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Clip Microphone
HBTM Clip Microphone
HBTM Clip Microphone M89A

The Clip Microphone for Bagpipes is uniquely designed to conform to the curvature of the bagpipe drones and bagpipe chanter. It detects the frequency or your bagpipe chanter and drones without outside interference and ideal in situations when pipers have trouble tuning.

Itfs innovative shape adjusts to the circumference of the pipes and features a highly sensitive Piezo sensor, generous 1.75m lead, 1/4 male plug and strong clip mechanism with two rubber pads. Being properly cushioned the clip microphone will not damage the wood finish on your pipes.

This precision tuning clip sensor is available as an individual order to use with the other tuners or the Bagpipe Tuner App.

*Compatible with third party tuners such as the Korg CA30 and Bagpipe Tuner App.

Size: (L) 56mm * (H)24mm *(W) 16mm
Lead length: 1.75m

Price: € 25.00

Tune Tape
Tune Tape M 89C

Tunetape is an aggressive pressure sensitive tape for fine tuning notes on the pipe chanter. Purpose made for Bagpipes, it offers superior resistance to heat, moisture, humidity and cold. Each roll is 5 metres * 11mm, very thin so you hardly feel it on the chanter, clear so it's unnoticed by others and can be reapplied many times. Tunetape leaves minimal residue and won't damage your pipe chanter or clog the holes. Tunetape is no ordinary tape, it is unique for the use on Pipe Chanters. It outlasts any other chanter tape available.

Using Tunetape for fine tuning and making adjustments is easy. The tape is strong, flexible and movements to the smallest millimetre are possible. Also, by adding pressure when reapplying increases Tunetapes aggressive hold on the chanter. Once in place, Tunetape's resistance to movement reduces those unwanted slips during performances and it's actual 'feel' on the pipe chanter won't interfere with finger movements. You won't even know it's there and birls will flow easily! It's the ideal bagpipe accessory to make the tuning process easier.

Gone are the days of electrical black tape slipping or feeling chunky gaffer tape between your fingers!

Price: € 11.50

HBT2 Bagpipe Tuner & Metronome
HBT2 Bagpipe Tuner & Metronome HBT2

The HBT2 Digital Bagpipe Tuner & Metronome correctly displays the pitch of each chanter note to harmonise with the drones. It features a large LCD screen so display the note, frequency, pitch position and calibration frequency so you can precisely tune your chanter.

The HBT2 Bagpipe Tuner & Metronome correctly displays the pitch of each chanter note to harmonise with the drones. On the large LCD the note, frequency, and calibration frequency along with pitch position is shown so you can precisely tune your chanter. It features a large calibration range so if your chanter is low or high pitched it can be calibrated. Simply play Low A, press the up or down button to adjust the calibration frequency then start tuning. Its ideal for anyone worried about tuning their pipes and perfect for pipers of any standard. Its also a great learning tool.

The HBT2 is fully multifunctional with 5 individual modes- Highland Bagpipe Chanter, Drone, Metronome, Tone Generator and Chromatic

The HBT2 has an internal microphone and also supplied with a special Bagpipe clip microphone, earpiece, batteries and is ready to use straight out of the box

Tuning range: 430-499Hz
Internal & external microphone
Accuracy +/- 1 cent
Response time->20ms
Metronome range 30-230 BPM
Audio output: 3.5mm jack and Speaker
Power: 3V, 2 * 1.5v AAA
Dimensions: 98mm(L) * 64mm (W) * 15mm (H)

Price: € 139.00

Tuner Case
HBT-3 Tuner HardCase
HBT-3 Tuner HardCase HBTHC

This small hard case safely stores the HBT-3 Bagpipe Tuner. Its modern, stylish and protects your tuner from bumps, scratches and dust.

The HBT-3 Hard Case is a streamlined design which opens from the top, therefore has a belt hoop so you can attach it to your side. It also has an internal pocket for small items.

Its lightweight, sturdy and most importantly looks good.

Price: € 16.00

Blair Professional Bagpipe Tuner
Blair Professional Bagpipe Tuner HBT-C1

Blair Professional Bagpipe Tuner is easy to use.

The Blair Professional Analog & Digital Bagpipe Tuner is perfect for Pipe Band tuning to achieve a finely tuned pipe section. Both the LCD and Analog meters provide feedback with excellent detection of drones and chanter, multiple visual feedback options highlighting realtime frequency detection and pitch movement.

Price: € 239.00
Bluetooth Bagpipe Clip
Bluetooth Bagpipe Clip M 89H

It's easily positioned, can be removed within seconds and makes tuning your pipes so much easier by having the tuner right there in front of you! The tuning bracket, 'blowpipe' mount is available for the HBT2 & HBT-3 Bagpipe Tuners.

The 'tuning bracket' was originally designed by Donald Blair many years ago for attaching a tuner to bagpipes. It's 'hands-free' tuning.

The bracket is available for the HBT2 & HBT-3 tuners. The tuner slides into the bracket and is securely fastened by a velcro strap around your blowpipe stock. It won't damage the wood on your pipes and makes tuning easy!

Price: € 59.00
HBT-3 Bagpipe Tuner
HBT-3 Bagpipe Tuner HBT-3

Small compact digital Bagpipe tuner for Highland Bagpipes. Easy to use!

To tune bagpipes with the HBT-3 all you need do is play Low A, calibrate the tuner then start fine tuning your chanter and drones. The HBT-3 Bagpipe Tuner will display when a note is sharp or flat and when in tune the LCD changes colour from amber to green. Additionally, the HBT-3 Bagpipe Tuner has an adjustable needle speed so if a reed is misbehaving and hard to maintain at a steady pitch, the adjustment allows a tollerance for the best possible detection.

The HBT-3 Bagpipe Tuner is small enough to put in your pocket or sporran, gentle on batteries and has an auto-off function when not used for 5 minutes. Its a powerful small bagpipe tuner, perfect for pipers at home to check their chanters before a gig or band practice.

Key features of the HBT-3

Dual speed needle style meter, allowing control of how fast you would like the needle to move.
Single Hz movement between -10 & +10 Hz of the calibration frequency- for absolute accuracy.
Fast response time, less than -20ms
Note, frequency and calibration frequency displayed on the large LCD
Backlit LCD display for high visibility- particularly outside
Internal microphone
External Bagpipe clip microphone also included.
Drones & Chanter mode
Auto Shut off after 5 minutes of no use.

Dimensions: 80mm*15mm*59mm, 64gms

Also included:
Ultra sensitive peizo sensor
Strong firm spring
Soft padded contacts so it wont damage your pipes.
1.75m lead

Price: € 95.00
Korg CA -1 Tuner
Korg CA -1 Tuner M 90

For nearly a decade, the Korg CA-30 Chromatic Tuner has stood among the top-selling tuners on the planet. Now meet the CA-1; offering the same excellent features with a new, enhanced design.

Price: € 23.00
Korg TM-40 Large Display Digital Tuner and Metronome
Korg TM-40 Large Display Digital Tuner and Metronome TM-40

Offers both tuner and metronome functions simultaneously or independently. Its large LCD-type needle delivers both the accuracy of an LCD and the excellent visibility of a needle indicator. It also has LED indicators that show pitch deviation or blink to indicate the tempo, making the TM-40 a highly visual tool. Provides quick and accurate coverage of a wide spectrum of notes and pitches for wind, string, keyboard, and most other instruments Excellent Functionality and a Wide Detection Range With a detection range of C1 (32.70 Hz) - C8 (4186.01 Hz), the TM-40 provides quick and accurate coverage of a wide spectrum of notes and pitches for wind, string, keyboard and most other instruments. Even low-pitched instruments with complex overtone structures are detected with the precision you expect from Korg. A built-in high-sensitivity mic allows acoustic instruments such as guitar and ukulele to be tuned easily and accurately, and the separately sold CM-100 contact mic can be used to send the vibrations directly to the tuner for even greater precision. Sound Out! In addition to the visual tuning guide provided by the meter, you can use the TM-40_s built-in speaker to produce a tuning reference pitch (Sound Out).

Price: € 40.00
Tuner Blowpipe Mount
Tuner Blowpipe Mount HBT3-CL

This handy mount positions the HBT-3 Bagpipe Tuner onto your blowpipe. It frees up your hands for tuning and can be mounted and removed in seconds.

The mount is made of up of 2 components- a silicon rubber strap with multiple tensioning positions and a soft plastic coated bracket for the HBT-3 Bagpipe Tuner to slide in. The coated bracket wont damage the wood on your pipes or move about once its secured.

The great feature of the bracket is that it allows the tuner to be in close view, so when the clip mic is used you can easily monitor each note being played.

Also, the tuner can be used as a manometer (pressure monitor) with the aim being to keep the needle steady. Any blowing pressure movements are detected and shown by the needle moving, and with the tuner in the bracket and easily viewable makes this accessory a must have.

Price: € 14.00

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