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The McCalmans
Peace and Plenty CDGMP 8009
Peace and Plenty
This is a complete album of one of Scotland's most popular and enduring vocal harmony groups.

1. Tullochgorum
2. The Bells of the Town
3. Song of the Plough
4. The Colliery Gate / No You Won't Get Me Down Your Mines
5. The Black Bear / The Drover Lads / The Top House
6. South Australia / Esikibo River / Blood Red Roses / Little Sally Rackett
7. Up and Rin Awa' Geordie
8. Scotland
9. Falkirk Tryste
10. Mothers, Daughters, Wives
11. The Highland Road
12. Barratt's Privateers
13. Men of the Sea
14. Song For Europe
15. Tae The Weavers Gin Ye Gang
16. Leave Her Johnny

Price: € 14.50

Full Steam Ahead CDTRAX 245
Full Steam Ahead
The rise of Give Way - sisters Fiona (17), Kirsty (15) and twins Amy and Mairi (13) - has been meteoric! In the short time since the girls chose the name Give Way the group received a Danny Award at Glasgow's Celtic Connections in 2001 and immediately followed this up by winning the BBC Radio 2 Young Folk Awards. A booking at the prestigious Cambridge Folk Festival was followed by a guest appearance at the 2002 BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards and later an invite to return to the Young Folk Awards to appear in an extended set as the previous years' Award Winners.

1. Manomynous
2. Full Steam Ahead
3. Blue Bonnets
4. Riverdance
5. Jiggin'
6. Tonder
7. Piper and the Shrew
8. Monday Morning
9. Glencoe Beginnings
10. Crossing the Water
11. Leith Central

Price: € 18.50

Inspired CDTRAX 280
They play a heady mixture of Scottish traditional music, from haunting airs to lively jigs and energetic reels, with the occasional song as well.

1. Inspired
2. Roddy's
3. Next To You
4. Rockin'
5. Deep in Thought
6. Shake a Leg
7. Wee Michael's
8. Maggie
9. Jazziness
10. Pipe Slang
11. Two-Row Set

Price: € 18.50

The Cottars
On Fire CDTRAX 281
On Fire
The Cottars are four young Celts from Cape Breton, Canada - brother and sister pairs Ciaran and Fiona MacGillivray, and Jimmy and Roseanne MacKenzie. Ranging in age from 14 to 17, each is a multi-instrumentalist, singer and step-dancer.
The group are winners of the 2003 East Coast Music Award for Best New Artist, and winners of the 2005 award for the Roots/Traditional Group Recording of The Year for this album.

1. Ready For The Storm
2. Calling on Song
3. Bodhran & Fiddle Medley
4. Loch Tay Boat Song
5. Planxty Mira Medley
6. Cape Breton Lullaby
7. Boholla Medley
8. The Wild Goose
9. The Guitar Jigs
9. Reconciliation
10. Celtic Harp Medley
11. The Parting Glass

Price: € 18.50

Trad Roots SAIN 24
Trad Roots
The passion and spirit of Welsh, Irish, Stottish and Breton traditional music.

1. Bullocks (Blazin Fiddles) - 2. Y Fwyalchen (Plethyn) - 3. The League Reel (Teada) - 4. Rag ar Plinn (Skeduz) - 5. Mympwy Llwyd (Crasdant) - 6. Puirt-a-berl (Dochas) - 7. Uaine Behag (Slide) - 8. Merch ei Mam (Sian James) - 9. Lay Dee at Dee (Filska) - 10. Morgan Jones (Bob Delyn) - 11.Kaz a Barh (Storvan) - 12. Jig Songs (Dervish) - 13. Ar Galv / Kas Ha Barh (Alain Pennec) - 14. Polkas (North Cregg) - 15. Pachpi (Loeiz Ropars) - 16. Twll yn y to (Ar Log) - 17. Pressed For Time (The Finlay Macdonald Band).

Price: € 19.00
Price: € 10.00

The Corries
Barrett's Privateers MOICD 8012
Barrett's Privateers
The second title in the series 'CORRIES CLASSICS' is the album 'Barrett's Privateers'. Previously unreleased on CD the album is made available with its original artwork and updated inlay notes. Re-mastered from the original master tapes the album comes in brilliant stereo with the added bonus of Dolby Surround * sound - further increasing the appeal of Scotland's best-selling folk group and enabling this Moidart series to meet the audio demands of the modern digital listener using home theatre systems for audio use.

1. North Sea Shoals
2. Jock O' Braidislee
3. The Tortoise
4. Rise, Rise
5. Medley: Loch Lomond / Farewell to the Creeks
6 Dashing Arts
7. Twa Recruitin' Sergeants
8. Waters O' Tyne
9. The Folker
10. Barrett's Privateers
11. Strangest Dream
12. Rosin' The Beau

Price: € 20.00

Roag PHATCD 005
The band Pipedown was formed in 1998, when it won the Danny Kyle Open Stage Award at Glasgow's 2001 Celtic Connections festival.
Drawing on influences from Scottish and Irish traditions, together with Celtic music worldwide, the result has been a powerful and distinctive sound, rich in melody and dynamics.

1. Beaton’s
2. Donald Dubh
3. Tar the House
4. Granny Duncan
5. The Grapevine Set
6. Back of the Moon
7. The Forger
8. Brendan Murphy
9. The Hellbound Train
10. Eyebrows
11. The Yodler

Price: € 19.50

No.1 Scottish - Traditional Music From The RSAMD CDTRAX 310
No.1 Scottish - Traditional Music From The RSAMD
This album was first released by the RSAMD as a limited edition in 2002, and includes many of the top students at the Academy at that time, plus their tutors.
The students are Liam Brown, Neil Cameron, Stuart Cassells, Kirsty Cotter, Dominique Dodge, Gillian Frame, James Graham, Kathleen Graham, Steven Graham, Claire Gullan, Fiona Hunter, Lisa Morrison, Calum MacCrimmon, Lorna MacDougall, Malcolm McEwan, Darren MacLean, Angus MacPhail, Andrew MacPherson, Rosie Morton, Ian Muir, Ishbel Munro, Findlay Napier, Sarah Parker, Alan Paterson, Jennifer Port, Jenna Reid, Emily Smith, Fraya Thomsen and Lori Watson.
Many of these talented young people have gone on to establish themselves as professionals on the Scottish music scene, and have since recorded solo or with bands - Fiona Hunter as a member of Malinky, and Stuart Cassells, Gillian Frame and Emily Smith as winners of the Young Scottish Traditional Musician of the Year Award.

1. The Dowie Dens o’ Yarrow (Emily Smith)
2. A Mhairead Og (James Graham)
3. Fhir a Chinn Duibh (Ishbel Munro)
4. Sailin’s a Wearie Life (Fiona Hunter)
5. Hielan’ Laddie (Findlay Napier and Gillian Frame)
6. The Brides and The Tartars Set
7. For Meg of Abernethy Set
8. Liam’s Bonnet Set
9. Da Burn o’ Cousta
10. Whistle O’er The Lave O’t
11. The Tag Team Set
12. Jamie Come Try Me
13. A Mhic Iain 'ic Sheumais
14. The Brides And Tartars Set

Price: € 19.50

Highland Lines CDELM 4150
Highland Lines
Rob Rhuadh Rob Roy MacGregor openly supported the Jacobite cause. The name and Tartan of MacGregor were for years proscribed by law, and many of the Clan had to take 'borrowed' surnames. First Orra Loon Gordon recalls his days as orra loon on Balado Home farm by Kinross. Mike Paul from Vancouver composed the tune. MacCrimmon was one of the Legendary piping family from Skye. He is said to have foretold his own death in battle. Kelty Clippie Kelty is a small village in Fife. A Clippie is another name for a bus conductress. This song was written by John Watt. Ullapool Ullapool Gordon wrote this song for Ullapool's bi-centenary year in 1988.Raglan Road A beautiful Irish Love Song. Tae The Beggin' One of the earliest Songs performed by the Gabs. the name 'Gaberlunzie' means 'Beggar's Purse'.Voice Of My Island During the Highland Clearance people gathered on Mull before shipping out to the Americas, on the adjacent island of Ulva is a place known as Starvation Point where several hundred people died waiting for the 'White Sailed Ships'.

1. Rob Rhuadh (Menzies/Watson)
2. First Orra Loon (Menzies)
3. MacCrimmon (Trad)
4. Kelty Clippie (Watt)
5. Girl Behind The Bar / Liverpool Hornpipe (Trad)
6. Bonnie Earl Of Moray (Trad)
7. Arthur McBride (Trad)
8. Ullapool, Ullapool (Menzies)
9. Raglan Road
10. Tae The Beggin (Trad)
11. Voice Of My Island (Menzies)

Price: € 19.00

Live at Inverarnan CDELM 4153
Live at Inverarnan
Gaberlunzie recorded live at the Drovers Inn at Inverarnan. Special thanks to Duncan McGregor and all the staff for their co-operation, and to a most appreciative audience.

1. The Gallant Murray
2. The Last Leviathan
3. Auntie Bella
4. Glencoe
5. Hedgehog Song
6. Yellow On The Broom
7. Soor Milk Cart
8. Burleigh Sands
9. Finnigans Wake
10. Jamie Foyers
11. The Headlands
12. Mingulay Boat Song
13. Barnyards Of Dalgety
14. Loch Lomond
15. Schiehallion
16. Scots Wha Hae
17. Will Ye No Come Back Again

Price: € 19.00

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