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Marshall Barron
Minuets, Cotillions, and Early American Country Dances B 257
Minuets, Cotillions, and Early American Country Dances
Three-part arrangements of most of the tunes in Morrison's Twenty Four Early American Country Dances.

CONTENTS: Bonny Lass of Aberdeen, Doubtful Shepherd, Elegance and Simplicity, Innocent Maid, Jockey to the Fair, King George the 3rd's Minuet, Lady Coventry's Minuet, Maid of the Oaks, Marlbrouk, Minuet de la Cour, Money in Both Pockets, Mr. Turner's Academy Cotillion, Pea Straw, Revenge, The Rose Tree, Stony Point, Virginia Reel, Welcome Here Again, White Cockade, Yankee Doodle, York Fusilears, Young Widow.

Price: € 16.00

Mik Lammers
4 Potatoes and a Few Notes B 501
4 Potatoes and a Few Notes
AADS publishes tunebook by Mik Lammers. Mik Lammers is a musician living at Utrecht, the Netherlands, who is best known as the pianist with The Little Tinkers. Recently the AADS published some of Mik’s original dance tunes. The new book is called 4 Potatoes and a Few Notes and it includes 29 new (country) dance tunes: eight reels, five jigs and five marches. Besides there are seven waltzes and four English style tunes. Each tune is chorded. Five new dances (all English style except the last one) were written to fit Mik’s music and their notations have been added: “Fine Dame” by Simone Verheyen; “Silver September” and “Vintage 38” by Antony Heywood; “A Trip to Mortsel” and “An Alternative Line-Up” by Philippe Callens.

Price: € 7.45

Peter Barnes
A Little Couple Dance Music B 037
A Little Couple Dance Music
Four hundred melodies for traditional couple dances from North and South America and Europe. Music included for waltzes, polkas, tangos, schottisches, Swedish hambos, German zwiefachers, French bourées, early 20th century ragtime and foxtrot pieces and much more. For any instrument, with chords for guitar or piano included. Accompaniment tips and suggestions in a special appendix at the back of the book. Spiral bound to lie flat on piano or music stand.

1992, 244 pgs.

Price: € 34.00
Interview With A Vamper B 036a
Interview With A Vamper
Piano accompaniment techniques for traditional dance music, focusing on accompaniment styles for American contra and square dancing. The book starts with basic vamping (simple bass-chord backup) and continues on through bass runs,'thumb-leading', chord voicings, syncopation, substitutions and special effects. The piano has long history in New England and British Isles traditional dance accompaniment and is more popular today than ever. This is the only book available covering these particular techniques. For beginners and experienced players.

1993, 140 pgs.

Price: € 29.00

Randy Miller
Fiddler's Throne B 011
Fiddler's Throne
A Selection of Jigs, Reels, Marches, and Waltzes. Randy Miller with Tom Hodgson, David Loney, and Will Miller. The CD contains 35 tunes from Randy's book, The Fiddler's Throne, including several of his own compositions crafted in the melodic contra dance style. Other tunes are from the early New England fife and shape-note traditions, along with Scottish, Canadian, and Irish tunes that reflect the Northeast's musical melting pot.
Book - € 18.50

1 Shagamaw* / Spindle Shanks reels fiddle, guitar - 2 Sweet Maid of Mull / Uncle Henry jigs fiddle, guitar - 3 Tour of Scotland* reel piano - 4 Life Like a Sea / Skirl of the Pipes marches fiddle, guitar - 5 The Bluff / Mary McMahon reels fiddle, bodhran, guitar - 6 Eddie Kelly / O'Carolan's Fancy / Cuba / Miss MacGregor jigs piano - 7 Big Pat / Shearing the Sheep reels fiddle - 8 Dancing Tailor / Close to the Floor / Cronin's Favorite jigs fiddle, guitar - 9 Waltz for a Glass Armonica* air piano - 10 Around the Lake* / No Grain, No Pain* reels fiddle, guitar - 11 Bill Hoare / Blaydon Flats reels piano - 12 Jackson's Lodge in the Morning / Clonmore jigs fiddle, guitar - 13 Floating Hawks* / Evergreen Lasses reels fiddle, bodhran - 14 La Belle Catherinette reel piano, guitar - 15 The Garden / Hampstead jigs fiddle, piano - 16 John Brennan / The Blackthorn reels fiddle, guitar - 17 The Drystone Wall* / Hurdle Race reels piano, guitar - 18 Amaranth*. (*composed by Randy Miller).

Price: € 20.00

Randy Miller & Jack Perron
New England Fiddler's Repertoire B 121
New England Fiddler's Repertoire
Tunes commonly played at New England contra dances, including jigs, reels, hornpipes & marches.

1986, 100 pgs.

Price: € 24.00

Susan Conger
Along The River B 429
Along The River
In this book Susan collected 73 (45 reels, 13 jigs, 15 waltzes) dance tunes, all of them written by Valley dance musicians, from 1970's to the late 1990's, both as a tribute to the very creative people who live here and as a source of great new tunes. Tunes by David
Cantieni, Cammy and David Kaynor, Keith Murphy and Susan herself, among many others.
1999, 93 pgs.
CD - € 19.00

Price: € 16.75

Susan Songer
The Portland Collection B 320
The Portland Collection
Contra Dance Music in the Pacific Northwest. This spiral-bound book contains 318 jigs and reels from the Portland, Oregon contra dance repertoire. Irish, Scottish, Québecois, Appalachian, and New England genres are represented. Both traditional and recently composed tunes are included, from local treasures to national contra dance standards. Chord suggestions are provided. The collection is compiled by Susan Songer with extensive commentary on each tune by Clyde Curley. You will find stories about the tunes from their composers, discography, bibliography, and more. The tunes and their histories were collected from many local musicians who generously gave of their time and talent to help create this comprehensive musical resource.\r\n\r\n1997, 310 pgs.\r\n\r\nCD - € 19.00

Price: € 30.00
The Portland Collection, Volume 3 B 4530
The Portland Collection, Volume 3
At last! After more than 3 years of work on the project, we are only a few weeks away from going to press with The Portland Collection, Volume 3. We are hoping for an April, 2015 release date. Watch this space for a list of the 300+ tune tiles in Portland 3. There are no repeats from the two earlier books, but the format and features will be just the same.

Price: € 30.00

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