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Wind and Water, Time and Tide CDELM 4134k
Wind and Water, Time and Tide
Robin Watson and Gordon Menzies have been together as Gaberlunzie since the early 1970s and are well known for producing an exciting blend of modern and traditional songs. Essentially Scottish, with an emphasis on rhythm and harmony. Gaberlunzie have a wide appeal to audiences both at home and abroad. They have travelled extensively in Europe, Canada, United States, and the Middle East, taking with them not only Scottish music but also that other extra special ingredient- Scottish humour.

1. Mormond Braes
2. Kishoen Commandos
3. Back of Beyond
4. Morris's March
5. The Weavers
6. Sleepy Toon
7. This Land is your Land
8. Men from the Rigs
9. Bogie's Bonnie Bell
10. Come by the Hills
11. Remember John MacLean
12. Kissin' in the Dark
13. The Muckin' O' Geordie's Byre/What Would you do ?
14. Tarry Arry Arry
15. Lion on the Gold

Price: € 18.50

Full Steam Ahead CDTRAX 245
Full Steam Ahead
The rise of Give Way - sisters Fiona (17), Kirsty (15) and twins Amy and Mairi (13) - has been meteoric! In the short time since the girls chose the name Give Way the group received a Danny Award at Glasgow's Celtic Connections in 2001 and immediately followed this up by winning the BBC Radio 2 Young Folk Awards. A booking at the prestigious Cambridge Folk Festival was followed by a guest appearance at the 2002 BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards and later an invite to return to the Young Folk Awards to appear in an extended set as the previous years' Award Winners.

1. Manomynous
2. Full Steam Ahead
3. Blue Bonnets
4. Riverdance
5. Jiggin'
6. Tonder
7. Piper and the Shrew
8. Monday Morning
9. Glencoe Beginnings
10. Crossing the Water
11. Leith Central

Price: € 18.50
Inspired CDTRAX 280
They play a heady mixture of Scottish traditional music, from haunting airs to lively jigs and energetic reels, with the occasional song as well.

1. Inspired
2. Roddy's
3. Next To You
4. Rockin'
5. Deep in Thought
6. Shake a Leg
7. Wee Michael's
8. Maggie
9. Jazziness
10. Pipe Slang
11. Two-Row Set

Price: € 18.50
Lost In This Song CDTRAX 332
Lost In This Song
The third album from the four young and hugely talented Johnson sisters, from near Edinburgh, showing a new maturity in their vocal and instrumental presentation. Produced again by Phil Cunningham.

The first two albums received excellent reviews and the band is now popular in the UK, Europe and USA.

Formed in 1998, the group comprises four Johnson sisters - Fiona (fiddle, guitar, whistles, vocals), Kirsty (accordion, vocals), Amy (drums, percussion, vocals) and Mairi (keyboards, vocals).

1. Lost in The Song
2. Flipperfoot The Mugger
3. Western Highway
4. Zander The Salamander
5. The Water is Wide
6. This One's On You
7. Violets
8. The Poaching Song
9. Beginning Set
10. Lofty's

Price: € 16.50

Hamish MacGregor
Souvenir Of Scotland CD 6407
Souvenir Of Scotland
Several top traditional musicians play traditional tunes with place names.

Simon Thoumire with Jennifer & Hazel Wrigley and Julia Legge.

1. Flowers Of Edinburgh
2. Loch Lomond
3. Pennan Den
4. Stones Of Stenness
5. Arniston Castle
6. Dark Lochnagar
7. Roslin Castle
8. Kelso Races
9. The Banks Of Loch Ness
10. Ye Banks and Braes Of Bonnie Doune
11. Glasgow Hornpipe
12. Skye Boat Song
13. Spootiskerry

Price: € 10.00

Just for the Halibut KSCD 007
Just for the Halibut
The Hoogsters' second album features many original tunes and a number of songs including an appearance by guest singer and Mod gold medallist Margaret MacLennan. It contains a good mixture of the traditional Hoogie sound and some of the lively new styles which have been heard in recent Hoogie gigs.

1. Fleabag 1&2
2. Sileas
3. Tae Pad the Road wi' Me
4. Squeakin' Fiddle
5. Larides
6. Duncan and the Botachs
7. Deeply Disturbed
8. I'm too Sexy for my Fiddle
9. Braigh Loch Iall
10. Wee Archie's Jigs
11. La Dispute
12. Find You
13. Marches
14. Leakin' Pipes
15. Booshy's on the Booze

Price: € 16.00

Iain Morrison
A sixth solo album from musician, singer and writer Iain Morrison, who hails from the Outer Hebrides.

From a young age Iain loved the classical music of the highland pipes (piobaireachd), his father Iain Snr taught him using a technique called canntaireachd (which is a form of singing).

1. Siubhal
2. Eas
3. A Flame of Wrath For Patrick Caogach
4. The Little Spree
5. Crackle
6. To the Sea
7. Too Long in this Condition
8. R. Morar
9. You're My Letting Go

Price: € 17.50

Ian F Benzie
So Far CDLDL 1228
So Far
First solo album from ex-Old Blind Dogs singer.

1. The Laird o' Drum
2. Hold on to Me Babe
3. Wantoness
4. John Anderson my Jo
5. Silver Dagger
6. Rue
7. Willie More
8. The Braes o' Gight
9. Johnson
10. Carrickfergus
11. Cold Blow and the Rainy Night
12. Are Ye Sleepin' Maggie?
13. The Deadly Wars
14. Can Ye Dance?
15. May We Go Now?

Price: € 17.25

Iron Horse
Collection CDLDS 7011
The Iron Horse received critical acclaim through their imaginative and contemporary settings of traditional and self-composed music.

Some of the best tracks from their distinguished career, from ambient grooves to driving instrumentals and powerful songs.

1. The Iron Horse Medley
2. The Peacock's Feather Medley
3. The Heiress
4. For A' That
5. Voice Of The Land
6. Helen Of Kirkconnel
7. A'Bhean Iadaich
8. The Piper's Bonnet Medley
9. The Earl Of Moray
10. Miss Lynn Morrison
11. The 8 Step Waltz
12. Duncan Gray
13. The Steampacket Medley
14. Lowlands Of Holland
15. The Cape Breton Fiddlers'
16. Welcome To Shetland Medley

Price: € 13.00

Jeana Leslie and Siobhan Miller
In A Bleeze CDTRAX 324
In A Bleeze
Debut album from Jeana Leslie and Siobhan Miller, two talented girls with wonderful personalities to match.

Jeana, from Orkney, plays fiddle and piano, and sings. Siobhan, from Penicuik in Midlothian, sings. At the time of recording, both were students at the RSAMD in Glasgow.

A mix of traditional song classics, contemporary songs and instrumental sets. The Parting Glass is a live BBC recording from the girls' Folk Award-winning performance at The Queen Elizabeth Hall in London. Contemporary songs include Saints And Sinners (David Francey), Goodbye To The Sea And Sailors (Phamie Gow) and Three Sailors (Michael Pentergast). Jeana has contributed two tunes and Siobhan one song.

1. Burning Of Auchendoon
2. Pint Of Wine
3. Mad Tom Of Bedlam
4. Time Wears Awa
5. Midlothian Miners Set
6. Familiar Faces
7. Edward
8. Saints And Sinners
9. Goodbye To The Sea And Sailors
10. Three Sailors
11. Lord Franklin Set
12. Fardach Na Pioba
13. The Parting Glass

Price: € 18.00

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