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Dilnura, Mashriq, Abror Zufarov
Samarkand & Beyond - Music of Central Asia EUCD 2064
Samarkand & Beyond - Music of Central Asia
From the halfway point of the legendary Silk Road – Uzbekistan, in Central Asia – a variety of traditional music from ancient and exotic cities, like Bukhara, Samarkand and Tashkent, played on traditional instruments.

Centuries-old makams, love songs, celebratory and ritual pieces… melodies that touch the soul.

Extensive information in four languages, richly illustrated.

1. Dilnura Qodirjonova: O’rgilay (Abduhoshim Ismoilov)
2. Mashriq: O’zbek valsi (Fakhriddin Sodiqov)
3. Mashriq: Bo’lmish (song) (Orifkhon Hotamov)
4. Mashriq: Dilxiroj (trad.)
5. Dilnura Qodirjonova: Oh kim (Jo’raxon Sultonov)
6. Mashriq: Khurram (Ari Bobokhonov)
7. Mashriq: Subhi yanglig’ (song) (To’htasin Jalilov)
8. Mashriq: Vatan marshi (Fakhriddin Sodiqov)
9. Dilnura Qodirjonova: Barno yigit (Fakhriddin Sodiqov)
10. Mashriq: Lazgi (trad. of Khorezm)
11. Mashriq: Bukhorcha (song) (O’lmas Rasulov, based on trad. music of Bukhara)
12. Abror Zufarov: Toshkent Iroqi (Abror Zufarov)
13. Dilnura Qodirjonova: Yor istab va Mustahzod (Muhammadjon Mirzayev)
14. Mashriq: Ko’histon (trad.)

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