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Anthony G. Barrand
English Clog Dance Steps, 3rd Ed. : Hornpipe, Waltz and Reel B 272
English Clog Dance Steps, 3rd Ed. : Hornpipe, Waltz and Reel
Notations for reel, hornpipe, and waltz clog steps found on clog dance video #12 (for rent from CDSS), plus other steps Tony uses in his own dancing and teaching. 1991 72 pages

Price: € 10.00

Cecil Sharp
The Country Dance Book - Book 5 & 6 B 965
The Country Dance Book  -   Book 5 & 6
Kentucky Old Time Dances.

1918, 187 pgs.

Price: € 11.00

Charles Cyril Hendrickson and Hendrickson Frances
Minuets for Dancing (Book + CD) B 894
Minuets for Dancing (Book + CD)
The music comes from two colonial American sources: the manuscript collection of minuets made by John Ormsby, a dancing master active in Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Maryland in the 1750s, and a group of printed English minuet collections from about the same time that belonged to Thomas Jefferson. For this publication, each of the dances was interpreted and reconstructed using period sources. Several pages are devoted to the technique of 18th-century deportment, figures (or "geography") of the minuet, honors for both the woman and the man, the English minuet step, a complete bibliography of period sources, and there is a first-hand account of the terror induced by a gentleman's first performance of the minuet at a public ball. Chords are indicated on the music and the figures have been matched with each piece of music.
2002, 24 pgs.

1. Corelli's Minuet
2. Countess of Eglington's Minuet
3. The Dutchess of Ancaster's Minuet
4. The Dutchess of Richmond's Minuet
5. Lord Cathcart's Minuet
6. A Minuet
7. A Dances: Minuet by Captain Read
8. A Minuet by S. Philpot
9. A Minuet by Reverd. Mr. Bacon
10. Miss Webster's Minuet and Mrs. Hedges Her Minuet

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David Smukler with David Millstone
Cracking Chestnuts: The Living Tradition of American Contra Dances CDSS45
Cracking Chestnuts: The Living Tradition of American Contra Dances
"Cracking Chestnuts" was a column that grew out of an exciting gathering in Syracuse, NY in March of 2004, when a group of interested callers spent a day together looking at some favorite contra chestnuts. The column ran in the CDSS News, newsletter of the Country Dance and Song Society. It first appeared in the July/August 2004 issue with a look at the dance Devil's Dream, and ended with an article about Chorus Jig in the May/June 2007 issue.

The column was my attempt to take a fresh look at some of my favorite old dances. The content was meant to be more accessible than scholarly. I tried to present each dance in a way that told the reader something about its character, and sensitized readers to details about dance that were important to me. I also tried to have a bit of fun as I wrote.

For a few years, copies of the columns were available here. In mid-November, 2008, I took them down. The book, Cracking Chestnuts: The Living Tradition of American Contra Dances, is now available from CDSS. The book includes all the columns, which have been polished a bit for publication, as well as additional pieces from David Millstone, appropriate tunes for all the dances, and an appendix of twenty more chestnuts.

Price: € 28.00

Henk Jonker
Let's Dance B 243
Let's Dance
From England to New England and More. Book in Dutch. Book with 111 dances from the CD's Let's dance 1-6.
1999, 172 pgs.

CD 1 - € 13.00
CD 2 - € 13.00
CD 3 - € 13.00
CD 4 - € 13.00
CD 5 - € 13.00
CD 6 - € 13.00
Book German - € 18.00

Price: € 18.00
Let's Dance - German B 243D
Let's Dance - German
From England to New England and More. Book in German. Book with 111 dances from the CD's Let's dance 1-6.
1999, 172 pgs.

CD 1 - € 13.00
CD 2 - € 13.00
CD 3 - € 13.00
CD 4 - € 13.00
CD 5 - € 13.00
CD 6 - € 13.00
Booklet(Dutch) - € 18.00

Price: € 18.00

Kate Van Winkle Keller
Dance and Its Music in America: 1528-1789 B 218
Dance and Its Music in America: 1528-1789
Beginning with Toya Indian dances in Florida and the Matachines dance-drama in the Southwest, and moving to ordination balls, pantomimes, Black election celebrations and country dances called “Burgoyne’s Surrender” and “Washington’s Resignation,”—this study presents dance in the North American lands that would become the United States of America as a powerful yet ephemeral medium of communication and social dynamics. It integrates the history of dance and its music into cultural, commercial, and aesthetic aspects of life in the New World, both for established native societies and newcomers.

Special topics include dance as a metaphor and preparation for battle, Yankee peddlers of dance and their publications, French connections, Spanish influences, dance on board ships, in religion and in the military, and Negro jigs, the Virginia Reel, and mumming traditions. Included is the colorful history of theatrical dancers who performed on the boards from Portsmouth to Charleston and competitive dancers in early versions of today’s Scottish games. The core of the book is a state-by-state narrative of dance and dance music in each colony or territory from Maine to California. Thoroughly documented with extensive period quotations, illustrations, footnotes, bibliography and a detailed index, this study integrates much new information with a new way of looking at dance as a phenomenon that was both re-creative and manipulative, commercial and personal, and pleasurable and painful to those who participated.

Price: € 79.00

Kate Van Winkle Keller & Charles Hendrickson
Country Dances From Colonial New York - James Alexander's Notebook, 1730 B 486
Country Dances From Colonial New York - James Alexander's Notebook, 1730
24 dances interpreted for historical performance with modern recreational alternatives; music with chords and illustrations of original pages from Alexander's manuscript plus illustrations of related dances from various editions of The Dancing Master, Neal's A Choice Collection (1726), and other contemporary sources. Includes biographical essay and notes on each dance; bibliography, references, glossary of figures, and short discussion of appropriate steps and movement for the period. 64 pages, 4-color cover, off-white paper, 8 ½ x 11 inches.

2000, 64 pgs.

Price: € 18.50

Kate Van Winkle Keller & Fogg George A.
George Washington. - A Biography in Social Dance B 406
George Washington. -  A Biography in Social Dance
The dances in this collection are selected from 18th-century American sources. They are presented with a narrative on each page linking historical events to dance titles such as 'The Brandywine, Independence Cotillion, Congress Minuet, Hessian Camp, Washington's Resignation' and 'The New Constitution'. Others are more personal: 'Mount Vernon, Washington's reel, The president, ... A transcription of Washington's handwritten 'Rules Of Civility' is included. Cd is available.

1998, 144 pgs.
CD - € 18.50


Rules of the Richmond Assemblies, November 1790.
The Country Dances, Fair Hybernian, The Grove, True Felicity, Black Dance, Stony Point, The Taste, St. Patrick\'s Day, White Cockade, Jacky Bull, The Cotery, La Belle Catharine, Free Mason, What a Beau My Granny Was, Fisher\'s Hornpipe.
Formations, Figures, and Steps.

Price: € 23.55

Kate Van Winkle Keller & George A Fogg
“No Kissing Allowed in School” A Virginia Dancing School in 1784 B 4596
“No Kissing Allowed in School” A Virginia Dancing School in 1784
Dance instructions and music with chords 18th-century dance techniques.
Period illustrations.
This new collection of country dances appeared on a broadside advertisement issued by Capt. Benjamin Walker in Lunenburg, Virginia in 1784. Walker’s class of teenage dancers were of Scottish and English origin and his dances reflect both traditions of social dance. Walker drew his repertory from the latest fashions in London and Edinburgh but he modified them for his rural Virginia patrons. The broadside was a textbook for his students—they learned manners from his rules for the school and they learned to dance tracks, to phrase their movements, and to perform more complex figures as he introduced ever more difficult dances. Walker’s dances have proven very popular at pilot programs across the United States. The authors have located the original music and reconstructed Walker’s dances as they would have been performed in 1784. The book includes many illustrations of pages from old dance collections, portraits of those named in the titles, and a full section on modern and period country dance technique.
Table of Contents
School for Lovers - Love an Opportunity - Soldiers Joy - Jack on the Green - Sweet Hope - Suffer Care - Young Roger - Flora McDonald’s Reel - Highland Lady - Charley Stuart - Gallick Rant - Blowsey Bellow - Old Roger - Richmond Ball or Tom Brown - The Flowers of Edinburgh - Cameronian Rant - The Lad’s a Dunce - Swiss Allamande - Pride of Brunswick - Merry Christmas - Nancy Dawson - Raw Rum and Toddy - New Invention - Jamaica Dance - Armong Dance.

Price: € 12.00

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