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Drum Pad
Beat Street
Beat Street 00015196

Medium sized, round shaped practice pad, smooth white wooden finish, rubber disc and black protective trim finishing the circumference edge. All pads are great for improving clarity of execution in a controlled environment.

Original pad. Producing a clear and precise note.

Price: € 29.00
Farquhar Drum Pad
Farquhar Drum Pad CAT 49

These 9" square practice pads are manufactured to an exceptional standard of quality by Farquhar Drumming Supplies. The soft-medium white rubber has a nice clear tone and produces an excellent rebound. The white rubber is inserted into a centre recess which gives the practice pad its unique sound. The practice pad can be placed on any table surface, on your lap or on your snare drum.

Price: € 33.00
Jim Kilpatrick Signature Practice Pad 10
Jim Kilpatrick Signature Practice Pad 10" JK PP 8

The new Jim Kilpatrick Signature practice pad is designed to produce an accurate rebound and stick response and will help to develop the ultimate drumming technique for stick control, feel and speed. It features a specially selected neoprene playing surface for a true and precise response. The pad also features a non-slip ring for playing on flat surfaces. It can also be mounted on a snare drum stand and has a threaded fitting for mounting onto a cymbal stand, or other practice pad stands. Perfect for all beginner and professional drummers that require a high quality pad for a true drumming experience.

Price: € 40.00
Pearl Professional Practice Drum Pad
Pearl Professional Practice Drum Pad PPP 01

8" (20cm) Rubber Pad
Precisely formulated for natural drum rebound
For table top use or easily mounted on most cymbal stands

Price: € 28.00

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