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Highland Bagpipes Kilberry
Highland Pipes 'A' - Kilberry / Plastic
Highland Pipes 'A' - Kilberry / Plastic KIL191

The Kilberry 'A' set in black acetal is the starting set in the Kilberry range. However, this does not mean they are low quality - it is quite the opposite really! The Kilberry range of bagpipes is renowned for top quality sound and very high craftsmanship. This A set plain style is made from top quality black acetal (plastic) in the Kilberry workshop in the centre of Edinburgh. The pipes have a synthetic bag, plain nickel ferrules and drone caps. They are supplied complete with top quality plastic drone reeds (easy to get an instant sound from) and a traditional cane pipe chanter reed, ready to play, with a polypenco pipe chanter and your choice of cover and cords.

Availability: As these items are precision made to order, delivery times are longer but usually within 6 weeks.

Bag colour: Dark Green Navy Black Royal Blue
Fringe colour: Green Navy Black Royal Blue Red White
Cord colour: Green Navy Black Royal Blue Red White
Drone Reeds:
- Hardie synthetic or Henderson synthetic or Shepherd synthetic or Balance Tone-> + 30
- Eezedrone -> + 34
Pipe Bag:
- Bannatyne Synthetic / Zip Bag --> + 45
- Bannatyne Hide / Zip Bag --> + 92
Moisture Control System: Bannatyne --> + 44

Price: € 730.00

Goose Bagpipe - RG Hardie
Goose Bagpipe - RG Hardie HDGO-1

The Regular Practice Goose comes complete with a leather bag, bag cover, and a long practice chanter. The top of the chanter is the blowpipe of the Goose and the bottom is the Goose chanter. Playing made easy! This is a great tool for the beginner.

Price: € 202.00

Practice Pipes
Twist-Trap Practice Pipes
Twist-Trap Practice Pipes H-RGHTP01

Twist-Trap Practice Pipes are a set of mouth blown smallpipes incorporating a long practice chanter and two drones. They produce a softer more mellow tone in comparison to the Highland Bagpipes and pitch in the key of A (440Hz), a general tuning standard for many musical instruments. They are fun to play on their own or in a group setting along with other instruments.

Twist-Trap Practice Pipes allow beginners to start playing on a mouth blown instrument that closely resembles the Highland Bagpipes.

Twist-Trap Practice Pipes are not just for beginners however, Pipers of all abilities can appreciate the sound, making practice time that much more enjoyable.

Product features:

Suitable for Pipers of all abilities
Key of A
Twist Trap Moisture Control
Long Practice Chanter
Bass and Tenor Drone
Integral Valve
Synthetic Pipe Bag
Corduroy Bag Cover
Deluxe Carry Case

Price: € 450.00

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