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Reed Protector
Pipe chanter reed protector - Hardie
Pipe chanter reed protector - Hardie KIL 23

Reed Protector also known as a false stock allows the chanter reed to dry whilst storing an instrument.

Price: € 11.00

Black waxed hemp
Black waxed hemp KIL 28

A pre-waxed hemp, saving you the hassle of using a resin stick, this hemp is used to keep for care and maintenance of the bagpipe. It is sold in a 50g roll only.

Price: € 9.00

Yellow hemp
Yellow hemp KIL 30

Used to keep all the joints tight. Not waxed.

Price: € 7.00

Bag Seasoning
Airtight Seasoning
Airtight Seasoning M 7

Airtight Seasoning feeds and preserves leather pipe bags, absorbs moisture providing a rich resonant tone to the instrument. It guarantees to make any leather bag airtight, used by the top pipers and pipe bands in the world. The Choice of Champions!!

Price: € 12.50

Tying in cord
Tying in cord M 8

Waxed cord for tying in a pipe bag

Price: € 7.00

Waxed Yellow hemp 50g
Waxed Yellow hemp 50g M 12A

50g ball of yellow waxed hemp.

Price: € 9.00

Reed Pal Protector
Pipers Pal Reed protector
Pipers Pal Reed protector M 19A

When you take your chanter from the stock you immediately lose humidity round the reed. With the Pipers Pal this is no longer a problem. The reed is completely isolated from the outside air and ready to play instantly.

Price: € 42.00
Beeswax M 18A

Real beeswax for hemp

Price: € 3.50

Korg CA -1 Tuner
Korg CA -1 Tuner M 90

For nearly a decade, the Korg CA-30 Chromatic Tuner has stood among the top-selling tuners on the planet. Now meet the CA-1; offering the same excellent features with a new, enhanced design.

Price: € 23.00

Highland Bagpipe Tuner
Highland Bagpipe Tuner M89

Programmed specifically for the Highland Bagpipe Scale, features 2 dedicated tuning modes for the bagpipe scale (Highland Bagpipe & Drones), a metronome, tone generator and also a chromatic mode for standard tuning. The HBT1 is small and will fit in your sporran, has a large LCD screen which displays note, frequency , calibraton frequency (range of 439-499Hz)and pitch position with a vertical meter and LED lights indicating note status. It has a built-in frequency designed microphone and suplied with an additional external clip microphone and earphone. The clip microphone is excellent for chanter notes and can be attached below low A quickly and removed immediately after tuning. The tuner also has the option to add an external microphone which is ideal for drones.

Price: € 105.00

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