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Bodhran 12"
Waltons 12
Waltons 12" Design Bodhran - Scottish Flag 10AWAL-2368

Handcrafted from the finest woods and real goatskin, Waltons' decorative series introduces the Rampant Lion on the St. Andrew's Cross. Our 18" and 12" bodhráns come with a hardwood beater. The 8" souvenir bodhrán comes in a gift pack with beater. Suitable for beginners to advanced players.

Price: € 28.50

Bodhran 16"
Vignoles 16
Vignoles 16" - Deep Bodhran GR 1637

Tuneable, 16" deep, single strut, taped edges, dark stained wood. Made in Eire

Price: € 280.00
Vignoles 16
Vignoles 16" Bodhran, tuneable GR 1638

4 1/2" deep, inlay on rim, tool less tuning mechanism. Made in Eire

Price: € 310.00
Waltons NEW T SERIES pro
bodhran - 16
Waltons NEW T SERIES pro bodhran - 16" Hand Tuneable Bodhran Deep Pro Frame 10AWAL-T6165

16" Hand Tuneable Bodhran Deep Pro Frame

Manufactured using a technique refined over the last 40 years, the T-Series bodhrans guarantee a perfect balance of form and function, neatly tailored to the modern player. Our hand-picked, premium goatskins are hand treated using a unique combination of age old traditions and 21st century science which allows us to maximise the skin potential while preserving the tonal and performance characteristics that give each of our T Series bodhrans its own individual personality.

All of our T Series bodhrans use an innovative hand tuning system developed by Christian Hedwitschak and exclusively
licensed to Waltons.

Price: € 203.00

Bodhran 18
Waltons 18
Waltons 18" Tuneable Bodhran 10AWAL-2439GR

Drawing on many years' experience designing and manufacturing bodhráns, these instruments are the last word in tone, build and versatility. They offer superb quality with heavy-duty laminated shells, delivering unrivalled stability and durability. Handpicked, premium quality goatskin heads and the Waltons ultra-reliable tuning mechanism, our tuneable bodhrans provide the perfect combination of controllable volume, tonal flexibility and dynamic response to bring your playing to new musical heights. Complete with allen key and beater.

Price: € 195.00

Bodhran 18"
Waltons 18
Waltons 18" Bodhran - Pro 5 Straight Handle 10AWAL-18PRO4-S-MAH

Handcrafted from the finest woods, real goatskin Heads Super Grip handle, Double Skin for tone and durability. Comes with Hardwood Beater, Carrying box.

Price: € 88.00

Bodhran 8"
Waltons 8
Waltons 8" Bodhran - Animals Motif 10AWAL-193308

Price: € 16.00
Waltons 8
Waltons 8" Bodhran - Carew Cross 10AWAL-2508

Price: € 16.00
Waltons 8
Waltons 8" Bodhran - Chase Motif 10AWAL-195108

Price: € 16.00
Waltons 8
Waltons 8" Bodhran - Claddach Motif 10AWAL-195208

Price: € 16.00

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