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Mandingo y Su Son
Absolute Salsa EUCD 2175
Absolute Salsa
Sizzling hot, energetic Venezuelan Salsa, played with gusto and panache! The album includes salsa hits like La Sopa, Coco Seco, Swing a la moderna… 66 minutes of pure dancing fun!

1. Ponganse Duro
2. La Sopa
3. Coco Seco
4. Te diste cuenta
5. Viernes
6. Vaci Rock
7. Negrito Cumba Cumba
8. La Vecina
9. El Frutero
10. Swing a la Moderna
11. Reflexiona
12. Nos dejarón

Price: € 9.00

Víctor Hugo
Tropical Gangster - Salsa from Venezuela EUCD 2309
Tropical Gangster - Salsa from Venezuela
Fresh, hot salsa! Víctor Hugo, nominated for 'Best Latin Artist' in 2005, fuses Afro-Cuban salsa with Merengue, Bolero, Salsaton, Bachata... It is fast, exciting, romantic and always eminently danceable.

1. Salsa donde estabas (Victor Hugo/Julio Cortes)
2. Havanera (Victor Hugo/Julio Cortes)
3. Viva la salsa (Victor Hugo/Hector Aguirre)
4. Todo se lo debo (Victor Hugo/Julio Cortes)
5. Si tu me quieres (Victor Hugo/Rey Crespo)
6. América (Victor Hugo/Reynaldo Vargas Jr.)
7. Muñeca (Victor Hugo/Julio Cortes)
8. La Nena (Victor Hugo/Juan Carlos Murcia)
9. Sigo esperando (Victor Hugo/Leo Bernardo Aguirre)
10. San Valentín (Victor Hugo/Hector Aguirre)
11. Estemos juntos (Victor Hugo/Reynaldo Vargas Jr.)

Price: € 15.50

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