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Brenda Godrich
The Building of Cecil Sharp House B 6523
The Building of Cecil Sharp House
An illustrated guide by Brenda Godrich

This fascinating and insightful booklet tells the story of how Cecil Sharp House came to be built. The narrative starts with the man who founded the English Folk Dance Society and to whom the headquarters building was dedicated after his death.

It explains the external look of the building, why particular materials were used in the construction, and tells how the early, and in many ways ground-breaking, acoustic panels were made. The involvement of members of the Art Workers’ Guild and the work of designer Betty Joel added to the lavish feel of the interiors as the many contemporary photographs show.

When the building was opened in 1930 it received widespread praise from the architectural profession, and it gave a tremendous amount of prestige to the Society. The War years brought partial destruction and the loss of some distinctive features, but the booklet concludes with the rebuilding and subsequent changes made in the second half of the twentieth century

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Maud Karpeles
Cecil Sharp - His Life and Work B 6459
Cecil Sharp - His Life and Work
Others came before and after him but no person is more strongly associated with the revival of English folk song and dance at the turn of the twentieth-century than Cecil Sharp (1859-1924). He collected about 5000 folk songs and nearly 500 dances.

This prodigious achievement is told by someone who perhaps knew him better than anyone else. Maud Karpeles was his assistant for many years and accompanied him on his expeditions to the Southern Appalachian Mountains.

This remains the definitive biography of the greatest figure in the English folk song and dance movement.

Pages: 256

Price: € 20.00

Maud Karpeles
Singing and Dancing Wherever She Goes EFDSS 2011
Singing and Dancing Wherever She Goes
The English Folk Dance and Song Society (EFDSS) is proud to announce the publication of Maud Karpeles’ biography, written by the late Simona Pakenham. A personal friend of Maud's, Pakenham has combined information from a number of sources: Maud’s unpublished autobiography, notebooks, letters and diaries, supplemented by the reminiscences of many friends. At a time when folk music and arts are enjoying a visible renaissance, this book reveals the invaluable and unique contribution Karpeles made to the development of the folk revival, fieldwork, the evolution of the English Folk Dance Society (EFDS) and the life and work of Cecil Sharp.

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