the music evolving.

Includes a twenty-page booklet.

CD 1 :
1. Who Will Raise Their Voice?
2. Mile Marbhaisg
3. Homers Reel
4. Mo Chailin Dileas Donn
5. Rob Roy Reels
6. Tighinn Air
7. Hoireann O
8. The Snuff Wife Jigs
9. Breisleach live
10. Co No Mire Rium
11. Beautiful Wasteland
12. Am Mur Comr
13. Finlays
14. Clumhic Ille Mhicheil
15. Claire In Heaven
16. Ailein Duinn
17. Fear-Allabain
18. Eastern Reel

CD 2 :
1. Stinging Rain
2. Alasdair Mhic Cholla Ghasda
3. Miracle of Being
4. Bonaparte
5. Grace and Pride
6. Silver Spear Reels
7. Dean Cadalan / Servant to the Slave
8. Pige Ruidh
9. Waiting for the Wheels to Turn 12"
10. Dr Macphail's Reel
11. Coisich a Ruin 12"
12. Fisherman's Dream
13. Sidewaulk Reels
14. Fosgail and Dorus
15. Oh Mo Dhuthach
16. Calum's Road
17. Fear a'bhata
18. An Ribhinn Donn
19. The Little Cascade

Price: € 20.50
Live In Concert SURCD 027
Live In Concert
Containing several previously unreleased titles and brand new arrangements of some of their best known songs, with TRACKS from all of their albums from 1989 onwards. The band continues to innovate and there is a definite new feel, energy and vitality to this recording which reflects a subtle shift in the band's overall sound. The all-star line up of the band is underpinned by the brilliant rhythm bedrock of ex-Deacon Blue bass player Ewen Vernal, new recruit Che Beresford on drums and the multi-percussion talents of David 'Chimp' Robertson. The instrumental virtuosity is taken to further heights by the peerless vocals of Karen Matheson, who has been described by Billboard magazine as 'the finest Gaelic singer alive today'.

1. Mo Chalin Dileas Donn
2. Finlay's
3. Kepplehall
4. Nil Si I Ngra
5. The Miracle of Being
6. Dr MacPhail's
7. Cape Breton Song
8. The Weasel Set
9. Inexile
10. Iain Ghlinn Cuaich
11. Bonaparte
12. The Rob Roy Reels
13. Coisich a Ruin
14. Crime of Passion
15. The Tree

Price: € 20.00
Ndurra SURCD 025

Capercaillie are back with their first new studio album for three years. The band, credited with being the major force in bringing Celtic music to the world stage, have returned with their finest release to date. Nadurra is Gaelic for 'naturally' and on this record the band have returned to their roots, recording an acoustic-based album while retaining their typically vibrant and contemporary sound.

The recording features their 'marriage made in heaven' line-up from their last 2 years of touring with Donald Shaw on accordion and keyboards, Charlie McKerron on fiddle and Manus Lunny on bouzouki and guitar, joined by flute player extraordinaire Michael McGoldrick on whistles and uillean pipes, top bass guru Ewen Vernal, and the stunning and ubiquitous James MacKintosh of Shooglenifty on drums and percussion.

1. Skye Waulking Song
2. Hope Springs 3 Eternal
3. Michael's Matches
4. Tighinn Air A'Mhuir Am Fear A Phosas Mi
5. Hoireann O
6. Truth Calling
7. Argyll Lasses
8. Mo Chailin Dileas Donn
9. Rature
10. Hollybush
11. Gaol Troimh Aimsirean
12. The Cockerel In The Creel

Price: € 19.70
Roses and Tears VERTCD 084
Roses and Tears
Credited with being at the forefront of the renaissance in folk/roots music over the last 20 years, Capercaillie, Scotlands finest celtic band, return with a brand new studio album.
The album features many songs sourced from the Gaelic song archive at the School of Scottish Studies, new songs and reels penned by Donald Shaw and a beautiful rendition of John Martyns anti-war song Dont You Go.
Capercaillie are: Karen Matheson - vocals; Donald Shaw - accordian & piano; Manus Lunny - bouzouki; Charlie McKerron - fiddle with Michael McGoldrick - pipes & flutes; Ewen Vernal - bass; Che Beresford - drums & David Robertson - percussion.

1. him b
2. turas an nraidh
3. dont you go
4. the aphrodisiac
5. barra clapping song
6. seinneam cli nam fear r
7. oran sugraidh
8. the quimper waltz
9. soldier boy
10. a rcan a bh againne
11. rose cottage reels
12. leadhasach an tir chein

Price: € 19.00
The Blood is Strong SURCD 014
The Blood is Strong
This compilation includes the best music from three separate TV films - "The Blood is Strong" for Channel 4; "Prince Among Islands" for ITV and "Highlanders" for ITV. Capercaillie's distinctive blend of Celtic music is a key ingredient, enhancing and enriching each film with their contribution especially the haunting vocals of Karen Matheson.

1. An Gille Ban
2. Callinish, Piets, Celts
3. Domhnall (Black Donald) Fear A Bhata
4. An t-Eilean Mu Thuath Alasdair Mhic Colla
5. Fagail Bhernaraidh (Leaving Berneray) Dean Cadalan Samhach
6. The Lorn Theme Lordship Of The Isles
7. Gun Teann Mi Ris Na Ruinn Tha Seo Grandfather Mountain
8. Aignish Arrival Reprise
9. The Hebrides An Ataireachd Ard
10. Arrival Theme Colum Cille
11. Cumha Do dh'Uilleam Siosal 'S Fhada Leam An Oidhche Gheamhraidh
12. Iona Theme Downtown Toronto
13. Oh Mo Dhuthaich Maideanan Na h-Airidh
14. Calum's Road

Price: € 20.50

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