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Instant Tin Whistle - Dave Mallinson
Instant Tin Whistle - Dave Mallinson GM 2332B

A well thought out tutor system by Dave Mallinson. Different tunes in each book

Price: € 9.00
Instant Tin Whistle - Irish  - Dave Mallinson (CD + BOOK)
Instant Tin Whistle - Irish - Dave Mallinson (CD + BOOK) AM 121B

Book and CD pack. A well thought out tutor system by Dave Mallinson. Made in United Kingdom

One of a series of 4 books designed to help you play the tin whistle immediately using special whistle tablature. Pick any tin whistle, D is ideal, and choose the book containing tunes that you are most familiar with, Folk, Popular, Irish or Scottish. Guitar chords included.

Tunes: Dicey Riley, Fare Thee Well, Enniskillen, Mountain Dew, Roddy McCorley, Twenty One Years, Banks of the Roses, The Irish Rover, The Wild Rover, Wearing of the Green Kelly, the Boy from Killane, Maid of the Sweet Brown Knowe, The Boston Burglar, Maggie, The Rose of Tralee, The Little Beggarman, The Hills of Kerry, The Hills of Connemara, Spancil Hill The Foggy Dew, Reilly's Daughter, I'll Tell Me Ma, The Boys of Wexford, Father O'Flynn, Boys of Bluehill, Sally Gardens, St. Anne's Reel

Price: € 16.00
Instant Tin Whistle - Popular - Dave Mallinson
Instant Tin Whistle - Popular - Dave Mallinson GM 2331B

A well thought out tutor system by Dave Mallinson. Different tunes in each book.

The Instant Tin Whistle series is designed to nurture the initial surge of enthusiasm you may experience when first playing the instrument, and has been carefully designed to substantially increase your chances of success.

32 pages

Price: € 9.00

Tabor Pipe
Tabor Pipe Primer - George Kelischek
Tabor Pipe Primer - George Kelischek GM 2381B

The basics and a selection of tunes for the tabor pipe. Made in USA

Price: € 9.50

Geraldine Cotter's Traditional Irish Tin Whistle Tutor
Geraldine Cotter's Traditional Irish Tin Whistle Tutor 11AOSS-OMB297B

This is a complete method for Irish Tin whistle with a detailed appendix of one hundred choice Irish Airs and Dance Tunes. Varying from simple tunes and polkas, and progressing to more complex pieces. Outstanding and renowned teacher Geraldine Cotter guides students through all forms of traditional Irish music with step-by-step examples, exercises and diagrams. This all-encompassing book is beautifully presented and contains prints, photographs and clearly legible notation. The generous section of repertoire pieces includes The Jolly Banger, Lucky In Love and The Galway Rambler. The accompanying demonstration CD features all one hundred tunes from the final section of the book. Previously available as Book (OMB31) and CD (OSSCD), now presented in this ideal combination package! "

Price: € 14.50

The Tin Whistle Tutor - Michael Raven
The Tin Whistle Tutor - Michael Raven B 4587B

Since it was first published in 1977 this book has established itself as the most thorough tutor for the humble tin whistle. The player is taught how to read music as well as play the tin whistle. There are clear diagrams, note charts, and also instruction on ornamentation and entabulation. Pieces to play include Aymara Indian Dance * Give Me your Hand * Sheebeg Sheemor

Price: € 8.00

Low Whistle
The Low Whistle Book & CD - Steáfán Hannigan & David Ledsam
The Low Whistle Book & CD - Steáfán Hannigan & David Ledsam GM 2365B

A low whistle is a tinwhistle or pennywhistle with a six-finger note below B-flat. Focusing on the low D whistle but applicable to all low whistles, this book and CD set offers everything one needs to know about how to play the low whistle, including ornamentation, history, and fantastic tunes.

This book can be used by people that have never played the whistle before. The tutor section covers the basics and moves on to explain Irish decorations in detail. Even if you already play the standard-size tin whistle, you will find many parts of this book useful in terms of technique. The tunes section contains many unusual pieces which have been researched and collected from many sources. These highlight the characteristic sound of the low whistle and range in difficulty from easy to show off! The enclosed CD contains 79 tracks, covering approximately the first half of the book.

2001, 114 pages.

Price: € 24.00

Chanter and Whistle: Part One
Chanter and Whistle: Part One FLAITH 001B

The Uilleann Pipe & Whistle Collector's Series Part 1

A unique selection of transcribed solos and interviews featuring some of the worlds finest traditional musicians. Full Length Solos & Selected Interviews featuring Paddy Keenan, Leo Rickard, John McSherry, Ronan Browne, David Power & Thomas Keenan

Included Solos:
Condon's Frolics - Eavesdropper - The Swallow's Tail - An tAthair Jack Welsh - The Cook in the Kitchen - Donnybrook Fair - Friar's Britches - An Rogaire Dubh - Craig's Pipes - The Bush in Bloom - The Pigeon on the Gate - Cal Callaghan's Reel - Discography included.

Price: € 21.00

The Djembe Guide Book & CD - Ianto Thornber
The Djembe Guide Book & CD - Ianto Thornber GM 1745B

The Djembe Guide is a resource book for anyone involved with the djembe, from novice players to the leaders and members of intermediate level groups.The Djembe Guide assumes no prior knowledge of the djembe, or of music, but guides the reader carefully on a deliberate course of learning, from the first steps and simple exercises, through easy patterns for small groups, and on to playing genuine West African multi-part rhythms in a drumming ensemble.
Rhythms and exercises are presented in a clear, easy to understand system, developed specifically for this book, combining elements of oral tradition and simple tableture, so you don't have to read musical score.
It includes chapters on the background to this fascinating drum, and it's recent rise to popularity outside the homelands of West Africa, and gives advice on finding, tuning and maintaining a drum of your own.
The Djembe Guide is the culmination of 5 trips to Africa and more than twelve years drumming experience by the author, in community groups, performance groups, in public classes, and in education. With it's enclosed CD, simple tabulature, and profuse illustrations, The Djembe Guide really works, to get you drumming, and is the next best thing to a personal tutor.

Chapter 1 What is a Djembe?
Chapter 2 The Djembe in Africa
Chapter 3 The Djembe leaves Africa

Chapter 4 Playing positions and basic strokes for the djembe
Chapter 5 Simple practice rhythms for your djembe
Chapter 6 Playing the djundjun and accompanying instruments

Chapter 7 Easy multi-part rhythms for beginners' groups
Chapter 8 Twelve West African rhythms for intermediate groups
Chapter 9 How to progress to solo playing and improvisation

Chapter 10 How to choose an African djembe
Chapter 11 How to tune an African djembe
Chapter 12 How to take care of your djembe

Appendix (I) Sources of exercises and rhythms
Appendix (II) Further study material and resources
Appendix (III) List of recordings

Price: € 24.90

Classroom Jam Percussion
Classroom Jam Percussion 11AMUS-CH72248B

This book features 10 ensemble pieces that have been specially arranged for 9-13 year olds. The unique four-part arrangements have been carefully crafted to suit all instruments and playing abilities so everyone can join in!

Playing together is the basic idea, and with Classroom Jam anyone can take part, making this an exceptionally useful teaching aid, a valuable introduction to the experience of ensemble playing and lots of fun!

The arrangements will suit just about any instrument, from recorder to glockenspiel to guitar to flute, in addition to the written percussion part.

Adagio Cantabile (Sonata In C Minor 'Pathetique' Op.13) [Beethoven, Ludwig Van]
Angels [Williams, Robbie] [Chambers, Guy]
Any Dream Will Do (Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat) [Lloyd Webber, Andrew]
Give Me Oil In My Lamp
Joshua Fit De Battle Of Jericho
Standing In The Need Of Prayer
Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
Top Of The World [Carpenters, The]
With A Little Help From My Friends [Beatles, The]
You Raise Me Up [Westlife]

Price: € 17.50

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