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Gregori Schechter
Gregori Schechter's Klezmer Festival Band - Be Happy - Zoln ale freylakh zayn EUCD 2317
Gregori Schechter's Klezmer Festival Band - Be Happy - Zoln ale freylakh zayn
A lively album of wedding dances, traditional street tunes and freilachs (happy tunes) from the early 20th century and before. Played on clarinet, trumpet, violin, guitar, bass, drums.

1. Skotchne #1 (Polish Dance) (trad.)
2. Dobriy Den (Russian for Good day!) (trad.)
3. Galitzyaner Tantz (A dance from Galicia) (trad.)
4. Bublitchki (Russian for Bagel) (trad.)
5. Moyshele my Friend (Mordechai Gebirtig)
6. In Odessa (Peretz Sandler)
7. Napev (Russian for Melody ; Klezmer Waltz) (trad.)
8. Freilach (Yiddish for Happy; Yiddish dance) (trad.)
9. Medley: With the Rabbi in Palestine / Hora Dance (trad.)
10. Gasn Nigun # 1 (Street tune) (trad.)
11. Fun Der Choopah (At the wedding ceremony) (trad.)
12. Romanian Doina, Horovod (Russian round dance) (trad.)
13. Der Rebe Elimelech (As on the broken Russian grammophone) (trad.)
14. Gasn Nigun # 2 (Street tune; a Hora dance) (trad.)
15. Skotchne # 2 (Polish dance) (trad.)
16. Hassid (Sher) (trad.)
17. Ghetto (Kasriel Broydo)
18. Be Happy (Freilachs) (trad.)
19. JONTEF: For ich mir arois (trad.)

Price: € 13.00

The Burning Bush
Yiddish, Klezmer & Sephardic Music EUCD 2332
Yiddish, Klezmer & Sephardic Music
A beautiful and varied album of Yiddish, Sephardic, Klezmer and Hassidic songs and instrumentals, played on a large variety of ancient and original instruments by Britainís most widely acclaimed Jewish music ensemble, The Burning Bush. Extensive info, including artistsí biographies and info about each of the pieces in four languages. Total playing time: 75:09 min.

1. Hey! Zhankoye (Skeaping)
2. Taksim (trad., arr. Skeaping)
3. Cuando el rey Nimrod (trad., arr., Skeaping)
4. Sirba mit Harbster Bletlekh (trad, arr, Shepherd)
5. A la una naci yo (trad., arr., Skeaping)
6. Chassidic dance (trad., arr., Skeaping)
7. Una noche al borde de la mar (Skeaping)
8. Yendome para Marsilia (Skeaping)
9. Merlin shpilt far dem Rebn (trad., arr., Shepherd)
10. Yidl mitn Fidl (trad., arr., Skeaping)
11. Taksim (trad., arr., Skeaping)
12. Morena me llaman (trad., arr., Skeaping)
13. Avre tu puerta cerrada (trad., arr., Skeaping)
14. Klezmer Medley: Mayn tayere Odessa, Dem Triske Rebn's Chosid'l, Dem Monastrishter Rebn's Chosid'l (trad., arr., Shepherd)
15. Vos geven iz geven un nito (Skeaping)
16. Lamma Badah (trad., arr., Skeaping)
17. Scalerica d'Oro (trad., arr., Skeaping)
18. Chassidic Dance (trad., arr., Skeaping)
19. Arvoles lloran por lluvias (trad., arr., Skeaping) - 20. Doina (trad., arr., Shepherd)
21. Russian Shers (trad., arr., Skeaping)

BONUS TRACK: Fun Tashlach (trad., arr., Skeaping) - 2:40

Price: € 18.00

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