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Bore Oil
Bore Oil M 29

Bagpipe Bore Oil - Pipers' Choice Bore Oil contains a special preservative to help prevent cracking and warping of the bagpipe due to excessive dryness or over-absorption of moisture. Comes in a bottle and should be used occasionally to keep the internal bores of your wood bagpipes in good condition. This can also enhance drone tone due to smoother bores. To be applied with cotton drone and chanter brushes.

Price: € 8.75
Piper Range Blackwood Oil
Piper Range Blackwood Oil A04BOIL

The Piper Range Blackwood Oil. An essential, top quality, wood treatment to preserve and protect bagpipes. Helps prevent cracking, warping and damage caused by moisture and temperature.

We cannot recommend this product enough or over stress the importance of regular oiling and cleaning of pipe bores.

A well maintained pipe will last for decades and we have invested heavily to ensure the Pipers Range bore oil is the purest and finest available.

Price: € 7.20

Non Slip Patch
Non Slip Patch RH 12812

A patch of non-slip material attachable to your bagpipe cover to achieve optimum grip between the bag and your arm. Black in colour.

Price: € 5.50

Pipe Carrier
Hands Free Pipe Carrier
Hands Free Pipe Carrier M 78

This is no gimmick; this is a seriously handy piece of kit!

Hands Free Pipe Carrier is shower proof and will fit in your pocket or sporran when not in use. After your parade is finished instead of walking back to where your pipe case is, simply unfold the Hands Free, slip your pipes in and carry over your shoulder.

Draw string cord holds bag in place and velcro straps hold drones.

Never leave your pipes lying around again and always have two hands free! Here at Bagpipe Specialists we wouldn't be without our Hands Free.

Price: € 19.50

Bagpipe Metal Polish
Bagpipe Metal Polish H-A01POL02

New R.G. Hardie & Co. Bagpipe Metal Polish and Sealant gives a lustrous shine and provides ongoing protection against atmospheric corrosion - but, unlike many metal polishes, it is non-abrasive and does not damage the metal or the wood.

It is available in 50ml bottles - only the smallest amount is required for perfect results. It can be used on all types of bagpipe metal mounts including silver, nickel, antique nickel, brass and alloys.

We recommend the use of a fine microfibre cloth for application and final polishing.

Price: € 11.50

Reed Pal Protector
Pipers Pal Reed protector
Pipers Pal Reed protector M 19A

When you take your chanter from the stock you immediately lose humidity round the reed. With the Pipers Pal this is no longer a problem. The reed is completely isolated from the outside air and ready to play instantly.

Price: € 42.00

Reed Protector
Pipe chanter reed protector - Hardie
Pipe chanter reed protector - Hardie KIL 23

Reed Protector also known as a false stock allows the chanter reed to dry whilst storing an instrument.

Price: € 11.00
Practice Reed Protector
Practice Reed Protector H-A05RP02S

We introduced this reed protector for our blackwood chanter range due to a common problem where the top cracks. It is very important to break down the chanter and allow the hemp to dry out. If this is not done it can cause the top to crack.

This reed protector features extra holes at the top allowing the reed to be safely stored in a pipe case while the chanter dries out after playing.

Price: € 12.00

Large stopper
Large stopper M 17

Large rubber stoppers

Price: € 1.90
Small stopper
Small stopper M 17A

Small stopper for drone tops

Price: € 1.60

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