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David Last
A Touch Of Old Time CDTS 102
A Touch Of Old Time

1. Daytrip To Bangor / Consider Yourself At Home two step
2. 76 Trombones two step
3. Hear My Song / Amapola tango
4. Pablo The Dreamer / From A Jack To A King tango
5. Bacarolle old time waltz
6. Star Of Love old time waltz
7. California Here I Come / Yellow Rose Of Texas / Deep In The Heart Of Texas quickstep
8. Bring Me Sunshine / You Are My Sunshine / The Sun Has Got His Hat On quickstep
9. Only Make Believe / Streets Of London saunter
10. Hold Me / Time After Time saunter
11. Colonel Bogey / John Brown's Body two step
12. There's A Tavern In The Town Medley two step
13. I Have A Dream gavotte
14. Trumpet Voluntary / Surprise Symphony gavotte
15. Somewhere My Love / Que Sera Sera old time waltz
16. Danube Waves old time waltz
17. Classical Gas two step
18. Hello Hello Who's Your Lady Friend / Jolly Good Company two step
19. Garden In The Rain / Three Coins In A Fountain foxtrot
20. For All We Know / I'm In The Mood For Love foxtrot
21. Coppelia 1 mazurka
22. Birds Of Spring / Singing Piano mazurka

Price: € 13.00

Freeland Barbour
Music For Old Time Dancing Volume 5 BONSCD 705H
Music For Old Time Dancing Volume 5
Fifth volume in this series providing a broad range of music for old time dancing.

Over the past fifteen years and more there has been a significant revival in Old Time Dancing throughout Scotland.

Spearheading this has been Jessie Stuart of Keith, dance instructress and motivator extraordinaire. She has acted as dance consultant to this series of CD's.

The aim of this project was to offer a wide range of music for old time dances that will appeal to dancers and dance music enthusiasts.

1. Figure (The Quadrilles) / Figure (The Quadrilles)
2. Figure (The Quadrilles) / Figure (The Quadrilles)
3. Figure (The Quadrilles) / Figure (The Quadrilles)
4. Figure (The Quadrilles) / Figure (The Quadrilles)
5. Figure (The Quadrilles) / Figure (The Quadrilles)
6. Figure (The Quadrilles) / Dan The Cobbler
7. The Cuckoo Waltz (Waltz) / The Cuckoo Waltz
8. The Boston Two Step (Two Step) / The Boston Two Step
9. Valse Superbe (Waltz) / Jimmy Shand Waltz
10. Melodie Foxtrot (Foxtrot) / The Banks Of The Ohio
11. Mayfair Quickstep (Quickstep) / My Old Man's A Dustbin
12. Progressive Waltz (Waltz) / The New Finnish Waltz
13. The Gainsborough Glide (Glide) / Gainsborough Glide
14. Polka Mazurka (Mazurka) / Patsy Seddon's
15. The One Step (One Step/March) / The Caissons
16. La Rosa (Waltz) / Sweet Forget-Me-Not
17. The Roberts (Two Step) / The Relief Of Mafeking
18. The University Waltz (Waltz) / Frank Martin
19. The Maxina (Maxina) / The Maxina
20. The Viennese Waltz (Waltz) / Golden Curls
21. The Southern Two Step (Two Step) / Roll Along
22. Fiona's Polka (2/4 Polka) / Sinclair And Whitehead
23. Moonbeam Waltz (Waltz) / Snowdrop Waltz
24. Sherrie Saunter (Saunter) / Lothian Lights
25. A Waltz For The Queen (Waltz) / Waltz For The Queen
26. The Mississippi Hot Dog (5x32 Reels) / Jimmy Allen's Cats
27. The Bluebell Polka (Polka) / The Bluebell Polka

Price: € 14.00
Music For Old Time Dancing Volume 6 BONSCD 706
Music For Old Time Dancing Volume 6
Sixth volume in this series providing a broad range of music for old time dancing.

Accordion ace Freeland Barbour (of Silly Wizard, Wallochmor Ceilidh Band and The Occasionals fame) plays specifically for Old Time dancing.

Freeland also works as a soloist, composer and producer. Jessie Stuart of Keith acted as dance consultant for this series.

1. The Bradford Barn Dance
2. Waltz Camay
3. Mabel Besant's Two Step
4. The St. Bernard's Waltz
5. The Raw Recruit
6. The Oriental Mazurka
7. Sindy Swing
8. The Lammermuir Waltz
9. The Party Polka
10. The Glenburn Waltz
11. Strip The Willow Square
12. The Phyllis Waltz
13. The Victorian Gavotte
14. White Heather Parade
15. The Guaracha Waltz
16. The North Walls Quadrille
17. The Queen Elizabeth Waltz
18. The Square Tango
19. The Marine Four Step
20. The Marie Mazurka
21. The Alsatian Polka
22. The Blue Danube
23. The Jacky Tar Two Step
24. The Hesitation Waltz

Price: € 14.00

Introduction To Old Time Dancing SAV 263
Introduction To Old Time Dancing
Beginners Guide. Includes Step by Step Instruction. Music by Dennis Hayward - Dancetime Orchestra - Raymond Chuchuk.

1. The Veleta
2. Boston Two Step
3. Barn Dance
4. Square Tango
5. Military Two Step
6. Pride Of Erin Waltz
7. Lilac Waltz
8. Yearning Saunter
9. St. Bernards Waltz
10. Gay Gordons

Price: € 19.50

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