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Philippe Callens
From A Belgian Yankee Caller B 100
From A Belgian Yankee Caller
A collection of 45 New England style dances with music for each dance.
The author, Philippe Callens, presents 45 of his own dances, all written in the New England tradition. You will find 4 circles, 13 squares, 24 contras and 4 dances in other formations.
The dance descriptions are kept simple and clear. Each dance is accompanied by a chorded musical score. Suggestions for the use of recorded music are given. The book also comprises an annotated bibliography and discography of works on American dance published in continental Europe. There is a list of organizations that promote these dances. The book closes with an index of the dances and tunes and a classification of the dances according to level.
An indispensable work for the New England dancers!

Price: € 19.60

Charles Cyril Hendrickson and Hendrickson Frances
Minuets for Dancing (Book + CD) B 894
Minuets for Dancing (Book + CD)
The music comes from two colonial American sources: the manuscript collection of minuets made by John Ormsby, a dancing master active in Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Maryland in the 1750s, and a group of printed English minuet collections from about the same time that belonged to Thomas Jefferson. For this publication, each of the dances was interpreted and reconstructed using period sources. Several pages are devoted to the technique of 18th-century deportment, figures (or "geography") of the minuet, honors for both the woman and the man, the English minuet step, a complete bibliography of period sources, and there is a first-hand account of the terror induced by a gentleman's first performance of the minuet at a public ball. Chords are indicated on the music and the figures have been matched with each piece of music.
2002, 24 pgs.

1. Corelli's Minuet
2. Countess of Eglington's Minuet
3. The Dutchess of Ancaster's Minuet
4. The Dutchess of Richmond's Minuet
5. Lord Cathcart's Minuet
6. A Minuet
7. A Dances: Minuet by Captain Read
8. A Minuet by S. Philpot
9. A Minuet by Reverd. Mr. Bacon
10. Miss Webster's Minuet and Mrs. Hedges Her Minuet

Price: € 14.00

Rickey Holden
The Contra Dance Book B 101
The Contra Dance Book
A reprint of the 1956 edition.
In this book the author, Rickey Holden,compiled more than 100 traditional contras and circle dances. This dances all appeared in America between 1850 and 1953. This publication not only contains dance descriptions, but also historical background and calling and teaching suggestions as well as a lot of background information about contra dance such as: what is contra? - why dance contras? - a brief history - calling and teaching - type classification - glossary of contra terms - etc.
The original edition was out of print since the seventies. Many teachers and dancers though wanted to add this classic work to their library. AADS is proud to offer you this facsimile reprint.

Price: € 16.15

Henk Jonker
Let's Dance B 243
Let's Dance
From England to New England and More. Book in Dutch. Book with 111 dances from the CD's Let's dance 1-6.
1999, 172 pgs.

CD 1 - 13.00
CD 2 - 13.00
CD 3 - 13.00
CD 4 - 13.00
CD 5 - 13.00
CD 6 - 13.00
Book German - 18.00

Price: € 18.00

Page Ralph
The Ralph Page Book Of Contras B 302
The Ralph Page Book Of Contras
Contains twenty-two American contras. Eleven are modern or contemporary dances, eleven are older or traditional dances. Most of them were presented during Ralph Page tour of Great Britain in 1966.

1988, 24 pgs.

Price: € 3.75

Tony Parkes
Shadrack's Delight B 962
Shadrack's Delight
Contains New England style squares and contras written by Tony Parkes.

1988, 46 pgs.

Price: € 8.00

Cecil Sharp
The Country Dance Book - Book 5 & 6 B 965
The Country Dance Book  -   Book 5 & 6
Kentucky Old Time Dances.

1918, 187 pgs.

Price: € 11.00

Kate Van Winkle Keller & Fogg George A.
George Washington. - A Biography in Social Dance B 406
George Washington. -  A Biography in Social Dance
The dances in this collection are selected from 18th-century American sources. They are presented with a narrative on each page linking historical events to dance titles such as 'The Brandywine, Independence Cotillion, Congress Minuet, Hessian Camp, Washington's Resignation' and 'The New Constitution'. Others are more personal: 'Mount Vernon, Washington's reel, The president, ... A transcription of Washington's handwritten 'Rules Of Civility' is included. Cd is available.

1998, 144 pgs.
CD - 18.50


Rules of the Richmond Assemblies, November 1790.
The Country Dances, Fair Hybernian, The Grove, True Felicity, Black Dance, Stony Point, The Taste, St. Patrick\'s Day, White Cockade, Jacky Bull, The Cotery, La Belle Catharine, Free Mason, What a Beau My Granny Was, Fisher\'s Hornpipe.
Formations, Figures, and Steps.

Price: € 23.55

Kate Van Winkle Keller & Charles Hendrickson
Country Dances From Colonial New York - James Alexander's Notebook, 1730 B 486
Country Dances From Colonial New York - James Alexander's Notebook, 1730
24 dances interpreted for historical performance with modern recreational alternatives; music with chords and illustrations of original pages from Alexander's manuscript plus illustrations of related dances from various editions of The Dancing Master, Neal's A Choice Collection (1726), and other contemporary sources. Includes biographical essay and notes on each dance; bibliography, references, glossary of figures, and short discussion of appropriate steps and movement for the period. 64 pages, 4-color cover, off-white paper, 8 x 11 inches.

2000, 64 pgs.

Price: € 18.50

The Contra Connection & Basically For Callers B 856a
The Contra Connection & Basically For Callers
The Contra Connection is a series of articles written to help dance organizers and beginning callers. Written by New England callers Larry Jennings, Dan Pearl, and Ted Sannella, the articles appeared regularly in the CDSS News from 1988-1996.

2001, 62 pgs.

Price: € 20.00

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