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Folk Dance Ensemble Vila
Music of Serbia EUCD 2121
Music of Serbia
Traditional music and songs from the different regions of Serbia. Fast uneven Balkan rhythms, lovely songs, wild dances, played with accordion, violin, frula, kawal, flute, clarinet, saxophone, tarabuka, goč, guitar and bass.

28-page booklet with extensive information in English, German, French and Spanish, and many photos.

1. Skopso oro
2. Mala vlaška svita
3. Igre iz Bosilegadskog Krajišta
4. Vo naše selo malovo
5. Frulaški stakato
6. Sedam sati udara
7. Djilaben
8. bašalen, romalen
9. Igre is Gruže
10. Visočko kolo
11. Nazdravlje domaćine
12. Miloševka
13. Gora ječi
14. Hora din muscel

Price: € 18.50

Sveti Sava
Serbia, Traditional Music EUCD 2329
Serbia, Traditional Music
Traditional music and songs from various different regions of Serbia. Exhilarating and fiery dances, lovely ballads, played with accordion, flute, violins and drums. Many colour photos including the various regional costumes, plus extensive information about each of the songs and the customs they refer to in English, German, French and Spanish.

1. Igre Iz Leskovca (trad.)
2. Vesele Šopske Igre (trad.)
3. Svatovac (trad.)
4. Badzana (trad.)
5. Znepolje (trad.)
6. Kapričo (trad.)
7. Stara Zaječarka (trad.)
8. Splet Igara iz Centralne i Zapadne Srbije (trad.)
9. Gora Ječi (trad.)
10. Nova Zaječarka (trad.)
11. Vlaške Igre (trad.)
12. Splet Pesama Iz Srbije (trad.)
13. Čoček Iz Vranja (trad.)
14. Svilen Konac (trad.)
15. Splet Kola (trad.)
16. Tresenica (trad.)

Price: € 18.50

Šaban Bajramović
Gypsy Music by Serbian Gypsy King Šaban Bajramović EUCD 2221
Gypsy Music by Serbian Gypsy King Šaban Bajramović
Šaban Bajramović (1936 - 2008) was widely regarded as the King of Serbian gypsy music. He recorded about 20 albums and more than 50 singles, and composed about 650 songs. On this album he sings, accompanied by his band Black Mamba (accordion, violin, clarinet, sax, guitar, bass, trumpets, percussion) in true gypsy style, with a touch of 'Balkans'.

1. Opa cupa
2. Jek dive sabalje (One Early Morning)
3. Marušaka
4. Kamerav, kamerav (I am Dying, I am Dying)
5. Vasilica
6. Neverna žena (Unfaithful Wife)
7. Ederlezi avela (St. George's Day is Coming)
8. Kindem lake (I Bought Her...)
9. Naninani
10. Aketerno kamerav (I'll Die Young)
11. Mangaula daje (I Want her, Mother)
12. Abre babi baba (Hey, Father)
13. Irena
14. Duj, duj (Two, Two)
15. Lepa fato (Oh Beautiful Fata!)
16. Sodijanima daje (What Did You Give me, Mother)
17. Ja lavala lavala (I Will Take Her, I Will)

Price: € 13.00

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