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Jean Butler
Captain's Ceilidh B 512
Captain's Ceilidh
This collection of dances has been compiled from sources old and new to commemorate Maritime England Year.
1. The Saucy Sailor - 2. Drakes Sailor - 3. Southsea Crumble - 4. Trafalgar Square - 5. Anchors Aweigh - 6. The Capstan Fiddler.
1982, 24 pgs.

MC - 1.00

Price: € 4.10

Jenna Simpson
Under the Influence B 8000
Under the Influence
A book of 18 English Country dances composed by Jenna Simpson. Each dance includes full instructions, teaching notes, and sheet music (notated and chorded by Dave Wiesler).

37 pages, 2017

Banish Misfortune
The Best of Company
Charlotte's Dilemma
The Congresswoman
Cross My Heart
Cupid's Revenge
Fair Play
Somerset Wassail
Sweet Cream
Trip to Tintagel
Under the Influence
Warden of the Marches
The Way of the World
We Meet Again

Price: € 20.50

John Stapledon
Not Quite Gold B 408
Not Quite Gold
Anna Maria
April Gold or Buttercups and Dasies
Baby Boomer's Birthday
Childwall Chimes
Gemini's golden Gift
Golden Opinions
Kickin' up the Dust
Merrymakers Jubilee
Mr Ganiford's Delight
Professor Martin's Maggot
Sweet Harmony
The Garter
The New Slip
The Slip
Wot Not

1974, 8 pgs.

CD - 19.50

Price: € 7.00
Not Quite The Same B 445
Not Quite The Same
In this collection of dances John has tried to maintain a balance between the historical and the contemporary.

2000, 27 pgs.

The Dutch Skipper - Dutch Dollars - Holland's Ginn - Helder Point 1 - Zealand - Helder's Point 2 - Prince William 1 - The Texel - The Nassau - A Trip to the Texel - Auretti's Dutch Skipper - Admiral Mitchell's Waltz or - La Ballet Hollandoise - A Rout in the Texel - The Dutchman - The Texel Island - Prince William 2 - Walcheren Waltz - Prince William's Return - Up with the Orange (Oranje Boven) - Dutch Pins - Juliana.
CD - 20.00.

Price: € 8.00

John Wood
My Family And Other Dances B 455
My Family And Other Dances
A selection of dances in various styles by John Wood. Tunes composed by Chris Carpenter. (16 dances: 3, 4 couple dances - squares - sicilian - longways - trios - large circle dances). The tunes composed for these dances by Chris Carpenter are Jigs, Reels and Marches, and are all in traditional/American vein, allowing the band to toss its hat over the windmill ( donning its Ceilidh band hat occasionally )

DANCES: My Lady Dark Eyes - Young Carlo - Daniels Reel - A Flower For Stephanie - Matthew J - For Rebecca - Broomstick Jig - Halley's Comet - Idle Jack - The Pseudonym - Crosses And Noughts - Old Oak Reel - Chingford Celebration - Triple Nelson - The Circle Line.

Book - 18.00.

1999, 17 pgs.

Price: € 7.50
My Friends And Other Dances B 973
My Friends And Other Dances
A collection of dances in various style. It is a follow-up of to John Wood's first book 'My Family and Other Dances'. Once again the tunes are composed by Chris Carpenter of The Forest Band. Some tune are composed by Brian Jenkins or Elvyn Blomfield.

To Honor a Lady - The Lady with Enchanting Eyes - A Lady Remembered - Love Waits Near - For Mary - The Retired Gentleman - The 6th of June - A Trip to Tunbridge Wells - Wild Rose - A Trip to Southend - Sleepless Nights - Lords and Ladies - Castaway - Lovelorn - Nerja - ...
2001, 34 pgs.

CD - 18.00

Price: € 7.50
Ross Of Mull BKJW 08
Ross Of Mull
Bunessan Bay
Canonbury Ring
Chain Away
Constant Couple, The
Enfield Chase
Eyes Right
Flanders Weir
Graduation Day
Long John
Madiera Coastline
Mr Dunstan's Surprise
Return to Cyprus
Ross of Mull
Suffield Hatch
Sweet Water
Third Generation
Tunisian Safari
Vintage '28
Waiting Room, The
Which Morris?
Winchmore Dance, The
Winter Warmer

CD - 17.50.

Price: € 7.00

Joseph Pimentel
The Goldcrest Collection JPBK 01
The Goldcrest Collection
The companion book to The Goldcrest Collection CD, with instructions for twelve English country dances including "The Treasure of the Big Woods, " "Mr. Millstone's Inauguration," and "Mile of Smiles, " as well as eight American contra dances including "Hotpoint Special" and "Changeling Intuition."

Appin's Dance
A Balanced Tern
Turlough O'Carolan
Blackbird Pie
Daron Douglas
Changeling Intuition
Dave Wiesler
Come with Voices Singing
Dance of a Lifetime
The Farmer's Joy
A Health to All Good Dancers
Hotpoint Special
Mile of Smiles
Mr. Hamilton's Inauguration
Mr. Legge's Initiation
Mr. Millstone's Inauguration
Peace and Joy
Ramsay Chase
Sasna's Swing
The Treasure of the Big Woods
Westaire Court

CD - 19.50

Price: € 16.00

Kate Badrick, Wendy Crouch , Anne Daye, Diana Camp
Understanding Victorian Society Through Dance B 6851BK
Understanding Victorian Society Through Dance
This is a distance learning manual, with an accompanying CD, to help teachers deliver the requirements of the National Curriculum from Key Stage 2 upwards. Learning these dances requires, in particular, teamwork and knowledge of the rules. It will encourage the acquisition of social skills and promote self-esteem, which can equip a child for life. This title includes: how to use this resource; teaching tips; and, dances. Ballroom Dances include: The Waltz; The Spanish Dance; The Polka; The Schottische; Highland Schottische; Hart's Lancers; Galop Finale Country Dances; Pop Goes the Weasel; Four Hand Reel from Dorset; La Tempete (The Tempest); Sir Roger de Coverley; The Triumph; Nine Pins Morris and Processional Dances; Castleton Garland; Bean Setting from Headington; Helston Furry Dance; Stave Dance Performance Dances; Sailor's Hornpipe; Jockey Dance; Skirt Dance; Tambourine Dance; Street Clowns 1; Street Clowns 2; Street Clowns 4; Crossing Sweepers 1; Crossing Sweepers 2; Crossing Sweepers 3; Clog Dance; Clog - 6x8-bar reel - practice speed; Clog - 6x8-bar reel - intermediate speed; and, Clog - 8x16-bar reel - performance speed

CD - 16.00

Price: € 20.00

Kate Van Winkle Keller and Genevieve Shimer
The Playford Ball, 103 Early English Country Dances B 240
The Playford Ball, 103 Early English Country Dances
The Playford Ball is a landmark collection of the classic dances originally published by John Playford in The English Dancing Master (1651) and other 17th and 18th century dance publications. For the first time, dance lovers and scholars can compare Playford's original tunes and instructions with the changes that have been made over the last two centuries.
Music is chorded and each dance given in modern instructions with facsimiles of original dance and music pages. Brief essays describe meaning or references; if extant, song lyrics set to the tune are reproduced. Over 150 period illustrations of persons, places, and things referred to in the dance titles are included. An extensive bibliography supports the documentation for every dance and tune.
The dances selected for this collection represent the core repertory of the Country Dance and Society Society from 1915 through 1990. The purpose of the book was an appreciation for the legacy of Cecil Sharp, for his accomplishment in reviving interest in English country dancing and bring the world's attention to the works of John Playford and his successors. With the extensive facsimiles, source materials and dance and tune reconstructions, the text provides a valuable resource for those interested in reconstructing colonial American social dance.
Adson's Saraband to the tune of The New Exchange - Amarillis - Apley House - Argeers - Auretti's Dutch Skipper - Aye Me; or The Symphony - Bath Carnival to the tune of Keppel's Delight - The Beggar Boy - The Bishop to the tune of Miss Dolland's Delight - The Black Nag - The Boatman - Broom, the Bonny Bonny Broom - Chelmsford Assembly - Chelsea Reach - Chestnut; or Dove's Figary - Childgrove - Christchurch Bells - Confess - The Corporation to the tune of Fete Champetre - Cotty House - Dargason; or, Sedany - Dick's Maggot - Dover Pier - Drapers Gardens to the tune of The Margravine's Waltz - Draper's Maggot - The Dressed Ship - Dublin Bay; or, We'll Wed and We'll Bed - The Duke of Kent's Waltz - Epping Forest - Fain I Would - The Fair Quaker of Deal - The Fandango - The Female Saylor - The Fine Companion - Gathering Peascods - The Geud Man of Ballangigh to the tune of Hunt the Squirrel - Greenwich Park - Green Sleeves and Yellow Lace - Grimstock - Hambleton's Round O - The Health; or, The Merry Wassail - Heartsease - Hey, Boys, Up Go We - Hit and Miss to the tune of Daphne - Holborne March - The Hole in the Wall - Hunsdon House - Hyde Park - Indian Queen - The Installation - Jack's Maggot - Jacob Hall's Jig to the tune of Under and Over - Jamaica - Jenny Pluck Pears - Joy after Sorrow - Juice of Barley - Kelstern Gardens - Knole Park - Lilli Burlero - Love's Triumph - Lull Me Beyond Thee - Mad Robin - Mage on a Cree - Maid Peeped Out At the Window; or, The Fiar in the Well - The Merry, Merry Milkmaids - Miss Sayer's Allemand - Miss Sparks's Maggot - Mr. Beveridge's Maggot - Mr. Cosgill's Delight - Mr. Isaac's Maggot - Newcastle - Nonesuch; or, A la Mode de France - The Northdown Waltz - The Old Mole - Once a Night to the tune of Ye Social Powers - Oranges and Lemons - Parson's Farewell - The Phoenix - Picking Up Sticks to the tune of Lavena - Portsmouth - Prince William - Prince William of Glo's'ter's Waltz - The Queen's Jig - Ramsgate Assembly - The Round to the tune of Mr. Lane's Maggot - Rufty Tufty - Saint Margaret's Hill - Saint Martin's - Scotch Cap - Sellenger's Round; or, The Beginning of the World - Shepherd's Holiday; or, Labour in Vain - The Shrewsbury Lasses - Spring Garden - Step Stately to the tune of Jack Pudding - Sun Assembly - The Touchstone - A Trip to Paris - A Trip to Tunbridge - Up with Aily to the tune of The are's Maggot - Upon a Summer's Day - Well Hall - Zephyrs and Flora.

Price: € 27.50

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