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Bordering On HC 1514 CD 1
Bordering On
This is the first album from Scocha, filled with fantastic Border Ballads and rousing reiver songs from the Border Lands.

1. The Rolling Hills o' the Borders
2. Bonnie Teviotdale
3. Ettrick Lady
4. Johnstones
5. The Queens Maries
6. The Anvil Crew
7. Lock the door Larriston
8. The Wail of Flodden
9. My Borderland
10. Hughie the Graeme
11. The Lammas Tide
12. The Lads o' Wamphray
13. The Auld Mid Raw

Price: € 17.00
Gie'd Sum Wellie HC 1514
Gie'd Sum Wellie
FIRST there were two, then three but Scocha are now a four piece band, with a growing reputation.
The album is a follow up to their CD Single 'The Borders', and their first two albums 'Bordering on' and 'The Land We Love'.

1. McPherson’s Rant
2. Brae’s O’ Gala Hill
3. Roses O’ Prince Charlie
4. Turning The Tide
5. Scots Wha Hae
6. Saltires In The Sky
7. Calling Doon The Line
8. The Reivers
9. Caledonia
10. Bottles at Dawn
11. Boat To America
12. So Cool (Only To Live And Never Die)
13. Kinly Stick

Price: € 17.00
Moonlight Again HC 1514CD10
Moonlight Again
The latest album from Scotland's Folk 'n' Roll band. Featuring 13 original tracks.

1. Ho for the Blades of Harden (Ogilvie/Jackson)
2. Wha Wadnae Fecht for Charlie (Trad)
3. Dusty Road (frae Philhope Brig ti Hame) (Jackson)
4. Pressganged (Anderson)
5. Black Rose (Anderson)
6. New York Dawn (Anderson)
7. A Man’s a Man for a That (Burns)
8. Smoke from the Barrel (Chapman/Finnie)
9. Chuffed ti Bits (Anderson/Scott)
10. Sound the Pibroch (Trad)
11. A Bellendaine (Scott/Scott)
12. This is Oor Time (Hogmanay) (Scott)
13. Auld Lang Syne (Burns)

Price: € 12.00

Scott Wood Band
Upsurge SW 001
Upsurge was recorded in February 2015 during a residential 5 days at Castlesound Studios, Scotland. Containing primarily their own Scottish styled compositions, influences of Jazz, Pop, Rock and World can be identified throughout, and a new sound for the bagpipes has been identified. The record was produced alongside Calum MacCrimmon (Breabach and Man’s Ruin), who insisted to record the performances in a live setting, to capture the energy and vibe of the band. Virtuoso Electric Guitarist Davie Dunsmuir lay down a face-melting solo on the track ‘McCready’s’, and a string quartet of Classical/Folk musicians enriched 3 tracks on the album. Scott travelled to Ann Arbor, Michigan to witness the record be mixed by one of his biggest idols and sonic mastermind Tyler Duncan (the olllam, Ella Riot).

1. Spice of Life
2. Park Ridge
3. Craro
4. Sheep Running About
5. Looking Through Portnahaven
6. Interlude (Breath)
7. All the 8's
8. Mr. Sloan
9. McCready's (feat. Davie Dunsmuir)
10. Barber Ave.
11. Brookhall Bride

Price: € 21.00

Session A9
Bottlenecks And Armbreakers RAJCD 003
Bottlenecks And Armbreakers
Long-awaited second album from Session A9, featuring top fiddlers and accompanists.

Session A9 have not been the only fiddle supergroup on the Scottish folk scene, but like both Blazin' Fiddles and Fiddlers' Bid, they have evolved their own distinctive approach to the format. That sense of individuality is down to the differing ways in which the bands have approached arranging their material, whether with traditional tunes or contemporary variations on classic themes, as well as to the distinctive personal and regional styles of the players involved.

Gordon Gunn, Charlie MacKerron, Kevin Henderson and Adam Sutherland (fiddles), Tim Edey (guitar, melodeon), Brian Macalpine (piano), Kris Drever (guitar), Ross Martin (guitar), Iain Copeland (percussion), Chimp Robertson (percussion) and Ewan Vernal (double bass).
Driving accordion, fiddle, flute and a backline of drums and bass to make any mouth water.

It was clear in June 2010 that the time had come for the six friends to unite and uphold the fresh, unstoppable sound of modern Gaelic Scotland. Since then, Manran have performed at festivals in Europe and Scotland - highlights being Celtica, Italy and the Hebridean Celtic Festival in Lewis.

1. The Real Mackay Wedding / Struy Lodge / Trip To The Market - 2. The Rabbit / Duncan The Gauger / Jig O' Beer - 3. Kirstie's / Garry Porch - 4. Running To Mull / Kent To Kintail - 5. Fionn's - 6. Trip To Austin / The Arm Breaker - 7. Far Frae Hame / Cathal's Magic Fingers - 8. Sporting Paddy / Hamish The Carpenter / Hull's / Road To Errogie - 9. The Sleeping Tune - 10. Paella Grande / No More Cages / The Dirty Bee.

Price: € 17.00
Price: € 10.00

Murmichan (2CD) SHOOGLE 9010
Murmichan (2CD)
Disc: 1
1. The Road To Bled - 2. The Dancing Goose - 3. The Dotteral - 4. The Ham In The Boiler Room - 5. Cleicken The Deil - 6. The Vague Rant - 7. Glenfinnan Dawn

Disc: 2
1. The Wing - 2. Up All Night - 3. Sulphur Mountain Cosmic Ray Station - 4. First to Sleep - 5. Johnny Cope - 6. Would You Like an Olive, Wes? - 7. Dolphin Delta Dotteral - 8. The Road to Bled (Live).

Disc: 1

1. The Road To Bled - 2. The Dancing Goose - 3. The Dotteral - 4. The Ham In The Boiler Room - 5. Cleicken The Deil - 6. The Vague Rant - 7. Glenfinnan Dawn

Disc: 2

1. The Wing - 2. Up All Night - 3. Sulphur Mountain Cosmic Ray Station - 4. First to Sleep - 5. Johnny Cope - 6. Would You Like an Olive, Wes? - 7. Dolphin Delta Dotteral - 8. The Road to Bled (Live).

Price: € 19.00

Skerryvore TYREE 02CD
Blazing bagpipes, fiddle and accordions, electrically fused with funky rhythms and soul-gripping songs.

Skerryvore are an award-winning six-piece Scottish band creating a trad-rock fusion for the 21st Century - this is their third album, and the best to date. They formed in 2004 on the Isle of Tiree in Scotland's Inner Hebrides. From traditional roots the band developed in size and sound to create a fusion of their traditional music and songs with the urban sounds of rock and funk.

1. Path To Home
2. Simple Life
3. Gairm A' Chuain
4. Wits' End
5. Smile In The Stars
6. Angry Fiddler
7. Where Birds Don't Fly
8. Clueless Wife
9. Hold Me Tonight
10. Jailhouse Jigs
11. Good To Go
12. Home To Donegal

Price: € 14.50

Steam Jenny
Dumbarton's Drums CDLBP 2030
Dumbarton's Drums
'Dumbarton's Drums' marks a return for one of Scotland's most popular folk outfits, Steam Jenny. This is the fourth album from the band and is their most polished and accomplished work in their 25 year career which has seen them perform in venues the length and breadth of the country as well as Radio & TV appearances.

1. Dumbarton's Drums
2. Westering Home
3. Leaving Nancy
4. It's Good to See You
5. Cotton Jenny
6. Smuggler
7. Mormond Braes
8. The Band Played Waltzing Matilda
9. South Australia
10. Today
11. A Man's a Man
12. Home to the Kyles
13. Love is Teasing
14. Sergeant, Where's Mine
15. Yellow's on the Broom

Price: € 12.00

Sylvia Barnes
The Colour Of Amber CDTRAX 314
The Colour Of Amber
Sylvia Barnes’ pedigree in traditional music is a long and distinguished one. Together with her late husband Jim, she formed the vocal nucleus of the influential Glasgow band Kentigern, and was one of the elite group of female vocalists to sing with The Battlefield Band before moving to England in the 1980s.

Sylvia fronted several bands during this time and continued to perform as a duo with Jim, becoming firm favourites with folk club and festival audiences throughout the country and abroad. They released a number of well-received recordings. Sylvia continues to be in demand as a solo singer, being a frequent guest at singing festivals in this country and in Ireland, and was recognised as Scots Singer Of The Year at The Scots Trad Music Awards of 2006.

1. Soo Sewin' Silk
2. Baltic Street
3. Fair Annie
4. The Turn Of The Road
5. Glasgow Lassie
6. Lonely Waterloo
7. The Colour Of Amber
8. The End O't
9. Prince Heathen
10. What Can A Young Lassie Dae Wi' An Auld Man
11. Todlen Hame

Price: € 16.00
Price: € 5.00

Tannahill Weavers
Live And In Session COMCD 4454
Live And In Session
The Tannahill Weavers are one of Scotland's premier traditional bands. Their diverse repertoire spans the centuries with fire-driven instrumentals, topical songs, and original ballads and lullabies. Their music demonstrates to old and young alike the rich and varied musical heritage of the Celtic people.

1. Geese In The Bog
2. Jig Of Slurrs
3. Farewell To Fiunary
4. Heather Island
5. Log Splitter Set
6. When The Kye Come Hame
7. Athol Gathering
8. Dark Eyed Molly
9. Dumbarton's Drums
10. Black Run Set
11. Soldier's Return
12. Grat For Gruel
13. Leaving Ireland Set
14. Cruel Brither

Price: € 17.50

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