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World Pipe Band Championships 2011 Part 2 CDMON 888
World Pipe Band Championships 2011 Part 2
Featuring the Simon Fraser University, House Of Edgar Shotts and Dykehead, Oran Mor, Fife Constabulary, Inveraray and District, Field Marshal Montgomery and Manawatu Scottish Society pipe bands.

More MSR and Medley performances from the final of the 2011 Grade 1 event (in order of play).

Every year over 8,000 pipers and drummers from more than 200 bands head for Glasgow Green for one of the biggest and best-loved events in the pipe band calendar. The 2011 event took place on Saturday 13th August and the coveted Grade 1 world title was won by Field Marshal Montgomery Pipe Band.

The World Pipe Band Championships have been associated with Glasgow for more than sixty years. Visitors from across the globe come to watch the very best bands in the world compete.

1. Simon Fraser University- Canada P/M Terry Lee MSR
Highland Wedding
Blair Drummond
John Morrison of Assynt House
2. Medley
Donald Cameron’s Powder Horn
Isle of Jura
Rory MacLeod
Air in B Minor
Jane Campbell
The Fiddler
Short Coated Mary
Air in B Minor Reprise
Jenny Dang the Weaver
3. The House of Edgar Shotts and Dykehead P/M Gavin Walker MSR
Mrs John MacColl
The Caledonian Society of London
Mrs MacPherson of Inveran
4. Medley
Gus McAskill
McGuire’s Jig
Inspector Donald Campbell of Ness
Home to the Kyles
The Fiddler’s Joy
Kirstie MacCallman’s Favourite
Trad Reel
The Black Sheep
5. Oran Mor – USA P/M Andrew A Douglas MSR
Lord Alexander Kennedy
Atholl Cummers
Mrs MacPherson of Inveran
6. Medley
Daves Tune
Rory MacLeod
Jimmy Ward’s Jig
Loch Monar
Laird of Drumblair
Blackley of Hillsdale
Charms of Whisky
Gravel Path
Loch Monar Reprise
7. Fife Constabulary P/M James Murray MSR
Highland Wedding
Atholl Cummers
Mrs MacPherson of Inveran
8. Medley
Kyles of Bute
Out of the Air
Humours of Whisky
Dr Flora Macauley , Carradale
The Banks of the Lee
Caledonian Society of London
Lady McKenzie of Gairloch
Sleepy Maggie
Tail Toddle
Midnight Oil
9. Field Marshal Montgomery P/M Richard Parkes MBE MSR
Balmoral Highlanders
John Roy Stewart
Charlie’s Welcome
10. Medley
Beverley’s Wedding
John Paterson’s Mare
Sparky Cherry
MacLeod’s Oran Mor
The Fiddler’s Joy
The Lads of Kilmarnock
Tommy and Ronnie’s Double Tonic
The Train Journey North
11. Manawatu Scottish – New Zealand P/M Stewart McKenzie MSR
Dugald MacColl’s Farewell to France
Atholl Cummers
MacAllister’s Dirk
12. Medley
The Welsh Dragons
The Islay Ball
The Cockerel in the Creel
Leslie Innes
Friends and Blends
No Regrets
13. Inveraray and District P/M Stuart Liddell MSR
David Ross of Rosshall
Tulloch Castle
John Morrison of Assynt House
14. Medley
The Mininscus
The Kesh Waltz
The Kesh Jig
Steve Byrnes
The Water is Wide
An Cota Ruadh
Port Domhnall Ruadh
Laird of Drumblair
Kelsae Brig
Murdo Took the Stoup

Price: € 15.00

Various Artists
Best of Scottish Pipes & Drums EUCD 2655
Best of Scottish Pipes & Drums
An uplifting selection of famous Scottish melodies including favourites such as Scotland the Brave, Highland Cathedral, The Mingulay Boat Song, etc., played on Highland pipes, as well as pieces played on small pipes, accompanied with electric guitars, bass, drums, including a fascinating rendition of a Bulgarian dance (Kopenitsa). Info about each of the bands.

1. The Scots Guards: The Balmoral Highlanders (Angus MacKay) / Blair Drummond (trad.) / The Sheep Wife (trad.) - 5:07
2. 1st Battalion Scots Guards: Dr Ross’ Welcome to the Argyllshire Gathering (D. MacLeod) / Bengullion (R. Fleming) / PMaj Sam Scott (P. R. MacLeod) - 4:40
3. Pride of Murray Pipe Band: Skye Boat Song (MacLeod) / Cock o’ the North (trad.) / Glendaruel Highlanders (Fettes) - 3:55
4. Strathclyde Police Pipe Band: Highland Cathedral (Roever / Korb) - 2:47
5. Clan Sutherland Pipe Band: Kopenitsa (Bulgarian Dance) (trad., arr. J. Coombs) - 3:14
6. Stonehaven Pipe Band: The Mingulay Boat Song (trad.) - 2:48
7. Saor Patrol: Stonewall (Charlie Allan) - 6:05
8. Grampian Police Pipe Band: Amazing Grace (trad.) - 2:32
9. 1st Battalion Queen’s Own Highlanders : Murdo’s Wedding (Stoddart) / City of Hastings Pipe Band (Barrie) / The Muir of Ord (MacLennan) - 3:25
10.The Queen’s Royal Pipers: A Salute to the Royal Fendersmith (J. M. Banks) - 4:15
11. Rory Campbell & Malcolm Stitt: Field of Bells (Rory Campbell - Bulk Music Ltd.) - 2:35
12. The Queen’s Royal Pipers: The Flower of Scotland (Williamson) - 3:22
13. Forrester’s Cape Breton Scottish Dance Company: Green Hills of Tyrol (trad.) / When the Battle is Over (trad.) - 2:19
14. The Scots Guards: Humours of Tulla (trad.) / Famous Ballymote (trad.) / Famous Bridge (trad.) / Para Handay’s Reel (P. MacFarlane) / The Silver Fox (I. Lowther) - 4:19
15. Anna Murray: Chůir i Glůin air a’ Bhodaich / Thoir a-null Ailean Thugan / Untitled Reel / In and out the Harbour ( all medleys: trad., arr. A. Murray / S. Lawrence / I. F. Macleod - Bulk Music Ltd.) - 3:22
16. Dan Air Pipe Band: Scotland the Brave (trad., arr. J. Banks) / The Rowan Tree (trad., arr. J. Banks) / Wings (Newstead, arr. J. Banks) / Flett from Flotta (D. MacLeod) - 2:55
17. The Queen’s Royal Pipers: The Flowers of the Forest (trad., arr. J. M. Banks) / The Battle of the Somme (Lawrie, arr. J. M. Banks) - 4:06
18. Kinross & District Pipe Band : Loch Lomond (trad.) / Stop your Tickling Jock (Lauder / Folloy) / Bonnie Lass O’ Fyvie (trad.) / I Love a Lassie (Lauder / Grafton) / Roses O’ Prince Charlie (Browne) - 3:39
19. 1st Battalion Queen’s Own Highlanders: Ye Jacobites by Name (trad., arr. Reese) / The Boys of Blue Hill (trad., arr. Reese) / Sporting Jamie (trad., arr. Reese) / The Smith’s a Gallant Fireman (trad., arr. Reese) / The Devil in the Kitchen (trad., arr. Reese) / The Highland Train (trad., arr. Morrison) / The Ewe wi’ the Crookit Horn (trad., arr. Reese) - 4:30
20. Dan Air Pipe Band: Auld Lang Syne (trad., arr. J. Banks) - 2:13

Price: € 13.00

Waltham Forest Pipe Band
Scottish Pipes & Drums EUCD 1887
Scottish Pipes & Drums
The Waltham Forest Pipe Band present a bagpipe feast with favourites such as Rose of Allandale, Tay Boat Songs, Scotland the Brave, Murdo’s Wedding, When the Battle’s o’er, When the Saints Go Marching in, Mairi’s Wedding, Kenmure’s up and awa’ Wully, Cock o’the North and many more.

1. Rose of Allandale (Nelson/Jeffreys) / Bonnie Galloway (Sproat/Hornsby) / Tay Boat Songs (MacLeod) / Caber Feidh (trad.)
2. Scotland the Brave (trad.) / Wings (Newstead) / The Rowantree (trad.) / Murdo's Wedding (trad.) / Cockney Jocks (trad.)
3. My Land (MacLean) / Castle Dangerous (J. Haugh) / The Green Hills of Tyrol (trad.) / When the Battle's o'er
4. When the Saints Go Marching in (Solo Pipes) (Black)
5. The 42nd Regiment (trad.) / Nut Brown Maiden (trad.) / The Barren Rocks of Aden (MacKellar) / Mairi's Wedding (trad.) / Teribus (trad.) / Corriechoillie (W. Ross)
6. Kenmure's up and awa' Wully (trad.) / Hot Punch (trad.) / Bengullion (R. Fleming) / Major John McLennan (G. S. MacLennan)
7. Steam Boat (trad.) / Cock o'the North (trad.) / Leaving Port Askaig (W. Ross)
8. Loch Ruan (McIntyre) / Keel Row (trad.) / El Alamein (W. Denholm) / Circassian Circle (trad., arr. J. Slattery) / Pipe Major John Wilson (A. MacDonald) / Balmoral (R. Bruce)
9. Dark Island (trad., arr. B. Smith) / Josephines Wedding (B. Smith)
10. Loch Rannoch (J. Wilson) / Liberton Pipe Band (trad.) / Orange and Blue (trad.) / Kneevie, Knick, Knack (trad.)
11. Leaving Glen Urghart (W. MacDonald) / Susan MacLeod (D. MacLeod) / Mrs. MacPherson of Inveran (G. S. McLennan)
12. Banjo Breakdown (trad., arr. B. Smith) / Rocking the Baby (trad.) / The Fittie Boatman (I. Blair) / Dream Angus (trad.) / Itchy Fingers (trad.)

Price: € 9.00

Winnipeg Police Pipe Band
Legacy WPPBCD 01
Since 1920, The Winnipeg Police Pipe Band has electrified and stirred both national and international audiences with their masterful playing.
Tried and tested tunes, with some addition of smallpipes, shuttlepipes, vocals and guitar.
Pipe Major Doug Roxburgh, Pipe Sergeant Garth McCombe, Drum Major Rob Duttchen and Drum Sergeant Rob Chennells.
With Sean Johnston (guitar, shuttlepipes), Nathan Mitchell (shuttlepipes), Kyle Campbell (smallpipes), Chris Brown (bass), Colleen Morrison (vocals), Deborah Judith (piano) and Eddie Hidgson (spoken word).

1. Parade Marches: Scotland the Brave / Rowan Tree / Wings 2. Shuttlepipes: Flower of Scotland
3. Drum Major's Salute: The Black Bear / Seige of Delhi
4. Smallpipes: Fiona's Fountain / Lucy's Frolics5. Retreats: Green Hills / After The Battle
6. Party: Fittie Boatman / Irish Washerwoman
7. Legacy: Danny Boy / Waltzing Matilda / Farewell to Nova Scotia / Auld Lang Syne
8. The Stream of North Dundee: Bonnie Dundee / The Steamboat / Cock of the North
9. Pub Crawl: Pennycross Cottage / Flee the Glen / The Curlew / Behind the Horses
10. Address to The Haggis
11. Pipe Major's Favourite: Uphold the Right / Salute to James A Henderson
12. Shuttlepipes: Cliffs of Doneen / Drew James MacKintosh / Johnny's Jig / The Electric Pumpkin
13. City of Winnipeg Pipe Band / Jean Mauchline
14. Amazing Grace
15. About The Haggis

Price: € 17.00

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