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Phil Heaton
Rapper - The Miners' Sword Dance of North East England EFDSS B 5986
Rapper - The Miners' Sword Dance of North East England
Rapper - The Miners' Sword Dance of North East England is a book that celebrates the origins and recent developments of the short sword dance that originated in the pits and collieries of the North East.

What was once a pastime purely for men from the coalface in this corner of England is now a fast, entertaining and skilful dance practised by thousands of people in the UK, the USA, Canada and Australia and increasingly in Europe.

The new book, written by native North Eastener Phil Heaton, pulls together a collection of newspaper cuttings, documents, family histories and tales from the former Northumberland and Durham coalfields from where the dance originated.

Although well known as a particularly Northern pastime, growing numbers of miners adopted the old rural sword dance as the coalfield expanded in the 18th and 19th centuries to feed the Industrial Revolution. In the hands of the miners, the dance changed character and became shorter, faster and more of an indoor spectacle.

In recent years, the rapper dance has spread and developed in style and performance across the English-speaking world and its spectacular speed and precision sharpened in ruthless competition in the UK and USA.

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