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Valerie Dunbar
Always Argyll CDKLP 30
Always Argyll

1. Always Argyll
2. Back in Bonnie Scotland
3. Wild Mountain Thyme
4. Come By the hills
5. Back in Bonnie Scotland
6. How Great Thou' Art
7. Thistle of Scotland
8. Bluebells of Scotland
9. Come Along
10. Scotland Forever
11. The Sky is Bluer in Scotland
12. Road to Dundee
13. Flower of Scotland
14. My Ain Folk
15. Mull of Kintyre
16. A Hundred Thousand Welcomes
17. Take Me Back
18. The Tartan, Dark Lochnagar
19. Old Rugged Cross
20. The Rowan Tree
21. Bonnie Gallawa'
22. Loch Lomond, Roses of Prince Charlie
23. Old Rustic Bridge

Price: € 10.00

The Cast
Colours Of Lichen CUL 109D
Colours Of Lichen
One of the hottest duos in Scotland's burgeoning traditional music scene present 12 tracks played with vocals, fiddle, viola & guitar

1. Giant
2. Broom O The Cowdenknowes / Tha Mi Tinn
3. Aviemore / Ca The Stirks Frae Oot The Corn / The Drummer / The Argyle Bowling Green
4. Hall Of Mirrors
5. Lullabye For A Very New Baby
6. Memories Of Fr Angus MacDonnell
7. The Duke Of Gordon's Birthday / London Lasses / Da Eye Wifie / The Fryish Reel
8. Piper And The Maker, The
9. Eventide
10. Basker's Delight / Mrs McGhee / The Black Hoe
11. Auld Refrain, The
12. John Anderson, My Jo

Price: € 20.50

John Munro
Plying My Trade CDTRAX 312
Plying My Trade
John Munro was born in Glasgow and ‘escaped’ to Australia at the age of 18 years. Having had a flirtation with folk music in Scotland, John found the local folk haunts in Australia and was soon immersed in the music.
John’s songs are about things that matter to him, from the country that bore him to the one that has given him his home and family; from love songs to stories of personal tragedy and from rants against political correctness to his hopes for the future of the world.

The album was recorded in Australia and includes contributions from Kat Kraus and Emma Luker (both of Colcannon).

1. Spirit Of The Land
2. Ballad Of Charles Davenport
3. Journeyman
4. Border
5. Thunder On
6. She Waits For Me
7. What Will It Take
8. Outlaw
9. Reflections
10. Sisters
11. While I Am Here
12. Wild Mountain Thyme

Price: € 18.50

Chris Stout Quintet
Devil's Advocate CDTRAX 305
Devil's Advocate
Chris Stout is a member of top Shetland band Fiddlers' Bid - he is also a member of The Finlay MacDonald Band he works as a duo with harpist Catriona MacKay (also of Fiddlers' Bid).

Chris' first solo album First O' The Darkenin' was nominated for both the BBC Folk Awards and The Scots Trad Awards of 2004.

1. The Devil's Advocate - 2. Bamboo Dancer - 3. Auld Swaara - 4. Phil's Tune - 5. The Airth Rant - 6. Fisherman's Prayer - 7. The Sheriff - 8. Nanny and Andrew - 9. Dynrost.

Price: € 18.50

Traditional Music of Scotland CELT 9005
Traditional Music of Scotland
Celtic traditional music from the Scottish branch, featuring some of the country's most celebrated musicians performing great tunes by countrymen Robert Burns and others.

1. Tae the weaver's gin ye go: The Tannahill Weavers - 2. The Carls o' Dysart: The Tannahill Weavers - 3. The log splitter set: Capercaillie - 4. Ian Ghlinn' cuaich - Wolfstone - 5. Ballavanich: Silly Wizard - 6. The secret portrait; Wha'll be king but Cherlie: Simon Thoumire - 7. Jim's jig; The snuff wife; Eileen MacDonald - John Cunningham - 8. Archibald McDonald of Keppoch - The Tannahill Weavers - 9. Are ye sleeping Maggie; The noose and the ghillie: Relativity - 10. The hut on Staffin Island; Sandy Macleod of Garafad: Capercaillie - 11. Puirt a beul; Snug in a blanket: Andy M. Stewart - 12. Land o' the leal.

Price: € 13.50

Everything You See RR 044
Everything You See
Album from the popular Scottish Gaelic rock band, including the single Clash Of The Ash.

From gentle Gaelic pop songs to powerful anthems, Runrig have pulled off another stunning album, featuring friends including Julie Fowlis, Duncan Chisholm and The Dingwall Gaelic Choir.

1. Year of the Flood
2. Road Trip
3. Clash of the Ash
4. The Ocean Road
5. Atoms
6. An Dealachadh
7. This Day
8. Sona
9. Somethings Got to Give
10. And the Accordions Played
11. In Scandinavia

Price: € 19.00

Peatbog Faeries
What Men Deserve to Lose CDBOG 003
What Men Deserve to Lose
The fifth album from the Isle of Skye-based techno-folkies, eight months in the making! High energy Scottish folk-funk with great dance-able tunes, whether haunting slower numbers or compelling jigs and reels.
The line-up is similar to the last album, with a brass section behind the pipes, fiddle and whistles, though there is a fresh edge to the established Peatbog sound.
Peter Morrison (pipes, whistles), Adam Sutherland (fiddle), Innes Hutton (bass), Tom Salter (guitar), Graeme Stafford (keyboards) and Iain Copeland (drums).

Based on Skye, The Peatbog Faeries played to audiences all over the world. Highlights have been tours in Australia and America as well as prominent festivals and gigs around the UK and Europe.

1. The Locks and Rocks Reel
2. The Invergarry Blues
3. Jason's Famous Banjo
4. There's A Girl Behind The Bar Who Thinks She's Garbo
5. Sudden Dilemma
6. Friend Of Crazy Joe
7. Dr Gig
8. Still Drunk In The Morning
9. Ramasaig
10. Nyup

Price: € 19.50

Tannahill Weavers
Live And In Session COMCD 4454
Live And In Session
The Tannahill Weavers are one of Scotland's premier traditional bands. Their diverse repertoire spans the centuries with fire-driven instrumentals, topical songs, and original ballads and lullabies. Their music demonstrates to old and young alike the rich and varied musical heritage of the Celtic people.

1. Geese In The Bog
2. Jig Of Slurrs
3. Farewell To Fiunary
4. Heather Island
5. Log Splitter Set
6. When The Kye Come Hame
7. Athol Gathering
8. Dark Eyed Molly
9. Dumbarton's Drums
10. Black Run Set
11. Soldier's Return
12. Grat For Gruel
13. Leaving Ireland Set
14. Cruel Brither

Price: € 17.50

30 Year Journey - The Best of Runrig RHCP 01
30 Year Journey - The Best of Runrig
For the last three decades Runrig have uniquely combined their Gaelic roots with a mainstream rock sensibility that has won them countless fans across the globe.

This album is a Best Of compilation that embraces all the high points on their path since their formation on the Isle of Skye, with songs drawing on the spiritual, political and historical themes that have surrounded them in during that time.

With tracks featuring current lead vocalist Bruce Guthro as well as ex-lead singer Donnie Munro, 30 Year Journey is a true celebration of some remarkable music.

1. Wall Of China
2. Empty Glens
3. The Greatest Flame
4. Book of Golden Stories
5. Big Sky
6. Abhainn An T-Sluaigh
7. Maymorning
8. Alba
9. Canada
10. An Uhbal As Airde
11. Proterra
12. Running to the Light
13. Recovery
14. Loch Lomond
15. The Old Boys
16. In Search of Angels (Bonus Track)

Price: € 19.00

Roy Gullane
Not Only, but Also PAN 135
Not Only, but Also
Roy is the Tannahill's primary lead vocalist and an original member of the band. He has written many songs in the traditional Scottish style, several of which have been recorded by the group and many more of which are on his solo recording, Not Only But Also.

1. Bonnie Mary
2. Anne Ratcliffe
3. Friendless Mary
4. Today I Saw A Child Seek Charity
5. Braw Burn The Bridges
6. Ferry Me Out Across The Water
7. The Corncrake
8. Lady With The lap
9. The Broch
10. Canada Duck
11. Bilbo

Price: € 16.00
Price: € 8.00

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