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Mini Cabasa Natural
Mini Cabasa Natural 09ASXP-CBA-3

Creates the rhythm of scraping sound and pattern you desire.

Martin Cohen's second patented invention, was developed nearly thirty years ago. It has since become the most popular hand percussion instrument ever created!

10-ring natural.
= 11.0

Price: € 38.50

Maracas with Graphics
Maracas with Graphics 09ASXP-WMC-8

Oval Shaped Maracas with Graphics, Add Excitement and fun to the classic sound, length 15cm , diameter 8.5cm.

Price: € 14.50

Pair of Egg Maracas
Pair of Egg Maracas GR 1951

Shaky egg style maracas.

Price: € 4.00

Wrist Bell
Wrist Bell 09ASXP-WBL-1-5B

Gives out the familiar holiday sound we love.

Price: € 5.95

Wood Castanets Deluxe
Wood Castanets Deluxe 09ASXP-WCSH-2

Wood castanets designed to learn music in a fun way.

Price: € 7.75

Session Bones Rosewood
Session Bones Rosewood 10BSES-EBB2

Superb Bones in Authentic Solid rosewood

Price: € 16.00

Bongo Bag, padded
Bongo Bag, padded GR 1797

Double stitch handle & shoulder strap.

Price: € 27.00

Atlas Tambourine 6'' single
Atlas Tambourine 6'' single GR1930

Single jingle, wooden rim, natural skin

Price: € 7.50

Wooden Rosewood Spoon
Wooden Rosewood Spoon 10BSES

Rosewood Spoons. An essential addition to any bodhran players carrying case.

Price: € 19.50

Atlas Darabuka 7
Atlas Darabuka 7" hammered GR1764

Aluminium body, Turkish made Darabuka with tuneable plastic head.

20 cm

Price: € 64.00

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