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Suzirya, Folk Song & Dance Ensemble
Songs & Dances from the Ukraine EUCD 1604
Songs & Dances from the Ukraine
This album of authentic Ukrainian folk was recorded at the international Festival Mondial des Cultures in Drummondville, Canada. Suzirya was founded in 1992 and consists of dancers, musician and singers. The music is played on cimbalom (dulcimer), violins, accordion, clarinet and bass and presents a wide spectrum of Ukraine's lively folk music from the different regions of the country.

1. Wedding Polka (trad.)
2. Dibrovchanka (trad.)
3. Bukovinskyy Dance (trad.)
4. Ancient Ukrainian Cossachocks (trad.)
5. Syrba (trad.)
6. Bukovynskyy March trad.)
7. Praise the God's name (K. Stetsenko)
8. The God blesses you (O. Bortnyanskyy)
9. Why bees don't gather honey? (trad.)
10. High willow (trad.)
11. Hey, Ivan!
12. Oh, I know I have a sin
13. Play Sopilka, play!
14. I'll plait the chaplet (trad.)
15. If I were a Zaporozhskyy Cossack (trad.)
16. Smereka (trad.)
17. Cheremshyna (trad.)
18. How can I not love you, Kiev (Maiboroda)
19. Boys, unharness the horses! (trad.)
20. Hopak and Cossachocks (trad.)
21. Fantasy on the Ukrainian folk melodies (trad.)

Price: € 14.50

Veslei Muzyky
From Kiev to the Black Sea - Music from the Ukraine EUCD 2002
From Kiev to the Black Sea -  Music from the Ukraine
"Veseli Muzyky" perform cheerful, humorous and lyrical folk songs, accompanied on traditional instruments as well as a-cappella, and thrilling dances. Their programme consists of a kaleidoscope of singing, dancing and comedy lasting 90 minutes, rendered with high professionalism and enchanting charm.
This CD includes a number of tracks of popular instrumental folk music and songs from various regions of the Ukraine. In the western regions violins, tsymbaly, bass (bass viol or double bass), sopilka and percussion are used in folk music. In the folk music of the central and eastern region the main instruments are the kobza (a kind of guitar), bayan (accordion), drums, sopilka and bass. Veseli Muzyky are well versed in all these instruments and play music from all regions of the Ukraine. When playing music from a certain region the ensemble plays the instruments of that region.

1. Vasylechku (Ukrainian folk melody)
2. Vesilna hrebinochka (Ukrainian folk melody)
3. Oj, chornaja ... (Ukrainian folk melody)
4. Polka - pavka (Ukrainian folk dance)
5. Horishky (Arrangement of Ukrainian folk song)
6. Vesilny melodijy (Bridal folk dance)
7. Kolomyjky (West Ukrainian folk dance)
8. Variacijy (Fantasia about Ukrainian folk melodies)
9. Teche voda kalamutna (Arrangement of Ukrainian folk song)
10. Kozachok (Popular Ukrainian folk dance)
11. Sukhaja verba (Ukrainian folk song)
12. Vesilna polka (Bridal polka)
13. Horlytsya (Popular Ukrainian folk dance)
14. Kolomijki (West Ukrainian folk dance)
15. Gandzu - Gandzu (West Ukrainian folk dance)
16. Polka-piccolo (Polka for sopilka - piccolo)

Price: € 12.00

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