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The Barking Bulldogs
Dogs in the Hay TBB 01
Dogs in the Hay

1. Booth shot Lincoln
2. Bear Creek
3. Walking in my sleep
4. Jill's Waltz
5. Shenandoah falls
6. Indian killed a Woodcock
7. Five cents piece
8. Bonaparte crossing the Rhine
9. Three forks of Reedy
10. Mississippi sawyer
11. Doctor doctor
12. Soldiers joy

Price: € 19.20
Price: € 7.00

The Moving Violations
Faster Than a Walk GMM 2009
Faster Than a Walk
The New England contra dance is driven by the music, and The Moving Violations is one the most exciting drivers. A mix of traditional tunes and melodies from Scandinavia and Eastern Europe make them special favorites. Van Kaynor and Ron Grosslein, longtime fiddle favorites on the New England dance scene, lead and inspire the quintet. Their fans expect the unexpected.

1. Oak Leaf, Catharsis
2. Mazas Comes to Montague, Vivaldi In Paradise, Nova Scotia Cocek
3. Hjemlengsel
4. Balkanesque/ Feciorsti, Barbuncul din Nasaud
5. Wild One, Indian Point, Glass Island
6. Kiss Me Joe, Music for A Found Hamonium, Sunny Monday Reel
7. Slipstenen
8. Trip to Durrow, Plank House, The Curvy Road to Corinth
9. The Jewel Tune, Briul de la Fagaras, The Carpathian Tune
10. La Llorona
11. All My Friends, Jackie Coleman's, Sleepy Maggie
12. Des Oignons, Reel des Jeunes Maries, Reel de Montreal
13. Schottis fran Stensele
14. Cul Aodh, The Cliffs of Moher, The Red Crow
15. Speed the Plow, Allie Crocker, Sumadijsko Kolo
16. Fransk Vals

Price: € 19.00

The Reckless Ramblers
Lowdown Hoedown BLACK 21
Lowdown Hoedown
Nat Hewitt is from Nelson, NH where the Nelson Town Hall has hosted contra dances for over 200 years. Lowdown Hoedown is exciting contra music that shows that you don't have to have piano to play good contra. Nat plays fiddle and guitar and with Larry and Sam all on strings, together they make unbelievable music. Larry Unger's tune, Door Country #2, is one of my favorites.

1 Fatal Bert (Sam Bartlett) / Bogan's (Larry Unger) / Baker's Favorite (Larry Unger) 3:50
2. The Judge (Larry Unger) 3:54
3. That Sultry Waltz (Larry Unger) 3:47
4. Lowdown Hoedown (Larry Unger) / Elzic's Farewell (trad.) 3:49
5. Glen Echo Jig (Larry Unger) / Robin's Bohdran (Bob McQuillen) / Thingama (Larry Unger) 4:02
6. The Burnt Leg (trad.) / The Long Campaign (trad.) 2:58
7. Steve and Bettie (Larry Unger) 3:44
8. Door County #2 (Larry Unger)Sweetbriar (Larry Unger)3:55
9. Paddy on the Internet (Larry Unger) 3:24
10. The Slippery Jig (Larry Unger) / The Green Reel (Sam Bartlett) 3:09
11. La Gima Polka (F. Fazio) 2:49
12. Cumberland (Larry Unger) 4:14
13. Lad O'Beirne's (trad.) / The Phone Call (Larry Unger) 4:33.

Price: € 18.50

Contra Roots and Branches GMM 2017
Contra Roots and Branches
Contra Roots and Branches was produced in cooperation of the Country Dance and Song Society and features fourteen great contra bands from across North America. We here in Westmoreland NH, listen to this CD every day. It must be the fact that we chose and tunes. This is a very happy CD.

1.The Tar Road to Sligo, The Wild One, Apples in Winter - Swallowtail, After the Dance, MA
2. A Finnish Polka, Morpeth Lasses - Footloose, NC
3. Paddy Killoran's, Gallagher's Frolic - A Band Named Bob, PA
4. Old Man Old Woman, Hillbillies from Mars, CA
5. Romanian Invirtitia, Grasshopper on a Sweet Potato Vine, Old Gray Cat, Shenandoah Falls - Grand Picnic, NY
6. Frenchie's, Habanera - KGB, WA
7. Eli Green's Cakewalk, Little Judique - Portland Selection, OR
8. Year-End Two Step, O'Donnel Abhu - New England Tradition, Farewell to the Hollow, NH
9. Jig Mania, Tuba City Truck Stop, Yesterdays Noodles - The Brea Castoffs, Folk Buddha's Path to Enlightenment, KY
10. Morag's Waltz - George Wilson and Friends - The Royal Circus, NY
11. Erin Reel, The St. Lawrence River, Oliver Tremblay's Reel - Frank Ferrel and Friends - Yankee Dreams, MA
12. Montmarquette's, Pique Bois, Set americain,G Tune - Guys Can Talk
13. Aly on the Plains, Hay to Market, Just 4 Guys IA, MN - Contratopia, Smitten
14. Reel du Tricentenaire, Reel Arthur , Reel de Port-Joli, Reel de Moosonee - Domino, Quebec.

Price: € 18.00

Contra Music - The Sound of New England GMM 2012
Contra Music -  The Sound of New England
Contra Music - The Sound of New England

1. The Green Mountain/Tarboltan/Siobhan O'Donnell's (Green Mountain-Mary Cay Brass & Friends)
2. Lafferty's (Best of Wild Asparagus
3. I Don't Love Nobody/Little Old Cabin in the Lane/Honey Harbor Two Step - Pure Quill- Rodney Miller and Bob McQuillen
4. Leather Britches/Miller's Reel (Airplang II)-Rodney Miller, Peter Barnes, John McGann
5. Poor Old Woman/Ned Kendall's Hornpipe/Levi Beaulieu (New Leaf- Rodney Miller and David Surette)
6. The Jewel Tune/Briul de la Fagaras/The Carpathian Tune (Faster than a Walk, The Moving Violations)
7. Bagpipe Ditty/Christmas Day in the Morning/Young Widow (Greasy Coat- The Rodney Miller Band)
8. Chorus Jig/Opera Reel/Growling Old Man and Woman (Full Wing-Susan Kevra, Mary Cay Brass and Friends)
9. O'Donal Abhu/Rocks of Brae/Meeting of the Waters: (New England Chestnuts Vol. 2. Rodney Miller, Randy Miller and Friends)
10. Lamplighters/Kildare Fancy (New England Chestnuts, Vol.1 - Rodney Miller, Randy Miller and friends)
11. Happy Acres/Murphy's/Johnny Rhino Polkas (Old New England Bob McQuillen, Jane Orzechowski, Deanna Stiles)
12. Kilcommon/The Volunteer (Airdance- The Rodney Miller Band).

Price: € 13.00

Wild Asparagus
Wherever You Go WA 006
Wherever You Go
Wild Asparagus produces great folk music. Sam Amidon and Thomas Bartlett of Popcorn Behavior says it all. "Folk Music at its best: uniquely fine-tuned and complex arrangements that are always rooted in the raw energy of dance music. Wild Asparagus produces folk music so full of ideas that you'll never lose interest, and with so much groove that you'll never stop dancing". usicians: Becky Tracy, David Cantieni, George Marshall, Ann Percival, Stuart Kenney, Keith Murphy, Lee Blackwell. 2001.

1. Contney's Yard, Heave Together, My Needs
2. Superman's Song
3. Baghad Gus, Gus Fuss
4. Sport, Location, Location, Location
5. Love at the Five and Dime, Father Francis Cameron
6. Tommy Peoples', Man From Bundoran, Up the Track, Glass of Beer
7. Gavotte des Montagnes
8. Valse por Pele, Early
9. The Old Bush, The Scholar, Jenny Picking Cockles
10. Mapeking, Lark In the Morning
11. The big Reel, Rare
12. Wherever You Go When You Sleep

Price: € 18.60

Wild Asparagus
Call Of The Wild WA 004
Call Of The Wild
one Roads is the first CD for Wild Asparagus. Released in 1990, Tone Roads also released a flurry of excitement in the contra music scene. The dance crowds were waiting for this recording and their wait was rewarded with first class music that spread the joy and excitement beyond the dance community to new audiences. Audiences found that Wild Asparagus produced first class listening music too.

1. Congress Reel / Fisherman's Island / Return to Milltown
2. Sean Ryan's / Tony Rowe's / The Castledown Connors / The Gold Stud
3. Sunday River
4. Lad O'Beirne's / Tommy Cohen's Reel
5. Skidoo
6. Cul Aodh Jig / I Don't Know Why / Wissahickon Drive
7. Camel Hump / Sam Bartlett's / Camel Hump
8. Rhinoceros for Sue
9. Shaskeen Jig
10. Shaskeen Reel / Concert Reel / John Stenson's #2
11. When we're gone, long gone
12. Fahey's / Woman of the House / Sligo Creek

Price: € 17.50

Wild Asparagus
Tone Roads WA 003
Tone Roads
Tone Roads is the first CD for Wild Asparagus. Released in 1990, Tone Roads also released a flurry of excitement in the contra music scene. The dance crowds were waiting for this recording and their wait was rewarded with first class music that spread the joy and excitement beyond the dance community to new audiences. Audiences found that Wild Asparagus produced first class listening music too.

1. High Part of the Road, The Tipsy Sailor, Out on the Ocean
2. La Grondeuse, La Belle Cathrine, Alfred Montmarquette's F# minor Reel
3.Wissahickon Drive, Banks of Ireland
4. Come Along Jody
5. The Dancer
6. First House of Connaught, Joys of My Life, Fermoy Lasses, Ingonish, Father Kelly's
7. Ootpik Waltz
8. Julia Delaney, Dick Gossip
9. Norwegian Reinlender, Schottis from Idre
10. Paddy Fahey's, Jig of Slurs, Eddie Kelly's, Jig of Slurs
11. Far Away
12. Concert Reel, Paddy on the Landfill.

Price: € 18.60

Wild Asparagus
From The Floor Up WA 002
From The Floor Up
Wild Asparagus really struts it's stuff on this their third CD. George Marshall's swirling concertina plays tag with Becky Tracy's fiddle and David Canteini's flute, oboe and bombard. Ann Percival's creative yet solid rhythm on guitar and piano keeps the rest of the crew in line. Some of their most memorable cuts are here, such as Lafferty's, the Orphan and Belle Gaspesie medleys.

1. Evil Dianne, Torrid Romance, Evil Diane
2. Alabama Rain
3. Jug of Punch, Pinch of Snuff, Jenny's Chickens, The Gravel Walk
4. Sean's Waltz
5. Mooncoin Jig, Whelan's
6. The Setting
7. Rolling in the Barrel, The Morning Dew, Rolling in the Barrel
8. Hommage a la Belle Gaspesie, Diable Vert, Reel de Lievre, Festival des Voyageurs, Stuart's Groove
9. Hard Old Memories, Rambling in the Meadow
10. The Orphan, Old John's Jig, The Bank of Ireland
11. Lafferty's
12. The Skye Boat Song
13. The Fiddlers Bidding, The Phoenix, Sporting Paddy

Price: € 18.60

The Little Thinkers
Both Sides Of The Atlantic - CD AADS 9701
Both Sides Of The Atlantic - CD
Six English country dances in Playford style, a Waltz and Six medleys (reels, jigs, marches) for New England style contras and squares

Book (English or Dutch or German) - 8.00

Six English country dances in Playford style

1. Corelli's Maggot (Cathy & John Millar, 1993)
2. Newcastle (The English Dancing Master, 1651)
3. Kill him with Kindness (The Dancing Master, c. 1726)
4. Circle of Tradition (Fried de Metz Herman, 1992)
5. My Lady Winwood's Maggot (The Dancing Master, c. 1726) )
6. Burgundy's Flight (The Dancing Master, c. 1710).

a Waltz Liza's Birthday in Cape Breton ( 1994 David Cahn).

Six medleys (reels, jigs, marches) for New England style contras and squares:

1. Mackilmoyle Reel / Barrow Burn Reel / The Scholar (reels 9 x 32)
2. First Western Change Jig / Road to Lisdoonvarna (jigs 7 x 32)
3. The Banks of Inverness / Morpeth Lasses (reels/polkas 7 x 32)
4. Prince Imperial Galop / Jonatan's March (8 1993 Mik Lammers) / Bonnie Charlie (marches 9 x 32)
5. Crossing the Cascades (8 1990 Mike Richardson) / Pizza and Apple Pies (8 1989 Mike Richardson) / High Spy (8 1989 Chris Dewhurst) (jigs 9 x 32)
6. Cold Frosty Morn' / Old Grey Cat [for Acer] / Hobart's Transformation (reels 11 x 32).

Price: € 18.50

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