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Paul Anderson
Home and Beauty CDTRAX 340
Home and Beauty
This compilation has been gleaned mainly from Paul’s solo albums released between 1993 and 2004, and is a selection of Paul's very own favourites. There is a mixture of classic Scots fiddle repertoire, his own compositions, accompaniment to the fine voice of the late, great Jim Reid and even one track with the Aberdonian rock band Pallas.

1. The Duke of Fife's Welcome to Deeside Set
2. The Mighty Norman Anderson
3. J F Dickie's Delight Set
4. Hungarian Dance No 5
5. Heather and Eilidh Set
6. The Bloody Fields of Culloden
7. Ghost Dancers
8. A Waltz For Alice Set
9. The Favourite Dram Set
10. Beeswing Set
11. Ossian Set
12. Beinn Dubh Set
13. Lament of MacCrimmon
14. Balvenie Set
15. By The Mountain's Stream
16. Drummond Castle Set
17. Gight Castle
18. The Black Velvet Band
19. Fingal's Cave
20. The Pass of Ballater Set
21. The Orange Blossom Special
22. Luskentyre

Price: € 15.00

Peatbog Faeries
Dust CDBOG 006
Sixth studio album from this high energy Skye-based band.

The Peatbogs are back with a new collection of tunes fusing old and new instrument styles. Pipes, fiddle and whistles take the lead, with drums, percussion and bass setting the groove, and of course the horn section.

1. Calgary Capers
2. The Naughty Step
3. Dun Beag
4. Spigel And Nongo
5. Passport Panic
6. Abhainn A' Nathair
7. Marx Terrace
8. Bunny For Breakfast
9. Ascent Of Conival
10. Fishing At Orbost
11. Room 215

Price: € 16.00
Live CDBG 005
This is the one people have been asking us for years for. Recorded during the summer of 2008 it features tracks from all previous five albums and captures the unforgetable atmosphere of a Peatbogs gig.

1. The Anthropologist
2. Invergarry Blues
3. The Locks and Rocks Reel
4. Friend of Crazy Joe
5. Wacko King Hako
6. There's a Girl Behind the Bar who thinks she's Garbo
7. Still Drunk in the Morning
8. The Dancing Feet Set
9. Folk Police
10. Caberdrone
11. All About Windmills

Price: € 15.00
Mellowosity CDTRAX124
A Skye-based band playing their own brand of traditional fusion, including pipes, whistle, fiddle, guitar, keyboards, bass, drums and percussion. With Mellowosity, their debut album, the Peatbog Faeries emerged as one of the funkiest, tradition-rooted bands in Scotland.

1. Lexy MacAskill
2. Eigg Man
3. The Manali Beetle
4. Macedonian Woman's Rant
5. Angus MacKinnon
6. Leaving the Road
7. Weary We've Been / Dancing Feet
8. Maids of Mount Cisco
9. Mellowosity

Price: € 20.00
What Men Deserve to Lose CDBOG 003
What Men Deserve to Lose
The fifth album from the Isle of Skye-based techno-folkies, eight months in the making! High energy Scottish folk-funk with great dance-able tunes, whether haunting slower numbers or compelling jigs and reels.
The line-up is similar to the last album, with a brass section behind the pipes, fiddle and whistles, though there is a fresh edge to the established Peatbog sound.
Peter Morrison (pipes, whistles), Adam Sutherland (fiddle), Innes Hutton (bass), Tom Salter (guitar), Graeme Stafford (keyboards) and Iain Copeland (drums).

Based on Skye, The Peatbog Faeries played to audiences all over the world. Highlights have been tours in Australia and America as well as prominent festivals and gigs around the UK and Europe.

1. The Locks and Rocks Reel
2. The Invergarry Blues
3. Jason's Famous Banjo
4. There's A Girl Behind The Bar Who Thinks She's Garbo
5. Sudden Dilemma
6. Friend Of Crazy Joe
7. Dr Gig
8. Still Drunk In The Morning
9. Ramasaig
10. Nyup

Price: € 19.50

Pied Pipers
Music from Ireland & Scotland EUCD 1769
Music from Ireland & Scotland
The Pied Pipers are playing Scottish and Irish music on traditional instruments. (Guitar, bodhran, bouzouki, spoons, fiddle, tin whistle, 5-string banjo, mandolin and Uillean pipes.) Plooman Laddies, Parcel of Rogues, I Am a Miller Tae me Trade, The Kid on the Mountain / Leithrim Fancy, I Will Go, Chief o’Neill’s / Nine points of Roguery / Faral O’Gara, Twa Corbies, 16th of April, Ye Jacobites, Molly Brannagan / Jennie’s Chickens / Drowsey Maggy, Home by Barna. Lyrics included.

1. Plooman Laddies
2. Parcel of Rogues
3. I Am a Miller Tae My Trade
4. The Kid on the Mountain / Leithrim Fancy
5. I Will Go
6. Chief O’Neill’s / Nine Points of Roguery / Faral O’Gara
7. Twa Corbies
8. 16th of April
9. Ye Jacobites
10. Molly Brannagan / Jennie’s Chickens / Drowsey Maggy
11. Home by Barna.

Price: € 9.00

First Measure CDTRAX 220s
First Measure
The band Pipedown was formed in 1998, when it won the Danny Kyle Open Stage Award at Glasgow's 2001 Celtic Connections festival. Drawing on influences from Scottish and Irish traditions, together with Celtic music worldwide, the result has been a powerful and distinctive sound, rich in melody and dynamics. The album contains an intriguing selection of tunes from many sources, including Breton and Bulgarian, encompassing Scottish and Irish traditional material and more recent compositions from such prolific pens as Donald MacLeod, Allan MacDonald, Roddy MacDonald and Hamish Moore.

1. The Rebel
2. The Boys of Balivanich
3. Reels
4. The Old Hag
5. The Ass in the Graveyard
6. In with the Bricks
7. Hornpipes
8. Conrad the Bulgarian
9. The Spice of Life
10. The Ivy Leaf
11. The Silver Mower
12. Ian McGee's Romanian Boots

Price: € 20.00
Roag PHATCD 005
The band Pipedown was formed in 1998, when it won the Danny Kyle Open Stage Award at Glasgow's 2001 Celtic Connections festival.
Drawing on influences from Scottish and Irish traditions, together with Celtic music worldwide, the result has been a powerful and distinctive sound, rich in melody and dynamics.

1. Beaton’s
2. Donald Dubh
3. Tar the House
4. Granny Duncan
5. The Grapevine Set
6. Back of the Moon
7. The Forger
8. Brendan Murphy
9. The Hellbound Train
10. Eyebrows
11. The Yodler

Price: € 19.50

Rachel Hair Trio
No More Wings MHRCD 003
No More Wings
Debut album from this leading band on Scotland's vibrant folk scene, presenting a sparkling blend of instruments with dynamic arrangements.
The band were nominated Scottish Folk Band Of The Year in the Scottish Traditional Music Awards of 2011.
Featuring traditional and contemporary dance tunes, airs and songs from Scotland, Galicia, Sweden, Brittany, Wales, Devon and the U.S.
Rachel Hair (harp), Jenn Butterworth (guitar, vocals), Euan Burton (double bass), Fraser Fifield (soprano saxophone), Angus Lyon (rhodes, accordion), Signy Jakobsdottir (percussion).

1. No More Wings
2. Swedish
3. Grey Funnel Line
4. Cancro Cro
5. Harsh Feb Reels
6. Island
7. Fest Noz No. 17
8. The Eccentric's Emporium
9. My Songbird
10. Home And Happy
11. The Birthday Jigs

Price: € 17.00

Robin Laing
Whisky For Breakfast (CD) CDTRAX 361
Whisky For Breakfast (CD)
This is Robin’s fourth album on the subject of whisky, a favourite topic of his as you can imagine.

The previous albums are The Angel’s Share, The Water of Life and One For The Road.

The albums are in demand by all whisky connoisseurs and collectors, but are also sought after because of Robin’s fine singing voice and the excellent arrangements by producer Davie Scott (of The Pearlfishers fame).

1. A Turquoise Frame of Mind
2. Talisker Bay
3. Special Sippin’ Whisky
4. Macallan
5. The Arran Dram
6. Old Minmore
7. Whisky For Breakfast
8. Black Art
9. The Wee Cooper O’ Fife
10. Monkey Shoulder
11. Snuffed Out
12. The Bruichladdich Dram
13. Paul Campbell
14. Loons is Loons
15. The Smallest Whisky Bar
16. Ein Letztes Glas

Price: € 15.00

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