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Banda de Gaitas ‘Ledicia’
Celtic Music from Galicia EUCD 2237
Celtic Music from Galicia
Rousing bagpipes from Celtic Galicia (northern Spain - map on back of CD), with traditional pieces as well as modern arrangements with keyboards, cello, guitar and percussion. 24 page booklet with extensive info, including Galician folk tales, in English, German and Spanish, plus colour photos.

1. Xiga do Borbonesado
2. Vilancico para o Nadal de 1829 (trad.)
3. Marcha Procesional do Breixo (trad.)
4. Polca de Sanguiñeda (Hipólito Cabezas)
5. Repinicando (Roxelio de Leonardo Bouza)
6. Rumbas, No Carnaval en Vilariño e Os Convoys de Santa Fe
7. Matt Molloy's (Matt Molloy)
8. Xota da montaña (Roxelio de Leonado Bouza)
9. Alborada de Corcubión (trad.)
10. No Reconco (Hipólito Cabezas) "Dedicated to my parents"
11. Santiago (Shaun Davey)

Price: € 13.00

Os Roslaes
The Bagpipes Of Celtic Galicia EUCD 1602
The Bagpipes Of Celtic Galicia
Galicia is a Celtic region in the North of Spain. One of the main folk instruments there is the bag pipe. These pipes are often played together with flute, accordion, and a bass and a treble drum, and frequently used to accompany singing. The group "Os Rosales" was founded more than forty years ago by Pepe Romero, today known as one of the best bag pipe players of Galicia. The group consists of three bagpipes, accordion, flute, tambourine, drum and vocals.

1. Roseiras (X. Romero Suàrez / lyrics: trad. adapted Maruxa Miguens)
2. Polca a Lioira (X. Romero Suàrez)
3. Foliada das Ameixas (X. Romero Suàrez / lyrics: trad. adapted Maruxa Miguens)
4. Muiñeira a Gatuxa (X. Romero Suàrez)
5. Foliada dos Vellos (X. Romero Suàrez / lyrics: trad. adapted Maruxa Miguens)
6. Tuxeiriña (X. Romero Suàrez)
7. Marcha Procesional de San Pedro de Vilas (X. Romero Miguens)
8. Mazurca Agasallo (X. Romero Suàrez)
9. Foliada dos Canteiros (X. Romero Suàrez / lyrics: trad. adapted Maruxa Miguens)
10. Latexos de Paxaro (Sandra Romero Miguens)
11. Foliada do Muiño (X. Romero Suàrez / lyrics: trad. adapted Maruxa Miguens)

Price: € 14.50

Xosé Manuel Budiño
Zume De Terra DO FOL 34
Zume De Terra

1. Nós
2. Galo Galán
3. Na Liña Da Maré
4. Xogo Tolo
5. Santiago-Lisboa
6. Danza Dos Arxinas
7. Meu Mar
8. Arrieiros Somos
9. Quérome Salvar
10. Desafío
11. Burbullas Á Grella
12. De Sol E Lúa
13. A Galicia Vente Xa

Price: € 19.00

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