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John Munro
Plying My Trade CDTRAX 312
Plying My Trade
John Munro was born in Glasgow and ‘escaped’ to Australia at the age of 18 years. Having had a flirtation with folk music in Scotland, John found the local folk haunts in Australia and was soon immersed in the music.
John’s songs are about things that matter to him, from the country that bore him to the one that has given him his home and family; from love songs to stories of personal tragedy and from rants against political correctness to his hopes for the future of the world.

The album was recorded in Australia and includes contributions from Kat Kraus and Emma Luker (both of Colcannon).

1. Spirit Of The Land
2. Ballad Of Charles Davenport
3. Journeyman
4. Border
5. Thunder On
6. She Waits For Me
7. What Will It Take
8. Outlaw
9. Reflections
10. Sisters
11. While I Am Here
12. Wild Mountain Thyme

Price: € 18.50

Khartoum Heroes
Khartoum Heroes CDLDL 1222
Khartoum Heroes
A superb mix of Folk, Cajun and Bluegrass, Psychobilly Rock.

1. Cat-gut
2. St Swithin
3. Mother Hubbard
4. Space Hopper
5. Charles and Die Laughing
6. Interference
7. Heaven
8. Bitter Honey
9. Colossal Angel
10. Song for a Flower
11. Leaves
12. Out of Bounds
13. Saints Within
14. Moon Barking

Price: € 19.00
Price: € 6.00

Kieran Fahy & Luc Pilartz
Trip to Ireland WBM 21075
Trip to Ireland
Celtic music from Ireland, Scotland, Shetland and Galicia played on violin.
Excellent music!

1. Trip to Ireland / Abbey reel / Green groves of Erin / The flowers of Redhill
2. The humours of Flinn
3. Bird in the bush / The new mown meadow / Silver spear
4. Drunken sailor
5. The first hard rain / Brumley Brae
6. Asturian Air
7. Stocklit light
8. Fishers Rant / Tommy Peoples / Guns of the magnificent
9. Iníon Ní Scannláin
10. The Boys of Ballysodare / The foxchase
11. Kitty O’ Shea
12. My lady Binnis lilt / If thou wert myne own thing / Lecoq’s jig

Price: € 18.00

MacLean, Dougie
Inside The Thunder DUNCD 29
Inside The Thunder
Ten more wonderful songs from Dougie, backed by a host of talented friends. Songs of delight in the countryside, of love for small things, of despair, of shouting against injustice, and of struggling on anyway. Another must-have for all his fans.

1. Not Look Down
2. Song For Johnny
3. Home
4. Seventh Sea
5. Strathmore
6. Eternally You
7. Open Fields
8. It's Not For Me
9. Into The Flames
10. Beside You

Price: € 18.60

Mairi Campbell
Mairi Campbell MC 01CD
Mairi Campbell
Debut solo album of songs penned by Mairi Campbell and David Francis - who together make up The Cast.
Scots Singer of the Year – trad music awards, 2008; Female musician of the year- liveireland 2009; Composition of the year – liveireland 2009; Burnsong winner – with ‘Smile or Cry’ ( Greengold album) 2008; Overall winner of ’Neil Gow International compostion award’ – 2009.
Mairi Campbell (vocals, violin, viola), Tia Files (guitar, bass), Mhairi Hall (piano, keyboard), Donald Hay (drums), Ada Grace Francis (clarsach, backing vocals).

1. Home
2. Portobello Sands
3. Don't Ever Give Up
4. Scent In The Air
5. Goodbye Grey
6. I Pod Wii Play
7. Paperweight
8. She Stitched Upon My Heart
9. Remember My Love
10. Haul Away
11. Recession Song

Price: € 14.50

Manran MAN 02
Manran have quite literally rocketed to the top of the Scottish music scene with their powerful combination of Gaelic and English songs.

Driving accordion, fiddle, flute and a backline of drums and bass to make any mouth water.

1. Fingal's Cave
2. Reels
3. Glaodh An Iar
4. Oran Na Cloiche
5. Speybay Switch
6. Maraiche Nan Aigh
7. The Open Door
8. Latha Math
9. Scottische
10. An Eala Bhan
11. Chasing Daylight
12. Puirt

Price: € 16.00

Mark Dunlop
Islands On The Moon CDTRAX 307
Islands On The Moon
The is the debut solo album from Mark Dunlop, a member of one of Scotland’s finest folksong quintets, Malinky.

Originally enlisted for his consummate skills on whistle and bodhran, Antrim-born Mark has subsequently added his considerable vocal gifts to the Malinky line-up, emerging as a wonderfully sensitive interpreter of traditional Irish and other songs.

1. The Nightingale
2. The Breaking of Omagh Jail
3. Set of Jigs
4. The Three Huntsmen
5. The Black Velvet Band
6. Set of Reels
7. The Lag Song
8. Shane Crossagh
9. The Quaker’s Song
10. A 1798 March
11. The Banks of Newfoundland

Price: € 18.00

Michael McGoldrick
Wired VERTCD 074
Master of flute, whistles and uillean pipes, Michael McGoldrick's second solo album Wired is the product of three years writing, recording, experimenting and perfecting his art. It is the natural successor to his seminal 2000 album Fused, only bolder and more captivating, incorporating alternative sounds to create a brilliant fusion at the cutting edge of traditional music, positively bursting with energy.Other musicians involved in realising are great players from bands including Capercaillie, Flook! and Shooglenifty - Dezi Donnelly (fiddle), Ed Boyd (guitar), Jon Joe Kelly (bodhran), Donald Shaw (keyboards), Ewen Vernal (bass), Parvinder Bharat (tabla), Neil Yates (trumpet), Manus Lunny (bouzouki) and James Mackintosh (drums). John McCusker (fiddle), Alison Brown (banjo) and the Scottish String Ensemble also bring their unique sound to some tracks.

1. Wired To The Moon
2. Gaelic Gavotte
3. The Hillsbrook Reels
4. Strange Journey
5. The Honest Bar
6. Famous Last Words
7. Paddy In The Smoke
8. Sophie's
9. The Jolly Tinker
10. The Desert Road
11. Glenuig Bay
12. Last House In The Village

Price: € 19.95

Old Blind Dogs
New Tricks CDLOC 1068
New Tricks
North-East acoustic group with singer Ian Benzie, Jonny Hardie (fiddle), Buzby MacMillan (bouzouki, bass) and Davy Cattanach (percussion).

1. Bennachie
2. The Garnethill / Miss Mairi Mac Phail Of Laxdale
3. The Bonnie Banks O' Fordie
4. J and B Reel / The Bonawe Highlanders
5. The Wee Wee German Lairdie
6. Monaghan's Jig
7. The Bonnie Lass O' Fyvie
8. Song For Autumn
9. Gala Water
10. The Ferret Set
11. Bedlam Boys / The Rights Of Man

Price: € 17.00
The Collection CDLDS 7010
The Collection
Some of the best tracks from the catalogue of one of the finest bands from the North East of Scotland. Great songs and cracking instrumental sets. If you don't know the band this CD is a perfect introduction to them.

1. Bennachie
2. The Salmon Leap
3. Kilbogie
4. Lay Ye Doon Love
5. Mormond Braes
6. The Universal Hall
7. The Cruel Sister
8. Bedlam Boys
9. The Broken Pledge
10. The Twa Corbies
11. Glen Kabul
12. The Wee Wee German Lairdie
13. The Pills Of White Mercury
14. The Buzzard
15. The Barnyards of Delgaty

Price: € 11.00

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