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Practice Chanter Reeds
Red Practice Chanter Reed - Warnock
Red Practice Chanter Reed - Warnock RD 4

Plastic practice chanter reed

Price: € 6.50

Reeds Smallpipes
Small pipe reed - Key A or D
Small pipe reed - Key A or D SPR1D

These reeds can last for years as they are not subjected to moisture.

Price: € 42.00

Pipe Chanter Reeds - Chesney Warnock Pipe Reeds
Pipe Chanter Reeds - Chesney Warnock Pipe Reeds RD1 W

Made using only the finest quality cane available, all reeds are individually balanced and tested by David Chesney's experienced craftsmen, who have over 30 years knowledge in the art of reed making, to ensure the highest possible standards are achieved. Our reeds have been used by bands, from Grade 1 to Juvenile, to win over 100 World Championships in the last 20 years. Currently being played by the 2011 WORLD CHAMPIONS FIELD MARSHAL MONTGOMERY and the 2010 WORLD CHAMPIONS ST LAURENCE OTOOLE Pipe Bands.

In stock:easy - medium - hard

Price: € 18.00

Drone Reeds
Hepburn Cane Drone Reeds - Set of Three
Hepburn Cane Drone Reeds - Set of Three RD 2

Set of Three

Price: € 27.00

Drone Reeds
Ezeedrones RD 3E

Manufactured from a material with very similar tonal qualities to natural cane, Ezeedrone synthetic drone reeds produce a sound which is practically indiscernible from that of the best traditional can reeds. Even when striking in, Ezeedrone tenor reeds provide a pleasing double-tone which translates to a full sounding and very steady drone tone when the bagpipe is played. Ezeedrone bass reeds are equally steady and produce a rich, deep quality sound which is one of the main characteristics of all best sounding bagpipes.
Ezeedrone reeds are manufactured to a very high level of precision and are subjected to rigorous quality checks prior to distribution. They are pre-adjusted and will settle immediately in most bagpipes, requiring little maintenance and producing excellent harmonics when accompanied by a good chanter with a well balanced reed. Any further adjustment should be made with care

Price: € 74.00

Drone Reeds
MG Standard Drone Reeds
MG Standard Drone Reeds RD3 MG

These MG synthetic drone reeds have been designed to give the best possible combination of harmonics from the bass and tenor drones, utilising man made materials to ensure richness of tone, stability of sound, reliability and repeatability.

Price: € 61.00

Drone Reeds
Selbie synthetic drone reeds.
Selbie synthetic drone reeds. RD3 S

Selbie Imitation Cane Drone Reeds have been designed to provide the stability of a synthetic reed while providing the tonal qualities found in the finest cane reeds.

One of the main features of the Selbie reed is the patent pending tongue system. The 'T' shape formed tongued fits into the precision engineered reed body. This eliminates the need to glue tongues to the body. It allows the tongue to be removed and cleaned of any residue or seasoning if a reed were to fall into the pipe bag. It can then be refitted to the reed body and set to its original position.

Price: € 73.00

Drone Reeds
Shepherd SM90 Reeds
Shepherd SM90 Reeds RD3 SP

Shepherd SM90 plastic drone reeds.
1 Bass and 2 Tenor Drone Reeds

Price: € 59.00

Drone Reeds
Complete Set with Carbon Fibreby Ryan Canning
Complete Set with Carbon Fibreby Ryan Canning RD3CF

This is the original set of drones reeds first launched in 2006 and played by pipers and bands worldwide.

The carbon fibre bass reed produces a deep, strong bass tone and is extremely steady. It comes fitted with a flat silicone bridle for accurate and easy strength adjustment. A tuning screw in the detachable nose cone allows for extra pitch adjustment.

This set comes complete with our standard pitch tenor reeds whose smooth, rich tone compliment the bass drone perfectly. The tenors are also available in a high pitch variation.

Price: € 84.00

Drone Reeds
Balance Tone Drone Reeds
Balance Tone Drone Reeds HR 01

Balance Tone Drone Reeds provide the piper with the ability to achieve the ultimate sound from their drones. Designed by Major Bruce Hitchings, and played and respected by thousands of Highland Pipers worldwide. These innovative drone reeds are

•Exceptional in tonal quality
•Easy to strike in
•Easy and efficient to tune
•Take a minimum of air
•Moisture resistant
•Easy to set up
•Strike in every time

Price: € 82.00

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