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The Irish Drum Tutor  - Peter Houlahan
The Irish Drum Tutor - Peter Houlahan GM 1652B

An in depth look at playing the bodhrán. Peter Houlahan takes the absolute beginner to professional status in this easy to follow tutorial.

Price: € 12.25

The Irish Bouzouki - Cd Edition - Niall O Callanain and Tommy Walsh
The Irish Bouzouki - Cd Edition - Niall O Callanain and Tommy Walsh 11AWAL-1093CDB

The only tutor for an instrument which has become an integral part of Irish music in recent years. Easy instructions and plenty of tunes. CD included in this edition.

Price: € 24.50

110 Irish Concertina Tunes Vol.1 - Aogan Lynch
110 Irish Concertina Tunes Vol.1 - Aogan Lynch 11AWAL-1381A

Includes reels, jigs, hornpipes, polkas and slides. Make the music come alive with the superb CD learning tool! The tunes are individually tracked for instant access. Advanced.
72 pgs.

Price: € 11.00
Absolute Beginners Concertina
Absolute Beginners Concertina GM 4706

This book starts at rock bottom by answering the question, "What is an Anglo concertina?" Mick describes the differences found from one Anglo to another, teaches you to play the common scales, and starts with simple tunes before attempting slightly more advanced ones. Mick also has a small useful section on maintenance. This book is written for the C/G Anglo concertina, which is the most common.

Price: € 12.00
Handbook For Anglo-Chromatic Concertina  - Roger Watson
Handbook For Anglo-Chromatic Concertina - Roger Watson 11AMUS-AM28325A

Roger Watson The first complete tutor for the Anglo-Chromatic Concertina. Easy-to-follow text with clear diagrams.Takes the beginner from the first notes to famous folk melodies.

Price: € 14.50
In Between Anglo tutor book
In Between Anglo tutor book GM 4707

Improving your skills on the anglo concertina, working around a 30 key anglo.

Price: € 9.90

The Djembe Guide Book & CD - Ianto Thornber
The Djembe Guide Book & CD - Ianto Thornber GM 1745B

The Djembe Guide is a resource book for anyone involved with the djembe, from novice players to the leaders and members of intermediate level groups.The Djembe Guide assumes no prior knowledge of the djembe, or of music, but guides the reader carefully on a deliberate course of learning, from the first steps and simple exercises, through easy patterns for small groups, and on to playing genuine West African multi-part rhythms in a drumming ensemble.
Rhythms and exercises are presented in a clear, easy to understand system, developed specifically for this book, combining elements of oral tradition and simple tableture, so you don't have to read musical score.
It includes chapters on the background to this fascinating drum, and it's recent rise to popularity outside the homelands of West Africa, and gives advice on finding, tuning and maintaining a drum of your own.
The Djembe Guide is the culmination of 5 trips to Africa and more than twelve years drumming experience by the author, in community groups, performance groups, in public classes, and in education. With it's enclosed CD, simple tabulature, and profuse illustrations, The Djembe Guide really works, to get you drumming, and is the next best thing to a personal tutor.

Chapter 1 What is a Djembe?
Chapter 2 The Djembe in Africa
Chapter 3 The Djembe leaves Africa

Chapter 4 Playing positions and basic strokes for the djembe
Chapter 5 Simple practice rhythms for your djembe
Chapter 6 Playing the djundjun and accompanying instruments

Chapter 7 Easy multi-part rhythms for beginners' groups
Chapter 8 Twelve West African rhythms for intermediate groups
Chapter 9 How to progress to solo playing and improvisation

Chapter 10 How to choose an African djembe
Chapter 11 How to tune an African djembe
Chapter 12 How to take care of your djembe

Appendix (I) Sources of exercises and rhythms
Appendix (II) Further study material and resources
Appendix (III) List of recordings

Price: € 24.90

Fintan Vallely
A Complete Guide to Learning the Irish Flute & 2 CDs
A Complete Guide to Learning the Irish Flute & 2 CDs 1AWAL-1453

A Complete Guide to Learning the Irish Flute is the most comprehensive tutor yet for keyed and unkeyed ‘Irish’ wooden flutes. Originally published in 1986 under the title Timber, Fintan Vallely’s tutor was the first-ever guide to learning the wooden flute and has become the source for countless students of the instrument in Irish music. This new, revised, expanded and thoroughly illustrated edition is designed for all levels, from the absolute beginner to advanced player. With his comprehensive, step-by-step guidance and entertaining and highly informative text, Vallely takes the learner through every aspect of flute playing – from holding, blowing and fingering to ornamentation, breathing, articulation and practice. Photographs illustrate the instructions throughout, and a 2-CD set of recordings with 180 tracks not only demonstrates everything from how to read music to all of the techniques discussed, but also includes recordings of each of the 100 tunes in the book.
Learning is simplified by presenting the various aspects of playing in neat, achievable modules, which help break down many of the difficulties encountered in first-time playing and carry the student through to exploring more advanced techniques. This makes the book ideal not only as a beginner’s guide, but also as a manual for all stages of playing, a resource that can be used productively for many years. Written with both the essential traditional elements and modern-day usage of the flute in mind – including rhythm, articulation, harmonics and pitch change – these techniques, rarely discussed in the past outside of jazz and orchestral flute playing, not only offer huge potential to the budding virtuoso, but are of immeasurable value in tone production for all players. The tutor can be used for learning to play any kind of flute – long or short, in any key – and is suitable too for learning the tin whistle, for those who wish to begin on it with a view to later moving on to the flute.
Finally, helpful notes include advice on choosing a flute, recommended further music to play or listen to and discrete tips on session etiquette. The aim of this tutor is to help new generations of flute players to master this wonderful instrument. The author hopes that it will contribute not only to raising standards in flute playing but also to the development of Irish traditional music in all its forms, from flute making through to performance. It is hoped too that it will encourage players outside Ireland to explore the use of the flute

Price: € 24.95

Accompanying Irish Music on guitar - Frank Kilkelly
Accompanying Irish Music on guitar - Frank Kilkelly GM 5224B

"Accompanying Irish Music on Guitar" is the new, comprehensive guide for guitar players everywhere. A range of four different tunings is covered, along with suggestions on right hand styles suited to each tuning.

This 40 page book is packed with information and, together with the recording is the most comprehensive guide to accompaniment available.

The book is divided into three sections.
Section 1 The art of accompaniment looks at the developing art of accompaniment, noting its emergence in Irish music since the Irish traditional music revival of the late sixties onwards. Leading contributors to the broadening of accompaniment styles are introduced, and there are some general suggestions on how to learn the art of effective and tasteful accompaniment.
Section 2 Getting started takes a look at the tools for the job, from buying a suitable guitar to capos, pick-ups and de-tuning devices. There are guidelines to help you in your approach to studying and playing the guitar and notes on how to read the notation used in this book.
Section 3 Tunings and styles is the main section, which was created in tandem with the accompanying soundtrack. It takes a close look at a number of different ways of approaching accompaniment. On the sound-track there are 14 sets of popular session tunes, with accompaniment using various right hand styles and four different tunings.

Price: € 15.50
The Irish DADGAD Book - Sarah McQuaid
The Irish DADGAD Book - Sarah McQuaid GM 5261B

Discover the quintessential Irish tonalities and hamonies of the DADGAD tuning system, and how to apply the tuning to all your solo and session playing. This comprehensive book provides clear details of chords, scales and their use in the melodies of the Irish tradition. As with any open tunings, the harmonic possibilities of combining melodies with chiming open strings will add a unique richness and warmth to your Guitar playing. A CD of demonstrated examples is included to help you get the best from this excellent tutorial.

Price: € 19.50

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