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Reed Pal Protector
Pipers Pal Reed protector
Pipers Pal Reed protector M 19A

When you take your chanter from the stock you immediately lose humidity round the reed. With the Pipers Pal this is no longer a problem. The reed is completely isolated from the outside air and ready to play instantly.

Price: € 42.00

Reed Protector
Pipe chanter reed protector - Hardie
Pipe chanter reed protector - Hardie KIL 23

Reed Protector also known as a false stock allows the chanter reed to dry whilst storing an instrument.

Price: € 11.00

G1 Pipe Chanter Reeds
G1 Pipe Chanter Reeds RE 08

Medium Reeds.

G1 reeds are made solely by John Elliott, using a combination of traditional and innovative techniques producing a precision reed. Each tube of cane is personally hand selected by John and only the best will be deemed acceptable for G1's high standards.

These reeds work well in the both plastic and blackwood chanters made by Hardies. The reeds are best suited in our opinion for the pipe band environment for Pipe majors looking for a good projection from their chanters.

In stock: Easy & Medium

Price: € 15.00
Pipe Chanter Reeds - Chesney Warnock Pipe Reeds
Pipe Chanter Reeds - Chesney Warnock Pipe Reeds RD1 W

Made using only the finest quality cane available, all reeds are individually balanced and tested by David Chesney's experienced craftsmen, who have over 30 years knowledge in the art of reed making, to ensure the highest possible standards are achieved. Our reeds have been used by bands, from Grade 1 to Juvenile, to win over 100 World Championships in the last 20 years. Currently being played by the 2011 WORLD CHAMPIONS FIELD MARSHAL MONTGOMERY and the 2010 WORLD CHAMPIONS ST LAURENCE OTOOLE Pipe Bands.

In stock:easy - medium - hard

Price: € 18.00
Platinum Pipe Chanter Reeds G1
Platinum Pipe Chanter Reeds G1 RE08 PL

The G1 Platinum reed is gaining popularity with the top pipe bands. They provide a robust sound that will improve the projection from the pipe chanter and band. The reed is identified by the silver thread used to bind the reed.

In Stock: Easy & Medium

Price: € 16.00
Reed MacLellan
Reed MacLellan RD1 ML

Designed to be easy-going and yet still a full-bodied response. We also make an easier reed than this for absolute beginners or seniors, so be sure to ask!

In stock:
* Please note your choice.

Price: € 17.50
Shepherd Pipe Reeds
Shepherd Pipe Reeds RDSH 01

R.T. Shepherd & Sons production methods and strict quality control at each stage of manufacture (10 stages in total) ensure that the length of the Shepherd reed remains constant in relation to its other variables.

The end result - a unique reed produced and finished by a combination of dedicated craftsmen and advanced machinery techniques and providing greater efficiency, easy adjustment for weaker blowers and easy adjustment to raise pitch.

This consistency makes it easier to manipulate the reed for the required strength and still maintained its desired consistency of pitch and vibrancy.
The characteristic of the pipe reed as well as being dependant on the rigidity of the cane being used also depends on the control of the following ratios in the construction and design

Staple production consistency
All Shepherd reeds are designed to deliver a pitch combination of 472Hz - 475Hz and above depending on climatic conditions

In stock:
- Easy
- Medium
- Hard
* Please note your choice!

Price: € 12.50

Reeds Bb
Reed for Bb Chanters
Reed for Bb Chanters RD BB 01

Reed for pipe chanter in the key of Bb (B flat)

Price: € 16.00

Reeds Smallpipes
Small pipe reed - Key A or D
Small pipe reed - Key A or D SPR1D

These reeds can last for years as they are not subjected to moisture.

Price: € 42.00
The Shepherd Small Pipe Chanter Reed
The Shepherd Small Pipe Chanter Reed R 07A

The Shepherd Small Pipe Chanter Reed for the Key of
- A
- Bb
- C
- D

Price: € 19.00

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