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Tidal Wave GMM 2022
Tidal Wave
Contra music of Quebec! Although grounded in traditional Quebec rhythms and melodies, this music is innovative and refreshing. Tidal Wave, or Raz-de-Marée, with its cross-border personnel, proves that music not only transcends national boundaries, but brings people together. Prepare to be swept up in this glorious, perfect musical storm. And the liner notes are completely bilingual, French and English!

Sabin Jacques – accordion, Rachel Aucoin, piano Stuart Kenney – bass, with Andres Brunet, Eric Favreau and Claudine Arcand - violins.

1. Reel de Boucherville/ Dedicado à Joe/ Racine de la pièce Mexicaine/ Reel de ti-minous
2. Gueussinette
3. Reel de Valleyfield/ Polka chinoise/ Clog Parizeau - 4. Reel à Bruce/ Reel de Terrebonne/ Reel du Nord
5. Reel à Cédulie/ reel indien
6. Quadrille de Beauharnois/ reel américain/ reel de Bergeville/ reel du Bonhomme
7. La valse Bernadette
8. repertoire famille Pigeon/ repertoire G.Lajois/ reel St-Michel
9. Galope des pionniers’s
10. Hommage à Philippe Breuneau/ Reel de beloeil/ Hommage à Gilles Laprise
11. Les six-huits à Sabin – 6/8 des rapides/ 6/8 de Lachine/ - 6/8 de l’éclusier
12. Reel du voyage

Price: € 16.50

Rodney Miller
Airdance GMM 2003
Celtic, traditional and even jazz tunes flower on strong contradance roots, and reflect the continuing vitality and vibrancy of the New England contradance scene.

1. Gypsy Stomp
2. Ronde Des Voyageurs
3. Rambling Pitchfork
4. Kilcommon
5. All That You Ask Me
6. Morning Star
7. Fred Bartell
8. Da Trowy Burn
9. Behind the Haystack
10. Pigeon in the Gate
11. Förväntan / Elaine's Hambo
12. Patty's Journey Home Ice on the Water
13. Heather Mccarthy.

Price: € 18.60
Airplang II GMM 2001
Airplang II
The evolution continues! Here's the 1987 sequel to Airplang by Rodney Miller and friends. Three stellar musicians, Rodney Miller, fiddle, Peter Barnes piano and John McGann guitar continue to advance the contra genre. There are lots of traditional tunes here but traditional doesn't necessarily mean old fashioned. Their music is highly creative without being gimmicky and it stays true to the roots of the dance. This powerful and expressive music takes you on an adventure to which you will return to time and again.

1. The Cliffs of Moher, Gold Ring, Hullican's Jig
2. Leather Britches, Miller's Reel
3. Pincushion Polka
4. Bluemont Waltz
5. The Bain's Welcome to Dublin, Mains of Gartley, Pull Down Your Vest
6. Rochester Schottische, Shelbourne Reel, The Baker
7. Swimming in the Gutter, King's Favorite, Munster Lass
8. Denver Belle, Indian Killed a Woodcock
9. High Level Hornpipe
10. Cattle in the Cane
11. The Irma Waltz
12. Tour of Scotland

Price: € 18.50
Greasy Coat GMM 20101
Greasy Coat
Rodney Miller, Paul Kotapish, Daniel Steinberg, David Cahn, 1990 It has been said that Rodney Miller plays the liveliest, most exciting Chorus ig imaginable. This is only one of the magnificent tunes on this CD. Rodney's masterful fiddling drives the band throughout. You really shouldn't miss the ride.

1. Greasy Coat
2. Bourree des Moutons
3. Hare in the Hat, Molly's Hop
4. Liza Rose, Stepping on Worms, Wild Ginger
5. Susi's Waltz
6. American Polka
7. Reunion Jig, Pete da Mill, Pinch of Snuff
8. Pow Wow, Rockabilly Reel
9. Bad Hair
10. Bagpipe Ditty, Christmas Day in the Morning, Young Widow
11. Dragonfly Waltz
12. Chorus Jig, Chorus Jive
13. Lullaby for Liza

Price: € 18.50
New England Chestnuts - 2CD GMM 2005
New England Chestnuts -  2CD
Volume 1&2. Rodney Miller, Randy Miller, Sandy Bradley, George Wilson, Steve Woodruff, Laurie Andres
After 20 years of collective listening, the consensus has emerged that these recordings are the definitive musical statements of these "classic" traditional New England contra tunes. The two CD's are recommended listening for musicians, callers, and listeners interested in hearing the music that has had America dancing since colonial times. The liner notes contain a wealth of information about New England contra music and dance. Here is the sound of classic New England contra music at its best.

Volume 1:
1. Lady Walpole's Reel, Batchelder's
2. Opera Reel
3. Rory O'More, Saddle the Pony
4. Chorus Jig - Nerissa, Larry's Waltzes
5. Lamplighter's Hornpipe, Kildare Fancy
6. Portland Fancy
7. Hull's Victory
8. Chickadees, Silver & Gold, Sarah Dell Polkas
9. Money Musk.
Volume 2:
1. Ross' Reel No. 4, Lady of the Lake, Forester's
2. Steamboat Quickstep, White Cockade, New Rigged Ship
3. Road to Boston, Jenny's
4. Gone to Linton
5. Glise de Sherbrooke, Whalen's Breakdown
6. Petronella, Green Mountain Petronella
7. O'Donal Abhu, Rocks of Brae, Meeting of the Waters
8. Maggie Brown's Favorite, Shetland Boston
9. The Gay Gordons, Farewell to the Glen
10. Fisher's Hornpipe
11. Heather Island, Amelia Waltzes.

Price: € 19.50

Rodney Miller & Bob McQuillen
Pure Quill GMM 2004
Pure Quill

1. Mcquillen's Squeezebox
2. South Wind
3. Quindaro
4. Naughty Noochie
5. for Ireland, I'll Not Tell Her Name
6. I Don't Love Nobody
7. the Huskin' Bee
8. Jamie Allen
9. Lowlands of Holland
10. the Gem Varsoviana
11. Strop the Razor
12. Flowers of Edinburgh
13. Elvira's Waltz

Price: € 18.00

Rodney Miller & David Surette
New Leaf GMM 2002
New Leaf
New England Contra Music. The music of Rodney Miller and David Surette radiates the joy of the New England contra scene. Many tunes are of Celtic origin, but Rodney and David imbue them all with a special New England flair. Their stellar musicianship ranks them as leading interpreters of traditional and modern New England dance melodies. New Leaf demonstrates that they are in the vanguard of the New England contra music evolution.

1. Arthur Seat Hornpipe
2. Auld Snatwell
3. Princess reel
4. Flowin' Water
5. RedSunset Waltz
6. Shadows On The Lawn
7. Statue Clog
8. Poor Old woman
9. Italian Gigues
10. Da Weeding March From Unst
11. Caber Fey
12. Wayne Merrill's Jig
13. Frisco Waltz
14. Evit Gabriel

Price: € 18.50

Rodney Miller and Airdance
Cloud Nine GMM 2020
Cloud Nine
Rodney and Airdance's third CD is dynamite. Contra dancers throughout the country are experiencing an influx of young dancers who are drawn to the energy and sociability of the dances. They are sophisticated consumers of music and they are the new generation of " Air-dancers" who love both to dance and appreciate the complexity and spontaneity of this music. As one fan said recently "This is dance nirvana!" Cloud Nine, indeed.

1. Cloud Nine, Broken Heart, Cloud Nine
2. MacArthur Road, Gravel Walk, Shirley's Reel
3. Brimstone Corner
4. Cape Breton Jig, Gallagher's March, Jigermyster
5. Muddy Roads, Lexi McKaskill
6. Arigana Highway
7. Up Downy, Tongadale, Johnny Murray of Lochee
8. Cleveland Park, St. Patrice, Balls to Hall
9. Chance Creek
10.Bubble Pop, Hangman's Reel
11. Dot McKinnon, Sheldon MacNeil, Union Street Session
12. Rogue Wave
13. Hull's Reel

Price: € 17.00

Contrapodia CT 1203
Here are four talented musicians from the Great Plains. Both Minnesota and Iowa claim them. Very creative and fun Contra music.Pat O'Loughlin, John Goodin, Patrice Pakiz, Erik Sessions.

1. Loaves and Fishes, Too Many Goats, 4th and Walnut
2. Puddle Jumper, Snow Day, Offshoot
3. Bighorn River Sunset
4. Aly On the Plains, Hay to Market, Just 4 Guys
5. Ladybug Lightning
6. Mason's Apron, Maggie in the Snow, Julia Delaney
7. Lucy's Stroll, Box Elder Stomp
8. Smitten
9. Surprise, Stumpy, Bunch of Stuff
10. Manistique, What You got There, Scandy Twist
11. Lost Summer.

Price: € 16.00

Spare Parts
Dancing by the Shore BM 003
Dancing by the Shore
Victorian Music from Nahant

1. Sea Serpent Polka by M. Strakosh, 1850 (2:20)“To Miss Rose Kennedy of New Orleans.” This piece, in the keys of Eb and Ab, is a classic example of a midcentury polka. The Sea Serpent was sighted on Boston's North Shore several times, most notably off of Nahant in 1819. The illustration on the cover of the sheet music shows a splendid large serpent at sea (its head looks remarkably like a terrestrial snake) with Boston's Beacon Hill in the distance.

2. Nahant March by W.H. Thomas, 1884 (4:34)
The feeling of this march is similar to early Sousa marches, which date to the same period. Our version is adapted from multi-piece band arrangement published by W.H. Cundy of Boston, MA in 1884.

3–7. Nahant Quadrilles by John H. Hewitt, 1836
No. 1 – Rebecca (3:17)
No. 2 – Estelle (1:40)
No. 3 – Laura (1:56)
No. 4 – Georgette (2:36)
No. 5 – Sophia (2:03)
“Dedicated to Miss Rebecca Willson of Boston.” The illustration on the sheet music shows a lovely nautical scene by Fitz Hugh Lane, with the Nahant Hotel in the distance. John Hill Hewitt, according to the New Grove Dictionary, “has often been named the first successful native American composer of songs.” He's the son of James Hewitt, composer of the Nahant Waltz.

8. Col. Lowell’s Quick Step by B.A. Burditt, 1838 (5:20) “As performed at Nahant July 6, 1838. Respectfully dedicated to the Officers and Members of the Independent Company of Cadets by the Boston Brigade Band.” A nineteenth century quick step is described as a "spirited" military march.

9. Nahant Polka by Ludwig Stasny
“Composed & Dedicated to Mess’rs Paran & J.E.P. Stevens, Proprietors of the Nahant House.” The illustration on the sheet music shows the Nahant Hotel (also known as the Nahant House), which was built in 1823 by Colonel Thomas H. Perkins; in the 1850s the management was taken over by Mess'rs Paran and Stevens. The hotel burned down in 1861.

10–14. The Lancer's Quadrilles
No. 1 – La Dorset (1:54)
No. 2 – Lodoiska (2:00)
No. 3 – La Native (1:34)
No. 4 – Les Graces (2:00)
No. 5 – Les Lanciers (3:56)
One of the most popular quadrille sets throughout the nineteenth century was The Lancer's. This orchestration is adapted from The Star Collection of Instrumental Music by John W. Moore (1858); at the top, the original states “As danced at Nahant, Newport, Saratoga, and Other Fashionable Places.”

15. Nahant Waltz by James Hewitt, c.1827 (4:19)
The music-box sound of this waltz is typical of the first quarter of the nineteenth century, when waltzes first began to achieve popularity. Hewitt (1770-1822) was a British conductor and composer who came to the U.S. in 1792. The original version of this waltz was published by his son in Boston between 1825 and 1829. This versionis is adapted from one published in a much later collection.

Price: € 19.50

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