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Powwows of the Native American Indians - Eagle Song EUCD 1952
Powwows of the Native American Indians -  Eagle Song
Powwow singers and drum groups of the Ojibway, the Blackfoot and the Mi'kmaq of Canada and USA. Famous Powwow groups, including Eastern Eagle Singers, Northern Wind, Eyabay and Spirit Sands Singers present ceremonial songs and dances. The CD includes the all female group Olivia Tailfeathers. The tracks: Eagle Song, Campfire, Buffalo Song, Jerrich's Jingle, Cruisin', Whispering Winds, Hate to Say Goodbye, Crow Hop, Universe Song, Secret Admirer, Black Bear Song, Jingle Dress, Ancient Mi'kmaq Gathering Song, Her and I, Rise, Aihpiyiw, B2K, Warrior Song.

1. The Red Shadow Singers: Eagle Song (Kinew) (unknown) - 3:40
2. Northern Wind: Campfire (Gabe Desrosiers) - 3:55
3. Olivia Tailfeathers: Buffalo Song (Olivia Tailfeathers) - 3:26
4. Eastern Eagle Singers: Jerrich's Jingle (Side Step) (Nathan Sack) - 2:50
5. Spirit Sands Singers: Cruisin' (Michael Esquash Sr.) - 3:06
6. Northern Wind: Whispering Winds (Gabe Desrosiers) - 3:13
7. Eyabay: Hate to Say Goodbye (Terry St. John) - 3:30
8. Young Kingbird: Crow Hop (Lance Kingbird) - 1:59
9. Olivia Tailfeathers: Universe Song (Olivia Tailfeathers) - 3:06
10. Spirit Sands Singers: Secret Admirer (Michael Esquash Sr.) - 3:07
11. The Red Shadow Singers: Black Bear Song (Muckatay Muckwa) (unknown) - 4:14
12. Young Kingbird: Jingle Dress (Lance Kingbird) - 2:45
13. Eastern Eagle Singers: Ancient Mi'kmaq Gathering Song (unknown) - 2:00
14. Eyabay: Her and I (Terry St. John) - 3:50
15. Northern Wind: Rise (Gabe Desrosiers) - 4:09
16. Olivia Tailfeathers: Aihpiyiw (Olivia Tailfeathers) - 1:30
17. Eastern Eagle Singers: B2K (Nathan Sack) - 4:48
18. The Red Shadow Singers: Warrior Song (Ogitchita) (unknown) - 2:58

Price: € 18.50

Richardson Dick
Old Time New Hampshire Fiddler - 1903- 1968 HAL 2001
Old Time New Hampshire Fiddler -  1903- 1968
When Dick Richardson was ten years old when he traded in his bicycle for a violin. He started playing and calling for dances in the heydays of the \'20s. Once he was asked to play music and call for the dance in Marlborough, NH and the Keene Sentinel reported that 600 attended. Over the years he toured NH to demonstrate and teach the old time dance calls and music. He also had a weekly radio show.
During the \'40s he played with the famouse Ralph Page Orchestra. Over his sixty-five year career, he was a mentor to many; Ralph Page, dudley Laufman, Bob McQuillen, Duke Miller, Gene Gowing and Jimmy Baldwin and others.
He played his last public performance at the age of 76, in his home state of Vermont, at the Northeastern Regional Fiddle contest. He played Chorus Jig. Richardson\'s Band, 1952. Dick Richardson, Russell Allan, Dick Jr., Johnny Trombley with caller Jimmy Baldwin.

1. Red River Gal - 2. Chicken Reel - 3. Marlborough Quickstep - 4. Spanish Cavelero - 5. French Four - 6. Lady Walpole Reel - 7. Prince Imperial Gallop (Richardson\'s Band) - 8. Crooked Stove Pipe (Richardson\'s Band) - 9. Haltone Special (Haltone Four) - 10. Maggie in the Woods (Haltone Four) - 11. On the Road to Galway (Haltone Four) - 12. Maguinnis\' Delight.
Cuts 1-6 With calls 7-12 - without calls.

Price: € 19.00
Price: € 11.00

American Indian Pow Wow - Music of the Navajo Indians EUCD 2390
American Indian Pow Wow - Music of the Navajo Indians
Authentic recordings of ceremonial and social music of the Navajo Indians from the Four Corners area of northern Arizona, north-western New Mexico, and south-eastern Utah. Male and female singing accompanied on various ceremonial drums, water drums and rattles. Detailed information about the music, dances and ceremonies.

1. Riding Songs
2. Spinning Songs
3. Two-Step
4. Skip Dance
5. Corn Grinding Songs
6. Potato Song, Moccasin Song, Shi'naasha', K'adnikini'ya'
7. Gift Songs (1)
8. Gift Songs (2)
9. Bluebird Song
10. Slow Round Dance, Fast Round Dance
11. Fast Round Dance
12. Shoe Game Songs
13. Badger Song

Price: € 14.00
Ceremonial Music of the American Indians EUCD 2299
Ceremonial Music of the American Indians
Authentic recordings of music of the Navajo, Cherokee, Ohkay Owingeh Pueblo, Seneca, Arapaho and other tribes. Detailed information about the music and dances.

1. Butterfly Dance (Ohkay Owingeh)
2. Alligator Dance (Seneca)
3. Eagle Dance (Northern Arapaho)
4. Rabbit Dance (Northern Plains)
5. Gar Dance (Creek)
6. Women's Brush Dance (Yurok)
7. Ribbon Dance (Navajo)
8. Stomp Dance (Cherokee)
9. Oklahoma Two-Step (Southern Plains)
Bonus tracks:
10. Beautiful Way (NORTHERN WIND)
11. Men's Fancy (EYABAY).

Price: € 18.50
Sacred Dance - Pow Wows of the Native American Indians EUCD 1847
Sacred Dance - Pow Wows of the Native American Indians
This album presents recordings from Pow Wows in USA and Canada. The drum groups represented are Northern Wind (Northern Style / Ojibway), Eyabay (Northern Style / Ojibway) Earlwin B. Bullhead (Instructional / Ceremonial), Young Grey Horse (Northern Style / Blackfoot) and Dakota Travels (Northern Style / Sioux). Information about the tribes and the groups in 4 languages.

1. Northern Wind (Ojibway): Beautiful Way (G. Desrosiers) 2. Eyabay (Ojibway): Men's Fancy (T. St.John) 3. Earlwin B. Bullhead [Lakota (Sioux)]: Woeté Wakan Olowan (Food Offering Song) (E. B. Bullhead/L. Bullhead)
4. Young Grey Horse (Blackfoot): Tha Knot (Anjoe)
5. Dakota Travels [Dakota (Sioux)]: Straight Song (Dakota Travels)
6. Dakota Travels [Dakota (Sioux)]: Intertribal (People Get Up) (Dakota Travels)
7. Northern Wind (Ojibway): Lovin' Feelin' (G. Desrosiers)
8. Eyabay (Ojibway): Grand Entry (T. St.John)
9. Earlwin B. Bullhead [Lakota (Sioux)]: Henna wapic'iya Odowan (Dream Drum Song) (E. B. Bullhead/L. Bullhead)
10. Young Grey Horse (Blackfoot): Rebel Red (Durand)
11. Dakota Travels [Dakota (Sioux)]: Kahomini (We're Only 1st Cousins) (Dakota Travels)
12. Young Grey Horse (Blackfoot): Let's Bounce (Durland)
13. Northern Wind (Ojibway): My Better Half (G. Desrosiers)
14. Earlwin B. Bullhead [Lakota (Sioux)]: Akicitá Odowan (Veterans Song) (E. B. Bullhead/L. Bullhead)
15. Eyabay (Ojibway): Woman's Traditional (T. St.John, John Morris)
16. Dakota Travels [Dakota (Sioux)]: I'm a Dakota (Dakota Travels)
17. Earlwin B. Bullhead [Lakota (Sioux)]: Wokiksuye Olowan (Kinship Song) (E. B. Bullhead/L. Bullhead)
18. Young Grey Horse (Blackfoot): 3 Sheets To Da Wind (Arlen)
19. Northern Wind (Ojibway): Shake, Rattle & Roll (G. Desrosiers)
20. Eyabay (Ojibway): Victory Song (trad.)
21. Dakota Travels [Dakota (Sioux)]: Grand Entry (You Look Beautiful, As You're Entering) (Dakota Travels)

Price: € 18.50

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