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Water Trap
Bannatyne Canister Moisture Control System BCMCS
Bannatyne Canister Moisture Control System BCMCS M 88

A silica gel based moisture control system giving longer playing time, excellant airflow, no restriction to chanter reed, great starts and stops, easy to install with direct connection to stocks, easily adjustable to suit any climate and easily adjustable to suit wet or dry blower.

Comes complete with spare cannister and extra gels.

Price: € 82.00
Shepherd water trap
Shepherd water trap M 20B

Plastic hose with sponged bottle.

Price: € 22.00
Bannatyne Water Trap Bottle
Bannatyne Water Trap Bottle M 44C

Water trap (bottle) to fit Bannatyne pipe bag

Price: € 23.00
Bagpipe Chanter Moisture Control System - R.G. HARDIE
Bagpipe Chanter Moisture Control System - R.G. HARDIE BCMCS

The Chanter Moisture Control System (CMCS) has been designed to help reduce moisture from your pipe bag reaching your chanter reed. The CMCS complements the drone Moisture Control System and offer the following benefits:

•Keeps chanter reed drier so you can play for longer
•Non-bulky, lightweight system
•Easy to install and maintain
System Description - Air is taken through the gel filled cartridge section, on through the flexi-tube and connects to the chanter stock.

For extended playing time, combine the chanter moisture control system with the drone moisture control system and play until you give in rather than your bagpipe!

Price: € 35.00

Moisture Control System
Moisture Control System (MCSII)
Moisture Control System (MCSII) HR 02

Moisture Control System (MCSII) reduces moisture before it hits your drone reeds. The Moisture Control System has been designed and developed with you, the piper, in mind. This is the most versatile system on the market because it is:

° lightweight
° sits at the top of the bag
° easy to adjust
° equipped with removable drone valves
It also offers the following benefits:

° Keeps reeds drier so that your pipes stay in tune and you can play longer
° No tonal change
°Consistency of air pressure to drone
° Easy to install, remove and maintain
° Non-bulky, lightweight system
The removable drone valve has a flexible connector for connection to the drone stock. It also features a screw adjustable quick stop drone valve to regulate the air flow.

Drone valves are included within the system. These are removable if not needed, however they will regulate the air flow to the drones giving a steadier drone sound.

Price: € 82.00

Water Trap
Stock Style Water Trap
Stock Style Water Trap A-027

The stock style water trap fits in the bottom of the blowpipe stock. This water trap is made of cork, with a brass tube. It comes with some fabric abrasive to sand the cork to the desired dimensions to fit the internal bore of the blowpipe stock. This water trap will allow some moisture to still enter the pipe bag, but will collect most of the moisture before it enters the pipe bag.

Price: € 9.50
Price: € 5.00

Moisture Control System
Ross Moisture Control System
Ross Moisture Control System H-PBAG01RI

The Ross canister system provides excellent moisture control through drying granules. The amount of moisture getting to the reeds can be regulated by rotating the colour coded airflow rings or by adjusting the quantity of drying granules in the canister.

The set includes:

2 canisters complete with granules and airflow rings
3 air hoses for connecting drones
1 chanter air hose

Price: € 149.00

Moisture Control System
TrapDri Moisture Control
TrapDri Moisture Control M 95

The Trap Dri moisture control trap has been developed to prevent excess water escaping from your water trap and saturating your pipe bag. The trap works by collecting water which condenses inside your water trap tube and locks it inside the Trap Dri.

Give your pipes the treatment they deserve by purchasing this revolutionary new trap which never loses its effectiveness during use.

Price: € 24.50

Water Trap
David Naill water trap
David Naill water trap M 20A

The David Naill watertap is an excellent product for non-zipper pipe bags and takes up very little space within the Bagpipe pipe bag. It consists of a Plastic tube that is inserted inside the blowstick stock from the outside. A tool is included to widen the end, and a special compression ring holds the watertrap in place. It can cut to fit any bag and has a metal coil to stop kinking.

Price: € 53.00

Moisture Control System
Trap Dri
Trap Dri M 95A

he perfect device for your sheepskin/hide bag etc.

Joins to your existing tube and can slip through a split stock.

This can also be adapted into other Moisture Control Systems for use in zip bags.

Price: € 24.50

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