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Drum Tutor
Tutor Book and CD
Tutor Book and CD CAT 27

Snare Drum Rudiments & Pipe Band Drum Scores Tutor with included CD, written by David Farquhar, has over 100 exercises, as well as various drum scores. The exercises are written in a way that allows you to play the rudiments and execute them correctly before increasing the pace. The included CD, laid out in the same order as the book, allows you to listen and play along with the exercises as you progress through each section of the book.

Price: € 18.00

Ahead Custom Molded Earplugs
Ahead Custom Molded Earplugs H-A30EAR02

An easy, do-it-yourself kit that molds in 10 minutes. A great way for drummers and other musicians to protect their ears in a variety of practice and performance applications.

Molds in 10 minutes
Soft and permanent custom fit
No mess
All day comfort
Simple and easy instructions to follow
Safe, non toxic and hypo-allergenic silicone
Environmentally friendly hearing protection
Long lasting and washable
NRR 26 dB
Made in the USA
Limited 30 Day Warranty

Price: € 31.00

Tabor Drum
8" Tabor Drum GR 1741

Hoop Rope Tensioned. 4 1/2" deep. Coloured Red and Blue.

Price: € 14.00

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