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Humaid Al Jasmi, Saif, Walid Ibrahim, Saeed Al Kaa
Music from the Arabian Gulf EUCD 2023
Music from the Arabian Gulf
Some of the most famous singers of the Arabian Gulf area present traditional songs with modern arrangements. Highly syncopated, relentless rhythms and insistent drumbeats follow the driving force of the voices.

The music on this album is typical for the United Arab Emirates, although most styles and songs are also well known and well loved in Saudi Arabia and the other neighbouring States. The United Arab Emirates or UAE comprise seven emirates: Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, Fujairah, Ras al-Khaimah, Sharjah and Umm al-Qaiwain.

1. Saeed Al Kaabi: Mabd'a We Nihayah / Beginning And End (Saeed Al Kaabi)
2. Saif: Madri / He Doesn't Know (Saif Al Kaabi)
3. Humaid Al Jasmi: Jaasi / Tough (Ahmed Al Jasim)
4. Salim Khalfan Al Kaabi: Ya Hajri / You Left Me (Salim Khalfan Al Kaabi)
5. Khalid Mohd: Naseem El Sabaya / Ladies Refreshing (Saeed Al Kaabi)
6. Walid Ibrahim: Min Eyooni / From My Eyes (Walid Ibrahim)
7. Saif: La Tebayen / Don't Show (Saif Al Kaabi)
8. Faraj Ghanim: Azamth / Insisted (Emad Al-Rumaithan)
9. Firqath Dubap El Harbiyah: Gharshoob / Nice Neck (Saeed Al Kaabi)
10. Humaid Al Jasmi: Kifayah / Enough (Yones Al Sayegh)

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