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Crumhorn in C
Susato Soprano Crumhorn in -c'-
Susato Soprano Crumhorn in -c'- SPCRSC

Crumhorns are capped-reed instruments of the Renaissance, They produce a unique, buzzing double-reed sound. Our Susato Crumhorns are made of brown colored ABS and fitted with two upper extension keys, a thumbrest and a long lasting Susato Reed. The fingering is the same as for recorders.

During the Renaissance, Crumhorns did not have any upper extension keys, which is the reason they are refered to as nine-note instruments. In our times, two upper extension keys are usually mounted, extending the range to one octave and a half.

Included are a durable Susato Reed, two extension keys, thumbrest, fingering chart and a cloth bag.

Price: € 295.00

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